April 22, 2014

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Grey car with a scratched bumper.

Fixing a Scratched Car Bumper?This is a page about fixing a scratched car bumper. Car bumpers can be damaged in an accident or even in the mall parking lot.


patchwork quilt

Quilting Skit Ideas?This is a page about quilting skit ideas. Planning a skit for a quilting circle activity or other event takes some creativity.


Stainless steel pan.

Cleaning Melted Plastic Off a Pan?This is a page about cleaning melted plastic off a pan. Accidents happen and having plastic wrap or containers come in contact with your hot pan is not that unusual.


A cat with grease in its fur getting a bath.

Removing Grease from a Cat's Fur?This is a page about removing grease from a cat's fur. If your kitty accidentally gets grease in her fur there are ways to remove it without traumatizing your pet.


A cat wearing a cone on its head.

Keeping a Cat From Licking a WoundThis is a page about keeping a cat from licking a wound. It can be very challenging to prevent your kitty from licking a wound or surgical site.


A green themed kitchen.

Kitchen Decorating IdeasThis is a page about kitchen decorating ideas. Using the right theme and colors can make your kitchen a reflection of your personality.


Scared Dog

Rehabilitating a Former Bait Dog?This is a page about rehabilitating a former bait dog. A rescued former bait dog has experienced a horrific life prior to coming to your home.


A photo with tape on it.

Removing Tape Residue on Photos?This is a page about removing tape residue on photos. Care must be taken when trying to remove tape residue on photos.


Bowling Ball and Pin Costume

Making a Bowling Ball CostumeThis is a page about making a bowling ball costume. Homemade Halloween costumes are not only fun to make but even more fun to wear.



Cleaning Up Whiskers After ShavingThis is a page about cleaning up whiskers after shaving. Whiskers on the bathroom floor or in the sink require cleanup. There are a few different ways to do this task.


Indianapolis Skyline

Indiana Frugal Travel Guide and PhotosThis is a page about Indiana frugal travel guide and photos. The majority of this state is farmland with the motto of "The Crossroads of America" for the many early train tracks and now the many major highways that cross the state.



Kleen-Glo ReviewsThis is a page about Kleen-Glo reviews. Kleen-Glo is an environmentally friendly cleaning product made in Canada.


Lift Chair

Saving Money on a Lift ChairThis is a page about saving money on a lift chair. Age and injury can make considering buying a lift chair a reality. However, these specialized chairs can be very pricey.


Spinach Balls

Spinach Balls RecipesThis page contains spinach balls recipes. Spinach mixed with other delicious ingredients is the basis for these tasty appetizers.


Beaded Hair Sticks

Making Beaded Hair SticksThis is a page about making beaded hair sticks. Decorative hair sticks can help make a hair style elegant.


Food in Tupperware

Cleaning Stained TupperwareThis is a page about cleaning stained Tupperware. Certain foods, such as tomato based sauces, can stain your Tupperware.


Nice light blue dress shirt.

Making Shirt Collars Last LongerThis is a page about making shirt collars last longer. Often the collars on a shirt will become frayed or stained long before the rest of the shirt looks worn and is ready to discard.


Light colored leather couch.

Removing Fabric Dye from a Leather Couch?This is a page about removing fabric dye from a leather couch. Unfortunately sometimes fabric dye from throw pillows and other items can transfer to your leather couch.


unpacking groceries

Returning GroceriesThis is a page about returning groceries. We have all returned merchandize to clothing stores, etc. You can also return defective, poor quality, and otherwise unsatisfactory foodstuff to your local market.


Leather Recliner

Reupholstering a ReclinerThis is a page about reupholstering a recliner. Sometimes it is less costly to reupholster a comfortable chair, rather than buy a new one.


A young girl sewing.

4-H Craft Project IdeasThis is a page about 4-H craft project ideas. One of the activities children can participate in as a member of 4-H is making and showing craft projects.


Man repairing kitchen countertops.

Repairing Bubbles in Formica Countertop?This is a page about repairing bubbles in Formica countertop. Heat or humidity can cause the adhesive holding down your laminate countertop to fail and cause bubbles or lifting.


