June 20, 2016

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An playroom with bins and toys arranged on shelves

Organizing ToysThis is a page about organizing toys. Help teach kids to keep their toys in order by using shelves and containers.


Red, white and blue colored popcorn spilled out onto white surface

Making Colored PopcornThis is a page about making colored popcorn. Making popcorn in an array of fun colors can be done at home.


Close up image of piles of several different spices

House Seasoning RecipesThis is a page about house seasoning recipes. Replicating the recipe for a favorite house seasoning allows you to recreate more of your favorite dishes, possibly less expensively.


Woman cleaning Exterior of a Refrigerator

Cleaning Nicotine Stains from the Exterior of a...This is a page about cleaning nicotine stains from the exterior of a refrigerator. Nicotine stains can get everywhere in a home where someone has smoked.


Crayons partially melted on white surface

Cleaning Crayon Stains on ClothingThis is a page about cleaning crayon stains on clothing. It is dismaying to remove clothing from the drier to discover melted crayon stains.


Banana peanut butter tart

Elvis' Gooey Peanut Butter and Banana...Try a delicious variation on the traditional gooey butter cake by adding peanut butter and banana. This is a page about Elvis' gooey peanut butter and banana cake recipe.


Kitchen with wood cabinets

Cleaning Nicotine Stains on Wood CabinetsThis is a page about cleaning nicotine on wood cabinets. Choosing a product that will remove the nicotine and not damage your cabinets only requires a bit of research.


Empty lobby with vinyl tile floor

Removing Vinyl TilesThis is a page about removing vinyl tiles. During a home remodel you may want to remove the old worn vinyl tile flooring.


Butter Cake Top View

Freezing Gooey Butter CakesThis is a page about freezing gooey butter cakes. Gooey butter cakes are a dense sweet cake that originated in Saint Louis. If there are any leftovers or you are baking ahead, one way to keep the cakes is by freezing.


Gloved hands holding silver tweezers with freshly removed tick

Removing Ticks from a DogThis page is about removing ticks from a dog. Ticks are a common dog parasite in many regions. Proper removal followed by a good cleaning with alcohol or an iodine scrub is the best solution for your pet.


hands spreading dogs fur so a tick can be seen

Protecting Your Dog from TicksThis is a page about protecting my dog from ticks. Protecting your pet from ticks is preferable to having to remove an infestation on your dog.


Two white t-shirts hanging on a clothes line

Cleaning Yellow Hydrogen Peroxide...This is a page about cleaning yellow hydrogen peroxide stains on clothing. Using hydrogen peroxide to remove stains on some fabrics can unfortunately leave you with a new yellow stain.


Woman removing white laundry from the dryer

Cleaning Yellow Stains on White ClothingThis is a page about cleaning yellow stains on white clothing. Removing yellow stains from white clothing is a common laundry task.


Older Kitchen with Linoleum Tile Floor

Removing Self Stick TilesThis is a page about removing self stick tiles. Self stick tiles are easy to remove if you follow a couple of simple steps.


Orange tabby cat on wooden floor looking up

Keeping Cats from Peeing on FloorThis is a page about keeping cats from peeing on floor. When a cat pees outside of their litter box determining the reason is the first step to resolving the problem.


Fresh oregano and bowl of dried oregano on wooden surface

Using a Microwave for Drying HerbsThis is a page about using a microwave for drying herbs. There are a number of ways you can make your own dried herbs.


Close up of biscuits on a blue cloth

Low Fat Biscuit RecipeThis is a page about low fat biscuit recipe. You can still enjoy homemade biscuits, even if you are following a low fat diet.


Dish of spinach artichoke dip and toasted baguette slices on a plate

Applebee's Hot Spinach and Artichoke Dip...Perfecting a homemade version of your favorite restaurant spinach dip allows you to enjoy it more often. This is a page about Applebee's hot spinach and artichoke dip copycat recipe.


Hand wiping white residue off wooden floor

Cleaning Haze on Hardwood FloorsThis is a page about cleaning haze on hardwood floors. Some wood floor cleaning products can leave an unsightly haze on your floors.


Pots and Pans hanging from hooks

Hanging Pots and PansThis is a page about hanging pots and pans. One way to better utilize space in a kitchen with limited or unsatisfactory cabinet space is to hang your pots and pans.


white trackball mouse with red ball

Cleaning Your Trackball MouseThis is a page about cleaning your trackball mouse. The unique design of the Trackball mouse can actually make it easy to clean.


Vinegar being poured into fabric softener compartment on a top load washer

Using Vinegar as a Fabric SoftenerThis is a page about using vinegar as a fabric softener. Vinegar is a good alternative to fabric softener products when doing your laundry.


Blue cotton thong underwear on a white background

When Should Teens Wear Thongs?This is a page about "When should teens wear thongs?". Parents routinely need to address clothing styles and what they consider acceptable for their teen to wear.


Candy Brownie Pizza

Brownie Pizza RecipesThis page contains brownie pizza recipes. Create a delicious brownie dessert using your favorite recipe or box mix and tasty toppings.


