May 14, 2013

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Cat in a cat carrier.

Remedies for a Car Sick CatThis page contains remedies for a car sick cat. When your cat must travel you want to make sure it is comfortable and well.


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Growing and Caring for Mayhaw Trees?This page is about growing and caring for Mayhaw trees.Growing best in wetlands, this southern, indigenous hawthorne has tart, red berries used to make jelly and jam.


Writing a child support check.

Paying Back Child Support?This is a page about paying back child support. Sometimes a non custodial parent will owe back child support, in addition to current support or unpaid arrears, and wonder the best way to clear this debt.



Making Birds Out of Seashells?This is a page about making birds out of seashells. Because of their unique shapes, textures, and colors seashells have many craft uses, including using them to create decorations in the shape of birds.


Soccer Jersey

Crafts Using JerseysThis is a page about crafts using jerseys. Athletic jerseys can be recycled into a number of clever craft projects.


Woman at Costume Dance

Costume Ideas for a Themed Dance?This is a page about costume ideas for a themed dance. Dances often have a specific theme that is reflected in the decorations and the clothing worn by the people attending the dance.


raspberry plant

Propagating Plants by LayeringThis is a page about propagating plants by layering. There are a number of ways to propagate plants. A common way to use with certain plants, including shrubs that are not suitable for growing from cuttings, is layering.


Silk Flower Fairies

Making Silk Flower FairiesThis is a page about making silk flower fairies. Silk flowers can be disassembled and used to make delightful flower fairies.


Crochet Tissue Cover

Making a Crocheted Tissue Box CoverThis page is about making a crocheted tissue box cover. A fun crochet project to cover this common household product.


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Mini Slow Cooker Recipes?This page contains mini slow cooker recipes. If you have a small sized or mini slow cooker, you can use recipes designed for that capacity pot or adjust those written for a larger cooker.


Kamloops BC

Kamloops BC Frugal Travel GuideThis page has tips, photos and guides for traveling to Kamloops, British Columbia. Kamloops is know for the home of several tournaments, including curling, fly fishing, and the world junior hockey championships. This smaller city also provides many outdoor activity opportunities.



Selling BambooThis is a page about selling bamboo. Bamboo is an evergreen tropical or temperate grass that grows easily and spreads quickly making it a good choice to grow as a money making enterprise. There are many products made from bamboo.


Washing dishes in well water.

Dishes Stained by Well Water?This is a page about dishes stained by well water. Well water can contain many minerals including iron that can stain your dishes.


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Growing Creeping JennyThis is a page about growing creeping Jenny, money wort, or creeping Charlie. Creeping Jenny is a fast growing (potentially invasive in lawn) ground cover that produces bright yellow flowers. It is lightly steppable, making it a good choice for around garden path stones.


License Plates Decorating a Wall

Crafts Using License PlatesThis is a page about crafts using license plates. You may have seen old license plates nailed to the walls of sheds and barns, but there are many craft projects that can be made using license plates.


Bamboo Shoots

Using Bamboo ShootsThis page is about using bamboo shoots. These young shoots are great when prepared and added to stir fry or egg rolls.


Potted Plants

Leaves on Potted Plants Turning Yellow?This page is about leaves on potted plants turning yellow. Too much water can often be the cause of house plant leaves losing their color.


Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine Thread Keeps BreakingThis is a page about when sewing machine thread keeps breaking. It is very frustrating to have the thread on your sewing machine constantly break.


A beautiful horse.

Preventing Ticks on Horses?This page is about preventing ticks on horses. Making sure your animal friends are pest free, helps to keep them healthy and comfortable.


Denim Fabric Tote

Making a Fabric ToteThis is a page about making a fabric tote. Homemade totes or carryalls are great gifts as well as a useful project to make for your own personal use.


Lilac Blossoms

Starting a Lilac by Layering and Nicking?This is a page about starting a lilac by layering and nicking. Some shrubs can be layered to create new plants.


Bamboo growing in a yard.

Selling Bamboo PlantsThis page is about selling bamboo plants. You may find yourself with more bamboo than you want yourself.


Couple Stretching on Grass

Saving Money On FitnessThis is a page about saving money on fitness. You don't have to pay for an expensive health club membership to stay fit and healthy.


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Growing a Cardinal VineThis is a page about growing a cardinal vine. Cardinal vines are easy to grow annuals that produce brilliant red flowers.


Canape Breads

Canape Bread RecipesThis page contains canape bread recipes. Canapes prepared on a bread base are easy to make with a multitude of topping options.


Painting vs. Varnishing

Finishing a Door: Painting vs. Varnishing?This page is about finishing a door: painting vs. varnishing. Depending on the look you want and the time you have will determine how you finish your door.


3 lays stax cans

Uses for Lay's Stax CansThis is a page about uses for Lay's Stax cans. Plastic Lay's Stax cans can be reused or recycled in several ways, rather than being added to the landfill.


