January 22, 2017

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playing with shadows 1

Playing With Shadows and Shadow PuppetsThis is a page about playing with shadows and shadow puppets. Create fantastic shapes and stories with a light source and your imagination.


A pile of green beans on a light background.

Feeding Dogs Green BeansAdding green beans to your pet's diet, replacing higher calorie foods or snacks, is healthy and can result in weight loss for dogs that are too heavy. This is a page about feeding dogs green beans.


Christmas gift boxes, pc and coffee cup on wood.

Making Christmas Gifts With Your ComputerOne inexpensive way to create special gifts for friends, family, and co-workers for Christmas is to utilize your computer. There are lots of ideas to pursue, such as bookmarks, stationary, coloring books, and more. This is a page about making Christmas gifts with your computer.


Pom Pom Plant Candy Dish

Making a Pom Pom Plant Candy DishThis is a page about making a pom pom plant candy dish.This cute decoration hides the candy underneath the colorful pom pom.


A dish of crockpot spinach artichoke chicken.

Crockpot Spinach Artichoke Chicken RecipeThis page contains a crockpot spinach artichoke chicken recipe. Make this easy weeknight dinner in advance and let it cook while you are at work.


RE: Painting Counter Tops To Look Like Granite

Painting Counter Tops to Look Like GraniteCreating the look of granite on your countertop using paints can be a real challenge. This is a page about painting counter tops to look like granite.


A pop can box made into a bag organizer.

Use a Soda Can Box to Organize BagsRecycled solutions to organizational issues are often thrifty and creative. This is a page about use a soda can box to organize bags.


Antique Rocking Chair

Finding the Value of a Murphy Rocking Chair?Vintage furniture may have notable value. Finding out this information is useful for restoration plans or future sale. Finding the value of a Murphy rocking chair.


crochet bookmark

Crochet Autumn Leaves BookmarkThis is a page about autumn leaves bookmark. Making a fall themed bookmark is easy with this crochet pattern.


baked muffin on a plate

Pumpkin Spice Ricotta MuffinsThe ricotta cheese is a nice addition to this delicious pumpkin spice muffin recipe. This is a page about pumpkin spice ricotta muffins.


A row of Christmas stocking in red and white.

Cleaning Mold from a Christmas Stocking?Christmas stockings and decorations are often stored in attics, basements, and garages. Sometimes this can result in mold growth. This is a page about cleaning mold from a Christmas stocking.


insert label

Making Snowball Food Label HoldersSimple place card or food label holders for a winter party can be made with styrofoam balls. This is a page about snowball label holders.


mustache with measuring tape

Making a Crochet Mustache AppliqueThis is a page about making a crochet mustache applique. Use these cute mustaches to add personality to any jacket or bag.


A sink full of dirty dishes, including plates and a frying pan.

Removing a Plate Stuck in Frying Pan?Often removing a plate that is stuck in a frying pan can be accomplished by heating the pan up a bit. This is a page about removing a plate stuck in frying pan.


Hunter Green Couch

Paint Color to Coordinate with Hunter Green Furniture?This is a page about paint color to coordinate with hunter green furniture. Picking the right paint tone to complement your furniture will help create a pleasant atmosphere.



Deodorizing a Non-Removable Refrigerator Drip Pan?This is a page about deodorizing a non-removable refrigerator drip pan. When you can't remove and clean the drip pan in a refrigerator, you may need to get creative to remove the scum and goo.


Shiny kitchen countertops.

How to Make Countertops Shine?Are you wondering how to make countertops shine? This page is full of tips and tricks for getting that shine back into your countertops.


A plate of penne with sausage and broccoli.

Sausage and Broccoli Penne RecipeSpicy Italian sausage, broccoli florets, and penne pasta combine to make a delicious main dish, sure to please you and your family or guests. This page contains a sausage and broccoli penne recipe.


young man in costume

Making a Clark Kent (Superman) CostumeThis is a page about making a Clark Kent (Superman) costume. Ideas for creating an incognito costume for the Man of Steel's secret identity.


A woman using a mixer.

Finding Aunt Jemima Easy Coffee Cake Mix?This is a page about finding Aunt Jemima easy coffee cake mix. Some hard to find food mixes are available online or you might find a good substitution.


Easy Crockpot Mashed Potatoes

Slow Cooker Mashed PotatoesAn easy way to have creamy, mashed potatoes ready when you need them, is to cook them in your crockpot. This is a page about slow cooker mashed potatoes.


Sugar Free Cranberry Clementine Relish

Sugar Free Cranberry Clementine Relish RecipeThis page contains sugar free cranberry clementine relish recipes. Make this tart and sweet sauce from fresh cranberries and clementine oranges, perfect for Thanksgiving.


Fingerprint Penguin - two examples of the project

Fingerprint Penguins CraftChildren typically enjoy fingerprint art projects. Similarly, many children are enamored of penguins making this craft a certain success. This is a page about fingerprint penguins craft.


Barbie wearing cloak

Barbie's Crocheted Winter CloakThis is a page about Barbie's crocheted winter cloak. Beautiful doll fashions can be crocheted inexpensively, and make a young girl very happy.


Different colored gel ink pens.

Removing Gel Ink Pen From ClothingThis is a page about removing gel ink pen from clothing. When using gel pens the ink marks can end up on clothes. Oxiclean has been helpful for some in removing the ink.


fish tank bank with orange and purple fish cutouts on front

Making a Fish Tank BankThis is a page about fish tank bank. Your kids will love saving up money to put in they fish tank bank.