Unorganized pile of gold bracelets on a white surface

Organizing BraceletsThis is a page about organizing bracelets. Make these accessories easy to find by displaying them in a creative ways.


Decoupaged Ceramic Tiles

Decoupaging Ceramic TilesThis is a page about decoupaging ceramic tiles. Decoupage is one method for making decorative ceramic tiles.


Young teen-age girl and boy sitting against a wall

When Should Teens Start Dating?This is a page about "When should teens start dating?". A common question for parents to address is when are they OK with their teens to begin dating.


Tabby cat face gazing up

Cat Peeing in the HouseThis is a page about cat peeing in the house. Inappropriate peeing by your cat can be very frustrating to resolve.


Elderly woman stringing beads

Crafts for Visually Impaired Nursing...This is a page about crafts for visually impaired nursing home patients. Visual impairment can affect the type of crafts a person can do enjoyably and successfully.


Dark hair having a lice comb run through it

Natural Remedies for Head LiceHead lice often seem to be an annual plague for families with school age children. This is a page about natural remedies for head lice.


Contents of a freezer compartment from a refrigerator with the freezer on top

Cleaning Rotten Meat Odors from a FreezerThis is a page about cleaning rotten meat odors from a freezer. A power outage or a malfunctioning freezer can leave you with spoiled meat and the odor that comes with that.


Bowl of ginger and orange rhubarb surrounded by pieces of uncooked rhubarb

Ginger and Orange RhubarbThis is a page about ginger and orange rhubarb. Try this delicious way to prepare rhubarb.


Yorkshire Terrier peeing on grass

Protecting Your Lawn from Dog UrineThis is a page about protecting lawn from dog urine. Excessive amounts of dog urine in one area can damage your lawn.


Man wiping car exterior with a cloth

Removing Permanent Marker from a CarThis is a page about removing permanent marker from a car. Vandals sometimes choose to graffiti on cars using permanent markers.


Double heart shaped chocolate cake that says "Wedding Anniversary" with a 25 decoration.  Black and white wedding picture in the background

Planning a 25th Anniversary with...This is a page about planning a 25th anniversary with renewal of vows. Choosing to renew marriage vows in combination with an anniversary celebration is a common practice.


Tuna Salad with tomatoes, white beans, and cucumber.

Stretching Tuna for Tuna SaladAdding other ingredients to your tuna salad is one way to bulk it up, vary the taste, and stretch the tuna. This is a page about stretching tuna for tuna salad.



pumpkin embroidery framed

Framing an Embroidered Dish TowelIf you're like me, you grew up with aunts and grandmothers who embroidered things like cup towels and pillowcases. And, if you're like me, you probably leave them in the drawer while you use a terrycloth towel.


South African mushrooms

Fairy Tea GardenWhile on holiday in Knysna, we visited the Garden of Eden, an indigenous forest halfway between Knysna and Plettenberg Bay. While walking the easy trail that winds through the forest, I came across this group of mushrooms. It looked like a fairy tea garden and I was waiting for the fairies to come out and play.



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Russian Salad Dressing RecipeI need a recipe for Russian salad dressing. I can no longer find it in the store.


child doll in white satin dress

Identifying a Porcelain DollThe doll does not say anything on it, but is about 15 inches tall. I am trying to find out who it is by and other information on it. I am trying to sell my dolls and to do that I need this information.


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ASPCA Mobile Vaccination Truck ScheduleWhen will the ASPCA be in Brooklyn 11236 Canaries Pier? I would like to find the date and time.


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Dog Pees on Its BedI have a tow year old Fox Terrier. She has this habit of often peeing on her bed. I have tried everything, but can't find any solution. Her potty training is finished, but as soon as I replace her bed sheets, she has to pee on it.


doll wearing a red evening gown

Identifying a Porcelain DollIt does not say anything on it, but is about 14 inches tall and has movable arm joints. I am trying to sell my dolls and to do that I need this information.


blond haired doll in blue dress

Identifying a Porcelain DollOn the back of the doll's neck it says 561 P. The doll is about 13 to 14 inches tall and the picture below is what it looks like. I plan on selling these dolls and await an answer about it.


Porcelain  doll from the Knightsbridge collection call COLLEEN

Value of Knightsbridge Porcelain DollI would like to sell my handpainted porcelain doll. It is a wind up and plays a song. It is from the Knightsbridge collection and is called Colleen. I would like to know how much she is worth. I've tried to do some research on her and cannot find anything.


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Meaning of Paxton Knitting Pattern AbbreviationsWhat does Sm Pr and Pr/NB mean? I have these abbreviations in a pattern I have. It is an American pattern for a premature/new born baby jacket, the design is called Paxton.


doll wearing dress with green top and three layered skirt

Identifying a Porcelain DollOn the doll it says 1813/2280 Limited Edition. It is about 15 inches tall. I am trying to find out who it is by and other information on it. I am trying to sell my dolls and to do that I need this information.


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