January 17, 2017

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Wrister Fingerless Gloves

Making Crochet Wrister Fingerless GlovesCrocheted fingerless wrister gloves are handy to have when the temperature drops during the Winter. This is a page about making crochet wrister fingerless gloves.


coffee cup stuck in small bowl or cup

Separating Fiestaware That is Stuck Together?Ice and hot water is usually the best method for separating glass or ceramic dishes. This is a page about separating Fiestaware that is stuck together.


Goldfish Themed Party Ideas

Goldfish Themed Party IdeasAre you looking for a unique kids birthday party ideas? A goldfish themed party is cute and easy throw together. Check out these great ideas for a goldfish themed party.


Easter Chick - Closeup of finished chick made out of an old chenille blanket.

Making an Easter Chick From Chenille BedspreadUse an old chenille bedspread to make this cute chick decoration for Easter. In this page you will learn how to make this recycled Easter craft.


Hand spraying sofa with vinegar.

Using Vinegar as a Natural Odor EliminatorVinegar is a great odor eliminator, not only is it natural and non-toxic but it really works! Learn how to use vinegar as a natural odor eliminator in this page.


Goldfish Shaped Mini Pizzas - single goldfish shaped pizza own a white plate

Making Goldfish Shaped Mini PizzasYour kids are sure to love these cute and yummy goldfish shaped pizzas. This is a page about making goldfish shaped mini pizzas.



My Chihuahua is Not Eating?If your Chihuahua has stopped eating this could be a sign the dog needs veterinary help. This is a page about my chihuahua is not eating.


A dinner plate featuring meatloaf.

Slow Cooker Meat Loaf RecipeHave this classic meal hot and ready to enjoy when you get home from work by making it a crockpot. This is a page about slow cooker meat loaf recipe.


Baking Soda and Citrus Foaming Cleaner - cleaner on burner

Baking Soda and Citrus Foaming CleanerThis natural foaming cleaner works great as a stove top cleaner, hard water stain remover and as a general heavy duty cleaner. Learn how to make this homemade baking soda and citrus foaming cleaner in this page.


bottles of cleaners

Warning About Mixing Vinegar and Bleach?Warning: Mixing vinegar and bleach creates chlorine gas. The two together make a stronger cleaning solution but can be very hazardous to your health. Don't mix vinegar and bleach.


A dog eating from a dog bowl.

Dry Dog Food RecipeThe best dry dog food is homemade. Ensure that your dog is eating high quality ingredients by learning how to make your own dog food. Check out these healthy dry dog food recipes in this page.


Hands wearing red fingerless knit  gloves knitting a scarf.

Frugal Homemade Gift IdeasDIY gifts are the best gifts when you are trying to be frugal. Check out these great frugal homemade gift ideas.


Vegetable meatloaf cut into slices surrounded by greens.

Vegetable Meatloaf RecipeMake a healthy meatloaf by adding vegetables. Your family will love how delicious and moist veggie meatloaf is. Get vegetable meatloaf recipes in this page.


Boxer Dog

My Boxer is Not Eating?If your boxer is not eating it could be a the sign of a serious issue that requires veterinary help. This is a page about my boxer is not eating.


blue fabric covered cap in shape of bonnet

Making a Recycle Easter Bonnet CapA fun, little, inexpensive project for a pin or magnet san Easter bonnet made from a bottle cap. This is a page about making a recycle Easter bonnet cap.


Mini Meatloaf - eating a mini meat loaf

Bacon Wrapped Mini Meatloaf RecipeThe best meatloaf is wrapped in bacon! This bacon wrapped mini meatloaf recipe is delicious and is the perfect dish to take to any party.


Painted laminate countertop.

New Countertops for Less Than $100You can refurbish your laminate countertops for under $100. Learn how to get new countertops in this page.


Lemon Cream Cake

Lemon Cream Cake RecipeA lemon cream cake is a yummy dessert that your whole family will love. This page contains lemon cream cake recipe.


