August 7, 2018

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Child's hand putting batteries in a red toy.

Cutting Down on Noise from ToysMany battery operated children's toys can be so noisy as to drive the adults to distraction. Try putting some duct tape over the speaker to muffle the sound to a more tolerable level. This is a page about cutting down on noise from toys.


Homemade Math Bingo Game - bingo cards and rolls of pennies

Making a Homemade Math Bingo GameLearning basic arithmetic is often easier for kids in a fun game format. This is a page about making a homemade math bingo game.


Girl in a rain poncho during a flood, using a phone.

Contacting People During EmergenciesDuring an emergency, can bring great peace of mind to yourself and loved ones. This is a page about contacting people during emergencies.


White sewing machine with a piece of blue fabric.

Sewing Machine Wheel Won't Move?If your sewing machine well is stuck and will not move, it may be time to take it in for repair. This is a page about sewing machine wheel won't move.


Hand adjusting horizontal blinds.

Changing the Color of Horizontal Blinds?If you don't like the color of your horizontal blinds, it may be possible to paint them a different color. This is a page about changing the color of horizontal blinds.


Bottle of essential oil on a wood table surrounded by amber.

How to Remove Spilled Fragrance Oil from a Wood Table?Oil can damage the finish or seep into the wood if there is no finish or it is already damaged. You can try cleaning with the appropriate cleaner, but be prepared for having to sand and refinish the table. This is a page about how to remove spilled fragrance oil from a wood table.


Toilet with seat up.

Prevent Rust on Toilet Seat ScrewsToilet seat screws can easily become rusted and difficult to remove. This is a page about prevent rust on toilet seat screws.


layered small jar of advieh

Persian Spice Mix (Advieh)This collection of warm spices is a mixture of cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, cumin and turmeric. It is used in Persian and Middle Eastern cooking. This is a page about making Persian spice mix (Advieh).



How to Make Bookmarks from Greeting CardsGreeting cards are a good craft supply to keep on hand; there are so many uses they can be put to. One easy and fun project is to make bookmarks from them. They make great all around gifts and remembrance gifts.


food arranged in a ring on plate

Reheating Evenly in a Microwave OvenMicrowaves can sometimes heat food unevenly. Use this technique help prevent uneven heating of your food. This is a page about reheating evenly in a microwave oven.


Grey laminate countertop with a sink.

Repairing a Chipped CountertopDepending on the type of material your countertop is made of there are varying ways to repair a chip. For laminate countertops, there is a product called Fix A Chip. Other methods and products can also be used. This is a page about repairing a chipped countertop.


Layered jello in a glass with a cherry on top.

Cherry Gelatin Supreme RecipesCherry Jello has been a favorite for many years. Make this gelatin salad for your next potluck or get-together. This is a page about cherry gelatin supreme.


Cut Salad Greens with Scissors - cutting greens with scissors

Cut Salad Greens with ScissorsCutting salad greens is part of the preparation of many meals. This is a page about cut salad greens with scissors.


Child's outdoor Play Set on grass.

How to Stain a Child's Play Set?After a couple years use, it may be prudent to retain your children play set. This is a page about staining a child's play set.


Garden flowers for sale.

Transplanting Bedding PlantsBedding plants typically include annual or tender perennial flowers and some veggies. Choose healthy plants that are about to bloom and plant them as soon as possible. Plant them in a carefully prepared garden spot and keep well watered until they adjust to their new home.


Someone dyeing their own hair.

Didn't Use Enough Hair Dye?If you don't use enough dye when dyeing your hair, it may be necessary to redo the process. This is a page about what to do if you didn't use enough hair dye.


Leaky carpet shampooer brush on olive green carpet.

Repairing a Leaky Carpet Shampooer?If your carpet shampooer has a leak, you will need to repair it or you will have a mess instead of clean carpets. This is a page about repairing a leaky carpet shampooer.


Businessman with Pinocchio nose pointing at a profit loss chart that is going up.

Investing JokesInvesting naturally has it's ups and downs that can be humors from time to time. This is a page about investing jokes.


Poured Paint Ornaments  - several colors of paint dripped down the inside of the ornament

Making Poured Paint Glass Ornament BallsPlain glass ornaments can be made fabulous with the addition of some paint poured directly inside. This is a page about making poured paint glass ornament balls.


Red t-shirt painted with small daisies.

How to Paint a Red T-shirt?Painting designs on red or dark colored shirts can often require a base coat of a lighter color so the design can pop. This is a page about how to paint a red t-shirt.


Picking an apple from a tree.

