March 23, 2017

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vegetables added to broth

Savory Beef StewStew is an easy to prepare dish that is sure to please, especially on a chilly evening. This is a page about savory beef stew.


Locating for a Half Sibling

Locating a Half Sibling?Finding long lost relatives can be a challenge and often requires professional help. This is a page about locating a half sibling.


A bowl of chicken tortilla soup.

Chicken Tortilla Soup RecipesA hearty, Mexican flavored soup that is inexpensive, delicious and easy to prepare. This page contains chicken tortilla soup recipes.


Fabric Covered Tuna Can

Making a Fabric Covered Tuna CanReuse a clean tuna can for change or other small items. Decorate it with fabric for a simple or more elaborate container. This is a page about making a fabric covered tuna can.


A dog being trained with a treat.

Using Dog Treats When TrainingSmall treats can be used effectively when working on training activities with your dog. This is a page about using dog treats when training.


The front of a suburban home.

Low Income Housing Grants or Loans?There are government and private organizations that might be able to help in your search for housing assistance. This is a page about low income housing grants or loans.


A woman breastfeeding her infant son.

Remedies for Sore Cracked Nipples from Breastfeeding?Ensuring that your baby is latching on properly will help prevent sore nipples. To treat them, check with your nurse, doctor or La Leche League for safe products to help them heal. This is a page about remedies for sore cracked nipples from breastfeeding.


Seafood Pasta on a Budget

Seafood Pasta on a BudgetYou may not what to pay the price of many seafood items, but try substituting imitation crab in your next pasta recipe. You will be pleasantly surprised at the flavor, as well as, like the much lower cost. This is a page about seafood pasta on a budget.


A bunch of colorful plastic Easter eggs.

Plastic Easter Egg AnimalsA fun inexpensive craft to make cute animals, and decorate a child's Easter basket. This page is about making plastic Easter egg animals.


A slice of whole wheat bread.

Simple Whole Wheat Bread Machine RecipeMaking fresh, delicious whole grain bread at home can be easily done with the use of a bread machine. This recipe contains lots of healthy ingredients to this like flax seeds, whole oats, raw sugar, extra virgin olive oil. Plus it's considerably cheaper than a "high quality" wheat bread from the store shelves.


Crock in the fridge after meal is cooked.

Slow Cooker Pork Steak and Rice RecipeThere are so many delicious recipes available for use with a slow cooker. This page contains a slow cooker pork steak and rice recipe.


A white stick deodorant with the lid off.

Use Panty Hose to Remove Deodorant Marks From ClothingRubbing the spot with a pair of panty hose can easily help remove deodorant stains and residue from clothing. This is a page about use panty hose to remove deodorant marks from clothing.


Chapped lips wearing lipstick.

Lipstick Causing Chapped Lips?Sometimes it seems like the lip color stick is causing sore and cracked lips, instead of helping them stay moist and supple. This is a page about lipstick causing chapped lips.


Round coasters with heart shaped flower pattern.

Making Victorian CoastersThis is a page about making Victorian coasters. Using vintage art or wallpaper you can create lovely useful coasters for your home or a gift.


fish tic tac toe game

Fisher Of Men Tic Tac ToeThis craft project is perfect for Vacation Bible School as well as parties. This is a page about fisher of men tic tac toe.


A plate of coffee cake with a cup of coffee on a table.

Sourdough Coffee Cake RecipeUse some sour dough to make your next coffee cake for a delicious variation. This page contains a sourdough coffee cake recipe.


nickel silver toned fan

Preventing Dust Build-Up on Ceiling Fans?Ceiling fan blades are notorious for collecting dust. This is a page about preventing dust build-up on ceiling fans.


A pumpkin stuffed with a meat and vegetable stew.

Stuffed Pumpkin RecipeThis is a delicious way to prepare a whole pumpkin, by stuffing with a savory mixture of ground meat, rice, and spices. This page contains a stuffed pumpkin recipe.


Bacon surprise..

Chicken Bacon Surprise RecipeThis page contains chicken bacon surprise recipe. Creamed canned soup can help you create this yummy dish.


Long plaque with different shells.

Making a Shell PlaqueBy mounting shells individually or in groups you can make some lovely plaques to show off your collection or to enhance your beach decor. This is a page about making a shell plaque.


Two pumpkins, ready for baking.

Baking a Pumpkin Whole?A pumpkin can be baked whole prior to using in other recipes or serving as a side. This is a page about baking a pumpkin whole.


A woman receiving dental care.

Does Medicare Have Dental Coverage?There are a few medical needs that Medicare does not cover. Dental is one of those, with most procedures not covered. This is a page about, "Does Medicare have dental coverage?".


Chocolate Cookies

Simple No Bake Chocolate CookiesNo bake cookies are quick to prepare and a good choice for a day too hot to start up the oven. This is a page about simple no bake chocolate cookies.


Value of Bone China - bottom of plate with info

Finding the Value of English Bone ChinaFinding a reputable appraiser is one of the better ways to determine the value of your bone china. This is a page about finding the value of English bone china.


Melted chocolate candy in a pan.

Do Wilton Candy Melts Contain Gluten?Candy manufacturers may make other types of foods that may contaminate otherwise gluten-free products. This page addresses the question do Wilton candy melts contain gluten?


vintage perfume bottle

Making Champagne PerfumeMix champagne and rose water for a unique and lovely fragrance. Make some for yourself and to give as a gift. This is a page about making champagne perfume.


Reindeer and Lion Magnents

Making 'Sealed With a Kiss' Felt CrittersSend a sweet kiss to a loved one with these unique fun to make felt critters. Add magnets for hanging. This is a page about making "sealed with a kiss" felt critters.



Mustard Green Soup with Chicken in a bowl.

