April 29, 2013

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Growing Heirloom Tomatoes

Growing Heirloom Tomatoes?This page is about growing heirloom tomatoes. These flavor filled old time fruits may be well worth the time and energy to cultivate.


Baked Beans

Baked Beans Casserole RecipesThis page contains baked beans casserole recipes. Choose your bean combination and then go for tangy, sweet, or something else. Baked bean casseroles are a favorite summertime side or great fare for a chilly evening. Add meat and make them a meal.


Growing Hollyhock

Growing HollyhockThis is a page to growing hollyhock. These biennials are easy and fun to grow.


red bee balm flower closeup

Growing Bee BalmThis page is about growing bee balm. A wonderful flower for attracting hummingbirds to your garden.


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Getting Your Garden Ready for the Growing...This page is about getting your garden ready for the growing season. There are many things to accomplish when preparing for your garden.


Mom and Kids Celebrating Mother's Day

Celebrating Mother's DayIn many countries Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May. It is a day set aside to honor mothers and motherhood. This is a page about celebrating Mother's Day.


Woman Celebrating Cinco de Mayo

Celebrating Cinco de MayoThis is a page about celebrating Cinco de Mayo. Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride in the US and in commemoration of the Battle of Puebla, in Mexico. Dancing, music, and food are also part of the festivities.


Ligularia "Tractor Seat Plant"

Growing a "Tractor Seat Plant" (Ligularia)?This Australian native is also known as the tractor seat plant, Ligularia is grown for its attractive foliage. This page contains information about growing a "tractor seat plant" (Ligularia).


Creeping Phlox (Phlox Sublata)

Fast Growing Ground Cover Ideas?This is a page about fast growing ground cover ideas. For areas that aren't suitable for grass or as an alternative to a lawn there are a variety of ground covers that will complete your landscaping and add color and texture to your garden.


Lisianthus (Eustoma)

Growing Lisianthus (Eustoma)This is a page about growing Lisianthus (Esutoma). These beautiful flowering plants are native to the southern US, Mexico, the Caribbean, and South America. They are tricky to grow and do require some maintenance.


Osage Orange Tree "Hedge Apple"

Growing an Osage Orange Tree "Hedge Apple"?This is a page about growing an Osage orange tree "hedge apple". The Osage Orange tree is a native to the Red River Valley of Oklahoma and Texas. They were used as living fences by early settlers. It is often grown today as an ornamental in home landscapes.


Organized Bedroom Without a Closet

Organizing a Bedroom Without a Closet?This is a page about organizing a bedroom without a closet. Older homes and apartments often do not have closets in the bedrooms. So, some creative organizing will be needed to find alternative storage for clothing, shoes, etc.


Sweetgum Tree

Getting Rid of a Sweetgum Tree?This is a page about getting rid of a sweetgum tree. Removing a tree from your garden may require special tools or professional assistance.


Palm trees growing in a front yard.

Growing Palm Trees?This is a page about growing palm trees. There are thousands of varieties of palm trees; most like warm sunny climates. There are some varieties that will tolerate less favorable conditions.


Organized Dumbells

Organizing Fitness EquipmentThis is a page about organizing fitness equipment. Having a variety of fitness equipment at home is convenient and saves you money over a gym membership. You will want to organize your weights and other equipment to maximize their usage.


Oatmeal Pancakes

Oatmeal Pancake Mix RecipesMake delicious oatmeal pancakes for breakfast using your own mix. This page contains oatmeal pancake mix recipes.


Chamomile Flowers

Growing ChamomileThis is a page about growing chamomile. These easy to grow pretty little daisy like flowers have many uses, including medicinal, culinary, and crafts.


green tomatoes

Tomatoes Are Not Getting RipeThis page is about tomatoes are not getting ripe. When you have lots of tomato fruit on the vine, you want to get some ripe ones ready to eat.


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Growing Lomandra longifolia (Dwarf Mat Rush)?This is a page about Lomandra longifolia (dwarf mat rush). This clumping ornamental grass may be just what you need for a focal point in an area of your garden.


Hot Potato Salad

Hot Potato Salad RecipesHot, tangy potato salad, often known as German potato salad makes a great meal in itself. This page contains hot potato salad recipes.