Clumps of bamboo growing.

Getting Rid of Bamboo?This page is about getting rid of bamboo. There are many varieties of this hardy, fast growing grass.


House Gutters

Uses For GuttersThis is a page about uses for gutters. Rain gutters can be purchased for other uses, or you can use up the scraps from a home maintenance project.


Growing Violets

Growing VioletsThis is a page about growing violets. Violets are easy to grow woodland plants with a lovely fragrance, that will reward you with delicate flowers ranging in color from purple to white. They spread via runners, making a good ground cover. The flowers and leaves are edible.


Craft Organizer From Dog Food Bag

Making an Organizer from Pet Food BagsThis is a page about making an organizer from pet food bags. You can make organizers for storing a wide variety of supplies from empty pet food bags.



upclose of soup in bowl

Broccoli Cheddar SoupThis broccoli cheddar soup is thick and delicious. If you enjoy this soup when dining out, try making it at home!


Cauliflower Pancakes

Cauliflower PancakesA delicious and different way to prepare this wonderful, healthy vegetable.


Fill and serve.

Easy CanapesThese canapés are easy, economical, and quick, as well as tasty. Great for parties. Enjoy!


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Southwestern Chicken WrapFlour tortillas with a black bean and corn mixture, combine with chicken breasts to make one nutritious meal. I always add sour cream.


Banana Oatmeal Fingers

Banana Oatmeal FingersBanana oatmeal fingers are a great breakfast or snack for babies and toddlers. I make these for my 10 month old son and he loves them.


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Jello Squares (Finger Jello)This is the recipe for jello you can pick up and eat with your fingers. It can be made with the same amount of splenda or sugar. You can cut them into squares or make use of cookie cutters.



Labeled Soda and Cornstarch in square plastic boxes.

Labeling Pantry StaplesI don't like keeping certain pantry staples in the original paper box. I transfer them to plastic containers with tight fitting lids.


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Getting the Last Bit Out of a TubeI love the expensive "eyelid primer" before applying my eye shadow. It only takes a dot on the eyelid to make my makeup last from morning to night. When I get to the "end" of the tiny tube and can't squeeze anymore out, there's still at least a week's worth in the tube.


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Use Epsom Salts for More TomatoesPlace about 2 tablespoons of Epsom salt around your tomato plants! Your plants will be full of tomatoes.


Woven Duct Tape Wallet

Woven Duct Tape WalletHere is a wallet that we made together, my daughter and I. I thought it was really pretty because of how it shined so brightly!


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Drying a Memory Foam Mattress QuicklyIf your mattress is very wet, cover with towels and walk up and down on it until the excess is soaked up. Finally stand mattress on side next to radiator and rotate as necessary. It will dry within the day.


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White Vinegar for DeodorizingBest and cheapest deodorizer is white vinegar. It also kills germs. This is all we use in our house. It doesn't mask odors, it removes them.


Plastic Party Slinky for Clothespins

Plastic Party Slinky for ClothespinsI was out putting our kitchen towels on the line to either refresh them or dry them, and I noticed I had a party slinky on the basket by the line. So it occurred to me that those could hold my little kitchen towels.


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Keeping Cut Lilacs Fresh LongerWhen cutting fresh lilacs, use a hammer to lightly crush the woody part of the cut ends to about 2 inches up the stem. The lilacs will then take up more of the water in the vase and stay fresher longer.


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Product Review: Plaque Off Animal for Dog's Bad BreathI have used an excellent product by ProDen called "Plaque Off Animal". It gets rid of the tartar and plaque which causes bad breath. I just add a tiny scoop, which comes with the product, to your pet's food every day.


Rainy Day Activity: Card BalancingHere is an indoor activity idea to do with kids.


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Growing Food in Recycled PodsShort on space? Want to grow herbs or salad foods? Then grow food upwards! Yep, this season I have done this using recycled materials and here's how. I used parts of a pallet (wooden slated base which building products are delivered on in the UK) to make a rectangular frame, secured in the corners with screws to provide some strength.


License Plate Bird House

License Plate Bird HouseI had never made a bird house before but I got the inspiration one day, this is the result. I had some wood scraps I had laying around and some old license plates and some left over paint.


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Use the Right Size Trash BagsUse the right size garbage bag. If you know your garbage can size, you can figure out which bag your can will be able to hold.


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Relief for Off DaysI have off days and I am sure most people do. When these happen, I have some comforting memories written on a small pretty paper in my nightstand and I have an nice scented Epson salts by the tub.


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Natural Mosquito Repellent with Limes and ClovesSlice a lime in half and press many cloves all around and on the lime half. When you scatter these around where you are going to eat outside, then it will keep the mosquitoes away.


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Garage Dance PartyTurn your garage into a dance club. Have some one DJ and let kids dance and have fun. Then turn the kitchen into a bar, remember no achoholic beverages


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Free Chip Clips From HangersWhen shopping, I often get to take the hanger that the clothing items are on. They are white plastic and have two clamps on each end of the hanger. My husband saws the two clips off and we have free clips.