Goldfish Party Treat Bags - aqua gift bags with orange goldfish cutouts and ribbon as decorations

Making Goldfish Party Treat BagsThese goldfish party favor bags are perfect for any underwater or beach themed birthday party. Learn how to make these goldfish party treat bags in this page.


White and Brown Pit Bull Laying down with head up.

My Pit Bull is Not Eating?The reasons a dog won't eat may be due to stress, sickness or blocked intestines. When your Pit Bull isn't eating it is important to find the cause immediately.


pots stuck together

Separating Pots That Are Stuck TogetherThere is nothing more frustrating than trying to separate pots that are stuck together before being able to cook. Check out these tips and tricks for Separating Pots That Are Stuck Together.



Reuse Vinegar for Cleaning Jobs - cup of vinegar and water in the dirty microwave

Reuse Vinegar for Cleaning JobsVinegar is a great cleaning tool. I buy it by the gallon for cleaning all over the house. However, I use it most often in the kitchen. Depending on how you use the vinegar, you can sometimes reuse the same vinegar. Here is an example of what I did today.


mayonnaise in bowl

Classic MayonnaiseYou can make your own mayonnaise with simple ingredients from the pantry! I recommend using a hand mixer when you first learn to make this recipe. Once you get a feel for how to create the right consistency, follow the same steps using a blender to save time. Good, homemade mayonnaise lasts at least a week in the refrigerator. Substitute it in any recipe that calls for its store-bought counterpart for enhanced flavor!


Pre-thread Your Needles - spool of black thread with a rethreaded needle stuck in the thread

Pre-thread Your NeedlesMake your next mending project a little faster by pre-threading your needles. I have needles already threaded in all the colors I use. I have two or three needles threaded for each of the most popular colors, like black. At the end of a mending job I make sure my needles are threaded for any future job.


Chewbacca (Yorkie) - wearing a sheep ears hat and a gray and white sweater

Chewbacca (Yorkie)My daughters gave him to me as a birthday gift. He likes to model and he loves when you buy new clothes for him.


A sponge stored in the handle of a bottle of cleaner.

Keeping Your Dirty Work Sponge HandyI have two baggies under my sink. One is for the sponges (with the scrubby side), marked for veggies. Another is for the "dirty work" sponges. Lately, I have accumulated too many of them and they have begun to smell.


My Faithful Begonias - wax begonia

My Faithful BegoniasI grow a lot of begonias. To save money, each fall I bring some in to root cuttings. I'm behind this year. You can see in the picture what an unseasonable 3 degrees did to my plants. Guess I'll have to fork over much dollars for new plants come spring.


A bucket of soapy water.

Use Excess Shampoo to Wash Your CarIf you think you don't have a budget yet to buy a car shampoo, there's another way to make your car shine without spending too much. You can use shampoo. It would make your car shine and it won't minimize paint to lessen the color.


Logo for ThriftyFun Tips

Relationship Advice for Mothers and Daughters-in-LawIf you have differences, first try to work them out between the two of you. Don't put the son/husband in the middle. Most mother-in-law/daughter-in-law bickering boil down to jealousy of each others time with the son/husband. don't create scenes in front of the family especially the grand kids.


Sturdy Chipboard Bookmarks - tie a ribbon through the top  and your are finished bookmarks

Sturdy Chipboard BookmarksThe idea for these came to me a couple years ago. It was Christmas time, and like many college students, I had no money to buy gifts. What I did have was an old notebook from the end of the semester with a heavy backing. I also had a hole-punch, a few simple craft supplies, and patience!


Cozy Mittens from Sweater - looking down on hand inside mitten

Cozy Mittens from SweaterI love mittens. They have a certain charm about them. I had a few leftover pieces of yarn and a beautiful, yet stained sweater. I decided to make mittens out of the sweater. I made socks too, but didn't have the greatest success with those, so I repurposed them into legwarmers.


