January 10, 2017

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Fudge Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches

Fudge Brownie Ice Cream SandwichesA yummy, frozen chocolate dessert for a special occasion. This is a page about fudge brownie ice cream sandwiches.


A black crocheted scarf with pockets.

Making a Crocheted Pocket ScarfThis is a page about making a crocheted pocket scarf. Adding pockets to ends of your scarf will help keep your hands warm.


Bunny Easter basket made from a formula can.

Making a Formula Can Easter BunnySave your formula cans for neat craft projects like this cute Easter bunny. This is a page about making a formula can easter bunny.


Photo of a glass block.

Buying Pre-Drilled Glass BlocksThis is a page about buying pre-drilled glass blocks. Drilling a hole in a glass block can be a lot of work. Buying them pre-drilled can save you lot of time on your cat project.


Desert Inspired Birthday Card - finished card

Making a Desert Inspired Birthday CardSand, twigs, and other bits from nature can be used to create a beautiful desert scene on a handmade card. This is a page about making a desert inspired birthday card.


Medium rare filet mignon steaks.

How Much Do Filet Mignon Steaks Cost?This is a page about how much do filet mignon steaks cost?. Depending on availability, the price of a filet mignon can vary greatly. It will always be more expensive than other cuts but can be worth it when cooked properly.


Easier S'mores

Making Two Ingredient S'moresWhen you use chocolate covered graham crackers or cookies, you won't need to buy the chocolate bars to still have delicious s'mores. This is a page about making two ingredient s'mores.


Homemade funnel cakes with powdered sugar and strawberries on top.

Making Funnel Cakes With Pancake Mix?This is a page about making funnel cakes with pancake mix. You don't have to wait for the fair to enjoy delicious funnel cakes at home.


Man in an apron with a bucket of cleaning supplies.

Rates for Cleaning a Home for Sale?This is a page about rates for cleaning a home for sale. Cleaning a home that is for sale can be easier work because it is unoccupied. However, it can often take just as long because more square footage is exposed.


Egg-Free Meringues

Making Egg-Free Meringues (Vegan)When the price of eggs becomes prohibitive, you might want to try this unique substitution for the egg whites. This page contains an egg-free meringues recipes.


Homemade Flubber - plastic storage bowl with pink flubber

Making Homemade FlubberThis is a page about making homemade flubber. Kids will love to play with this easy to make homemade flubber.


Ice Cream Sandwiches - chocolate on cookie sandwich

Maria's Cookies Ice Cream SandwichesThis is a page about Maria's cookies ice cream sandwiches. A quick, inexpensive way to serve ice cream treats with ready made cookies.


Artsy Crochet Flower

Making an Artsy Crochet FlowerThis is a page about making an artsy crochet flower. This simple crochet flower can be used to adorn many future projects.


Lattice Infinity Scarf

Making a Crochet Lattice Infinity ScarfThis is a page about making a crochet lattice infinity scarf. The lattice design of this scarf makes it quite lacy in appearance.


Colorful Children's Birthday Gift Wrap - image of children holding hands

Making Colorful Children's Birthday Gift WrapThis is a page about making colorful children's birthday gift wrap. Using a cute rubber stamp and then coloring in the shapes you can make really nice gift wrapping paper.


A brush full of hair from hair loss.

Thinner Hair After Cutting Off Perm?This is a page about having thinner hair after cutting off perm. Permanent chemicals are strong and can cause changes to your hair texture.


Bottle of Sodium carbonate.

Making Your Own Washing SodaThis is a page about making your own washing soda. If you can't purchase washing soda and you need some, it is easy to make by heating some baking soda in the oven.


Black mold on a bathroom ceiling.

How Do I Remove Black Mold on the Ceiling?This is a page about removing black mold on the ceiling. Black mold can be difficult to get rid of anywhere in the home, but the ceiling can be one of the most challenging.


Boy in deviled egg costume.

Making a Deviled Egg CostumeThis is a page about making a deviled egg costume. This is a cute costume that can be as easy to make as you like. It can be tailored for an adult or child.


S'mores skewer roasting marshmallows in a campfire.

Cleaning S'mores SkewersThis is a page about easier cleaning of s'mores skewers. Burnt on marshmallow can be a challenge to clean. Soaking the skewers overnight in soapy water may make it easier.


A pit bull dog being trained.

Training an Aggressive Pit BullThis is a page about training an aggressive pit bull. Training an aggressive American Staffordshire Terrier can be a challenge but is often worth the effort.


Easter Mobile - finished

Making an Easter MobileThis is a page about making an easter mobile. This fun and easy mobile will brighten your home just in time for Easter.



Rorschach Snowflakes - different design

Rorschach SnowflakesGrowing up, you hear that every snowflake is unique. Whether this is true or not, this craft is perfect for demonstrating that. No matter how many times you do this craft, each flake looks different from the previous one. Kids of all ages have fun creating these symmetric patterns.


A head of garlic with one clove removed.

Garlic For NailsGet a clove of garlic, smash it and wipe over your finger nails or toe nails. Let it stay for 5 minutes before you wash hands and feet. I can guarantee that this is so effective especially to all women who want their nails to grow long.


Indoor Sandbox - child playing with trucks in sandbox

Indoor SandboxThe weather is rainy and cold here. My son was starting to miss the outdoor activities that he loves, like playing in the sandbox. So I decided to bring the sandbox to him!


