July 2, 2013

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How to Add Charm without Adding More Work

Adding Charm to Your GardenThis is a page about adding charm to your garden. You can add charm to your garden by incorporating any of a wide variety of decorative items, such as benches, paths, birdbaths, and more.


Stuffed Red Chili Peppers

Stuffed Chili Pepper RecipesFrom chili rellenos to a variety of other stuffed chili dishes from other cuisines, you will enjoy these spicy recipes. This page contains stuffed chili pepper recipes.


Woman Storing Bedding in Linen Closet

Storing BeddingThis is a page about storing bedding. Bedding is generally a seasonal item that may need to be stored away until next summer or winter, for example.


Painted Tile Craft

Painted Tile CraftsThis page is about painted tile crafts. A personalized, unique message or picture can be painted on a tile.



Saving Money on FireworksThis is a page about saving money on fireworks. Fireworks are a popular feature for celebrating certain holidays. They can be quite expensive to buy.


Brazilian Pepper Tree

Getting Rid of a Brazilian Pepper Tree?This is a page about getting rid of a Brazilian pepper tree. The Brazilian pepper tree is a difficult to eliminate invasive species. Even if cut down it will sucker from the stump.


Decoupaging a Glass Bottle

Decoupaging a Glass BottleThis is a page about decoupaging a glass bottle. Despite the minor difficulties you may encounter when decoupaging on glass, decorating a glass bottle with this method is very doable.


People Watching Fireworks on Independence Day (July 4th)

Celebrating Independence Day (July 4th)This is a page about celebrating Independence Day (July 4th). The 4th of July often means picnics, parties, and of course fireworks.


a woman gardening

Starting a Garden on a BudgetThis page is about starting a garden on a budget. With some work there are many ways to get what you need for a garden.


Sour Cream

Freezing Sour Cream?This page is about freezing sour cream. Some foods can change consistency after being frozen.


Homemade Jam and Jelly

Effects of Weather on Homemade Jam and...Is it an old wives tale that jams and jellies set up best in good weather? This page is about effects of weather on homemade jam and jelly.


Mandevilla Vine

Mandevilla Vine Not Blooming?This is a page about Mandevilla vine not blooming. This tropical climbing plant is a native of Brazil. It is known for its beautiful flowers, so it is very disappointing if it is not blooming.


Fourth of July Doughnuts

Fourth of July RecipesThe 4th of July means picnics and backyard barbecues each with its own variety of traditional and new recipes to make the day special. This page contains fourth of July recipes.


Beige Corian Counter

Removing Stains from CorianThis page is about removing stains from Corian. An acrylic composite that is very durable, but can occasionally become stained.


cleaning a laminate floor

Cleaning of Footprints on Laminate FloorThis is a page about cleaning footprints on laminate floor. Hard surface floors such as wood, tile, and laminate can show water spots, foot prints, and the like on your flooring. Using the right cleaner will remove footprints and other smudges on your flooring.



Tightening T-shirt Sleeves?This is a page about tightening t-shirt sleeves. Sometimes the perfect t-shirt has sleeves that are too full and baggy. It is easy to make some adjustments so that they fit the way you would like.


Receiving an Award

Speech Ideas for Receiving an Award?Writing an acceptance speech can be difficult to do, even prominent figures have their own speech writers. This is a page about speech ideas for receiving an award.


Feeding Puppies

Feeding PuppiesThis is a page about feeding puppies. Taking care of a new puppy is a great responsibility, as they depend so much on you for food, shelter, love, and guidance.


Teflon Pan

Cooking With Teflon Cookware?This page is about cooking with Teflon cookware. There are a number of things to keep in mind when using this nonstick cookware.


exterior of a house

Cleaning the Outside of Your HouseThis page is about cleaning the outside of your home. The outside of your home can get very dirty.


young woman wearing a bright red fascinator

Making a Fascinator HatThis page is about making a fascinator hat. Ever since the royal wedding these bold head pieces have been quite the craze.


Slip Meter

American Slip Meter Reviews?This is a page about American slip meter reviews. A slip meter measures floor friction to determine the safety of a floor or walkway with regards to slip and fall prevention.


A handyman replacing floor grout.

Floor Grout Keeps Cracking?This is a page about floor grout keeps cracking. Floor tile grout can crack for a few reasons, a common cause is the simple movement of a wood frame house.


Woman Using Antiperspirant

Using AntiperspirantThis is a page about using antiperspirant. Antiperspirant is typically used under the arms to prevent sweating in that area. Some people have found other ways to use this personal hygiene product.


Bentwood Chairs

Making Bentwood FurnitureThis page is about making bentwood furniture. Interesting garden and household furniture can be fashioned by wetting wood, bending it, and letting it dry.



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Homemade New England Clam ChowderThis will make a large pot of chowder. Serves about 6-8 servings with leftovers.


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Mini Sprinkle LamingtonsGreat lunchbox treats! :) Please leave me feedback once you have tried this recipe. Thank you!



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Get Pets Calm Before the StormBring outdoor pets inside and move everyone to the lowest level of the house before the storm begins. Then read aloud or sing or tell happy stories. Your pet will be comforted by your voice.


