September 5, 2017

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Homemade Plumping Lip Exfoliator - before and after photo

Homemade Plumping Lip ExfoliatorMake your own lip exfoliator, that also plumps up your lips. Making your own homemade plumping lip exfoliator is easier than you might think.


closeup of mower

Finding the Value of a Great American Reel Mower?Reel mowers can be collectors items if they are rare and in good condition. To find the value of a Great American reel mower, locate other similar mowers and see what kinds of prices they command.


Melted Fudge

Fudge is Too SoftIf you have made fudge that is not setting up, you may be able to fix it. Making fudge that is too soft can be frustrating but there are some options to improve your fudge.


Illustration of a CorningWare style teapot.

Finding a Lid for a CorningWare TeapotA teapot without a lid cannot heat water as fast and isn't as attractive either. If yours is missing, finding a lid for a CorningWare teapot will improve its look, value, and performance.



Bisquick DumplingsUse Bisquick to drop some tasty little dumplings into your next stew or soup. Bisquick dumplings are easy to make and add substance to any soup.


Feathered Halloween Wreath

Black Feathered Halloween WreathMake your home extra spooky with Halloween decorations this year. Make this black feathered Halloween wreath to go on your door to greet trick-or-treaters.


Colorful clothing hanging.

Name Ideas for a Unisex Clothing Line?Finding the right name is an important first step when opening any new business. Here are some name ideas for a unisex clothing line business.


Artificial Tree

Roaches Living in the Base of Artificial Plants?Cockroaches will infest any dark cramped space in your home, even the bottoms of artificial plants. If you have roaches living in the base of artificial plants you will probably need to get rid of the artificial plants.


Stovetop Griddle

Cleaning Dirty Stovetop Griddle?A stovetop griddle can become covered with burnt on food very easily. With a little degreaser and some scrubbing cleaning a dirty stovetop griddle isn't too hard.


A present with a nice bow.

Tying BowsA nice bow is a perfect way to finish decorating a present for a loved one. Use these ideas for tying bows on the next present you wrap.


Use a duster on blinds.

How to Keep Blinds CleanBlinds can be an easy place for dust and dirt to build up. Here are some ideas on how to keep blinds clean in your home.


Gardener's Easter Basket - Easter decorated flower pot with bulbs and two Easter plant pokes

Easter Basket Ideas for a GardenerGardeners love the spring time, so Easter is a perfect time to give them a gift of flower bulbs. Here are some Easter basket ideas for a gardener in your life.


Feather duster.

Cleaning Dust from a Yarn Dog?Anything made of yarn can pick up a lot of dust very easily, a yarn dog is no exception. Cleaning dust from a yarn dog can be difficult, but it is possible.


A turquoise and silver bracelet.

Name Ideas for a Jewelry BusinessIf you are opening a jewelry business, picking the right name is an important step. Here are some great name ideas for a jewelry business.


Hummingbird Vine

Wintering Hummingbird VinesIn some climate zones, hummingbird vines die back during the winter. Here are some ideas about overwintering hummingbird vines.


illustration of a girl with a fire ant bite.

Use Banana Peel as a Fire Ant RemedyFire ants have a nasty painful bite that can be mitigated slightly by rubbing a banana peel on the bite as soon as possible. Use banana peel as a fire ant remedy if you have been bitten by fire ants.


Medifast Liquid Diet

Adding Flavor To Medifast Liquid Diet?The Medifast liquid diet is not the most flavorful of diet options. Adding flavor to a Medifast liquid diet can help make it easier to stick with the Medifast plan.


Refrigerator Ice

Refrigerator Makes Ice But Will Not DispenseAn ice dispenser is a wonderful addition to have on your refrigerator, if it is working properly. If your refrigerator makes ice, but will not dispense it, there may be something blocking it or the refrigerator need to be repaired.


Fixing a Window Mount AC Leaking Inside the House - leak

Window Mount AC Leaking Inside the HouseAir conditioning units have a liquid overflow basin to collect excess moisture. If this leaks into your home, it can be a big mess to clean up. If your window mount AC is leaking inside the house, it is possible to repair it yourself.


A dead cockroach with a cat in the background.

Getting Rid of Roaches Without Harming PetsPesticides that kill cockroaches can be harmful to pets as well. Here are some ideas about getting rid of roaches without harming pets.


A care attendant standing beside a man at an adult care facility.

Title Suggestions for Adult Care Facility Staff?The staff in your adult care facility need good titles that reflect the type of care they provide. Here are some title suggestions for adult care facility staff.


Father's Day Bookmark

Making a Shirt and Tie Bookmark for DadMake a fun Father's Day or other special occasion gift for the special dad in your life. Making a shirt and tie bookmark for dad, is an easy Father's Day craft.


Urban gardening

10 Tips for Urban GardeningLiving in the city can impact how much gardening you can do. Here are 10 tips for urban gardening.


Fabric Corkboard  - front of fabric wrapped board

Fabric Covered CorkboardYou can easily customize your cork board to fit any decor theme by covering the cork board in whatever fabric you choose. A fabric covered corkboard is a perfect place to leave notes for others in the household or to just pin photos and reminders.



Fish Sticks in Mozzarella Blankets on plate

Fish Sticks in Mozzarella BlanketsI was thinking about making shawarma. I am making a twist on the pita bread because I don't have the right ingredients for the whole shawarma recipe. I turned a fish loaf into something interesting.


