April 19, 2016

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Mobile Phone Charging Station

Making a Shampoo Bottle Mobile Phone...This is a page about making a shampoo bottle mobile phone charging station. Recycle an empty shampoo bottle and make a useful charging station for your mobile phone.


Potted African Violet with some yellow leaves

African Violet Leaves Turning YellowThis is a page about African violet leaves turning yellow. African violets are typically easy to grow, however that does not mean that your plant will not have problems.


Several pieces of backing laying flat while sizzling in frying pan

Keeping Bacon From CurlingThe shrinking of the fat on a strip of bacon causes it to curl as it cooks. This is a page about keeping bacon from curling.


finished snowman hot chocolate gift

Making a Coffee Mate Container SnowmanThis is a page about making a Coffee Mate container snowman. A Coffee Mate container is the perfect shape for making a cute snowman that can be filled with treats for a gift or used as a decoration.


Close up of an automated swimming pool vacuum on the pool floor

Buying a Swimming Pool Vacuum?Buying the best vacuum for your swimming pool will probably require a bit of research. This is a page about buying a swimming pool vacuum.


Button Hair Ties

Making Button Hair TiesThis is a page about making button hair ties. Quickly and easily make your ponytail bands more decorative using buttons.


black leather couch on a white background

Pros and Cons of Leather FurnitureThis is a page about the pros and cons of leather furniture. Each type of furniture upholstery has its positive and negative features.


Three raw chicken leg quarters piled on cutting board in front of tomato, lettuce, peppers ,and a wedge of parmesan cheese

Recipes Using Chicken QuartersChicken leg quarters are often available for a good price at the market. This page contains recipes using chicken quarters.


Oven cooked bacon on cookie sheet.

Cooking Bacon in the OvenBacon may be delicious, but it is generally agreed that cooking it on the stovetop is messy. This is a page about cooking bacon in the oven.


Close up of sign reading, "This is our home  Please keep your pets and their waste off our grass."

Is Dog Poop Bad for Your Grass?This is a page about "Is dog poop bad for your grass?". Is the dog poop you just stepped in and gotten on your shoe also bad from your lawn?


Close up of clasped hands with dirt imbedded under the fingernails

Preventing Dirt From Getting Under Your...This is a page about preventing dirt from getting under your fingernails. Even if you wear gardening gloves, dirt often gets under your nails as you work.


Jar of honey, two honeycomb, and spilled honey against a white background

Honey Facial MaskThis is a page about making a honey facial mask. Many people recommend using honey to cleanse your face.


Beer and Snacks Bouquet

Making a Beer and Snacks BouquetTry making this fun, personalized gift bouquet for an upcoming birthday or other event. This is a page about making a beer and snacks bouquet.


Phlox plant with white blooms in garden

Growing PhloxThis is a page about growing phlox. Phlox is a perennial garden plant that is a great choice for a sunny location in your garden.


transferred image

Making Packing Tape Image TransfersThis is a page about making packing tape image transfers. Regular packing tape can be used to make newspaper or laser printer image transfers that you can then apply to a variety of objects.


Close up of a white leather Purse on a mannequin wearing a pink dress.

Cleaning a White Leather PurseThis is a page about cleaning a white leather purse. A white leather purse can start to look dirty fairly quickly just from normal usage.


VHS Tape Container

Making a Recycled VHS Tape ContainerThis is a page about making a recycled VHS tape container. For a retro media themed party make a VHS tape container for holding tableware or other items.


Close up of two green and two red tomatoes on basket

Ripening Green TomatoesThis is a page about ripening green tomatoes. The end of the growing season or an early frost may catch you with a lot of green tomatoes still on the vines. Don't leave them to rot in the garden, bring them in.


Hanging planter baskets holding tomato plants with numerous yellow blossoms and green cherry tomatoes against a rustic background.

Growing Tomatoes in Hanging PlantersThis is a page about growing tomatoes in hanging planters. We have seen the upside down planters for growing tomatoes, but you can also grow them in normal hanging planters.


Coffee being poured into a white coffee cup

Making a Good Cup of CoffeeThere is a bit of science included in making a good cup of coffee, along with the right blend and a well working coffee maker. This is a page about making a good cup of coffee.


Patent Leather Shoes

Cleaning Patent LeatherThis is a page about cleaning patent leather. You can easily keep your shiny patent leather shoes, purses, and other items looking great.


3 Corn Dogs on a brown napkin with a bowl of mustard in the background.  One of the corndogs is half eaten.

Corn Dog RecipesCorn dogs don't have to be just fair food. You can make them at home. This page contains corn dog recipes.


Black patent leather purse against a white background

Cleaning a Patent Leather PurseThis is a page about cleaning a patent leather purse. The shiny finish on patent leather requires some care be taken when cleaning it.


