October 24, 2016

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Curtains on a metal curtain rod.

Putting Curtains on a Curtain RodThis is a page about putting curtains on a curtain rod. Securing the ends of the curtains on the rod can make it easier to hang.


Flour, milk, eggs, butter, rolling pin and whisk on a counter top.

What Is Bisquick?This is a page about "What is Bisquick?". Bisquick is a ready made convenience mix that can be used for baking, making pancakes, and more.


Mother cat carrying a kitten in her mouth walking outside

Mother Cat Bringing Kittens to Owner?This is a page about mother cat bringing kittens to owner. Cats will sometimes bring their kittens to their owner, perhaps to introduce the kittens to the rest of her family.


Dog steps next to vehicle.

Making Steps for Your DogThis is a page about making steps for your dog. Providing your dog with steps to get into a tall car helps save your back and is also very helpful for older or injured dogs.


Red dress crocheted pin.

Making a Crocheted Red Dress PinThis is a page about making a crocheted red dress pin. Make this crochet red dress pattern, to display your support for Women's Heart Health month in February.


Terra cotta bunny candy dish.

Making a Clay Pot Easter Bunny Candy DishThis cute little clay pot bunny will look great as part of your Easter decor and the candy only sweetens his appeal. This is a page about making a clay pot Easter bunny candy dish.


Washer Not Spinning

Kenmore Washer Not SpinningIt is frustrating to be left with a wet load of laundry when your washer won't go into the spin cycle. This is a page about Kenmore washer not spinning.


Pizza pan owl with welcome sign attached.

Making a Recycled Pizza Pan OwlThis is a page about making a recycled pizza pan owl. You can create a cute, decorative owl from a pizza pan and other easy to find items.


Mini succulent garden in glass terrarium

Decorating With NatureThis is a page about decorating with nature. You can find many beautiful and useful items in nature to use in your home decor projects.


A line of classic #2 yellow pencils.

Decorating PencilsThis is a page about decorating pencils. A great kids' craft for an upcoming holiday or any time is to decorate pencils.


A hand stained with red food coloring

Removing Food Coloring from Your HandsThis is a page about removing food coloring from your hands. If you use food coloring when cooking or for crafts you have probably gotten your hands stained.


A handbag with makeup inside.

Cleaning Makeup Stains from Inside a Coach PurseThis is a page about cleaning makeup stains from inside a Coach purse. Makeup can be a tough stain to remove, perhaps even more so if it is on the lining of your purse.


5 Terra Cotta Pots in a row.

Buying Clay Pots for Crafts?This is a page about buying clay pots for crafts. If you use a lot of clay pots to make your craft items, you may want to shop around to get a good price.


3 Sharpie Markers with a pen line.

Removing Sharpie on Kitchen Counters?This is a page about removing Sharpie on kitchen counters. Sharpie permanent marker can accidentally get on your countertops.


Full length curtains over a sliding glass door.

Hanging Curtains Over a Sliding Glass DoorThis is a page about hanging curtains over a sliding glass door. Despite their extra width, it is an easy task to hang curtains over your sliding glass door.


An old cemetery with headstones.

Cemetery and Graveyard PhotosThis page contains cemetery and gravestone photos. Cemeteries and their art, sculptures, gravestones, and landscaping offer excellent photographic opportunities.


Pancake mix in mixing bowl

Substitute for Bisquick?This is a page about substitute for Bisquick. When a recipe calls for Bisquick you can make a substitute, if you have none on the shelf.


A bunch of blooming cineraria flowers.

Growing CinerariaThis is a page about growing cineraria. Cineraria is a genus of flowering plants many of which are native to south Africa. There are a number of plants in the genus, some perennials and others best grown as annuals.


A woman smelling laundry.

Removing Sulfur Odors from Laundry?This is a page about removing a sulfur odor from clothing. Some household water sources can smell like sulfur, likewise certain cleaning products also have a sulfur smell. This odor can transfer to your laundry and be difficult to remove.


Colorful plastic bags on a white background.

Eliminating Static in Plastic Bags Used for Plarn?This is a page about eliminating static in plastic bags used for plarn. When crocheting with this thin plastic, you need to control the static.


spinach stalks

Eating Spinach StalksIf properly prepared, even the stalks of spinach can be a delicious side dish. This is a page about eating spinach stalks.


Decorative plate hanging on an orange wall.

Hanging Plates on a Wall?This is a page about hanging plates on a wall. Some people collect decorative, seasonal, or commemorative plates or wish to hang antique ones on their wall.


Two chickens in the backyard garden.

Salmonella Concerns with Backyard ChickensThis is a page about salmonella concerns with backyard chickens. Salmonella is not just an issue with commercially raised chickens.


An ornament of a Christmas Dog

Making Christmas Dog OrnamentsThis is a page about making Christmas dog ornaments. This cute dog ornament would be fun to make with your children or grandchildren.


Plastic Deli Platter with lid.

Uses for Plastic Deli Platters?This is a page about uses for plastic deli platters. Finding creative, useful ways to reuse these plastic platters, can save you money and help the environment by reducing trash.


Halloween Tongue Sausage

Making Halloween Tongue SausagesIf you are looking for a new Halloween appetizer try making these simple sausage snacks. This is a page about making Halloween "tongue" sausages.


Bottom of white curtains without a rod.

Hanging Curtains Without a RodThis is a page about hanging curtains without a rod. There are other creative, even less expensive, ways to hang curtains without using a traditional rod.


Mummy Hot Dogs

Mummy Hot Dog RecipeThis page contains a mummy hot dog recipe. These tasty mummy dogs are perfect as a Halloween snack or for dinner.