A three wick candle with one of the wick cut short.

Cut Your Candle Wick for Cleaner BurningCut your candle wick before you relight it. It will not smoke as much. That smoke adheres to walls, making it necessary to paint sooner. The picture shows one wick cut, so you can see the difference.


A pan of bacon on a cookie sheet, ready for the oven.

Cook Bacon in the OvenI am scared of frying bacon. I know, sounds silly, but I have been burnt by popping grease a few times and I am bacon shy. My husband, showed me this trick shortly after we married. This is how he "fries bacon", in the oven.


A bowl of brown sugar.

Brown Sugar as First AidBrown sugar can actually cures wounds and bruises. If you have been lately in an accident, like falling from a bicycles or falling from trees, and you get bruises and wounds, you can immediately apply brown sugar.


An over the door hook with paper towels and hotpads.

Over the Door Hanger Meets Paper Towel HolderI helped a friend move into her first house since a divorce. To say she downsized would be an understatement. Counter space is of a premium to be sure. So, to consolidate two things, I suggested these two options.


A birthday cake with colored marshmallow fondant.

My Very First DIY FondantBefore my son's birthday celebration, he came to me and said he wanted a themed fondant cake. I was planning to bake a cake for him but to make a fondant, I wasn't sure if I could do it. What disheartened me most was when I went out to canvass prices in cake shops, the prices were really out of my budget.


Plastic Food Containers for Seedlings - examples of containers

Plastic Food Containers for SeedlingsMany food containers can be kept and reused as plant pot propagators and drip trays.


A Dyson vacuum cleaner on a staircase.

Do the Math Beyond the Purchase PriceBefore you purchase an item, do your research. Check the consumer ratings, price compare from store to store, and take into consideration what it will cost you over time to use that item. Several times I have paid more upfront for an appliance as it will save me money over time compared to a less expensive version.



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Value of Murphy's Cedar Chest?I have a Murphy cedar chest number 18 with the original price tag hanging in the chest that says $34. I am just wondering what the value of the chest is since I have received it from my grandmother and she said she bought it a very long time ago.


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Donating Fabrics?I have a large box of old, ripped clothes and other fabrics that I would like to donate to someone for a project instead of throwing them away. They have been in the attic, I am in the middle of a move, and I don't have a washer or dryer here, so ideally I would donate them dusty and you could wash them.


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Looking for a Website for Knitters?There is a web site that is for knitters' questions/solutions. Would anyone know it?


What Breed Is My Dog Mixed With? - black Lab looking dog on patio

What Breed Is My Dog Mixed With?What kind of breed of dog do I have? I know he is part Labrador, but what is he mixed with?


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Fabric Dye Ran in the Wash?I washed my daughter's brand new bedroom set. It's Zebra print with white and pink through it in areas. The black dye ran all over it. I didn't notice it so I threw it in the dryer! Then I noticed it and put Resolve on it and rewashed with no luck! How can I get this dye out?


Master Bathroom Decor Ideas - sink area

Master Bathroom Decor Ideas?I want to decorate this bathroom with some kind of neutral or calm colors. The wall paint is called Ponytail which is in the richer beige shades and I'm not allowed to paint other color by landlords. I also have the same color walls in this master bedroom and turquoise/aqua color curtains.


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Value of Josephine Windup Doll?What is the value of #80073 Josephina porcelain windup doll?


Value of Leonardo Collection Sister Francis Doll

Value of Leonardo Collection Sister Francis Doll?I have an immaculate Sister Francis doll with stand, certificate, and box. I just wanted to find out how much it may be worth.


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15th Birthday Ideas?My birthday is tomorrow and my mom wants me to think of ideas for what to do. I don't have any ideas and the things I do like are not cheap. I like to play games and do music and make things on my computer in Photoshop and do youtube.


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Ford Ranger Heater Blowing Cold Air?My 2007 Ford Ranger 4wheel drive V-6 only blows cold air.


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Kitchen Countertop Ideas?I am remodeling and my kitchen/living room will all be open. My walls are rustic pine and my cabinets will be wormy chestnut with an old cast iron sink (white). I am not sure what kind or color of counter tops to use.


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Treating Dog's Dry Peeling Skin?I have three Xolo (Mexican hairless) dogs; two of them, my minis, have recently developed a red rash with dry chapped skin and it's peeling like a sunburn. I've tried coconut oil on them it doesn't seem to help it actually makes one of them look worse.


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Sweet Sixteen Birthday Ideas?I am turning sixteen in the beginning of September. My mom is completely against having a large party, so I am thinking to save up and then approach her about it when I have the money to pay. However, I have no idea what to do for my party.


What Breed Is My Dog?- puppy walking in the grass

What Breed Is My Dog?His coat is thick and soft and black, brown, and white.


Are My Dogs Full Blooded Pit Bulls? - two reddish brown Pits

Are My Dogs Full Blooded Pit Bulls?I'm new here and all I would like to know if my two Pits are Pits indeed?


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Differences Between British Shorthair and Russian Blue?I'd like to ask if there is any method to be sure that a cat is a Russian Blue or a British Shorthair. They look similar, both are lovely cats and I'd like to have a British Shorthair baby. My wife and I like this breed.


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House Training a Puppy?I have a 16 week old Husky. When I take her outside to go to the bathroom she would just go pee. Then I give her a treat. Then when I bring her back inside, after 10 minutes she'll poo on a pee pad or next to it.


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