November 5, 2013

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A sign that says hurricane season.

Food Safety After a HurricaneThis page is about food safety after a hurricane. During a bad storm, power outages and flood waters can contaminate foods in ways that aren't always obvious.


Homemade applesauce.

Slow Cooker Applesauce RecipesA simple way to cook your apples is to use a crockpot. This page contains slow cooker applesauce recipes.


Fish Stew

Fish Stew RecipesThis page contains fish stew recipes. Throughout the world, particularly in coastal communities, fish stew is a common and often staple dish.


Ragdoll Cat

Moggy/Ragdoll Cat PhotosThis page contains moggy/ragdoll cat photos. Mixed breed cats have interesting fur, colors and personalities.


A white CorningWare casserole dish.

Cleaning Stained CorningWare?This is a page about cleaning stained Corning Ware. White Corning Ware dishes can easily get stained when foods are baked in them. Get your CorningWare looking new again with these great cleaning tips.


A car battery.

Cleaning Up Battery Acid?This is a page about cleaning up battery acid. If you have a battery acid spill it is best to clean it up right away or the acid will begin to eat through whatever it has been spilled on.


Plastic Jug Masks

Making Plastic Jug MasksThis page is about making plastic jug masks. Frugal fun masks can be made by with recycled plastic jugs.



Raita RecipesThis page contains raita recipes. An Indian yogurt based sauce that is great for dipping and in many vegetarian dishes.


A man replacing a ceiling tile.

Using Suspended Ceiling TilesThis page is about using suspended ceiling tiles. Finding a solution for ugly drop ceiling panels that doesn't cost a fortune, can be a remodeling challenge.


A search and rescue worker during a natural disaster.

Helping During a National EmergencyThis page is about finding ways to help during a national emergency. During a national emergency we want to be able to contribute in a meaningful way.


grilled chicken skewers

Chicken RecipesWhether you are cooking for a crowd or a weeknight supper, chicken is a common staple for many households. This page contains chicken recipes.


Rhubarb Dessert

Rhubarb Dessert RecipesWhen sugar is added to these cooked, chopped stalks, it can make a delicious filling for desserts. This page contains rhubarb dessert recipes.


Chocolate cover strawberries, a great treat for frugal entertaining.

Frugal Entertaining TipsThis is a page about frugal entertaining tips. Having guests over doesn't have to be an expensive proposition. Use these tips to help make your next gathering festive and frugal.


A large pot of chili, ready for canning.

Canning Chili?This is a page about canning chili. Chili is an excellent meal to make a large portion of. Preserve the spicy goodness of your chili to enjoy and share later by canning it.


A nicely remodeled bathroom.

Updating a BathroomThis page is about updating a bathroom. New paint, flooring, and fixtures can improve the look and feel of a wash room.


The interior of a brand new car.

Removing New Car Smell?This is a page about removing new car smell. While some prefer to savor the scent of their new car, others find it unpleasant and like to remove it as soon as possible. Use these tips to get rid of that chemical odor.


Mozzarella Sticks

Mozzarella Stick RecipesMozzarella sticks are an easy snack food or appetizer to prepare. These gooey delicious finger foods are sure to be a hit with the whole family. This page contains mozzarella stick recipes.


Spiked Watermelon Lemonade

Spiked Watermelon Lemonade RecipesThis page contains spiked watermelon lemonade recipes. Watermelon lemonade is a perfect refreshing beverage for a sweltering Summer afternoon. Adding your favorite libation will take this drink from mild to wild!


Gravesite with flowers.

Gravesite Decoration IdeasThis page is about gravesite decoration ideas. When honoring your loved ones by adorning their last resting place, you need to follow the gravesite rules.


Indian Chief

Indian Chief Motorcycle PhotosIndian Chief motorcycles are some of the most well crafted and recognizable bikes on the road. Share your favorite photos of these beautiful motorcycles here. This is a page about Indian motorcycle photos.


Pouring Karo corn syrup into a measuring cup.

Karo Syrup Cookie Recipes?Corn syrup is very sweet and is used in many treats. This page contains Karo syrup cookie recipes.


add tag to front

Making a "Basket of Sunshine"Everyone can use a "Basket of Sunshine" now and again to brighten their day. This is a page about making a "Basket of Sunshine".


Chocolate Chip Cake

Chocolate Chip Cake RecipesThis page contains chocolate chip cake recipes. The addition of these flavor filled chips is great in different kinds of cakes.


Chicken Mozzarella

Chicken Mozzarella RecipesChicken mozzarella is a classic Italian dinner recipe that is easy to put your own twist on. Try making this dish a variety of ways to discover how to make it your own.


PVC Pipes

Painting PVC Pipe?This page is about painting PVC pipe. Painting on plastic pipe can be tricky unless you follow certain surface preparation and/or use paints especially designed for plastic.


