July 23, 2017

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A nicely decorated living room with a gray couch and green accents.

Decorating Ideas for a Living RoomYour living room is often the focal point of your home. You want it to convey your sense of taste and be inviting to family and guests. This is a page about decorating ideas for a living room.


A cat in a wood cabinet.

Cat Urine Odor on Wood Cabinets?Removing the odor of cat urine from you wooden cabinets can be done with both home remedies, such as baking soda or vinegar, and a number of commercial products made for this purpose. This is a page about cat urine odor on wood cabinets.


A nicely wrapped gift.

Door Prize Ideas for a Women's Church Function?Choosing door prizes for a church function can be a fun adventure in creativity or shopping to find or make just the right items. This is a page about door prize ideas for a women's church function.


Photo of an orange lily.

Lily PhotosThere are so many varieties of lilies that can be planted in your garden you can often have blooms from spring to fall. This page contains lily photos.


Cauliflower Pancakes

Cauliflower PancakesCauliflower, eggs, cheese, and breadcrumbs combine to make these tasty veggie pancakes. This is a page about cauliflower pancakes.


Pink Canna Lilies

Something Is Eating the Leaves on Canna Lilies?Various garden insects can do damage to the leaves of your plants. Discovering the culprit can help you get rid of them. This is a page about something is eating the leaves on canna lilies.


finished luminary

Craft Stick LuminariesCraft sticks and either decorative paper napkins or wrapping paper can be used to make pretty luminaries to decorate your home or next party. This is a page about craft stick luminaries.


Lubricating a squeaky door hinge.

Cheap Way to Lubricate Squeaky Hinges?Squeaky hinges can be very annoying. There are many inexpensive ways to lose the squeak. This is a page about cheap way to lubricate squeaky hinges.


A childcare provider working with children.

Home Based Childcare Slogan Ideas?Slogans communicate the emphasis or goal of your business. This is a page about home based childcare slogan ideas.


Mashed Cauliflower

Copycat Ruby Tuesday's Mashed CauliflowerTrying to replicate a favorite restaurant dish at home may be difficult, but you might find a variation you like even better. This is a page about copycat Ruby Tuesday's mashed cauliflower.


Flypaper around feeder hanger

Use Flypaper for Keeping Ants Out of Hummingbird FeedersFly paper wrapped around the hanger for your hummingbird feeder is one way to keep pesky ants out of the sweet nectar. This is a page about use flypaper for keeping ants out of hummingbird feeders.


A bride and groom standing next to a white column.

Homemade Columns for a Wedding ReceptionRenting columns for your wedding reception can be quite expensive. This is a page about homemade columns for a wedding reception.


Photo of a rat in a garden.

Getting Rid of Rats in the Garden?Rats are a common pest seen in gardens. They enjoy your flowers and produce as much as you do. This is a page about getting rid of rats in the garden.


A coffee filter with used coffee grounds.

Warning: Don't Reuse Coffee Grounds Day After DayCoffee grounds that are left in the maker day after day and reused can mold can make you ill. This is a page about warning: don't reuse coffee grounds day after day.


Hummingbird at a feeder.

Hummingbird Feeder Nectar RecipeMaking your own hummingbird feeder nectar is quite simple. This page is about hummingbird feeder recipe.


Blue ink stain on a white dress shirt.

Ink on Clothes that Have Been DriedRemoving stains from clothing that has been through the dryer can be much more difficult than if caught when they are fresh. This is a page about ink on clothes that have been dried.


Two profession cleaners.

Name Ideas for Cleaning and Personal Services Business?Combining personal services with your cleaning business is a good business model. Choosing a name to convey this multi-focused service will be important for obtaining new clients. This is a page about name ideas for cleaning and personal services business.



Name Ideas for Home Decorating Business?Choosing a name the will catch the attention of prospective clients is an important step in setting up a new business. This is a page about name ideas for home decorating business.



Chicken Marsala on plate with pasta and beans

Pressure Cooker Chicken MarsalaI love using my Instant Pot pressure cooker. It is so fast and doesn't heat up the kitchen in the summer. This chicken came out juicy and delicious. A sale on chicken and mushrooms this week made it very economical, too.