Before Winter Settled In - owl on roof peak

Before Winter Settled InWe had a visitor in the month of November! A beautiful owl who epitomizes humanity's love-hate relationship with nature. You see, he perched every evening on the roof to wake up, and as all birds do, had to do his business. Luckily it never hit the car!


A counter filled with pickle jars with beans, rice or other dry goods stored in them.

Pickle Jars as CanistersI wanted clear glass canisters and found them rather pricey as I try to avoid plastics. As I was emptying a pickle jar, it dawned on me that would be the perfect canister. I have now put three to work, and will use more as we eat more pickles. Since they are clear, I can see how much we have left.


Buildings in Boston.

A Scenic Trip to Historic BostonI Would like to take you viewers on a photo trip through beautiful Historical Boston! You will love it! We visited many different historic sites and beautiful gardens and commons. I was born and raised in Boston, but not my friend.


Use Your Own Pen to Stay Healthy - photo of plastic bag with pens and other items kept in handbag in background

Use Your Own Pen to Stay HealthyA wonderful tip was posted about not picking up reading material in a doctor's office to avoid germs. Reader's Digest suggested always using your own pen. Pens have so many germs, and you can really cut down on catching colds and the flu by avoiding pens that other people have used. I always have a few in my purse.


Curing Winter Blahs - Maple tree budding

Curing Winter BlahsFor we keepers of the Earth, a sure fire way to help alleviate the winter blahs is to witness little noticed signs that tell us we will indeed experience the annual miracle called spring, once more. Those signs instill profound hope.


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Plastic Lids as Paint Palettes and Crafting SurfacesI like to reuse plastic lids as paint palettes, and even as crafting surfaces. By "crafting surfaces", I mean things like: resting/drying spot for newly painted small objects, or a "palette" for small amount of craft glue or Mod Podge, and so on. The lids are easy to clean.



Is My Dog a Full Blooded Pit Bull? - brown splotched white dog

Is My Dog a Full Blooded Pit Bull?This lady sold me this dog. I've seen the mommy, but not the daddy. Everyone tells me he looks like a real Pit, but I don't really know. Maybe you can help me out. He's 7 months and the one at the bottom is the mother and the other is of his siblings.


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Removing Blue Fabric Dye from White Jeans?I washed a pair of white jeans in the washer, after I had just washed a new navy blue load of pants, and the white pair came out light blue. I'm currently trying RIT color remover in hot water. How long should I soak it?


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Washing a Dry Clean Only Coat?Can you wash a 100% cotton coat which has 100% polyester padding, 100% acrylic fur, 100% polyester fur (edge of collar and edge of detachable hood and outer sleeves which are 100% viscose Pu coated?


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Needle on Sewing Machine Won't Move?I have tried two controls for my favorite machine. The bobbin wound fine, no problem at all, but not the needle won't move. What could be wrong? Thanks for any help you can give me. The nearest repair store is 50 miles away.


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Business Name for Home Decor Store in India?I'm about to start a home decor store in Nasik, Maharashtra (India). And I'm confused regarding what name to start with. Can you put in your suggestions? I need a clever name that's easy to spell and very catchy for both classes and masses. A shorter name is preferable.


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Becoming a Longshoreman?If someone put 2 stamps on interest card is the person auto disqualified?


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Sunbeam Bread Machine Not Warming Up?My Sunbeam machine doesn't warm up, so it doesn't bake anymore. I used to make french bread with it numerous times. Does anyone know if this is something repairable or will I need to get a new one?


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Cooking Oil on Suede Adidas Flux?I want to know how can I remove cooking oil from my grey Adidas flux? It's looking bad!


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Janome and New Home HD 3000 Sewing Machines?I ordered a Janome HD 3000 sewing machine from Walmart World. They sent me a Janome New Home HD3000. Is it the same machine or is one an older model?


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Free Laptops for Students?I am a single mother with a 6 year old boy. His father passed away 2 years ago and I need a laptop to further my education. I have not been able to find a source. Any advice?


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