California Wildflowers

California Wildflower PhotosThis page contains California wildflower photos. Wildflowers can present as beautiful blankets of color in their native habitats.


Kids working on an art project with adhesive.

Removing Adhesive from ClothesThis is a page about removing adhesive from clothes. Adhesives can be difficult to remove from clothing and may require different approaches depending on the specific type.


Glitter ornament.

Making a Gold Glitter Ball OrnamentThis is a page about making a gold glitter ball ornament. A glittery gold ball ornament is not only easy to make, but will definitely add sparkle to your tree.


A baby wearing white socks.

Making a Baby Sock Coin PurseThis is a page about making a baby sock coin purse. You can use a baby sock as a bag, and add a closure to make a small purse.


A cat enclosed in a cage.

Homemade Cat EnclosureThis is a page about homemade cat enclosure. For a variety of reasons you may need to create an enclosure for your kitty.


A Carpet Of Colchicum (Meadow Saffron)

Growing Colchicum (Meadow Saffron)This is a page about growing colchicum (meadow saffron). These pretty crocus like flowers follow their foliage, and grace your fall garden.


A baby wearing a overly large straw hat.

Buying Child Size Straw Hats?This is a page about buying child size straw hats. Finding child sized straw hats for craft projects or to decorate for special occasions can sometimes be difficult.


Cute yellow teddy face pin.

Making a Crocheted Teddy Bear PinThis is a page about making a crocheted teddy bear pin. This simple crochet pattern can be used to make cute, soft teddy bear faces for pins.



Teriyaki Bat Wings

Teriyaki Bat WingsChicken wings marinated in teriyaki sauce makes a spooky, yet yummy appetizer!


Some coupons cut out of the paper.

Save with Coupons and Store RewardsEveryone likes to save money, especially since a large portion of our earnings go toward bills. There are many ways to cut back and ensure we have a little extra to live off of. Two methods I utilize include couponing and store reward programs.


Using a paint roller to clean ceiling.

Cleaning Popcorn Ceilings the Easy WayMy popcorn ceilings may be old, but I still want them to be clean. They tend to collect dust and spiderwebs over time, and I've finally found a way to get them clean without much effort! Just use a new, thick-knapped paint roller, on an extension pole if possible.


Some Unusual Pets (Chick and Rooster)

Some Unusual PetsMy daughter's "pets" are not typical. She has a dog, but she also has a Shamo chick that was the runt and needed to be raised in her room for proper care. Then there's the one-footed rooster (look closely) who lost his foot in a mishap and even wore a miniature Converse shoe from a key chain for awhile!


Puffy Cotton Ball Ghost

Puffy Cotton Ball GhostWhether you are a parent or teacher, you are constantly on the look-out for activities for the kids to do. Here is a super easy Halloween craft for preschoolers and toddlers. You simply use cotton balls to create a ghost!


A screenshot of Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus ReviewI absolutely love Hulu Plus, it's well worth the $11.99 a month for no commercials. I'm able to watch many of my favorite shows that I loved growing up.


Ziploc bag of ribbon spools handing on a closet rod.

Hanging Craft Supply StorageI have more crafting odds and ends than I know what to do with! I've found a way to store some of them out of the way that works well for me. I use a pants hanger and large Ziploc bags to hang them on a closet rod.


A rubber band over a screwdriver.

Rubber Band for Stripped Screw HeadsEveryone runs in to a stripped screw from time to time, and they can be a real pain! Place a wide rubber band on your screwdriver, stretching it lengthwise from the handle down across the tip. The rubber helps to 'fill in' the screw head and helps the screwdriver stay put without slipping, which also allows more torque!


Chocolate being spread on top of a dessert.

Easy Chocolate Topping For Baked GoodsEasily add a chocolate topping to something you have baked, such as flapjack or a cake, without bothering to melt the chocolate in a separate bowl. Just drop squares of chocolate straight on top while it is fresh out of the oven. It will melt and you can spread it straight away without fuss, mess or waste


Crochet coaster of a cat looking back over its shoulder.

Crochet Peeking Cat Butt CoasterThis was a cute little craft I found for free, but I won't be telling you how to make it. I promised the lady who created the pattern I would share a link to her free pattern. Fair is fair. When you make it, its fun and fast. It took me less than an hour.



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Removing Rotten Meat Smell from Freezer?We came home to the freezer off after being gone for 12 days. The meat was rotten and everything else ruined. I have cleaned the freezer and removed the bottom tray. Everything has been washed with vinegar, bleach, and baking soda. The smell is better, but still there. What else can I do?


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Treating a Dog's Skin Condition?One of my two Cavaliers has had a skin problem for nearly 12 months. His skin is pretty much covered in wax like lesions which I scrape off the best I can. I bathe him in a mixture of coconut oil, neem oil, some Dawn, and then the rest is water. When dry I then spray him with a small amount of almond oil and water.


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Treating a Dog With Bloody Stool?Last Tuesday I gave my puppy her 5 in 1 shot and by Wednesday she could barely move and all she could do was poop and it had blood in it. Now it is 6 days later and I got Parvo Be Gone in mail. Now she eats like a horse, but still her stool is bloody. What is wrong with her?


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Financial Assistance Getting Heating for Low Income Homeowner?My daughter and son in law are low income. Their two children are 6 & 2. They have no source of heat in their home and cannot afford a heating system. The heating system in place is dangerous to use. Is there any agency can help financially to get a heating system for little or no cost before bad weather sets in?


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