Avon Doll

Buying Avon Collectibles?This is a page about buying Avon collectibles. Over the years Avon has sold various items, such as perfume bottles and decorative plates, that have become sought after collectibles.


Wedding Vow Renewal

Wedding Vow Renewal Invitation Wording Ideas?This is a page about wedding vow renewal invitation wording ideas. Deciding on just the right wording for the invitations to your vow renewal ceremony can be frustrating.


Roast Chicken

Cooking a Turkey in an Electric Roaster OvenThis is a page about cooking a turkey in an electric roaster oven. Rather than using your oven to roast the turkey you can prepare the perfect bird in an electric roasting pan.


Tulip Placemats

Making Crocheted PlacematsThis is a page about making crocheted placemats. Crochet is a great crafting technique to use for making unique placemats for your home or to give as gifts.


Jack Daniel's Whisky

Recipes Using WhiskeyThis page contains recipes using whiskey. From marinades to cakes, whiskey is used in a wide variety of recipes.


hot pan

Removing Melted Fabric from Cookware?This is a page about removing melted fabric from cookware. When kitchen linens get too close to a burner or very hot pan, you can end up with burnt fabric stuck to a pan.



Joining a Coupon TrainThis is a page about joining a coupon train. As a member of a coupon train you can exchange coupons with a large number of other couponers.


Mystery Plant

What is This Garden Plant?Trying to identify a volunteer or established plant planted by a previous owner can be a challenge. This is a page about what is this garden plant?


A jacket with cuffs.

Replacement Cuffs for a Jacket or SweaterThis is a page about replacement cuffs for a jacket or sweater. A well loved piece of clothing can get an update to extend the life of the garment.


String Cheese Witch Brooms

Making String Cheese Witch BroomsThis is a page about making string cheese witch brooms. These cute Halloween treats are fun and easy to make, you can get the kids involved in this food preparation.



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Substituting Applesauce in CookingUse instead of milk in mashed potatoes. Makes it kosher when using beef/meat products. It tastes a bit different but it's still good.


Red Rose

Red RoseI took this photo with my camera phone outside of a restaurant.


Camping in Red Rock Canyon

Camping in Red Rock CanyonMy son and his fiancé went camping at beautiful Red Rock Canyon and took this photo of their campsite/tent. One in a million location! Can you find it?


Cow and Calf (Matheson, Ontario)

Moose Cow and Calf (Matheson, Ontario)While fishing, a cow and her calf came into view and strolled around the weed bed.


easter egg advent calendar 2

Easter Egg Countdown CalendarThis colorful string of Easter eggs hides a daily surprise!


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Apple to Relieve HeartburnIf you feel that you have heartburn, eat an apple. Works better than Tums or Rolaids. The acid in the apple neutralizes the acid in your throat, relieving the pain. I have reflux disease and this remedy was told to me by a Gastroenterologist. I find that it works very well.


paint can opener

Using a Paint Can Opener for Sewing...My DH gave me a little thingy which has a beer bottle opener on one end and the other end looks very much like a bent screw driver. That is the end I use for the flathead screws on my Brother Project Runway. I never use the screwdriver that came with it.



Closeup of perhaps tomato plant leaves.

Leaves Curling on Vegetable Plants?My garden has been in the ground for five weeks now. All the new leaves on the plants are curled up. I have tomatoes, peppers, squash. and cucumbers.


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Making Low Sugar Mulberry Jelly?How much juice, sugar, and pectin do I use to make mulberry jelly? Last time I made it, it did not set right.


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Greeting Card Donation?Do I donate only front of card? The inside messages are personal to me.


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Removing Tree Sap From Cat Mats?How do I remove tree sap from rubber car mats?


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Getting Rid of Pet Waste Odor in Yard?How do I get rid of pet waste odor in the backyard using Dawn detergent? What ratio of water to soap?


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Repairing a George Foreman Top Grilling Plate?The top grilling plate on my model GRP99 keeps falling down. It never seems to lock tight in place. Can the grips be disassembled for repairs?Any solutions appreciated.


