January 9, 2015

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Kids at Breakfast

Kid Breakfast IdeasThis is a page about kid breakfast ideas. Getting your kids to eat breakfast can be a challenge.


Swimming Suits Drying

Washing Swimming Suits?This is a page about washing swimming suits. With proper cleaning your swimming suit can last a long time.


Meat Loaf

Using Leftover Meat LoafThis is a page about using leftover meat loaf. Leftover meatloaf can be served again in a new way.


Girl Playing Music Keyboard

Buying a Music Keyboard?This is a page about buying a music keyboard. Buying a music keyboard can be an expensive purchase. By doing some research you can find the best one to fit your needs and budget.


Vinyl Fence

Cleaning Vinyl Fences and Deck Railings?This is a page about cleaning vinyl fences and deck railings. Vinyl is a durable material when used for deck railings and fences, but it does need periodic cleaning to look its best.


Mixed Nuts

Saving Money on NutsThis is a page about saving money on nuts. Nuts are a healthy addition to your daily diet, as well as delicious in many recipes. However, they can be pricey to pick up at the market.


Giant Schnauzer

Giant Schnauzer PhotosThis is a page about Giant Schnauzer photos. The Giant Schnauzer is a large, powerful, yet surprisingly compact dog. Its appearance is much like that of the Standard Schnauzer. With the proper training and exercise they make great companions.


Carpet Colors

Carpet Color Advice?This is a page about carpet color advice. The right color carpet will complement your room's decor.


Rocking Horse

Recycled Rocking Horse Craft IdeasThis is a page about recycled rocking horse craft ideas. Give a child's old rocking horse or spring style horse a new life.


Fallen Tree

Dealing with a Potentially Hazardous...A tree that topples at the wrong time or in the wrong place can cause significant damage to your home and property. Worse yet is the possibility that it could injure or kill someone. This page is about recognizing and dealing with a potentially hazardous tree.



Washcloth Craft IdeasThis is a page about washcloth craft ideas. Old or new washcloths can be the beginning of a fun craft project.


Dog on Green Carpet

Best Carpet for Pet Owners?This is a page about best carpet for pet owners. Pets can wreak havoc on your carpet. Choosing a type better suited to a home with pets can help reduce the damage.


Office Decorations

Decorating an OfficeThis is a page about ideas for decorating an office. We spend a lot of time at work. Decorating your office or office space can help make that time more enjoyable.


Woman Fixing Hair Color

Fixing Hair Color?This is a page about fixing hair color. It is common to dye your hair only to find that the result is not at all what you had expected.



Smocking Tips and Tricks?This is a page about smocking tips and tricks. Smocking is a good way to add a decorative touch to your next clothing project.



Chocolate Dipped Potato Chips

Chocolate Dipped Potato ChipsThe perfect combination of salty and sweet, these potato chips are easy to make and would make a great gift. Maybe your special someone needs some this Valentine's day.


wafers on plate 2

Chocolate Dipped Wafer CookiesThese chocolate dipped wafer cookies would make a great gift for your Valentine this year.


Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cookies

Strawberry Chocolate Chip CookiesThese cookies are not only delicious, but they are adorably pink and easy to make!



Rooting a Spider Plant - new roots on plant

Rooting a Spider PlantThere is a very large spider plant at my kids' school. One day when I was there I was able to collect a small baby plant from it. I brought it home and put it into the lab flask that I use for rooting plants. I filled it with water so that the bottom of the plant was submerged.



brown and white dog with uncurled tail

What Breed Is My Dog?I was just wondering what breed my dog is. They said he was an English Staffy, but I'm not convinced. He has long legs and nose and also has a curled tail. He's about 9 months old. I have been told he looks like he has Basenji in the mix.


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Selling Redwood Trees?I have two very large trees close to my house. They are so big that using them for fire wood seemes a waste. Who would buy them and pay the best price? One tree is about 140 ft tall and at the base it measurs 4.5 ft. The sequoia is about 160 ft. tall and 36 ft around the base.


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?My birthday is May 3rd, which is ages away, but every year I don't know what to do, so I look ahead. I want to have a party with about 1-4 friends, but I have had sleepovers, a cinema party, gone bowling twice, gone to a theme park, gone shopping, and had a spa party at home.


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Replacement Heater Switch?I need a switch for a 1500 infrared heater.



What Breed Is My Puppy?I was told he was born on October 7th and that he is a Yorkshire/Poodle mix, but I am not so sure about this. For starters he has large feet and he supposed to be a Yorkshire/Poodle mix. Please help me figure what breed he is.


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Social Security and Back Child Support?How can Social Security deduct child support from your check when the child is 34 years old? Isn't there a limit of time even if you owe some back child support?


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Training a Dog Not to Bark?Our female Corgi has a fit when we are leaving the house. She does it with anyone who's leaving the house. She runs around in circles barking. Is it an instinct of her breed for herding? How do we stop it?


peeling wallpaper and missing carpet

Finding Help With Home Repairs?My home is in need of many repairs and renovations. I do not have the money needed to cover the expense of the much needed repairs. Is there somewhere I can turn to get assistance repairing my home? The department of neighborhood services has determined that I must make repairs to my home.


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Removing Furniture Polish from Wood Floors?My housecleaners used my Bona furniture polish to clean my wood floors. Now we are slip sliding all over the place! You should see our poor dog. What do I do to fix it?


