October 31, 2016

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A dog with his head out the window of a car.

Removing Saliva from a Car's Exterior?This is a page about removing saliva from a car's exterior. Saliva can leave noticeable spots on your car's exterior, requiring cleaning.


Seashell Wreath

Using the Right Glue for Seashell CraftsThis is a page about using the right glue for seashell crafts. Certain types of glue work best when working on projects involving gluing shells to other objects.


Dishwashing liquid being squeezed onto a sponge.

Uses for Dawn Dish DetergentThis is a page about using Dawn dish detergent. Dawn dish soap is recommended for a wide variety of tasks in addition to cleaning dishes.


Neighbor Cat on a fence

Problems with Neighbors' CatsThis is a page about problems with neighbors' cats. You neighbor's outdoor cats can be quite a problem.


Jack-o'-lantern Table Decorations

Jack-o'-lantern Table DecorationsThis is a page about Jack-o'-lantern table decorations. A favorite decorative motif for Halloween is the Jack-o'-latern.


Finished Halloween Q-Tip Skeleton

Making a Q-Tip SkeletonThis is a simple, fun kids craft to make with your children. This is a page about making a Q-tip skeleton.


A woman eating breakfast in her car.

Breakfast on the Go IdeasThis is a page about breakfast on the go ideas. When time is limited, taking a healthy morning meal with you can give you a good start to the day.


Installing Linoleum

Installing Linoleum?This is a page about installing linoleum. As with any other flooring choice there are specific requirements for installing linoleum properly.


A lotus flower in a pond, with a clear reflection.

Lotus Flower PhotosThis beautiful aquatic flower holds great significance in several major eastern religions. This page contains lotus flower photos.


Baking supplies for making dumplings

Making DumplingsMade throughout the world by many names, dumplings cooked on the top of stew or soup can make a wonderful addition to your meal. This is a page about making dumplings.


Two Chinese cucumbers on a white background.

Growing Chinese CucumbersThis is a page about growing Chinese cucumbers. There are several different varieties of cucumbers you can choose from to grow in your garden.


A pink stained shirt.

Bleach Has Made My Clothing Pink?This is a page about bleach has made my clothing pink. Bleach can have unexpected results when used on colored clothing.


Potato Soup

Freezing Potato Soup?Save your leftover potato soup for another day by freezing it. This is a page about freezing potato soup.


Photos displayed on a board.

Making a Crafts Project BoardOrganizing your upcoming and in process craft projects can be made simpler with a project board. This is a page about making a crafts project board.


Piggy bank with glasses looking at a calculator.

Frugal Business AdviceThis page contains frugal business advice. All kinds of businesses can save by creating and printing their own promotional materials.


Identifying a Carved Wood Mask

Identifying a Carved Wood Mask?This is a page about identifying a carved wood mask. Pieces of artwork that we acquire at yard sales, receive as gifts, etc. are often unmarked as to maker or origin.


Tuna Can Pin Cushion

Making a Recycled Tin Can Pin CushionThis is a page about making a recycled tin can pin cushion. A decorated tin can is a good start to making a unique pin cushion.


A sewing machine with material for a comforter.

Making a Comforter?This is a page about making a comforter. Puffy comforters are very cozy for cold nights. Buying one is an option although sometimes an expensive one.


Water at Lola Valley Park, OR.

Lola Valley Park PhotosThis page contains Lola Valley Park photos. You can take home beautiful images to remind you of a wonderful day in a favorite place.


Stuffed Chicken Adobo

Stuffed Chicken Adobo RecipeAdobo is a popular seasoning for meat chunks in the Philippines. This recipe uses the whole chicken. This is a page about stuffed chicken adobo.



A black cat made with paper plates.

Paper Plate Black CatHere's a cute kids' craft that uses paper plates and paint to make these spooky cats. Learn how to make them in this short video.


A Jack-o'-Lantern made from a paper plate.

Paper Plate Jack-O'-LanternHere is a cute Halloween craft using paper plates and hand tracings. Learn how to make it in this short video.


An artificial microphone for a Halloween costume.

Making a Pop Star MicrophoneHere is a costume microphone for your budding pop star. Learn how to make it in this short video.


Paper Plate Candy Corn Garland

Paper Plate Candy Corn GarlandHere is a cute idea for making a candy corn garland using paper plates. Learn how to make it in this short video.