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Removing Rust Stain From Carpet?A professional cleaner steamed our carpet. The piano was set on some kind of papery shield, but the piano wasn't setting on the shield and there was a rust circle the size of a dime! It is on a light carpet.


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Are My Encyclopaedia Worth Anything?I have a set of 1963 The Australian Encyclopaedia by the Grolier Society of Australia, Sydney. The set is 10 volumes. Also I have 2 year books 1965 and 1966 that match. My question is are they worth anything, money wise, and if yes how much and where is the best place to sell them.


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Cleaning Car Seatbelts?Can anyone suggest the best (easiest) way to clean and restore beige car seatbelts? Thanks very much.


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Questionable Power of Attorney?When my father passed, a will had already been drawn up by our mother and father. There are three sisters and I am the eldest. I was named executor of the estate by both parents because I was the oldest.


Black puppy.

What Breed is My Dog?This is Shasta, she's 7 weeks old. I was told she's Husky/Lab mix. The mother was half Husky half Lab and the father was full Husky. She does have blue eyes and thick coat like a Husky and it seems like her left ear is trying to stand up at times also.



What Breed is My Dog?I was told she was a Husky/Australian Shepherd mix, but she's only 12 lbs! Mini Aussie? She looks like a little Aussie fox.


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Cleaning Yellowed White Jeans?I found a pair of brand new white denim jeans that fit me. Hooray, but the jeans have aged over the years being stored in my grandson's closet, and also have colorful embroidery. How can I carefully clean them without fading the embroidery, which is down the outside of each leg.


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White Film on Purse Straps?I have taken my Dooney and Bourke out of the dust bag. The straps have white film on them. What causes this?



What Breed is My Dog?I adopted this sweet 10 week old baby girl on April 17, 2014. I think she is part Lab Terrier puppy mix, but am not for certain. She has very distinct round spots on her back. Hopefully you can help.


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Freezing Leftover Ham?How long can you freeze cooked leftover ham?


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Pet Safe Mole and Mouse Repellent?My cat has access only to my backyard where there are moles and mice. She keeps bringing them in. Is there some way I can repel the moles and mice without harming my cat at all?


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Fixing a Metal Zipper That Separates?The metal zipper on my leather purse has started to separate after zipping, which defeats the purpose of zipping the bag. Is there a way I can fix it myself?


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Selling a Doll Collection?I have an extensive collection of porcelain dolls by Patricia Rose. All dolls came from Paradise Galleries. All of my dolls are from the glamor doll series. I also have her dancer doll collection and southern bell collection.


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Marblizing Clay Pots?How do I marblize a clay pot? If I paint it first with white, then put water in a tub, with spray paints of various colors, do I need to seal it or will the paint from the cans do that?


Dog in shelter pen.

What Breed is My Dog?I got my dog today at the San Marcos animal shelter, but I don't know what breed he is. They weren't sure either. They said he was a Border Collie, but that is only what he's mixed with. Can someone help?


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Removing Mildew Odor from Wooden African Masks?My daughter kept some African masks in her basement and they now smell of mildew badly. How can we get rid of the mildew odor and ever use them in our home once again?


Large brown dog with white and black muzzle.

What Breed is My Dog?I got my dog from my niece. He is a St. Bernard mix. He has dew claws, but I'm not sure if he's mixed and what he's mixed with.


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How Soon Can I Perm My Hair Again?I permed my hair like a month ago. It was a home perm where my mom helped me perm it. She did something wrong, but my hair had a little bit of wave. I'm planning to get it repermed, but I'm not sure if my hair will be okay with it.


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Making Plastic Spoon Flowers?I tried making the flower using plastic spoons and a candle. When I tried, though, the spoon started melting, but dark smoke remained on the spoon as black color. How do I avoid that discoloration?


Tan dog sitting down.

What Breed is My Dog?A few months ago we adopted this puppy. In the country where we live we don't have DNA tests for dogs, so I have no idea of her breed. I would like to know an opinion of what you see in her, just to know the best way to teach her how to behave.


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