July 8, 2013

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Turkey Pot Pie

Turkey Pot Pie RecipesThis page contains turkey pot pie recipes. A great recipe using your leftover turkey is a savory pot pie.


broccoli salad

Floret Salad RecipesBroccoli or cauliflower florets can be used as a main ingredient in many delicious salads. This page contains floret salad recipes.



Lawnmower Blade Won't Turn?This is a page about lawnmower blade won't turn. Troubleshooting a lawnmower if often very frustrating, not only do you have to determine the cause of the problems, but the grass can be heard growing in the background.


Cat sitting on the end of a bed.

Keeping Cat Hair Off Your BedThis is a page about keeping cat hair off your bed. Cats just love to get onto things including your bed.


disgruntled teen

Dealing With a Teen Who Is Acting Out?This is a page about dealing with a teen who is acting out. When a teen begins acting out the first consideration is to try and find out the cause(s) behind the behavior.


Window Cleaning

Name Ideas for a Window Cleaning Business?This is a page about name ideas for a window cleaning business. One of the essential and fun steps in starting your own business is deciding on a name.


Xoloitzcuintli (Mexican Hairless)

Xoloitzcuintli (Mexican Hairless) Breed...This is a page about Xoloitzcuintli breed information and photos. The Xolo is a breed of hairless Mexican dogs. They are found in three sizes including toy, miniature, and standard.



Stretching MeatloafThis is a page about stretching meatloaf. Recipes for meatloaf are easy to stretch by adding some type of filler, such as rice, to the meat mixture.


Flower Garden

Planting a Flower GardenThis is a page about planting a flower garden. Pre-planning and proper flower selection for you zone and exposures will make planting your flower garden easier and more successful.



Storing WatermelonWatermelon can be stored in or out of the fridge for varying periods of time. This is a page about storing watermelon.


Growing Turnips

Growing Turnips?This is a page about growing turnips. Turnips are a great choice for the home garden as both the root and the leaves can be eaten.


Man with a mohawk.

Sleeping With a Mohawk Haircut?This is a page about sleeping with a mohawk. Keeping your mohawk styled for a time means you will need to sleep with it. This can be done fairly easily.


Chocolate Toffee

Chocolate Toffee RecipesThis page contains chocolate toffee recipes. If you are looking for a sweet treat that is easy to make and will satisfy your chocolate craving, try chocolate toffee.


Duct Tape

Making Duct Tape ClothesThis is a page about making duct tape clothes. Duct tape has become a very popular crafting medium. One of the more uncommon uses for this durable tape is to make clothing.


Peanut Brittle Cookies

Peanut Brittle Cookies RecipesThis page contains peanut brittle cookies recipes. These easy to make cookies have the great flavor of peanut brittle.


Powdered Hot Chocolate Mix

Shelf Life of Powdered Hot Chocolate Mix?This is a page about shelf life of powdered hot chocolate mix. Many products are labeled with "best by" or "best used by" information. However, many of these same products can still be used past that date.


Bottled Water

Saving Money on Bottled WaterThis is a page about saving money on bottled water. Bottled water is often purchased for its convenience factor. However, often times it is nothing other than filtered tap water.


Dwarf Rabbit

Dwarf Rabbit Information and PhotosThis is a page about dwarf rabbit information and photos. Rabbits can be successfully raised as pets, they can however be high maintenance, requiring a lot of care, love, and attention to thrive.


sleeping boxer

Dog Won't Sleep Through the NightThis is a page about dog won't sleep through the night. There are a number of reasons a dog may have difficulties sleeping through the night.


Family playing games.

Posting House Rules?This is a page about posting house rules. Posting the house rules makes it easier for all family members to quickly refer to the agreed upon rules.


frisbee bird feeder

Uses for FrisbeesThis is a page about uses for Frisbees. Frisbees are not just for picnics and playing with your dog. You can use these plastic disks in variety of ways around the house and garden.


Office Party

Office Party Prize Ideas?This is a page about office party prize ideas. Office parties often include games along with the food and other festivities.


Large roast turkey.

What Size Turkey Should I Cook?This is a page about "what size turkey should I cook?". Determining the correct size turkey to buy for the number of guests you are expecting can be confusing.


Growing Parsnips

Growing ParsnipsThis is a page about growing parsnips. This biennial root is usually grown as a annual. They are best harvested in the fall or early winter, as their flavor improves with exposure to near freezing temperatures.