Pouring the caramel flavored Jello into apples.

Caramel Apple Jello ShotsHere is a perfect adult treat for cool autumn nights, Jello shots flavored with caramel apple. Learn how to make them in this short video.



Avasun lying on a plastic lawn chair.

Avasun (Australian Shepherd and Terrier)I got her from a rescue shelter near my home when she was 8 weeks old. She likes to run, run, and run. She loves to play, swim, and go hiking in the woods.


arrangement in vase

Autumn Arrangement in Twig Wrapped JarIf you are fortunate to have a tree lined or wooded area in your vicinity, then on the next bright autumn day that you come across, take a walk of gratitude and collect some twigs, preferably straight ones. When you get home you can then make this lovely autumn vase and fill it with beautiful things


hands holding flower

Tissue Paper Flower DecorationDo you know that you can make flowers out of tissue paper without doing complicated folds? In this project I used a cheap toilet paper roll, but I suggest you choose the thicker type of tissue paper and it would look prettier if mixed with different colors.


examples of green, white, and red rows

Unique Ripple Stitch Crochet AfghanThis project would need some time to finish before the holidays. So, this is a "prelude" to the finished afghan. If you wanted to make this for someone, you would need more time than I do right now so this is "before" and I will post the "after" when it's done.


rooster looking through window at kittens

Phoenix Enjoys Watching Our KittensWe have our rooster Phoenix where he can see everything that goes on in the house. He loves to watch the kittens, when we have them. He stares at them, and I wonder what he is thinking. ;)


window hanging

Preserving Fallen LeavesI love collecting fallen leaves in the autumn. I love all the colors and the crisp feel when you walk through them. Here is one way to preserve them to enjoy.


finished pumpkin

Ring Pumpkin Using Plastic CanvasBy using strips of plastic canvas and wrapping them with yarn, you can make this unique pumpkin, too!


Logo for ThriftyFun Tips

Saving on Makeup and Skin CareFrench women are known for taking great care of their skin by drinking plenty of water, eating their vegetables, and incorporating healthy movement into their daily life, not by wearing gobs of makeup. Cultivate an inner glow by taking care of your health.


Children's Art Frame Ornament

Children's Art Frame OrnamentChildren like to make things, and I like to keep them and turn them into art which I can hang around the house. To that end, I keep the plastic packaging from other items I buy and use them for projects such as this.


Hanging potatoes in pantyhose.

Nylon Potato KeeperBorrowed technology, that's what it is, People, borrowed technology. I got this idea from our ever clever fellow member, Miz Toosa (Attosa). She posted a great tip on keeping onions lots longer by hanging them in nylons.



curtains with bees

Bedding to Coordinate with Curtains?I am about to purchase expensive silk sheer curtain panels. Their are a rust copper color, embroidered with gold whimsical bees. I just adore this curtain and must make it floor to ceiling for a lofty look and feel, also to cover up the ugly blinds on the window and patio door.


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Washing Machine Won't Run Wash Cycle?My Roper top load washer is non responsive, it is full of water and goes to lid lock light. I checked the lid switch and it seems in working order, but it's also leaking water from the bottom somewhere.


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15th Birthday Ideas?My birthday is in 6 days and I don't know what to do for it. I'm turning 15.


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Tiny Black Flying Bugs in Dry Food Goods?I cannot find them on any web-site. They have been found in pasta, cereal, pancake and Bisquik batter, but not in or around the flour which they possibly could get into also. They are in all rooms, the basement included. We have even found them in Hidden Valley powdered seasoning mix.


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Sewing Machine Running Without Using Foot Pedal?I have a Janome Combi DX Model 502. While using my machine it suddenly started to run on one speed only - very fast - and I cannot control it with the pedal. In fact pressing or not pressing the pedal makes no difference. The only way I can use it is to switch it on and off on the switch on the side.


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17th Birthday Ideas?I'm turning 17 on November 4th and I have no idea what to do. I don't have a lot of money and can only afford something cheap.


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Removing Sharpie from Skin?What do I do after I take the Sharpie off of my face? Right now it burns a little. I'm not sure what to do, but it's not unbearable.


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Finding Fabric Donations?My church is planning on making a mock tabernacle and we are in need of fabric. Does anyone know how we can get donated fabric? The colors for a tabernacle are purple, blue, and scarlet. I would love any feedback.


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