September 14, 2017

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Crochet Daisy Wreath - wreath hanging

Fabric Wrapped Crocheted Daisy WreathPretty crocheted daisies adorn a fabric wrapped wreath form in this fun home decor project. This is a page about making a fabric wrapped crochet daisy wreath.


canna lily in pot

My Canna Lily Did Not Bloom This Year?Make sure that your canna lilies get enough sun, the right amount of water, and the right kind of fertilizer to produce blooms. This is a page helps solve why canna lilies are not blooming.


Singer Embroidery Sewing Machine

Singer Embroidery Sewing Machine Keeps Freezing Up?Sitting down to work on an embroidery project only to have your machine not stitch is extremely frustrating. This is a page about what to do when a Singer embroidery sewing machine keeps freezing up.


A living room with fancy blinds.

How to Clean Levelor Blinds?Levelor blinds can become quite dusty and dirty over time. Cleaning Levelor blinds can be a bit of a chore, but there are some tricks that can make it easier.


Peach shirt with stains.

How to Remove Dye Transfer on Colored ClothingRemoving any type of stain on colored clothing can be tricky. This is a page about how to a remove dye transfer on colored clothing.


Hollow Book for Hiding Items

Use a Hollow Book for Hiding ItemsCreating a hollowed out space inside a hardcover book is one way to make a hiding place for jewelry or other items. This is a page about how to use a hollow book for hiding items.


A stack of newspaper.

How to Remove Musty Odor from PaperPaper, such as cards and letters, that have been stored for a long time or in a damp place can develop a musty odor. Airing them out, masking the odor with scents, or using newspaper or charcoal in a container with the paper items, are all possible solutions. This is a page about how to remove a musty odor from paper.


Close up of a poinsettia plant.

When Do you Bring a Poinsettia Inside for the Winter?Poinsettia plants can suffer cold damage once temperatures drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a page about, "When do you bring a poinsettia inside for the winter?".


Photo of a well groomed shih tzu dog.

Shih Tzu PhotosThis toy breed is thought to have originated in Tibet. They were bred to serve as companions to Chinese royalty. These loyal and affectionate dogs are a popular pet breed. This page contains Shih Tzu photos.


One Eyed Monster Badge - badge ready to wear once glue is dry

How to Make a Felt One Eyed Monster BadgeFelt is a very easy material to work with even for younger children. This cute badge is a craft project that they can help make or do on their own. This is a page about how to make a felt one eyed monster badge.


Cobalt blue speckled counter.

Painting Walls With Cobalt Blue Countertops?Choosing the best wall paint color to coordinate with or complement cobalt blue countertops can be a challenge and quite fun at the same time. This is a page about painting walls with cobalt blue countertops.


Chips in a white bowl.

How to Refresh Stale Chips and CrackersA short time in the microwave can help make stale chips taste better. This is a page about how to refresh stale chips and crackers.


Terrarium hanging, with a closeup.

Making a Light Bulb TerrariumA hollowed out incandescent light bulb can be used to make a neat miniature terrarium. This is a page about making a light bulb terrarium.


The Long Awaited Wisteria Bloom

Growing Wisteria as a StandardGrowing a vining plant such as wisteria as a standard, means training it to develop a more treelike form. This is a page about growing wisteria as a standard.


Pink Beetroot Lemonade

Beetroot LemonadeThis delicious, pretty, red lemonade is made from grated beets, fresh lemons, agave nectar, and water. Give it a try; you will be pleasantly surprised. This page contains a recipe for beetroot lemonade.


Sewing Machine Needle

Raising Feed Dogs on a Singer 6268 Sewing Machine?Sometimes it can be frustrating trying to find the control for raising the feed dogs on a new sewing machine. This is a page about raising feed dogs on a Singer 6268 sewing machine.



Can I Use Ammonia in My Dishwasher?Although not a typical product to use in the dishwasher, it apparently can be used when you are out of dishwasher detergent. This is a page about, "Can I use ammonia in my dishwasher?".



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Hair Turned Blue After Dyeing?I dyed my hair dark brown today from a dirty blonde and parts of my hair turned blue. How do I fix it?


Value of Mersman 7008 Table

Value of Mersman 7008 Table?What is this Mersman 7008 table worth? I think it needs painting because it is not in the best condition.