How to Find Public Fruit Trees to ForageFinding fruit trees in public spaces can be an easy free way to gather food. This is a page about how to find public fruit trees to forage.


Home inspector with a clipboard.

Home Inspection Tips for New Home BuyersGetting a house inspected properly before purchasing is an important step to take for first time home buyers. This is a page about home inspection for first time or new home buyers.


Gas stove with sunlight coming through the window.

Cleaning Porcelain Stove GratesKeep your gas stove grates looking clean and new with the tips in this page. Ammonia is often recommended. This is a page about cleaning porcelain stove grates.


Grey and black wedding dress.

Dyeing a White Wedding Dress Black?Dyeing a wedding dress black can make for a stark look or even a great costume idea. This is a page about dyeing a white wedding dress black.



Cheese-Wrapped Chicken Enchilada on plate with sour cream & olives

Cheese-Wrapped Chicken EnchiladaThis is a take on chicken enchiladas that's great for cheese lovers, or those looking for a low carb dish. It knocks out the use of tortillas altogether and uses pan melted cheese that solidifies enough to use as a wrapper. The texture is absolutely dreamy, with little crispy edges of cheese. Fun and tasty!


Vegan Butter

Vegan ButterSo clearly I'm going through a phase of experimenting with vegan or plant-based cooking, and I wanted to share. There are many reasons why someone might not want to eat dairy, or butter - everything from doctor's orders, taste to lifestyle commitment. As such it is good to have a recipe for a great alternative, especially if on top of that you want to stay away from canola oil, soybean oil, etc.


Spinach Beef With Orzo pasta

Spinach Beef With OrzoIf you have a busy schedule, this is an idea for you where you can make spinach ground beef as the main entree paired with orzo (ex: for lunch) and then serve as soft tacos (for dinner).


Taco Stuffed Sweet Potatoes with garnish

Taco Stuffed Sweet PotatoesOh, how I love my tacos, but they make me feel a bit guilty when I'm in charge of cooking and have the ability to grab more tortillas to keep making them! Enter the sweet potato: our shell substitute. It's got loads of fiber so it really keeps you full without taking away from the awesome taco filling. Give these a try, you won't feel guilty! I used lean ground chicken here. You can use any type of ground meat or meat substitute you like!



A jar of coins spilling out on a white background.

Cashing In Pocket ChangeMy husband won't spend change, so we wind up with piles of change on his dresser. Every so often, I'll take it to Coinstar in our grocery store. I found that I can turn the coins into an Amazon e-coupon, for free. I just cash in the coins and then add the code to my Amazon account.


Freezing Green Beans Using the Instant Pot

Freezing Green Beans Using the Instant PotYou don't have to stand over a pot of boiling water to blanch green beans anymore. The instant pot makes it easy.


Vodka being poured onto a soft cloth to be used in an ice pack.

DIY Reusable Soft Ice PackCombine equal parts vodka and water, then soak it up with a piece of cloth. Throw the whole thing into a plastic bag, then place it in the freezer to set up. The mixture will freeze soft-set due to the alcohol content inside, changing the freezing point, making it more comfortable on your body.


A burned hot pad next to a clean smooth top stove burner.

Disaster Averted!I thought I turned on the small back burner on my white smooth top Jenn Air stove. You can imagine my panic when I turned around and saw smoke rising from the front burner where I had left an iron skillet on top of a braided hot pad. I grabbed another hot pad, pulled the skillet and burned pad off the burner to reveal a blackened, burnt on mess.


Mint Lime Sugar Scrub - add ingredients to a bowl and mix well

Mint Lime Sugar ScrubSugar scrubs are expensive to buy, but easy and cheap to make. If you grow your own mint, it will be even cheaper. This is for the body, not the face. It makes a thoughtful gift.


Parts of a complete outfit all stored together on a hanger.

Put Entire Outfits TogetherI have a strapless dress. I have a strapless bra and a shawl that I wear with it. I clip them all together on the hanger the dress is on. It makes it easy when I am going to wear it.


A baby bluebird peeking out of a birdhouse.

Baby Bluebird Peeking OutThis little guy didn't know that he wasn't supposed to be peaking out of the nest when mom and dad weren't there. The mom and dad were up on my roof, supervising and chattering, while I snapped this photo of their little one.


Floor mats stacked on top of each other for padding when exercising.

Stack Mats for Indoor ExerciseOfficial exercise mats and jump mats can be pretty expensive. When I'm at home, I like to run in place, do jumping jacks, and jump rope while I watch TV. The impact from the floor can be damaging to the body, so I stack a bunch of my mats on some carpets to lessen the blow.