Female florist standing in her shop.

Finding a Local FloristThis is a page about finding a local florist. There are a couple of ways to find a local florist when buying or sending flowers.



Bucket with colored pens.

Bucket Penholder for a TeacherTurn an ordinary galvanized mini tin bucket into a penholder for your favorite teacher, and show her some appreciation for all her hard work.


duct tape rose pen

Duct Tape Rose PenIf you are looking for a fun craft for the kids to do this summer, give these a try. These beautiful roses make great gifts and are perfect to help prevent pen thievery at businesses!



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Housebroken Dog Started Peeing and Pooping in the House?We have a 2 year old miniature Dachshund, and we've had her for 6 months now. When we first got her, she would pee (never poop) in the house on occasion, just getting adjusted to the new environment. After about a month, the occasional peeing in the house stopped completely.


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Drying Celery leaves?How do I dry them?


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The Old West Encyclopedia Set?What is this set worth in good condition?


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Growing Orchids?Can you grow them horizontally without harming them?


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Washer Stopped Running and Won't Start?I was washing and the washer just stopped before its final spin it made a click noise and now it doesn't turn on. Did I burn out the motor? Can I fix it myself?


Red spots on skin.

Removing Tree Sap from My Arm?At the end of April I went hiking and got what I thought were splinters from some trees that I had grabbed onto with my arm bent. So it's right in the crease of my arm, opposite my elbow.


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New Self Propelled Mower Making Clacking Noise?My new Briggs and Stratton Brute mower starts up fine but makes a clacking noise, What could be the cause?


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Getting Rid of Pantry Pests?They look like a black, round, small seed. How do I get rid of them?


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What to Do on a School Holiday?I love going to school; the only problem is, that it's a holiday for the school. I have to wait until the year is over. I'm bored and I need something to do. Please help me.


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Removing an Odor in a Walk-in Closet?Oh boy what a horrible smell. It is in my walk-in closet. I cleared everything out of the closet and used a cat urine detector and black light to help locate urine spots and didn't find anything.


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Plant Not Blooming?I purchased two of the same plants at the garden center on the same day. They both sit on my deck in the same light. One has spread and bloomed profusely. The other just keeps getting taller, no blooms. Are there male and female plants? It's been so long since I took biology; I can't remember.


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Preventing Pets from Shedding?Is there anything that can be done, to stop our pets from shedding their hair?


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Infected Tongue Piercing?I just recently had my tongue pieced and it has been 3 weeks since then. On the second week of my healing process, I changed the top ball to plastic as I was worried about my teeth.


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Ridding Yard and Home of Earwigs?We just moved into our new home and I have noticed a pretty decent amount of earwigs in and around our home. I just got pinched by one for the first time tonight and I don't wish to ever have it happen again.


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Value of 1964 Riding Lawn Mower?How can I find out how much my 1964 riding lawn mower, in good condition, is worth?


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Working with Glass Paint?I've been working with glass paint, aka gallery glass paint, and I'm wondering how I can make it permanent? I don't think that it already is because I see things that you can make window clings with it.


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Homemade Salsa Without Jalapenos?I would like to make and can homemade salsa without it being too spicy and with no jalapenos. I need a recipe with red and green peppers, onions, and fresh tomatoes, just no jalapenos.


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Removing Urine Stains from Leather Car Seats?Will Urine Gone remove urine stains from leather car seats that were stained 2 weeks ago?


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Value of Unicersal Standard encyclopedia?I have the complete set from 1 to 25, copyright 1954 in very good condition. How much is this worth?


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Squirrels Eating Tomatoes?Before my tomatoes get ripe, (still green) they are after them again. They do this every year. I put water out for them and that doesn't help. So it isn't water they are after. None of my neighbors ever have this problem.


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Treating Exposure to Poison Sumac?My brother's dog went outside and got into poison sumac and he did not know til the next day. What is good for treating my brother's skin around the eyes, mouth, and all over his face? I also need to know how to get it off the dog as well.


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Painting with Colored Rice?Can you "paint" with colored rice? Will the color stay on the rice when you add white glue? Thank you!


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Selling Pop Can Lids?I have a full 2 liter bottle of can lids and need to sell them around Easrand.


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Do Fruit Flies Bite?Do fruit flies bite?


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