June 11, 2018

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Two people with paint stains on their jeans.

Removing Dried Paint on ClothingIt's easy to get paint on your clothing, and it can be very difficult to be removed after the paint has dried. This is a page about removing dried paint on clothing.


Stainless steel coffee maker.

Cleaning a Hamilton Beach Coffee MakerOver time, coffee can leave ugly brown stains on your coffee maker, requiring regular thorough cleaning to keep it looking new. This is a page about cleaning a Hamilton Beach coffee maker.


Hands with paint touching a gray shirt.

Removing Latex Paint from ClothingIf you notice wet paint before it dries, it is much easier to remove. If you find it dried, there are some techniques you can use. This is a page about removing latex paint from clothing.


Spraying carpet stain.

Using Hydrogen Peroxide for Carpet StainsHydrogen peroxide is especially good for organic stains and is very gentle on carpet. This is a page about using hydrogen peroxide for carpet stains.



DIY Macrame Plant Hangers - pot hanging

DIY Macrame Plant HangersMacrame plant hangers are very popular and trendy, this is a lovely way to display your potted plant(s). You could make yours for fractions less than what they're selling for. They are perfect to hang outside your home especially if you have limited space. This would also make a nice gift.


Yellow Potato Harvest - colander of small potatoes

Yellow Potato HarvestI won't give you any tips on growing spuds, they're easy as pie. And I should have left them growing in the container til the plants bloomed. But, I have so many things to water, I just get tired sometimes. I will tell you I started them from sprouting taters I got from the grocery store.


Saguaro Blooming - flowers at the top

Saguaro BloomingThis is a picture of our big beautiful saguaro cactus in our front yard. It is blooming and birds come to visit the flowers throughout the day. As big as it is it does not have any holes. It's amazing how huge they can grow and thrive in such hot environments. To have flowers bloom makes them that more fascinating !



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Maytag Maxima XL Washer Displaying Error F08E01?I have replaced the hoses cold and hot, checked inlet valves, cleaned out drain, and cleaned out inside drain hose. I cleared the inside filter and checked the valve inlet hose for holes. The washer still throws error, 25 minutes into the cycle and we have to drain it. What else could it be?


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Collecting Back Child Support?What can I do if my biological father owes child support that he has never paid? I am in my 30s and he is 81. He denied me in the beginning and still does, but I have the original court documents stating he is the father and has to pay a certain amount, as well as the original DNA test.


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Found a Duck or Goose Nest with Eggs?My grandson and I have found what appears to be a duck or a goose nest in my next door neighbor's yard out near the road under a tree in some mulch. There are five eggs in the nest, but we have not seen what it is that laid the eggs. Are there groups that will come to check it out?


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Name for Online Home Decor Business?I need help coming up with a name for my online home decor business. I just can't make up my mind and I can't come up with any.


Finding the Value of Porcelain Dolls - doll wearing a white dress and hat

Finding the Value of Porcelain Dolls?I would like to know what these 2 dolls are worth. The taller one stands 22 inches in height the other is about 18 inches in height.


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Poulan Riding Mower Gear Shift Handle Stuck?I have an older model Poulan 16 horse mower. It has a gear shift handle which will not move at all. I tried to shift it and it's stuck. I took the handle off and lubed it up and it is just as frozen as before.


Repairing the Finish on a Leather Table Top - stain on leather insert

Repairing the Finish on a Leather Table Top?I sat something on a leather table top that removed the finish. Can this be repaired, stripped, and re-stained? The top matches the leather on the drawers.


Value of a Rose Medallion Plate - decorative plate made in Macou

Value of a Rose Medallion Plate?I came across a plate that is a Rose Medallion plate and was wondering the value of it?


Information on a G Armani Eagle - eagle figurine

Information on a G Armani Eagle?Can you tell me which eagle this is and approximately when it was made?


Getting Rid of Spiders - spider on concrete

Getting Rid of Spiders?What kind of spider is this an how can I keep them away?


Value of a Brinn Collectible Doll - doll in fancy

Value of a Brinn Collectible Doll?I have Colorado Belle doll from Brinn's and was wondering if it's worth anything?


