June 19, 2013

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The back of a red hybrid car.

Environmentally Friendly Driving TipsThis page is about the ecology of your car. Keeping your vehicle in good running order is one tip to lessen your car's impact on the environment.


Spilled Beads

Cleaning Up Spilled BeadsThis page is about cleaning up spilled beads. It can be a challenge to pick up small beads if they fall on the floor or carpet.


Fabric Yo Yo

Making Fabric Yo YosThis is a page about making fabric yo yos. These fun to make gathered fabric circles are a favorite with quilters and other fabric artists. They can be used to accent many projects, sewn together into quilts, or in a number of other exciting craft projects.


Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu Breed Information and PhotosThis small agile Japanese dog is was originally bred for hunting. This page contains shiba inu breed information and photos.


17th Birthday Party

17th Birthday Party Ideas for Boys?This page is about 17th birthday party ideas for boys. Young men of this age may enjoy the company of young women at their celebration.



Tiramisu RecipesThis page contains tiramisu recipes. A delicious Italian dessert that is made from ladyfingers, liqueurs, and sweet cheese.



Making a Refrigerator Cover?This page is about making a refrigerator cover. This appliance can often use a makeover that can be attractive and helpful.


A dog with a raw steak in its bowl.

Feeding Dogs a Raw Diet?This is a page about feeding dogs a raw diet. Some pet owners choose to feed their dogs a raw diet in a effort to replicate the types of food eaten by wolves. It is seen as more healthy than commercial foods.


Angelina Visconti Porcelain Doll

Finding Values of Angelina Visconti Porcelain Dolls?This page is about finding values of Angelina Visconti porcelain dolls. There are many collectors of porcelain dolls.



Where Can I Buy Laundry Bluing?This is a page about buying bluing. Liquid bluing is a laundry product used to improve the appearance of whites. Although less commonly used than bleach for whitening, bluing is generally easy to buy.


Blue Jay

Blue Jay Information and PhotosThis page contains blue jay information and photos. These north american native birds often appear in the yard and garden.


Flames in a fireplace.

Making FirelogsThis is a page about making firelogs. Homemade firelogs can be made from a variety of materials.



Refrigerator is Leaking WaterThis page is about refrigerator is leaking water. Determining the cause of the leak is the first step to repairing it.


Wrinkle Dress Shirt

Removing Wrinkles From Clothing That Sat Too LongThis page is about removing wrinkles from clothing that sat too long. Dry clothes left in a pile can leave you with lots of wrinkles.


Pit Bull

Pit Bull Breed Information and PhotosThese popular guard dogs are a sturdy, medium sized pet and great companions for many people. This page contains pit bull breed information and photos.


Muddy Boots

Dealing With Dirty ShoesThis page is about dealing with dirty shoes. Working in wet weather or the garden can leave you with very dirty shoes.


Matzo Bread

What is Matzo?This is a page about "What is Matzo?" Matzo is an unleavened bread, traditionally served for the Jewish holiday of Passover.


fish sauce

Using Fish SauceThis is a page about using fish sauce. Fish sauce is traditionally made from fermented fish blended with a variety of spices. It can be used in cooking and as a dipping sauce.


A deer standing in an orchard.

Protecting Fruit Trees From DeerThis is a page about protecting fruit trees from deer. Deer love to feast on the young tender fruit tree buds and bark. They can do significant damage if left unchecked.


Black Angus Steer

Black Angus Cattle Information and PhotosThis is a page about Black Angus cattle information and photos. Black Angus is a breed of polled cattle that originated in Scotland. They are considered superb beef cattle.


Shingles Blisters

Shingles Advice?This is a page about shingles advice. Shingles is a viral infection resulting in a painful rash.


Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly Information and...This is a page about eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly information and photos. The most common swallowtail east of the Mississippi, the eastern tiger swallowtail is noted for its tiger stripe markings.


A tip on a table in a restaurant.

Calculating Tips at RestaurantsThis is a page about calculating tips at restaurants. Without a calculator, you can still easily do the math to determine the tip amount appropriate for your meal.