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Spray Room Freshener Inside Garbage Can LidKeep your kitchen trash can fresh and sweet every time you open the lid! Just squirt your favorite room freshener inside the lid and enjoy for days, even between bag replacements!


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Reducing Bottles in the BathroomI am always looking for ways to reduce the clutter and "stuff" in my home. My latest campaign has been in the bathroom. I mean how many jars and bottles do we NEED to keep ourselves clean and beautiful?


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Ask For Lifetime Child Support For Children with DisabilitiesDivorce is hard for all involved but the most affected are the children. If you have a child who has a disability, then ask for the appropriate type of child support.


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Venting an Electric Dryer InsideI lived with an electric dryer vented inside for about 16 years. It worked for me. I have a tenant living with one. Works for him too. You have to keep the cup filled with water in the type that I am familiar with.


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Soda Bottle Fly TrapsOk, so I had a FLY problem! I got on the computer and found a lot of homemade fly traps. I used all the ones I saw with no success so I figured I would try and come up with something. Within seconds, my fly problem was no longer!


chick on perch

Brooder Box PerchStarting around week 5 we noticed that our girls were trying to roost on anything and everything that was available.


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Separate and Turn Bread Slices To Keep FreshI live alone in central Mexico. As our "rainy season" has started again, I was fretting about my bread. The best I can buy is Orowheat sliced. I can only buy it once a month in the nearby big town.


Pickle Jar Incense Burner

Pickle Jar Incense BurnerI was on the patio and I wanted to burn some incense. I found this pickle jar and put the incense stick upside down in the pickle jar and fastened the wood part with a clothepin.



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Manual for an American Home Sewing Machine?I have an American Home machine and need to work on it. I would like to have a manual so I can order a belt for the bobbin winder, and a full size belt. Also I'm not sure, but part of my tension assembly is missing, so I need to figure out how to fix that. It was handed down to me by my aunt Loma and I want it to work again.Thanks.


Machine in portable case base.

Manual for an American Home Sewing Machine?I have an American Home machine and need to work on it. I would like to have a manual so I can order a belt for the bobbin winder, and a full size belt.


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Finding a Low Cost Emergency Veterinary Clinic?I have a cat who was abandoned by his family and then hit by a car all in the same day. His bottom jaw is broken, and I want to know if anyone knows of any animal doctors who would be willing to work with me on a payment schedule.


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Treating Eye Discharge in Cats?How do I fix or remedy the infection in my cat's eye?


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16th Birthday Party Activities?I'm having my sweet 16th in a week and a half and its going to be a gangsta paradise theme, but I'm not sure what kind of activities to do. Please help!


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Yellow Bleach Stains on Toilet Seat?My toilet seat has yellow bleach stains; can they be removed with anything?


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Cabinet Color Advice?I have galley kitchen 14 feet x 5 feet with black granite counter and stainless steel appliances. The kitchen is open to the family room with beige wall paint and a red accent wall. Medium brown laminate flooring flows thru both rooms.


Pink sweet pea like flower.

What is This Flower? (Sweet Pea)We saw these growing out of cracks in a parking lot this morning. They are really pretty. What are they?


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Value of Nun Doll?I have a black nun porcelain doll with a readable bible and was wanting to sell her. How much is she worth and how would I go about selling her?


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Using Clorox or CLR with Blue Toilet Cleaning Tablet?I put a blue cleaning tablet in my toilet tank, it's dissolved now, but has left a sludge-like residue in the tank. I'd like to use Clorox or CLR to do so, as well as, clean the bowl which has mineral stains.


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Winston Cumulative Loose-Leaf Encyclopedias?I have a full set-10 volumes, copyright 1921. They are like new, with payment coupons still attached. How much would these be worth?


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Flowers Still Attached to Zucchini?My zucchini got to about 3 to 4 inches, but the flower is still on the zucchini. Does that mean it is rotten? And if not when should flowers fall off fruit.


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Hair Damaged by Rebonding Process?My hair was too much damaged to the split ends, by rebonding. What can I do?


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Value of a 1989 Maurice Doll?I have a doll by Maurice from 1989. It is a bell ceramic, Sugar Riches 800ts design.


Dog lying on its back.

Keeping My 2 Dogs on Their Leads?My dogs are kept on leads because while we are at my folks' house in the country, they have no fence to keep them in the yard. They must be kept in the yard. In any case, I've tried all different types of collars and harnesses ...


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Value of 1904 Compton's Encyclopedias?I have a set of 1904 Compton's Encyclopedias. I believe the "M" book is missing. Are they worth anything? Would they be worth anything if I could ever locate another "M" book? They are in pretty decent condition.


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Value of a Handmade Doll?A friend of my mother's handmade a 3 foot tall Clark Gable doll for me. He is wearing a beautiful tux with tails and has a top hat. He is beautifully made. How do I value something like that? I just see price guides for manufactured dolls.


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Removing Latex Paint with Primer from a Quilt?Is there anyway to remove latex paint that has primer in it from a quilt? There are several small areas on the white quilt with the blue latex/primer paint on it.


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