How to Prepare Ginkgo Nuts - Cooked and shelled Ginkgo nuts.

How to Prepare Ginkgo NutsGinkgo nuts have many health benefits including improving memory, alleviating pains, and helping the nervous system. They also have a unique nutty flavor and texture unlike anything else. They're a super popular snack in Japanese restaurants but are actually very easy to prepare at home.


Jammy Roast Chicken on plate

Jammy Roast ChickenI don't know if other people make chicken like this but I came up with this recipe when I ran out of things to cook with. Smeared with my favorite breakfast jams, I was a bit nervous about how this chicken would come out. Thankfully, it was one of the most delicious sweet and savory roast chickens ever. I hope you try this!


Cake Cookies finished on foil

Cake CookiesLight fluffy cookies that will for sure be loved by all. Easy to make and they do not take very long to bake. Add chocolate chips to make even sweeter.


Leftover Spaghetti Pizza - finished pizza

Leftover Spaghetti PizzaI feel like no matter how much I measure my spaghetti, I always have some left over! This spaghetti turned pizza pie is a great way to make use of your spaghetti and sauce when you've made too much and want something different.


Cream Cheese Sweetheart Cake - Finished Cake

Cream Cheese Sweetheart CakeSweetheart is a type of cake with a cookie-like texture; more like a brownie. It is just a simple cake, but what I like most about it is the white glaze on top.


Artichoke Spread and bread

Artichoke SpreadIn our household, we boil artichoke to drink as tea because it is very healthy for our liver, high in antioxidants, and aids digestion.


Chicken Zoodle-Do finished in pan

Chicken Zoodle-DoTasty chicken with spiralized zucchini and carrot for a quick, healthy meal!



Apricot Miniature Rose - pretty orangish pink and yellow rose

Apricot Miniature RoseMy supermarket had many of these discounted to $1.99. I fell in love with this color and am hoping it will grow into a large bush.


Mourning Dove Chicks - chicks in a fern basket

Mourning Dove ChicksA mourning dove decided to create her nest in one my ferns hanging on my front porch. I got this photo a day before they fledged.


Deadhead Roses for Better Blooms - pink rose and withered bloom

Deadhead Roses for Better BloomsYou should discard, or deadhead, spent blooms on roses so the plant doesn't expend any more energy on them. When you deadhead, the plant will use its energy to make more blooms, and larger blooms.


Popsicle Stick Gazebo and Bench - finished bench and gazebo

Popsicle Stick Gazebo and BenchI made a Popsicle stick gazebo and bench for my girls' Barbies.


Simple Flowers with Paper Vase - finished kids' paper flower and vase project

Simple Flowers with Paper VaseArt, art, art... Who wants art, right? Paper projects are one of my favorite pastimes to work on together with my children. It's a thriftier way of having fun together than buying toys.


A garden rock pond with lots of plants and a small waterfall.

Our PondThis is my pond. My Hubby built it because we live on a hill and I was retiring. He dug it all out by hand. It's very relaxing. Even inside our bedroom, you can hear the waterfall and the bullfrog while you are falling asleep.


A woman in glasses looking up at a lightbulb.

Contest and Bonus ChangesRecently we have been receiving far more submissions than is usual and our editors have had to make some hard choices about which submissions to keep. Because of this, we are announcing some new changes to our photo bonuses and contests. This should allow us to pay for the very best content we receive, while still allowing all our members to have a voice when sharing tips. Here are the changes, effective September 1st.



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Fixing Dye Transfer on a Print Shirt?I have a shirt with a huge print and after going through the laundry, the white parts of the print turned green. Does anyone know how I can remove this and not ruin the print of the shirt?


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Donating Unused Greeting Cards?Where can I send unused cards of all categories? I have many that I have been given when I donate to certain organizations, but I cannot use them all. I would rather give them to anyone who can use them instead of tossing them into the recycle bin.


Vintage White Rotary Electric Sewing Machine - old black sewing machine in a mahogany cabient

Value of a 1927 White Rotary Electric Sewing Machine?Can someone point me in the best direction on how to research the accurate and fair value of this old sewing machine for my mom. As seen in the photos it is in a cabinet.


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?I'm turning 14 in September and I don't know what to do for my birthday. I'm inviting 4 friends and it can't be expensive. I've searched everywhere for ideas, but I don't want to do a "spa night" or anything like that. I want it to be casual.


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Value of a Murphy Rocking Chair?I have a small rocker #5305 from Murphy Chair Co. in Detroit Michigan. I am looking for the value.


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Freelance Graphic Design Business Name Ideas?My name is Mark and I am starting a freelance graphic design business, but I'm horrible at coming up with names. I have though of things like MCGraphics and MRCGraphics which includes the initials of my name.


Value of MCM Mersman Coffee Table  - light wood asymmetrical slightly ovoid coffee table

Value of MCM Mersman Coffee Table?I am looking for the estimated value of a Mersman MCM coffee table model 8180.


Value of a Musical Dynasty Doll - doll wearing a pink period dress

Value of a Musical Dynasty Doll?I would like to know the approximate value of a Musical Dynasty doll. I want to sell it, but have no idea where to start.


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Name Ideas for a Smoothie Business?I'm having problems with a very catchy, but elegant, name for my smoothie business.


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