July 10, 2017

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gold clitter

Removing Glitter From Clothing?If you have a piece of clothing with glitter on it that you don't want, you will need to figure out how to get rid of the glitter. This is a page about removing glitter from clothing.


Finished license front.

How to Make a Kid "Drivers License"Making a drivers license for you child is a fun craft project for you and your kid to work on together. This is a page about how to make a kid "drivers license".


finished rock wall around flower bed

Raised Rock Flower BedsMaking a raised bed edge from various sized stones that you collect can be a thrifty, decorative, and functional garden feature. This is a page about raised rock flower beds.


Girl with gum wrapped around finger

Removing Gum from Skin?If you have gotten gum stuck to your skin, there are several ways to remove it. This is a page about removing gum from skin.


An umbrella breaking in the wind.

Uses for a Broken UmbrellaIf you have a broke umbrella it may still be useful for crafts or decoration. This is a page about uses for a broken umbrella.


Sealing a Damp Concrete Floor to Prevent Stains on Flooring

Sealing Cracks in a Concrete Subfloor?If your concrete subfloor has cracks, it may be necessary to seal those cracks. This is a page about sealing cracks in a concrete subfloor.


Rubber Cement

Gluing Foam RubberGluing foam rubber can be a challenge but with the right adhesive, it is possible. This is a page about gluing foam rubber.


A woman and her dog on a road trip.

Traveling With a DogIf you are traveling, especially if you are gone for several days, it a wonderful experience to bring your dog along. This is a page about traveling with a dog.


A man and his grandchild, counting change on the floor.

What Does Thrifty Living Mean?Learning to live frugally helps to save money a little at a time. This is a page about what does thrifty living mean?


Cleaning Leather Couch

Removing an Iodine Stain from Leather?If you have gotten iodine on leather that may be a difficult stain to remove. This is a page about removing iodine stain from leather.


Close up of the number pad on a computer keyboard.

Keyboard Number Pad Won't Work?If your number keypad has stopped working, the keyboard may just need to be cleaned or it may need to be replaced. This is a page about keyboard number pad won't work.



Vegan 'Ice Cream' Smoothie RecipeVegan ice cream is often made from coconut and is great for smoothies. This is a page about vegan "ice cream" smoothie recipe.


Photo of rising bread dough with a towel draped over it.

Bread Dough Sticking to Towel?If you put a towel over your bread while it is rising, the bread may stick to the towel. This is a page about bread dough sticking to towel.


Newly painted kitchen cabinets.

Painting Kitchen CabinetsIf you kitchen cabinets are old, a coat of paint may help freshen them up and change the look of your kitchen. This is a page about painting kitchen cabinets.


Value of a 1904 Webster's international Dictionary

Value of a 1904 Webster's International Dictionary?Some old rare printings of dictionaries can be valuable. This is a page about value of a 1904 Webster's international dictionary.


Coconut Oil Conditioner - coconut oil

Coconut Oil ConditionerCoconut oil can be used as a hair conditioner to moisturize your hair after washing it. This is a page about coconut oil conditioner.


A 12 year old girl smiling and holding a birthday cake at an outdoor birthday party.

Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas for 12 Year OldsPlanning a party for a 12 year old can be quite a chore, having the party outdoors allows the kids to have plenty of room to run around and play. This is a page about outdoor birthday party ideas for 12 year olds.


Round colorful bath bombs.

Name Ideas for Bath Bomb Business?If you are starting a business selling bath bombs and other bath items, it's important you pick the right name to represent you to the public. This is a page about name ideas for bath bomb business.


Pink peony flowers.

10 Perennials for a Variety of UsesPerennials can be used in numerous ways to keep your yard colorful throughout the year. This is a page about 10 perennials for a variety of uses.


Cherry Berry Pie

Cherry Berry Pie RecipeAdd some berry flavor to the next cherry pie you make. This is a page about cherry berry pie recipe.


An ant crawling a person's skin.

Remedies for the Itch from Ant Bites?If you get bit by ants, the itchy bites may need some attention so you do not scratch them. This is a page about remedies for the itch from ant bites.


Green flarp putty.

Removing Flarp Putty from CarpetIf you have made Flarp putty for your kids to play with, it may end up in the carpet. This is a page about removing Flarp putty from carpet.


Breaded haddock.

Recipes Using HaddockHaddock is a delicious fish you can add to just about any meal. This page contains recipes using haddock.


An orange umbrella in the rain.