Mustard Green Soup with ChickenThis is a healthy and delicious staple soup in our household and I wanted to share it with you all.


Soda Jello in bowl with whipped topping.

Soda JelloHere is a way to make a refreshing Jell-O using any flavored soda.


Chicken and Rice Porridge in bowl.

Chicken and Rice Porridge (Congee)Chicken and rice porridge, also known as "congee" is a popular staple in Asian culture. Perfect for breakfast, cold days or when you are under the weather.



Egg Carton Pre-K Math - sequencing

Egg Carton Pre-K MathThere are so many ways to utilize an egg carton when teaching math. Pre-k math concepts included in this post are: 1-to-1 correspondence, patterns, counting, and sorting by color and size. There are variations of every activity, as well as different concepts you could do for other grade levels.


Easter Egg Sound Matching Activity - fill eggs with different items

Easter Egg Sound Matching ActivityGames and activities that created noise were always very popular in my pre-k classroom. One of their favorites during Easter was this sound matching game, which is best played with 2-3 kids.


Candle Birthday Card - finished card

Candle Birthday CardNo-one would fail to be impressed by this hand made birthday card. It is surprisingly easy to make using fancy sticking tape for the candles.


Upcycling A Stocking As Bird Feeder - suet balls in an old stocking with bird

Upcycling A Stocking As Bird FeederI purchased some fat balls for the birds, but I didn't have a metal bird feeder. So I upcycled an old fishnet stocking into one. The fat balls were stacked in a clean old stocking and knotted then tied to a piece of elastic around the drain pipe.



Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

15th Birthday Party Ideas?I am turning 15 on April 1st. I was wondering what I could do for it. It would be on a Saturday. No bowling cause my dad did not book it ahead of time.


Feeding a Skinny German Shepherd - Shepherd puppy

Feeding a Skinny German Shepherd?My German Shepherd looks too thin. He is 6 and a half months old and I feed him three times a day. Can anyone recommend a correct diet chart for him along with what to give him in his diet?


Is My Pit Bull a Mix?

Is My Pit Bull a Mix?Recently I found a dog who happened to be a Pit Bull. I asked a few people who actually breed them and have pageants what kind of dog he is. I was told that he was full Pit Bull, but when I did research I did not see any Pit Bulls with the type of hair he has.


What Kind of Snake Is This? photo of orange and black striped snake on a phone

What Kind of Snake Is This?My parents friend killed this snake in Louisiana and I'm trying to figure out what it is. So far not a single person can tell me exactly what it is. It looks like multiple breeds all in one.


What Breed Is My Dog? - black and white dog on bed with tabby cat

What Breed Is My Dog?I rescued Marshall from a pound. I'm hoping maybe I could get some suggestions on what breed he is.


Identifying a Small Ornament

Identifying a Small Ornament?I found this ornament in my nan's old things.


Selling Porcelain Dolls - doll wearing plaid

Selling Porcelain Dolls?I've got lots of Alberon dolls, too many. I would like to sell them, but I am not sure where to go, etc.


A green ribbed antique vaseline glass.

Identifying Vaseline Glassware?These pieces were bought at a thrift store. I was told it was Vaseline glassware, I would like confirmation.


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Making String Easter Baskets?My string Easter basket is completely dry, but I want it to stand up straight. Can I rub a little bit of water on the bottom to make it soft so that I could make a dent in the bottom or will this mess up my basket.


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Using Fast Acting Yeast in a Bread Machine?Can I use fast acting yeast in my bread maker? If so, how does the recipe change?


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Removing a Dark Water Stain on Dark Wood?How do I remove a dark water stain on dark wood? Toothpaste took off the finish surrounding spot. I am trying to do this quickly and quietly as I'm staying with friends. This is her table I have damaged.


Discontinued Simplicity Pattern #4269 - photo of pattern envelop

Discontinued Simplicity Pattern #4269?Does anyone know where I can get Simplicity pattern 4269? It's a wedding dress/Belle costume. I have seen it on eBay and etsy, but can't find any for sale.


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Cleaning Nicotine Off a Metal and Glass Lamp Shade?My mum has given me a silver coloured metal lamp shade, but unfortunately she is a heavy smoker hence it has stains on it. I don't want to immerse it in water as it would go rusty. Any ideas?


Caring for a Puppy with Parvo  - Catahoula Leopard puppy

Caring for a Puppy with Parvo?I adopted a Catahoula Leopard dog on 3/20/2017. I was told she is almost 3 months old. She seemed very shy and timid when we adopted her and brought her home. She began vomiting and I thought it was because she was nervous or had car sickness. The next day when I took her outside she had bloody diarrhea.


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Dyed Hair Turned Orange?I recently bleached my hair and rinsed it brown. However it came out bright orange. I hate it. Is it possible for me to just use a dark brown dye and get it to a brown color and not orange?


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Cleaning and Lubricating a Janome 5124?I want to learn how to clean and lubricate my Janome Elite Pro 5124 sewing machine. The local sewing center won't let me watch them and says it's too complicated. I can do this; I just need instruction. Is there a resource for written instruction?


Tips of Avocado Tree Branches Turning Black - blackened branches

Tips of Avocado Tree Branches Turning Black?I have 3 avocado trees planted in a cluster outside. When they were first planted one lost nearly all of its leaves. They turned brown and fell off. I applied gypsum and months later it looks to be doing much better with lots of leaf growth. However I'm seeing some shoots/branches turning black.


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Dog Peeing on Bed and Couches?My 9 month old female Dachshund with 1/4th Beagle keeps peeing on our couches! We take her outside often and she goes potty outside, but she's still peeing on the couches. She used to pee on the floor too, but we managed to break her of that somehow. She's even gone in our room and peed on our bed a few times.


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