A breakfast tray in bed for Mother's Day.

Recipes and Food Ideas for Mother's DayMaking a special meal for mom on Mother's Day is a delicious way to celebrate and also makes a great gift. This page contains recipes and food ideas for Mother's Day.


Growing Woodland
Ferns from Spores

Growing Woodland Ferns From SporesStarting your own ferns for a shady spot can be a challenge. This page is about growing woodland ferns from spores.


Chamomile Tea and Flowers

Uses for ChamomileThis is a page about using chamomile. Chamomile is a versatile herb that can be used to treat minor aliments, as a soothing tea, and in homemade beauty products.



Stuffed Pasta Shells

Stuffed Pasta ShellsStuffed shells are delicious, loved my children and adults alike.


3 Bean Pasta Salad

3 Bean Pasta SaladI love bean salad and pasta salad, so I decided to create a salad that is the best of both!


Chicken Taco Soup

Chicken Taco SoupThis hearty taco soup is a quick and easy meal that everyone will love!



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Hot Potato SaladI met my future mother-in-law in 1956. She made a hot potato salad that was delicious and kept really well. I have tweaked it to fit my taste.


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Spicy Mackerel PattiesYou only need four ingredients for these easy, inexpensive, delicious mackerel patties.


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Jesus CakeEasy adult dessert, turn water into wine.


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Apple Butternut Squash Squares with PecansThis can be done with either butternut squash or sweet potatoes. With the sweet potatoes, you can add a dollop of whipping cream. I don't know how the squash would taste with the whipping cream.


Stove-Top Tuna Casserole

Stove-Top Tuna CasseroleThe only real differences in this method and the oven method are that heating it on the stove-top forms a crust on the botto and baking it forms a crust on the TOP.


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Black Bean Soup with SalsaBlack bean soup with red peppers and onions, garnished with yogurt, onion and cilantro.



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Mole DeterrentI heard that instead of trying to get rid of moles, which can be difficult, it is better to get rid of their food source. Here in Florida, they love grubs, so by eliminating the grubs the moles will move to another area.


Complete quilt.

Chicken Scratch Prayer QuiltUsing checkered fabric, polyester fleece, and 2 colors of embroidery thread, I created a prayer quilt for my friend that will soon have major surgery.


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Using Credit Cards as Kitchen ScrapersI use old credit cards as kitchen bench food scrapers. I find that they get off all food scraps easily. This means you save money on kitchen sponges, and the bench top doesn't get scratched.


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Magic Eraser For Water Marks On WoodI just removed some water marks from my sister-in-law's table using Mr. Clean Erasers. I was doubtful but tried it and presto, it worked! We need to polish it yet, but it looks great.


Mac (Westie-Poo)

Mac (Westie-Poo)I've been searching for a Westie-poo for about a year and finally found one. Our dog Chica that we had about 20 years ago was a Westie-poo and she was one of our favorites so I wanted another one.


finished pom pom

Making a Pom Pom With a ForkUsing a fork allows you to make pom poms quickly and evenly sized.


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Taking Advantage of City ServicesToday, I was able to go to my city's offices and pick up a landfill coupon. It will pay for a dump run for all the things I can't donate or recycle as I get organized this spring. I get one every year, it is free to residents but the coupons are limited.


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Opt-Out of Yellow Pages DeliveryYou can opt-out of receiving the yellow pages by visiting the following address. I almost never use a paper yellow pages any more since just about every business has a website so I really appreciate not having to receive delivery of them.


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Shop Reduced Bread for "Pizza Crust"To make sure I always have "pizza crusts" available in my freezer to make quick pizzas for a hasty supper or for individual pizzas or snacking pizzas, I shop the reduced bread rack at the grocery store.


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Following The ADA Meal PlansI have lost 71 pounds on a diabetic "plan". What I do is follow the American Diabetes Association's meal plans. I eat yogurt and 1/2 bagel or 2 pieces light toast in the AM.


Sunset Through the Trees

Sunset Through the TreesSince my yard faces west, I am lucky enough to get a different sunset every day. This is one of my very favorites because it includes an oak tree budding in spring.