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Using a Peeling George Foreman GrillI really enjoy my little George Foreman grill, but the Teflon is peeling. I use a piece of lightweight tin foil, big enough to fold over the meat and spray it lightly with oil.


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Homemade Deer/Rabbit RepellentBlend 1 egg and 1 cup water. Pour into a quart pistol grip spray bottle. Fill to top with water, adding 1 tsp. dish soap. Set in sun for a few days until putrified. Spray plants that the animals love to eat.


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Store Canned Goods in DrawersI have a drawer used for cans only in my kitchen cabinet. I took a permanent marker and labeled the top of each can. Now when I roll the drawer open, I can see what's stored in a glance.


Healthy Snacks for Losing Weight

Healthy Snacks for Losing WeightFirst, learn what foods/snacks are your downfall and BAN them entirely from your home! Have these food items on hand for when cravings hit! Remember that the less processed a food is, the better it is for your health.


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Use a Headlamp During Power OutagesBuy a couple of "headlamps". They are small flashlights attached to an elastic band to wear around your forehead - think miner's lamps. I bought mine at Home Depot.


fresh sliced pineapple

Canning Pineapple in Warm Water Bath CannerPineapple is a funny looking fruit that tastes wonderful but looks like it will take a war to get into the sweet fruit. However, it is worth it to learn how to handle this funny looking fruit.



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Oatmeal Snacks for Nursing Home Patients?I am going to see my mother-in-law who lives in a nursing home in Indiana at the end of May, first of June and I am wanting to make a nice snack for the residents using oatmeal.


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Value of the Book of the Year Encyclopedias?I have the "Book of the Year" from 1965-1989. How much are they worth? They are in good condition.


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Pets Now Sleeping With New Father's Kids?I'm not very old and my mom just got married, she got married to a husband that I like, but the two other kids I don't. They are stealing my relationship with my pets away and I don't know what to do!


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Using Wet Floor Mops?Has anyone used the wet floor mops? I did get one and it was not worth bringing home. I should have bought a Shark, but there are so many. I do not know what to choose. Any ideas?


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Planting Lilacs in Containers?How deep and wide does my container need to be when planting 2 baby lilac bushes? Can they be planted in containers to start with? I have no knowledge. So any answers will help I hope.


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Green Mold Killing Grass?How do I get rid of green mold that is killing my grass?


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Freezer Not Working?My Kenmore deep freezer isn't freezing. Is there a fuse that can be replaced?


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Value of Danielle Doll?I have the Danielle doll by Yolanda Bello; what is she worth now?


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Bleach Left Spot on White Denim Skirt?I had a spot on a white denim skirt and used bleach to remove the stain and now I have 2 or 3 yellowish stains on the skirt. The skirt is 74% cotton, 22% polyester, and 2% spandex. What is the best method to remove these stains?


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Battery Does Not Charge on Craftsman 15.5 Riding Mower?I have to use a charger to start the mower. It is a new battery. The mower voltage indicator does not move. Maybe a ground wire or alternator, or...? Please help.


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Opening Foil Cream Cheese Package Without Waste?I'm foiled by cream-cheese package opening. Does anyone know how to successfully open the foil on store-brand cream cheese without wasting about an ounce or getting messy?


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Getting Rid of Fire Ants?I would like to know a good way to get rid of fire ants.


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Flutterfly Bushes (Blue Heaven) Not leafing Out?My plants are all woody and look dead. Are they or are they just not growing at this time in May? I live in the north.


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Removing Peanut Oil from Clothing?I read some of your solutions, but my problem is bigger than a few spots. I had a 5 gallon jug spill over and saturated my spring coat and 2 sweaters with it. Yes, not spots, all 3 garments are filled with peanut oil. I also have 2 umbrellas saturated with oil too. Any solutions?


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Housekeeping Business Name Ideas?Can someone suggest good and catchy names for housekeeping service?


Help with Painting Countertops

Help with Painting Countertops?Decided to give painting my bathroom laminate vanity a try. I've seen so many that look simply beautiful and not like paint at all. Doesn't seem to be working that way for me. I wanted a more soft, blended look and for some reason cannot achieve the desired result.


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Product Reviews of the Air Curler?There is a new product and here is the website for it:


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Snapper Key Start Mower Won't Start?I have a Snapper key started mower. Every time I go to crank, it just clicks. When I turn the key the motor clicks then doesn't want to crank.


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Musty Smell in Basement?There is a strong musty smell in my above ground and totally finished basement or lower level.


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Name Ideas for a Child Care Business?I am starting in-home childcare business in Albany, Oregon. I need help with a catchy and memorable name for my in-home child care. My slogan will be #1. Where the child's curiosity and creativity takes flight.or #2 Allowing kids' imagination to reach the broad skies, or something of that sort.


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