A illustrated rendering of a campfire.

Making a Faux Fire?Homemade fake logs and flames can be used as props for a play or as part of your home's decor in your fireplace during the summer. This page is about making a faux fire.


burning coal

Using Coal Ashes in Your Yard and Garden?This page is about using coal ashes in your yard and garden. Wood ashes can be beneficial to some plants, but coal ashes generally are not recommended.


A woman laying awake at night.

Homemade Sleep Aids?This is a page about homemade sleep aids. Many people periodically have difficulties sleeping. Rather than use prescription aids that can leave you groggy or become habit forming, there are a number of homemade alternatives.


Garden Shed

Building a Garden ShedThis is a page about building a garden shed. Any serious gardener would love to have a shed to store their tools and supplies, maybe even with space to do some potting.


White Crib

Repairing a CribThis page is about repairing a crib. Make sure your young one is safe and secure in their bed.


Homemade Health Drink

Homemade Health Drink Recipes?This page contains homemade health drink recipes. There are many combinations of foods and juices you can combine to make a healthy beverage.


Growing Apple Trees

Growing Apple TreesThis page is about growing apple trees. There are a number of things to keep in mind when planting and tending fruit trees.


A cat eating a houseplant.

Keeping Cats From Eating HouseplantsThis is a page about keeping cats from eating houseplants. Many cats seem to view houseplants as a side salad, much to the frustration of their owners. Additionally, many plants are toxic when ingested.



Strawberry Banana Bread

Strawberry Banana BreadI had 5 over-ripe bananas and some leftover strawberries that were also a bit past their prime. This recipe made two loaves of bread. My boys loved it!


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Mexican Stuffed PeppersDelicious with a spoonful of the sauce in the pan poured over the pepper.



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All the Things We Do With HamMom and daughter have a list of places to buy the best ham. We look for a large ham with a bone in and trimmed. Bake the ham with a few spices and no sugar or too much sweet things on it. If you sweeten it, it won't make a good soup or other main dish.


Oscar (Cat)Oscar likes to eat and cuddle and eat and that's about it. He's the most laid-back cat I've ever known, but having been on the street a while before I got him, he's never sure where his next meal is coming from.


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Removing A Boiled Egg From Its Shell Easily.I have found that removing the whole of a boiled egg is so much easier if one uses a cutlery knife instead of a teaspoon. The egg comes out cleanly with a knife, a teaspoon seems to leave bits behind.


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Removing Any Stain from a MattressTen minutes is all it takes!


Ted (Labrador)

Ted (Labrador)This is Ted our fox red lab looking at a seagull on next door's roof.


Stretch your Laundry Soap

Stretch your Laundry SoapWhen I have really small loads of laundry, I like to cut the soap sheets in half. If I have a really dirty bunch of jeans, etc., I like to use one and a half or add a half sheet to my liquid soap.


Opera House in the Afternoon (Sydney, Australia)

Opera House in the Afternoon (Sydney,...We came out from afternoon tea at one of the big hotels on the harbour. The setting sun on a winter afternoon made the sky look so lovely behind the Opera House.


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Slice of Bread To Clean Up Broken GlassHere's a tip I used today. I broke a glass ornament today and the glass was very thin and sharp. Little shards went everywhere and I was worried as I have a cat.


Blue and white spoon flowers, white fork flower in vase with artificial flowers.

Plastic Spoon FlowersHere are some photos of plastic spoon flowers that I have made.


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Borax and Honey Ant Trap for CounterSugar ants come around the kitchen and other places looking for sweet stuff to eat. Other kinds of ants follow too but I generally call them sugar ants. Here is how to make a trap to put on the counter.


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Trumpet Vine is an Invasive WeedTrumpet Vine is an invasive weed! It is sold at nurseries and they don't mention this. Don't plant it unless you are prepared to have it EVERYWHERE in your yard.



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What's Eating My Tomato Plant?I purchased a tomato plant, about a foot tall, put it in potting soil and even added ground eggshells. This happens every year. Something just eats away at the leaves (like a moth eats at fabric). I put Sevin dust one year, that just killed the plant.