Cook Right In Cans

Cook Right In CansWe are in somewhat of a bind right now with no refrigerator and we can't do dishes in the kitchen sink because the metal pipe has rusted through. We had been eating a lot of fast foods, which is way too costly.


A row of hats displayed over a window.

Homemade Hat RackThis is an inexpensive way to display or store hats. The cost: hanger $1.29, cap 30¢, bolt/nut 30¢, jug of white vinegar $1.99, but you use the vinegar so the jug is free.


Seedling And Plant Labels

Seedling And Plant LabelsI save all plastic labels that come with bedding plants. I clean them a bit and store them in a baggie along with a roll of good masking tape and a permanent marker.


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90% Discount on Plants is Almost FreeI go to the home improvement centers and some have plants that have been returned or wilted a bit at 90% discount, I just picked up some hanging basket flowers with basket, and all for less then $1 each! All the need is a little TLC.


Magically Growing Foods from Waste

Magically Growing Foods from WasteI took the advice from a blog about growing food from scraps and started to grow my own veggies.


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Binder Clips For Spraying Wrinkled ClothesI use metal binder clips or clothes pins to add weight by clipping them on the bottom hem before hanging and spraying. How you place them depends on the garment but I use it on linen mostly.


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Vinegar for Fresh Smelling LaundryMy husband is a runner and his clothes get really smelly. They were making all the laundry have an odor. I finally started adding one cup of household white vinegar to each load of clothes.


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Hair Conditioner For Shaving CreamUse hair conditioner as a shaving cream instead of soap. It allows the razor to glide easier and leaves your skin softer.



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House Training a Pitbull Puppy?I have a 5 month old Pitbull Caucasian mix. My dog is peeing everywhere and I have no idea how to train her to pee in a certain place. Plus when I take her out to pee and poop she never does it, even if I stay outside with her for 3 hours.


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Support for Children of Mentally Ill Parent?My kids' father has a mental illness and he can't provide for them. Can they receive any kind of help like SSI or something?


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Selling a Riding Lawnmower?I am wondering about the value of a Toro Pro 58 riding lawnmower. Also, where would I find interested buyers?


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Keeping Neighbor's Dog Off Lawn?I share my yard and their dog thinks that my side of the yard is his personnel bathroom! How can I keep him off my new lawn?


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Organizing a Bedroom Without a Closet?How can I compensate for not having a closer in my bedroom


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Decorating a Pink Apartment?What and how do I work with that when all I have got is neutral. Any suggestions?


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Zebra Finch Broke One of Its Eggs?One of my finches tossed out an egg and it broke. Is this normal and why would it happen?


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Why is My Cat Scared of Me?I have had this cat around 1 year now. She has gotten pregnant 2 times, so she has, 4 kids. Suddenly she started hating me, whenever I want to touch her she runs away. And when I catch her, she starts hissing at me.


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Sewing Machine Seized Up?I have a 20U industrial sewing machine and it has seized up. The motor turns over. There is no thread on the fly wheel. It is clean in the bobbin area. I took off the top and side and can not see any problem there. Any ideas?


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Repairing Porcelain Around Sink Drain?My bathroom sink has a dark color around the drain. It looks like the porcelain is worn off from cleaning. I would like to repair it myself. Does anyone know what I can use and how would I do this?


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Watching VHS/DVDs on Non-Digital TV?I have an old TV, from before the digital change. I can still watch it though because I have cable. I had to make a choice: cable or computer. Computer won. I have a large collection of VHS and DVDs. Can I still watch them on this TV?


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Removing Candle Wax from Clothing?How do you remove candle wax from a sweatshirt?


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How to Get Rid of Roaches?We have water bugs, they are a real problem. We cannot move at the moment, so how do you control these monsters?


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Buying a Treadle Or Hand Operated Sewing Machine?Can anyone tell me where to get a hand operated sewing machine, not electric. Do they make them these days? I'm doing a lot of sewing, but what with the price of electricity these days, I just wondered if there was an outlet preferably in the UK, that might sell them.


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Inexpensive 15th Birthday Ideas?I dunno what to do for my birthday as my original plans got ruined. My birthday is on the 10th of May, but I don't wanna spend loads of money on my birthday. Any ideas on what I could do?


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