A bowl of unflavored gelatin.

Craft Uses for Unflavored Gelatin?Unflavored gelatin has many crafty uses both edible and decorative. This is a page about craft uses for unflavored gelatin.


Gingersnap Pumpkin Pie

Gingersnap Pumpkin Pie RecipesThese ginger cookies can make a delicious pumpkin pie crust. This page contains gingersnap pumpkin pie recipes.



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Sun Tan Lotion for Permanent Marker on LeatherThe only solution for removing permanent marker on leather furniture is spray on sun tan lotion. Nothing else worked, not 99% alcohol, Goo Gone, leather package - all set the marker stain.


Tobacco Hornworm (North Carolina)

Tobacco Hornworm (North Carolina)I don't grow tobacco. It seems the Tobacco Hornworm likes a bit of variety in its diet. I found this devoted mother proudly supporting a clutch of eggs while munching lazily on my grape tomato leaves.


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Infamous GFCFSF Meat PuffsThese are wonderful Gluten Free Casein Free Soy Free little nuggets of meat and vegetable made with a wheat free breading. They are so wonderful and healthy.


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Vinegar and Baking Soda for Clogged DisposalMy garbage disposal got clogged after I drained cooked rice into it. I tried to use a plunger to clear the clog but it did not work. I came across the advice to use vinegar, baking soda with hot water. It worked like a miracle.


Small plants inside Mason jars.

Watering Plants When AwayIf you need to go away and have some plants that will need special care, try this method.


Sea gull.

Hartlaub GullI went to the sea for a short weekend break. On the first day of the weekend, we went for lunch at Sea Gypsy Café, a restaurant on the harbor in Mossel Bay.



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Combined Triple Birthday Bash Ideas?My name is Jullie; I will be turning 17 on April 8 of 2014. I want to combine my birthday with my friend who's turning 17 too, on April 7, and my other friend who is turning 16 on April 19.


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Getting a Puppy After Losing One to Parvo?I had a puppy that died from parvo. If I get another puppy that already has its shots can it still get the parvo virus?


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What Color Curtains Should I Get?I'm trying to pick out curtains for my bedroom. The two walls with windows are a darker tan and the wall without windows is a medium blue color.


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Super Fresco Paintable Wallpaper?I am in desparate need of a roll of superfresco paintable; pattern no. 776. If anyone can help, I would be appreciative. Ends of rolls would do!


Closeup of Yorkie.

Training a Dog Not to Bite?When we got this dog he was sweet. He used to bite our socks off our feet and chew them, but he got older and now he is an abusive dog who likes to chew anything and anyone!


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Value of 1974 World Book Encyclopedia Set?I have a full set of 1974 World Book encyclopedias by Field Enterprises Educational Corporation. They are in very good condition.


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Removing Dye from an Evening Dress?I have an emerald green evening dress that I want to make white. Is this possible and how would you suggest I do this?


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Teen Job Ideas?I'm 13 and I wanna make some money. I need it for up coming Christmas. I don't know anyone around my area, so I can't ask if they want me to do chores and I don't think shops would want me either.


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Social Security Survivor Benefits?My son's dad passed away Aug. 15, 2011. I didn't file for benefits when he passed away because he wasn't on the birth certificate. Now that my son sees his family more often they keep pushing me to file for benefits.


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Christmas Float Using a Bass Fishing Boat?We are having our annual Christmas parade and the theme is based on the lake where we live. The theme is Lake Cumberland Christmas.


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Crafts Using Pheasant Feathers?I am looking for directions to decorate Russian thistles with pheasant feathers. Thanks.


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Set of 1962 Britannica Encyclopedias?I have a complete set of 1962 encyclopedia Britannica with index, atlas, book of the year, and original shelf. I am wanting to sell the set. I am not sure of the actual value.


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Joint Birthday Party Ideas?My sister and I are going to have a joint birthday. She's turning 14 and I'm turning 16. We simply can't afford to have two birthdays so we decided we'll just invite a bunch of our friends and hang out.


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Removing Sticky Residue on Laminate Benchtop?How do I remove the sticky plastic cover from the benchtop? My boys put the flat pack kitchen in and took the plastic off. It left a sticky surface, now everything sticks.


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Do SSI Benefits Continue After Adoption?My friend has 3 children. After the 3rd child was born, the mother passed away. The children started receiving SSI benefits. He is about to get remarried and she wants to adopt the children.


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14th Birthday Bonfire Party Ideas?I'm having my 14th birthday on December 15th and I want to do a bonfire, but I don't know what to do there. I want s'mores and hotdogs, but I need things for us to do.


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My Dog Stopped Eating?My dog stop eating yesterday. I don't know why.


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