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Sales Tax HolidayStarting throughout the month of August, some states are participating in tax-free purchases toward clothing, footwear, electronics, school supplies, etc. Perfect to start or do some last minute on Back to School shopping.


A bluebird father flying back to the next inside a birdhouse.

Bluebird Flying Into HouseThis is Papa bluebird flying to his house to feed his little ones. I was lucky enough to be outside and got several pictures of him on top of the house as well as sticking his head inside to feed his young ones.


Wrapping Paper and Bow Made from Packaging Items - wrapped gift

Wrapping Paper and Bow Made from Packaging ItemsIf you are an online shopper, some companies send a lot of packaging items and I keep them because they can be useful like for making your own wrapping paper. I didn't have any wrapping paper besides Christmas theme, so I came up with this using kraft paper and a bow made from tissue paper from Victoria's Secret.


Orchids and other flowers grown in an indoor terrarium in Singapore.

Flowers in SingaporeThis is a picture of some of the flowers being grown in an indoor garden in Singapore. It's like a giant glass terrarium and although being cold inside, all the tropical flowers were flourishing! It's a very beautiful place!


A United States of America official passport for international travel.

Reducing Phone Bill When Traveling Out of the CountryIn my previous trips, I paid $10 per day to use my phone. This time, the representative told me that if I had my iPhone in airplane mode and I was connected to WiFi, I could text anyone else who had an iPhone, use FaceTime and the Internet for free. The only time I would activate the plan is if I made a phone call or was not in airplane mode.


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Sharpening Makeup PencilsI use makeup pencils for eyebrows, eye liner, and lip liner. I started putting the pencils and the sharpeners in the freezer for an hour or two before sharpening, and they will harden just enough to make it easy to do without breaking.



Value of Book of Knowledge

Value of Book of Knowledge?I have had all these books for many years, The 3 red ones are dated from the 1950s. I am just looking at selling all the books or keeping them as an investment. Any help would be dearly appreciated.


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Getting Rid of Tiny Brown Flying Bugs?We have tiny brown flying bugs that look like gnats in our house. We need help getting rid of them.


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E7 Code on Singer Brilliance 6199 Machine?My Singer Brilliance 6199 sewing machine is displaying E7 code.


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13th Birthday Party Ideas?My 13th birthday is September 15th, on a Saturday. Any ideas for a good girls' party that my friends and I would enjoy?


Dogs Scratching But Don't Have Fleas - two dogs in the car

Dogs Scratching But Don't Have Fleas?I have a Shih Tzu and a Shih Tzu/Jack Russell mix. Both dogs take NexGard every month and are bathed regularly. I was certain they had fleas because of how the dogs would jump, suddenly, to scratch (like BAM they gotta get to that spot on their tail!), so this is why my question is in the bug category.


Moving With a Pet Nesting Duck - duck eggs

Moving With a Pet Nesting Duck?We have 4 ducks we bought as they where young. 1 has laid 8 eggs and is nesting at this point. We will be moving at the end of the month. Will she still care for the eggs? We will be taking them with us as we move. They are tame ducks not wild so I wasn't sure if she would still care for them.


What Is This Garden Plant?

What Is This Garden Plant?Can you ID this plant, which is growing in Northeastern Pennsylvania?


Value of Cabbage Patch Kids Dolls - older Cabbage Patch dolls

Value of Cabbage Patch Kids Dolls?I have 4 Cabbage Patch dolls all stamped '84, '85, '86 one stamped in black with no date. Does anyone know the value and where I can sell them?


What Breed Is My Dog? - tri color dog wearing halter

What Breed Is My Dog?I adopted a rescue. His papers say he's 1/2 Beagle and 1/2 Jack Russell Terrier. He was abandoned at a shelter down South. Does he look like he could be mixed with a Pit Bull? I do see Beagle, Jack, Boxer, Pit, etc. It's fine if he is, I just was questioning it as I was looking up his breed mix which would be a Jackabee.


Bleach Accident Left Pink Spots on Shorts

Bleach Accident Left Pink Spots on Shorts?I soaked my granddaughter's shorts in bleach to get rid of a sun cream stain and now they are all pink patches.


Name Ideas for a Bath Bomb Business

Name Ideas for a Bath Bomb Business?My daughters and I are starting a bath bomb business. We are looking for a fun and memorable name. Our plan is to sell bath bombs in various sizes, shower melts, bath salts, and sugar scrubs (with the intention of branching out further down the road).


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Finding Gently Used Appliances?I am looking for a gently used refrigerator. Any suggestions?


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Value of a Porcelain Doll?I have a doll that has J 91 marked on her neck. How much is she worth?


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