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Determining a Housecleaning Charge?I started my cleaning business back up after years and years. I just did a walk through a beautiful huge house all floors are wood and ceramic. They need to be washed on hands and knees. There are four bathrooms, four bedrooms, and a huge kitchen, etc. The house is 3998 square foot.


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Theme and Games for a Birthday Party at a Club?My boyfriend and I are planning to have a birthday party of both of us together. We are planning to have a party in a club, but don't know any theme and games to play. The guests will range in age from 17 to 20 and there are almost 40 people invited. So can you give me some ideas and tips for it?


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4 Month Old Kitten Trying to Nurse on Older Kitten?I have a male kitten that is about 16 weeks old and in the past few days he has began attempting to nurse my female cat. He had never tried this before. Now every time I turn around he is connected to her belly. She is going through a heat, idk if that has triggered something in him or what. She is roughly 8-10 months old.


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Changing Hair Dyed Dark Brown to Blonde?I had my hair silver and then tried lavender. It failed, I got mint green. I put dark purple on to hide the green, but the dark purple kept fading so I went dark brown. My hair has some light shades of brown because I was letting the darkness fade. Do I have to remove the previous colors in order to go light blonde again?


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Cat Losing Hair?Why is my cat losing hair on his butt/genital area?


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Remedies for Cat Losing Hair?My rescue kitty has removed a patch of hair from her tail. It's now extremely pink and looks irritated. Are there any home remedies until I can get her to the vet?


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Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I purchased a new porcelain doll at a thrift shop and when I got it home I saw that it has Kanji writing on the neck. I have no other info with the doll.


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Homecoming Float Theme Ideas?I am looking for a homecoming float theme. We are the Chargers (horse head) and we will play the Blue Jays.


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Name Ideas for Business Selling Chained Rings?I am starting up a small jewelry business selling rings. However I am having difficulty finding a good name. It will only be rings and they will specifically be chained rings which makes it unique from other types of rings.


What Breed Is My Dog?

What Breed Is My Dog?Can someone help me with this pup's breed. He is about 3 months.


Caring for a Dog with Parvo

Caring for a Dog with Parvo?My 9 month Blue Nose Pit has parvo. We are going on day 6 and he was showing improvement, but he's back to not drinking. Any advice?


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Fixing Shaved Sideburns?I stupidly shaved my sideburns because I did not like they way they looked. I now have to shave them on a daily basis as they are back growing very stubbly and leaving a dark mark.


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Social Security and Child Support?I just got told that child support is taking money out my SSI every month for one case, but I have another case. Will that come up and if so will they take money out of my back payment for the two cases?


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Making Oil for a Lampe Berger?How can I make my own oil for my Lampe Berger?


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Getting Rid of Little Black Bugs?I've read all the questions and comments, and my particular odyssey with the little black bugs is that they don't fly, they come in through or by the kitchen sink only, and I don't think the bite. They scurry off as soon as I approach, but I can squash them if I'm quick enough.


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Caring for a Dog with Parvo?I have a 8 month old Blue Heeler mix breed and I took him to the vet yesterday and found out he has parvo. He only seemed to have symptoms the day before. I took him to the vet the next day and they gave him IVs, anti-nausea medicine, and antibiotics. Today he's more energized, wanting to eat and drink.


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Cleaning Business Headline or Slogan Ideas?I just started a new cleaning business. The name of my cleaning business is, Ready to Clean! I would like to know which headline can go with that name.


What Type of Bug Is This?

What Type of Bug Is This?I have found several in my bed, but they are all over my apartment. Some are in the carpet and some are in my bathroom. I moved out of my apartment a couple months ago, but left my furniture there. When I went to get my furniture I found 5 of these on my daughter's bunk bed mattresses, but the apartment is full of them.


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Removing Ballpoint Pen Ink from Paper?Please suggest how to remove ink from a photo album.


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Getting Rid of Weeds in a Rose Garden?How can I get rid of birch weeds in my rose garden without harming the roses? I keep pulling and pulling, but I can not seem to keep up with them at all. They are taking over and I don't want to harm my other plants.


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Can Dogs Become Addicted to Acorns?I read in a magazine today that oak acorns make dogs addicted to them.


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