Umbrella Tips and TricksUmbrellas are handy to have around if you get caught in a sudden rain storm. This is a page about umbrella tips and tricks.


balls of yarn

Donating Yarn?If you have an excessive amount of yarn, it would be great to donate it to a school, nursing home, or someone that needs it for a special project. This is a page about donating yarn.


Fabric Chicken Doorstop - being used as a doorstop

Door Stop IdeasMany different type of items can be used as doorstop. This is a page about door stop ideas.


Aphids stuck to the tape.

Using Sticky Tape for AphidsSticky tape can be an effective method for capturing many types of insects, including aphids. This is a page about using sticky tape for aphids.


A microwave is smoking from a fire inside.

Smoke Stench in the Microwave and KitchenSome items when placed in a microwave can be highly flammable. Removing the smoke odor after a fire in your microwave can be a difficult task. This is a page about smoke stench in the microwave and kitchen.


Picture of sharpening scissors with aluminum foil.

Sharpen Scissors With Aluminum FoilTrying to sharpening scissors by cutting aluminum foil is not an effective method of sharpening scissors. This is a page about sharpen scissors with aluminum foil.


An illustration of Acai Berry Diet Supplements.

Acai Berry Diet SupplementsAcari berries are loaded with antioxidants and can help with weight loss as well. This is a page about acai berry diet supplements.



Sir Isaac Newton (Grey Tabby) - gray tabby kitten

Sir Isaac Newton (Grey Tabby)I got him from the Humane Society on July 5th. He loves cuddling with me. He's so sweet.


Send Home Leftovers in Recycled Plastic Takeout Containers

Send Home Leftovers in Recycled Plastic Takeout ContainersI always have a supply of the plastic containers delis and Chinese restaurants use. When I have guests over for meals and want to give them a "care package," I don't have to ask them to return the container.


PVC Tunnel Building Project for Toddlers - child's PVC pipe layout

PVC Tunnel Building Project for ToddlersThis is a fun and inexpensive outdoor activity for toddlers who enjoy building/assembling. You can purchase PVC pipes, cut them at your local hardware store for free in assorted sizes and purchase some fittings (like elbows, tees, socket caps, and crosses).


Add Butternut Squash to Frozen Dinners - chunks of squash in pasta meal

Add Butternut Squash to Frozen DinnersButternut squash is one of my favorites. I like to buy the ones you steam in the microwave, since they come in small packages. The other day, I was eating a small dinner, the type that comes in small packages, and I decided to scatter some of the butternut squash on top of the spaghetti.


Shrimp Spring Rolls on plate

Shrimp Spring RollsThis is a quick and easy Americanized twist on shrimp spring rolls that are perfect for a light snack, lunch or as an appetizers. In lieu of shrimp, another quick alternative that I have used was sausage!


Logo for ThriftyFun Tips

Cleaning Red Hair Dye Stains from CountersI dyed my sister's hair red and I had to wash her hair in the kitchen sink so of course I got dye everywhere on our white cabinets, the kitchen sink, and on our counters. I went to this website looking for an answer, but I couldn't find anything that worked so I ended up making my own stuff.


DIY Camping Toilette - tape noodle to top of bucket

DIY Camping ToiletGet a medium sized bucket and a pool noodle. Put a plastic carrying bag inside the bucket. Attach toilette paper on the handle. Then measure the pool noodle around the top of the bucket. Slit the pool noodle and attach around the top of the bucket. Use duct tape to secure the seat.


Upcycled Bubble Snake Maker - long snake of bubbles

Upcycled Bubble Snake MakerBubble snake makers are so fun. My nieces and nephews love them as an alternative to blowing the usual bubbles that blow away and pop. All you need are a few items you have laying around the house.


Masking Tape to Block Shaker Holes - masking tape covering several holes on powdered cleaner top

Masking Tape to Block Shaker HolesUse masking tape to cover at least half the holes of your containers of cleansers, talcum powder, and the like. You will waste far less product.


Use Yard Clippings to Keep Weeds Away - grass clipping as mulch

Use Yard Clippings to Keep Weeds AwayIf you are growing pumpkins, gourds, or squash I'm sure you understand the struggle of having weeds growing up in the vines and not being able to remove them without damaging your plant. Use grass clippings as mulch to keep weeds down without pesticides.


Seedling pots made from phone book pages, in a red basket.

Seedling Pots From Phone Book PagesI was working on my front lawn when I noticed a supplemental telephone directory had been left on my porch. I never use telephone books for their intended purpose, but I could use this one to keep a promise.


Is My Dog a Pure Bred Pit Bull? - tan and white dog on chair

Is My Dog a Pure Bred Pit Bull?Could my doggy be full Pit? I just adopted him just for fun :)


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