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Funny High School Activity Ideas?I'm in charge in my school. I want do to a camp, but don't how to do the most intelligent activities.


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Problem Starting John Deere X320 Riding Mower?The starter motor gear will not engage the flywheel when the key is turned to the start position. The gear hits the bottom of the flywheel. The motor cannot turn because the battery voltage has not been applied to the starter motor via the solenoid because the flywheel limits the solenoid travel.


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Getting Rid of White Ants?How do I remove white ants with homemade methods and tips?


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Real Estate Company Name Ideas?I have opened a new real estate company. Can you suggest a name suitable for my company?


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Crate Training a One Year Old Dog?I got a Shepherd/Husky mix from a breeder at 7 months of age. They told me she was crate trained, but in reality I came to find out she was "pen" trained. I have attempted to crate train as I did with my other dog before her, but it is not working.


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Getting Coupons in the Mail?How do I get coupons sent to my home for free?


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Michigan State Mascot Cross Stitch Pattern?I am looking for a cross stitch pattern for Michigan State University's mascot, the Spartan.


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New Control for Biddeford Electric Blanket?I need to get a new control for my Biddeford electric blanket. Where might I get one and what is the cost?


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Solution for Stinky Foot Odor?I have visited my doctor more than five times. I used different treatments such as: Ketoconazole cream and shampoo, Itraconazole tablets for a month, and clotrimazole cream and powder for a long time.


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Dealing with an Abusive Husband?My husband and I have been married for 11 years and together for 13. We both came from bad marriages and we have 7 children between us with the youngest being ours. My daughter who is 16 recently accused him of sexual abuse.


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Getting a Dog After Parvo?My daughter lived with 2 years ago. Her dog somehow got parvo, and survived and lived in my house for those years. He hasn't lived with me for a year now, but still comes over.


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Hair Falling Out After Bleaching, Dyeing, and Perming?I bleached and dyed my hair 4 months ago and redyed it 1 month ago. I just permed my hair and it is falling out everywhere! Please help me. What should I do? I don't want short hair.


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Feeding Rolly Pollies?What do they eat?


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Interior Design Business Name?I'm thinking of starting my own interior design/decorator business and need a business name. Something quirky that may involve my name or middle name, being Stephanie Rose.


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Name Ideas for Wood Floors Company?Pealse help me with a good, creative name for my company. We deal with wooden floors, walls and ceilings and other designer stuff.


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Sweet 16 Ideas?I have been wondering what to do with my friends. I only have a couple 5 or 6 friends that I would like to invite to my birthday party. My birthday's in July and I can't think of anything to do that everyone would enjoy and have a good time. If anyone could help please! Thanks.


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Company Name Feedback?I don't want to tell you what the names are for because I want to get your top of the mind reactions. I just want to know the first thought that pops into your head.


Three varieties of pears.

Preventing Pear Blemishes?Why and how do pears get blemishes. How do I prevent this happening?


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Putting Tension Adjustment Button Back Together?I need help putting back together the tension button on the front of my machine. It came loose somehow, and I can't seem to put it in the correct order to work properly again. It is a 1961 Brother Flairmatic sewing machine. HZ5-B1 MODEL 130.


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Grainy Fudge?OK, I followed my fudge making recipe to the letter. It's hardened, but is still sugary/grainy? I melted the sugar, butter, and milk together and brought to the boil.


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Removing Tree Sap from Vinyl Deck?I have tree sap (from the yellow sticky buds off trees) that fall onto my outdoor vinyl I have on my deck. I cannot remove the yellow stickiness. I tried Goof Off, but that also took the colour out of my vinyl too. Please if anyone has a solution I would very much appreciate your response.


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Fridge Leaks Water on Floor?My Kenmore 106.74252402 leaks water on to the floor as the ice maker is filling. Ice is forming on the freezer floor and bottom of ice bin.


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Homemade Mosquito Trap?How do the mosquitoes get in?


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