Close up of Phlox with pink blossoms and several leaves turning yellow

Phlox Leaves Turning Yellow?This is a page about phlox leaves turning yellow. Determining what is causing the leaves on your phlox to turn yellow is the first step to helping your plant.


Three green pairs against a white background

Ripening PearsOften pears that you buy at the market are not fully ripe. Similarly, you may have fruit trees in the garden that are dropping green fruit. This is a page about ripening pears.


Sparkly Sun Catchers

Making a Plastic Bottle Bottom Sun CatcherThis is a page about making a plastic bottle bottom sun catcher. The bottom of many plastic drink bottles can be used as part of a kids' craft to make sun catchers.


Skillet containing fried sausage and potatoes with onions and greens

Kielbasa and Fried PotatoesKielbasa and potatoes combine to make a delicious meal. This is a page about kielbasa and fried potatoes.


Fresh Fruit Parfait Dessert

Fresh Fruit Parfait DessertThis is a page about fresh fruit parfait dessert. Make a delicious parfait using fresh seasonal fruit with your other favorite ingredients.



Emergency Aerobed Inflation

Emergency Aerobed InflationWe use our Aerobed inflatble mattress when we go camping. One time, we forgot to bring the wall socket car adaptor that allows us to plug in the mattress for it to inflate. We jury rigged a pump with a soda bottle and a camping air mattress pump. It worked well enough to allow us a good night's sleep.


Logo for ThriftyFun Tips

Covering Rust Spots on a White RefrigeratorBecause of the age of our fridge, I just didn't want to put a lot of money into fixing it, I found a roll of white, dry-erase Contact paper. I covered the door from the dispenser area down to the bottom and, unless you really look closely, you can't tell it's not the original finish.


Creamy Italian Turkey Wings

Creamy Italian Turkey WingsTry making these creamy turkey wings. It was just awesome.


Recycled Box Notebooks

Recycled Box NotebooksMake a cute notebook perfect for kids. It is simple to made and doesn't require much time. You can use them for all the things any other notebook could be used for. It is a fun, cute way to express what you like.


A peony bud covered in tiny sugar ants.

Sugar Ants Beneficial for Peony BlossomsHere is my peony covered with sugar ants feasting. Although I don't like these guys crawling around my kitchen, their symbiotic relationship with peonies is well known. The peonies secrete a sweet nectar which you can see it in the picture. The little ants collect all the nectar, allowing the blossom to open easily.


Make Your Own Seed Tapes

Make Your Own Seed TapesSeeds have different spacing and depths (it's on the package). Rather than digging individual holes and having inconsistent depths and distances of my garden plantings, I created my own seed tape for a neater prettier look. It works great for flower beds too.


Upcycled Shampoo Bottle Planter

Upcycled Shampoo Bottle PlanterThis is a project to convert an old empty shampoo bottle into a nice hanging planter for your garden or house.


Shave For $10 Per Year

Shave For $10 Per YearRemember the old style razors you may have used or seen your dad or Grandfather using way back? The "double edge safety razor" is what I'm talking about. Guess what? You can still buy and use them!


Jar Snow Globe

Jar Snow GlobeHere is a cute personalized snow globe you can make with anything you have gotten from other places. This project has simple steps and uses limited supplies. It is a fun way to spice up your desk or dresser.


Use Your Cooler When Grocery Shopping

Use Your Cooler When Grocery ShoppingPut your perishables in a cooler. This will allow you to make multiple stops and not worry about food spoiling. This tip is especially useful in the warmer months. If it's really hot, throw in a couple of ice packs into the cooler.



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GE Washer Won't Spin and Leaks from Bottom?I have a top loading GE washer that I purchased in January 2015. The washer will not spin and leaks water from the bottom. It of course is not under warranty. Any ideas on what can be causing this and if it is worth fixing?


black and white pillow

Name for Online Home Decor Shop?I'm starting a home decor online store in Miami and I cannot for the life of me come up with a name. I am mostly creating decorative pillows and will eventually make table liners, place mats, decorative picture frames and wedding albums.


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Selling Homemade Foods?I live on Long Island and have been cooking and selling food by word of mouth for years. I'm looking to put my name out more and fill more bellies! Unfortunately I'm not sure of the rules and regulations to start an at home food business.


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Cleaning Bugs Off a Vehicle?What is an easy way to clean bugs off of a vehicle?


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Shining Vinyl Floors?What is the best product to shine a dull vinyl floor?


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Can't Adjust Speed on Riding Mower?When I try and move my speed lever the braking system engages. I have no clue what's going on!


closeup of corner trim on mobile home wall

Putting Baseboards in an Older Mobile Home?We live in a 1969 mobile home and just painted all our dark paneling with a light coffee. We are getting carpet and now want to put baseboards in. We have thin rounded corners that will leave the baseboards sticking out. Do you have any suggestions so we don't have to replace all these corner moldings?


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