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Business Name for Home Care for Adults and Seniors?My name is Ashley Dawson. I'm looking to open my own home care business. I need a little help on a nice catchy name. I would like to include either my first or last name in the business name. Any catchy ideas please help? I thought about Dawson's Dependable Home Care, but I'm still not to certain on that name.


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?I'm turning 14 soon and I have no idea what to do for my birthday. I'm not allowed a party or anything in the house, but it also has to be on a budget any ideas?


Value of a Scott's 5m9 Silent Reel Mower - old mower

Value of a Scott's 5m9 Silent Reel Mower?What's the value of a Scott's 5m9 silent mower?


Identifying a Garden Plant  - fleshy leafed plant cutting

Identifying a Garden Plant?My friend gave me this. She has them in her flower pots and they look the same. Just leafy, no blooms, height, or anything flashy. But they make good accents along with others. Do you know what this plant is?


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No Power from Solenoid to Starter on Bolens Mower?I can't get power to the starter from the solenoid on my Bolens 13.5 hp B&S engine, model #13AM662F765. I have power from the battery to the solenoid.


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - Asian doll

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I bought this porcelain doll at a large antique mall! She is gorgeous, with original clothes and wig. (I added the socks to protect her feet.) She is Asian, with an original vest that leads me to believe she may be Mongolian. There was a boy, who matched her in looks and clothes, but I just bought the girl.


Identifying a Houseplant - stems with long green leaves

Identifying a Houseplant?I received a few plants from a friend, but I don't know the names. They are big and beautiful. They were my friend's grandmother's. She's had them for a very long time! Could anyone be so kind to help me out with the name please?


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Confederate Jasmine Plants Turning Brown?I have jasmine planted in containers on top of my pergola and they are turning brown. What could be issue and will it grow fast in containers?


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Removing a Set In Dry Erase Marker Stain?My 1 year old was playing with dry erase markers and got some all over his t-shirt. My husband didn't pay attention when he did the laundry, so it's gone through the wash and the drier already. Is there anything I can to get it out?


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Roof Repair Assistance for Low Income Homeowner?I am in bankruptcy and have just enough money to pay my bills. I need a roof and windows badly. Where can I find help?


Value of 1940s Murphy Cedar Bedroom Furniture - pieces outside

Value of 1940s Murphy Cedar Bedroom Furniture?I have a tall dresser, long dresser with mirror, and a foot locker all in good condition and would like to get a idea of what they are worth. I have done some research and found the tall dresser and foot locker are around 700 combined, but can't find anything on the long dresser. Any ideas on the value?


Steel Pen Cups Stuck Together - two cups stuck together

Steel Pen Cups Stuck Together?These steel pen stands are stuck in each other. How do I separate them?


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Receiving Medicaid?My fiancée is arriving in California soon and she is currently pregnant. I can not add her on my work insurance since we are not married. I need to get Medicaid for her for now. Does she lose her Medicaid benefit on the day we get married or for how many months can she still use her Medicaid after we got married?


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Removing a Stain on a Terrazzo Shower Floor?I cleaned a terrazzo shower floor that had a copper (blue/free) stain. I used a toilet gel. When I rinsed it off I noticed it has gone black. It's at a Bed & Breakfast that I clean. Any ideas to remove this now? It looks like the cement part that has gone blackish.


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Keeping a Dog Off the Bed?My dog chewed a hole in my favorite fleece blanket. I wondered why. He has a nice bed on the floor, he took over a queen size pillow with a quilted sham to put on his bed. Mostly he thinks my bed is his and licks the soft sheets. He's part Great Dane and goodness knows what else.


Identifying a Tiny Bug - tiny brown bug

Identifying a Tiny Bug?I've seen this bug twice in my room and I'm kinda terrified it's some type of mite. Could someone please tell me what it is?


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Multiple Service Cleaning Business Name Ideas?My husband owns a mobile car detailing service and also as a power pressure for concrete driveways, fences, walls, etc. I just added a house cleaning service under his business name. I would like to find a "catchy" name which focuses on the details, but we specialize in car detailing and house cleaning basically.


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Is the Red Dye in Hummingbird Nectar Safe?I have always made my own sugar water for my hummingbird feeders. But a friend gave me a box of powder called "Instant Nectar" is says "the bright red tone is non-toxic and harmless to hummingbirds", but I have heard that the red is harmful, can any one tell me if this is true?


