January 27, 2017

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Baking supplies for lemon cookies.

Nabisco Lemon Cooler Cookies RecipesThis page contains Nabisco lemon cooler cookies recipes. The light lemon flavor of these cookies can be nearly duplicated.


Quick Fresh Meatballs - Meatballs serviced with sauce over spaghetti noodles.

Quick Fresh MeatballsBy making very small meatballs you can cook them in your pasta sauce, allowing you to prepare the meal faster. This is a page about quick fresh meatballs.


Ants storing food in dirt.

Do Houseplants Contribute to Ant Problems?This is a page about do houseplants contribute to ant problems? Generally unless you bring ants in with your houseplants or soil, they should not encourage ants to come into your home.


A crocheted tablecloth.

Cleaning Coffee Stains on a Crocheted Tablecloth?Crochet tablecloths can be somewhat delicate. Removing stains, such as coffee, needs to be done with care. This is a page about cleaning coffee stains on a crocheted tablecloth.


Rustic Style Heart

Rustic Style HeartCardboard, fabric scraps, and colored inks get you started on this rustic heart Valentine's Day decoration. This is a page about rustic style heart.


A woman eating an apple.

Healthy Living Tips To Keep Weight OffKeeping weight off is typically more difficult than losing it in the first place. This is a page about healthy living tips to keep weight off.


A purple shirt with white paint spatters.

Removing Paint Stains from Dried ClothingThis is a page about removing paint stains from dried clothing. A surprising solution for dried paint on clothing can be hair spray.


Mother's Day Heart  Cookies

Making Mother's Day CookiesA sweet gift for mom on her special day is a plate of homemade cookies. The kids can help or make this gift themselves. This is a page about making Mother's Day cookies.


Homemade Static Guard - empty spray bottle

Homemade Static GuardStore bought anti-static products can be pricey. This is a page about homemade Static Guard.


A bag of corn kernels.

Using Corn in a Homemade Heat Pack?Homemade heat packs can be filled with various grains. This is a page about using corn in a homemade heat pack.


Indoor Sandbox - child's hand playing with bulldozer

Making an Indoor SandboxDuring the winter and on rainy days your child will enjoy playing in this indoor sandbox. This is a page about making an indoor sandbox.


Three crocheted doilies.

Starch Recipe for Crocheted Items?Certain crochet projects, such as doilies or ornaments, need to be starched to stiffen them upon completion. This is a page about starch recipe for crocheted items.


pudding squares on plate

Jello Pudding Fudge RecipeHere is a unique fudge recipe to try. This is a page about making Jello pudding fudge.


Some ants on a wood floor.

Using Cinnamon to Deter AntsThis is a page about using cinnamon to deter ants. A common spice that can help keep ants from invading your kitchen.


A pie plate being used as a makeshift pot lid.

Makeshift Lids for Pots and PansNot all pots are purchased with a lid and lids sometimes break. Get creative and you can improvise when a lid is needed. This is a page about makeshift lids for pots and pans.


Beautiful intricate crochet doily on a grey wood background.

Storing Crochet DoiliesKeeping your crochet doilies flat and dry are important considerations when storing them. This is a page about storing crochet doilies.


Illustration of Moses and the Burning Bush.

Moses and the Burning Bush Sunday School Projects?Sunday school classes usually include projects based on Bible stories. This is a page about Moses and the burning bush Sunday school projects.


Egg Carton Flowers

Making Egg Carton FlowersThis craft is easy enough for older children to make themselves. These flowers are excellent gifts. This is a page about making egg carton flowers.


Someone looking information up in a reference book.

Grammar Tip: "Than" vs "Then"Certain words seem to frequently be confused and used incorrectly. This is a page about grammar tip: "than" vs "then".


Bugs that have infested a flour jar.

Bugs Appearing in Airtight Flour Jars?When you see bugs in your jars of dry goods in the pantry, generally either the jar is not airtight, or the bugs hatched after your purchase. This is a page about bugs appearing in airtight flour jars.


sailing ship on the ocean painted on paper plate

Making a Paper Plate Treasure Ship SceneThis project is a fun activity for a pirate or ship themed party. This is a page about making a paper plate treasure ship scene.