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ASPCA Vaccination Truck Schedule?When will the ASPCA truck come to Petland in Springfield Gardens, New York?


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Storing Kitchen Appliances?My kitchen is very tiny and has very small cupboards. I don't know how to store so many appliances.


stack of volumes

Value of Odhams Colour Library of Knowledge?I have all 18 books of the Odhams Colour Library of Knowledge, 1970 English version. It is from Oghams Books London, edited by Sir Julian Huxley. There seems to be very little information of this series. Is it worth anything?


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Starting an Ice Cream Business?I have a, passed down, cheesecake ice cream recipe from my grandmother; how do I automate it? It takes me about 45 minutes to make 3 gallons. Is there a company or factory that I could work with to produce the recipe?


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Using Scented Candles?How many candles and what sizes should I put in my 18 square meter room, 6m long and 3m wide so that it will smell good? How long does the smell usually last?


light brown dog

What Breed Is My Dog?What kind of dog do I have? My dad said it was a purebred Beagle, but I don't believe it because she doesn't have spots. Any answers? We definitely know she's a mix.


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Organizing Plastic Container?I have too many plastic containers and a very small cupboard. Every time I organize it, it still ends up in a mess. I need advice on what to do.


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Getting a Dog to Gain Weight?We got Harly a few months ago. His owner could not keep him because of a move. We have tried everything to put weight on him. He is papered. His hair seems to be very dry and he has dandruff. He is a house dog and we have 2 acres for him to run in. He chews everything.


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Gas Dryer Not Working?I am asking this question for my mom. She has an Admiral gas dryer model number LNC8750A71 and the clothes are warm, but they are not getting dry. She cleaned out all of the lint catchers and the lint under the dryer was all wet.


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Removing Tape from Carpet?How do I remove tape from carpet?


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Removing Odors from Towels?How can you remove the smell of oil from bowling towels?


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Curtain Colour Advice?I realy need help. My walls are a light brown, camel hair colour, with a light/dark brown lounge suite. I also have loads of red art work. What colour curtains will be the best? Oh, and I have light brown laminated flooring. Ugh, I really have loads of brown.


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Finding an Appraiser for Antique Dishes?I have a vast collection of antique dishes left to me by my father who recently passed. It includes everything from pieces from China, to occupied Japan, Germany, Italy, etc. I need an appraiser in Colorado, can you help?


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Company Appreciation Day Activities?We are having a company appreciation day with 125 employees and possibly up to 100 prizes to give away. I need ideas for a creative way to do this.


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13 Birthday Party Ideas?My daughter is having a 13th birthday and it might rain and we might have to cancel the party. What should I do that doesn't cost a lot of money?


white dog with pink nose

What Breed Is My Dog?I was told she is an albino Pit Bull, but I can't be sure. I'm curious what breed she is. I believe she is a Pit mix, just not sure what she is mixed with. Any ideas on what my baby might be?


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Beverages for an Anniversary Party?I am planning a 50th anniversary party at a church, in the afternoon. We will be serving appetizers. Should we have punch, or tea, coffee, and lemonade.


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Eating After Having Teeth Pulled?I had 5 teeth removed 18 hours ago and would like to ask if I can eat chicken? When can I start eating normal food? I would like a answer as soon as possible.


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Value of Old Chicago Standard Encyclopedia?I have a 1932 Chicago Standard Encyclopedia Corporation full set and would like to know their value.


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Finding Help After a House Fire?I need help getting a motel room or somewhere to stay.


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Finding Yarn Donations for Youth Project?We are a small group of ministry women who need yarn and needles to teach kids from age 6 up to knit and crochet.


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Dodge Truck Heater Intermittent?I own a '01 Dodge 2500 V8 and the heater gets hot as I press the gas pedal. Then it goes cold when I let off. I just put in a new thermostat and water pump trying to fix the problem.


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Graphic Design Business Name Ideas?I want to build a career in the designing field and start a business. Can someone suggest a unique name for my company?


dog sitting and looking up

What Breed Is My Dog?I have a 10 month old rescue. He is 7 months old in the picture. I'm trying to figure out his mix. He looks like a Pit mix. He's about 70 pounds now and taller. He has some brownish brindle coloring on top of his head and along the sides of his body.


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Sauce Recipe for Boil in the Bag Fish?I am looking for a recipe for butter sauce and parsley sauce suitable for boil-in-the bag hake. Something like the cod ones you can get in the UK. I would appreciate it if anyone has something.


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Home Heater Not Working?I had electrical work done on my home because we are selling it. The electrician did the work and then my dryer didn't work. They came back and did some wiring that was not even connected to my dryer, but now it works. Now the heater was not working.


black puppy with white on hind feet

What Breed Is My Dog?I was told she was a pure bred American Pit Bull Terrier. I was also was told she was a Razor's Edge Pit. My cousin thinks she's a Black Labrador, but I have never seen a Labrador with her markings. I know Pit Bulls, but am kinda shaky with her. Can I get an idea of what breed?


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Selling a Junk Car?I need to sell my junk car. I have called a couple companies that I found on Craigslist, but they never showed up. Sadly, I wasted my day waiting for them. How can I find the best scrap yard in Atlanta, Georgia?


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16th Birthday Party Ideas?I'm turning 16 in a month and I don't have any clue what I want to do for a party. We don't have a large budget and I don't have very many friends, so a big party is out of the question. I'm trying to be open about any ideas.


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