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Cub Cadet Riding Mower Won't Start?My Cub Cadet won't start. It clicks, but won't turn the motor over. I had the charger on the battery and the same thing happens. Is it possible the motor is seized? I was mowing and it clattered a few times and quit.


Identifying Bugs in Bedroom - brown bug

Identifying Bugs in Bedroom?I have found several bugs like this one in my bedroom recently. They are really really small. Also lately I have had some suspicious itchy bumps in my arms/legs. Could anybody help identify them - are they bed bugs?


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Keeping Homemade Pizza Warm for Office Party?I want to make party rye pizzas for a work lunch. They don't have an oven. Can I bake these and put them in a crockpot for a couple hours until we eat?


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Donating Un-used Greeting Cards?I had a member of my family that worked for a greeting card company and received many cards that were never sold. I now have many cards that I would love to give away. I just don't know who to give them to. Any help would be needed, I get more every few months.


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Daycare Slogan Ideas?Can you help me choose a good slogan for my preschool please? I'm naming it Playdoh Preschool.


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Treating a Rope Burn?I just got a rope burn from my dog's leash this morning. I went home and ran the burn under cold water and put polysporin on it and dressed it with a band-aid. Is it safe to put an icepack on the burn after dressing it?


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John Deere LA 125 Mower Stalls When Put in Gear?My mower does start, but when I engage forward or reverse it stalls out.


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Finding Roof Repair Assistance for a Low Income Homeowner?I am a low income homeowner. I just got a new job and have a salary, but due to my bills have a bad credit. My situation is that I desperately need a new roof in my house and can't effort that.


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Determining Post Construction Cleaning Rates?What is the cost per square foot for post construction cleaning in Wilmington NC?


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Brother Typewriter GX6500 Beeping?My Brother, model GX 6500 electric typewriter powers on. When the machine is turned on it starts beeping, the car is locked, and no key works, but the whistle continues.


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Recipe for Hamburger Relish?Years ago in Florida I used to buy hamburger relish. We all liked it. Now in Georgia we can not find it. It was made of ketchup and pickle relish. I need a recipe, maybe other ingredients too.


Value of a Bradley Porcelain Doll - doll in box

Value of a Bradley Porcelain Doll?I've this for a few years, I bought this at a garage sale from older people. I bought them since they're collectables and porcelain dolls are great for collecting. Any ideas how much is it worth?


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Waiting Time Before Re-dyeing Hair?I used Loreal Preference hair color to dye my black hair to natural brown. The colour did not come on my dark black hair. I want to apply a second layer again to get the brown color. How long should I wait before applying the second coat?


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Value of Thomas Kinkade Print?My parents left me a 18 x 27 offset lithograph on canvas print 15/1250 with a antique gold frame. I have paperwork. The picture is called, Main Street Trolley. I have done some research and see they are still producing it and it sells for $995 plus shipping. I'm thinking I will try Craigslist for $700.


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Removing a Stain on Dry Clean Only Suit?How do I remove a circle ring from a cup on a dry clean only suit?


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GE Washing Machine Won't Drain or Spin?My wife pulled the lid of our GE washing machine while it was still spinning now the machine will fill with water, but it will not spin or drain and the light that indicates that the lid is closed does not come on.


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - doll in sailor suit

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?This doll was given to me. There are no markings or tags and am wondering if this is a modern doll.


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Value of a Thomas Kinkade Print?I would like to know how much my Thomas Kinkade "Conquering the Storm" limited edition print is worth.


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Value of an Ashley Belle Doll?I have an Ashley Belle doll, model number mg641. What is the value?


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Ants Eating Rose Buds?Ants are eating my rose buds, they are literally eating into them with no other damage to rose bush. What do you suggest I do?


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Viability of Duck Eggs Abandoned for Several Hours?We have a duck that has been nesting for 2 weeks. She never stopped sitting on the nest until this morning. I noticed her in our pond. I discovered a snake was eating the eggs. I got the snake out and finally got mom back in after 10 hours. She is sitting on the nest again. Would the eggs have survived 10 hours?


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