A dog biting a hot spot on his side.

Using Corn Starch for Dog's Hot SpotsHot spots, or moist eczemas can result from allergies, bites, stress licking, and more. As your pet continues to chew and scratch the irritation progresses. This is a page about using corn starch for dog's hot spots.


Rorschach Snowflakes - different design

Making Rorschach SnowflakesIf you are familiar with the images displayed in a Rorschach test then you can envision these fun to make snowflakes. This is a page about making Rorschach snowflakes.


Decorative Gift Magnets

Making Decorative MagnetsA fun project for the kids or adults in the family is making decorative magnets. They can be used in your home or given as gifts. This is a page about making decorative magnets.



Name Heart Caterpillar - finished caterpillar hanging on the wall

Name Heart CaterpillarWhen I was teaching, I found that the excitement for Valentine's Day was second only to Christmas. This particular craft is very simple, requiring only five items to create. Kids love choosing their own colors and writing their names on their caterpillar.


A mug rack with jewelry displayed on it.

Mug Rack Hanger as Jewelry HolderMug racks are very useful. Not just in my kitchen, I hang it also in my room for my jewelry holder. Since I have been always had a collection of dangling earrings, necklaces, etc., keeping them in a well arranged place is so orderly and neat.


A sock pulled over the top of a boots.

Preventing Slouching Socks in BootsI have a horrible time keeping my socks up inside my boots. The fur lining pulls them down in about six steps and I am constantly pulling them up. So I thought if I pulled them up tight and stretch them over my boots they would stay up better. It definitely worked, problem solved!


Sophie (Tabby Markings) - in the garden

Sophie (Tabby Markings)This is one of the ten cats I owned. She was adopted when she was around 3 months old. Here is Sophie in the garden. She loves being in the garden, by herself.


A changing table being used to organize craft supplies.

Hide and Seek OrganizingI always think out of the box when it comes to creative storage. I purchased a diaper changing table as soon as I saw the top drawer. It's perfect to store my rubber stamps! The drawers underneath will hold all my supplies for card making and memory albums. It is in my living room but no one would suspect what's inside.


Aftershave and cotton swabs for making sachets.

Make Your Own SachetsI make my own sachets. They don't last for months like the old timey ones did. I'll settle for a few weeks. I buy tiny plastic bags from Walmart. I use them for storing seed. I saturate the tips of a couple of swabs with my earthy Aqua Velva and put them into the bags, making sure they're sealed well.


Hair sticking up because of egg whites.

Egg White for Hair GelWhen we buy gel, we never know what chemicals they put on, whether it's safe or friendly to your hair. You can make hair gel at your home without spending a penny on it. A thrifty way to get a safe gel to put on your hair is by using egg whites.



What Breed Is My Dog? - closeup of light brown dob

What Breed Is My Dog?Can anyone tell me what breed my dog is? I was informed he was a Boxer cross, however I am unsure of what he would be crossed with. I believe he may be crossed with a Great Dane. He is 5 years old. I would love to know what he actually is.


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Treating a Puppy with Parvo at Home?I have a two month old Bulldog puppy and we've been battling parvo for about 4 days. Now he's to the point where he's pooping blood and vomiting blood. I've been keeping him plenty hyrdrated and use Pepto for upset stomach. He hasn't had his 9 & 1 shot yet. Can I give it to him while he has parvo?


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Freezing Tomatoes?I have some fresh tomatoes; I want to freeze them. Some I will have for later on sandwiches or to dice in salads. How do I do this without them getting soft?


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Identifying Long Skinny Brown Flying Bugs?I have some brown long skinny flying bugs in my house. They look like fireflies with a bit of orange on their back or wings. I am just starting to see them around this week. I would like to know what they are and how to get rid of them.


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Rights of Person Holding a Power of Attorney?I have a friend whose daughter is in jail. Her daughter owns a home and her girlfriend is staying there off and on. My friend is her daughter's power of attorney and wants to get her daughter's stuff out of the house. Her daughter's friend won't give them the keys or let them in. How do they go about this?


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Assistance After a House Fire?What do you do if someone one burns down your house and you don't have insurance and you have lots of items in it? I live in Cleveland Ohio.


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