Baked Pork Tonkatsu on plate with rice

Baked Pork TonkatsuThis is a highly requested meal that is often prepared in our household. Instead of deep frying the pork cutlets, we bake them for a healthier alternative. This is very easy to make and you can make a lot too! Since the common household does not make this many the recipe will display enough for 4 people.



How to Reuse a Plastic Shoe Rack - holding large skeins of yarn

How to Reuse a Plastic Shoe RackI found this in the free zone yesterday. I thought it was cool for other things than shoes, since I own 3 pair!


Button and Bead Knotted Bracelet - - fasten the bracelet using the button

Button and Bead Knotted BraceletYou can make this pretty bracelet easily with just some beads, one button, and a length of cord. Make it in minutes choosing colours to match your outfit or if you have or know any little ones this makes for a fun rainy day project.



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Obtaining a Power of Attorney?My boyfriend is borderline mentally retarded and he does not know how to read or write. He can speak very well. I have a medical power of attorney. I was told since my boyfriend is on probation and it is unsupervised, that I can not go to the court house and fill out the form on his behalf and have him sign it.


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Tomato Plants Don't Have a Lot of Flowers?My tomato plants are not flowering much. What am I doing wrong? I usually have no problem. I planted Big Boy using Osmocote and water as needed plenty of sun.


What Breed Is My Dog? - black and white puppy next to white older dog

What Breed Is My Dog?I live in England and Pit Bulls are banned. I worry my new puppy, 13 weeks old and tall, is looking more and more like a Pit every day. I have 2 young children and he's fine with them, but the word Pit Bull strikes fear into me. I am looking for reassurance of his breed if he is a Pit Bull.


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White Blouse Turned Brown in Wash?I have a white blouse with colored sparkles on it and I sent it to the laundry while I was on a cruise. When it came back the white was a pale brown and the colored sparkles were unaffected. What can I do to return the blouse to white without damaging the sparkles?


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Shih Tzu Is a Picky Eater?I have a two year old Shih Tzu. He's very picky about his food. I was feeding him boiled chicken for a long time, but wanted to give him something healthy so my pet sitter recommended Perro dog food. He was eating at first; I would mix it with some wet food. But now again he has stopped eating it.


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Removing Perfume Odor from a Condo?I recently purchased a condo that has a strong perfume smell. We need to find the source as it is causing nausea. It smells like Febreze or those scents people use in electrical plugs. There are no visible signs. Opening windows and painting the walls does not help.


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Preserving a Lipstick Note on a Mirror?What can I use to make a note written in lipstick on my bathroom mirror permanent?


Finding a Vet That Takes Payments - brown dog lying down

Finding a Vet That Takes Payments?I am looking for a vet to bring my friend to. She is an 11 years old female dog. I also am needing this vet to let me make payments. I live in Canyon County area.


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3-Way Switch Wiring Issue?I recently rewired a 3-way switch because it was not working properly. The problem did not resolve itself. Then I accidentally discovered that the 3-way switch in the hall works perfectly, but only when a different breaker is shut off. Why would this happen?


Identifying a Houseplant - trailing plant with sage green leaves with white or cream specks

Identifying a Houseplant?This plant looks and feels fake, but it's definitely a live plant. It's leaves feel rubbery and felt like. Any ideas what plant this might be?


My Cat Is Losing Her Hair - calico cat

My Cat Is Losing Her Hair?She was born with one eye and a deformed mouth. She only has four teeth so she doesn't eat dry food only the tinned mackerel. My cat is losing the hair around her neck. My wife gave my cat a birth control pill in her water and now she is losing hair around her neck. What can be done?


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Keeping Squirrels Out of Fruit Trees?We have three fruit trees (apple and peach) and we are having issues with squirrels. We have lived in our house for three years and not once have we been able to harvest our fruit because they all get eaten. These fruit trees are old and planted along a fence line and surrounded by larger trees.


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Asking My Mom About Shaving My Legs?So I am 15 and I want to shave my legs, really, really, badly. I have really dark hairy legs. My mum bought me a razor ages ago, but she never said what I can and can't shave. I do my armpits regularly, but I don't do my legs.


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