A meatloaf made with ground meat, vegetables and egg.

Meat Loaf for DogsMaking a meatloaf for your pet is a good way to incorporate veggies and grains such as oats or brown rice into their diet. This is a page about meat loaf for dogs.


A crocheted medallion bookmark.

Making a Crochet Medallion BookmarkHere is a good pattern for making a quick and easy crochet project, that can help use up scrapes. This is a page about making a crochet medallion bookmark.



A cloudy sunset over the ocean in the Philippines

The Sunset (Philippines)It was a very serene day for me. As I walk by the seashore witnessing the sunset, I remember that God loves me, that he shares his beautiful works with me, and reminds me that tomorrow is another day, another beginning, and a new life.


Cheese treat on plate.

Cheese Lover's TreatI use to make a wicked baked macaroni and cheese, with two kinds of cheese for the macaroni and a third for the topping. On one occasion I baked that and an apple cake based on a carrot cake recipe, that Mama took to a church social. When I picked her up, I asked how the macaroni and cake tasted. She said, "I don't know. It was all gone before I got to taste either".


Jane (US Maine Coon) - black and white cat curled up on a bed

Jane (US Maine Coon)I got her 6 years ago as a rescue. She loves to roam in and out, roll around on the rug, and play with anything she can get her paws on.


Cutting Canned Corned Beef

Cutting Canned Corned BeefDH loves sandwiches made with canned corned beef. Today he used the top of the fridge box for a "cutting board". It doesn't take a sharp knife to cut into a chunk of corned beef so there is no damage to the container or lid.



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Helping a Cat Settle Into a New Home?I've been given a female cat. She is about 9 months old. We will be the third owners for the cat. I am just wandering how long will it take her to settle in.


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Cushion on Papasan Chair Slides Off?The cushion on my Papasan chair won't stop sliding down! I figured out how to keep the actual chair from sliding from the base with zip ties, but now I need to figure out this cushion!


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Truck Heater Not Working Properly?Why is my heater turning on with the truck powered down? Also, when you drive, it turns off and on when it wants to. Only high speed works.


What Is This Houseplant? - tall single stemmed plant with medium green serrated leaves

What Is This Houseplant?I picked this plant up at a yard sale about 6 months ago. It started out at about 4" and is now nearly 2' tall. It is always green and I've learned it does not like the cold.


What Is This Houseplant? - bromeliad looking plant

What Is This Houseplant?Could someone please tell me what plant this is? I was given it by a friend.


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Dog Peeing Inside When Left Alone?My 7 year old dog is left alone while I am at work. He pees all over the house while I am at work. There is nothing physically wrong with him. How can I stop this?


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Repairing Damaged Finish on a Wood Table?The feet of a lazy Susan melted into the finish of the table. Also a mug over heated in the microwave and melted the finish through a mat. How do I repair? I was going to give it a light sanding then apply a coat of satin Varathane.


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Removing Ink from Wood?Any advice on how to remove pen ink from very delicate wood without damaging the wood?


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Preventing Fluff on Towels?I wash my towels and tea towels together. Sometimes the towels on their own, but they are always full of fluff. My washing machine doesn't seem to have a lint filter. I clean my machine after every 100 washes, but it doesn't make a difference. Does anyone have ideas?


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Using Systane Eye Drops on a Dog?My Boston Terrier just got a bunch of dirt blown into her (bulgy) eyes. Is it safe to use Systane gel drops for her?


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Rights and Responsibilities of Unwed Parents?My son and his girlfriend broke up. They have a 3 year old boy. Both of them are active in his life. The mother was recently incarcerated and will be for a while. My son went to get his child from his ex-girlfriend's mother. She told him that she has temporary custody while the child's mother is incarcerated.


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Training a Disrespectful and Sassy Lab?I have a 1 year old yellow Lab, she is extremely hard to train as of now. When I scold her, she barks at me and when I try and discipline her, she runs away wagging her tail and barking at me. She is very disrespectful and disobedient. She steals food off the counters and out of my toddler's hands.


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Village Easy Up Wallpaper Border?I am looking for one roll of Village Easy Up wallpaper border Mosaic #597540.


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Getting Cigarette Smoke Smell Out of a Coach Purse?I ordered a Coach purse from an individual on eBay. It stinks from cigarette smoke! Do you know how I can get this stink out of my purse without having to take it to the cleaners?


What Is This Houseplant? rangy houseplant with multiple stems and draping growth habit

What Is This Houseplant?This plant needs some TLC, but first I need to know what kind of plant it is! It's got sturdy, clustered leaves and seems overall very hardy.


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Dog May Be Allergic to Her Food?Is it possible that my dog has become allergic to her hypoallergenic biscuit she has been on for 6 yrs?


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How is Distemper Transmitted?My mom has a puppy with distemper and my daughter and I have been around him. We are planning on getting a puppy in a few weeks, but now I'm worried that our puppy might get infected. What should we do?


Cleaning Dirty Glazer Work Clothes - orange work jacket with stains

Cleaning Dirty Glazer Work Clothes?Both my sons are glazers (window installers) and they both get this black stuff (suko) on their clothes. This stuff gets everywhere, but when it's dry it's almost rubbery. How can I get it out of their clothes? It looks a lot worse than the pics show.


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