May 9, 2019

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Value of an Ohlsson and Rice Generator

Value of a Vintage Ohlsson and Rice Generator?A small vintage gas generator may be of value to the right person. This is a page about the value of an Ohlsson and Rice generator.


cut piece from loaf of bread

Cinnamon Sugar Walnut Roll RecipeMake this delicious and easy bread for your family. The base is pizza dough, flavored with walnuts and ground cinnamon.


Handmade Pinwheel Mobile - view of hanging mobile from the underside

Handmade Pinwheel MobileMake a beautiful and eyecatching mobile by making pinwheels from paper. They are easy to make with supplies you probably already have at home.


An open dictionary with a magnifying glass.

Value of a New Century Dictionary?Old reference books in good condition may have value to the right person. This page concerns the value of a new century dictionary.


chicken with mushroom sauce on plate

Chicken with Mushroom Sauce RecipesIn these recipes, chicken is paired with a delicious mushroom sauce, a classic combination. Make one of these easy recipes for your family tonight.


Decorative Christmas Plates

Making Decoupage Christmas PlatesDecoupage is a tried and true technique to adhere paper to a surface. You can use festive Christmas wrapping paper to make your own Christmas plate.


Use Nail Varnish to Mark Keys

Using Nail Polish to Identify KeysIf you have keys that are difficult to tell apart, use nail polish to mark them. You can just add a dot in the middle or you can try to get fancy if you wish.


Tofu Stuffed with Ground Turkey, Shrimp and Mushroom

Tofu Stuffed with Ground Turkey, Shrimp and MushroomTofu is very bland by itself. Jazz up a boring meal by adding turkey, shrimp and mushroom to make this delicious stuffed tofu recipe.


Metal Head and Footboard for Your Garden - blush headboard with sign

Using a Metal Headboard and Footboard in Your GardenIf you have an old fashioned brass or metal bedstand, upcycle it into a different kind of bed. Using a head and/or footboard in your garden beds will add a touch of whimsy to your yard.


You Blow Me Away Card - finished card

Making a "You Blow Me Away" Greeting CardMake this fun, easy card for a valentine or dance invitation. This is about making a "you blow me away card".


A tanning bed with a towel and other supplies.

Can You Use a Tanning Bed If You Have a Boil?To take proper care of your skin, you may want to avoid using artificial light and excess tanning. This is about "can you use a tanning bed if you have a boil?"



Sausage Kale Spinach on plate

Sausage Kale Spinach SkilletMy best friend and I were doing a 2 week low carb and zero bread challenge, so I had to come up with a lot of filling dishes that went by the rules. This was one of them. So full of flavour and textures, I'd eat this even without a challenge!


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Reusing Inner Cereal BagI say 'inner bag' because more manufacturers are getting away from the box with the inner bag and going to just the bag. These inner bags have changed over the years. They use to be rather thin and a lot like regular waxed paper. They served their purpose well, but weren't ideal for a lot of reuse.


A king sized comforter that has been deconstructed and saved for reuse.

Deconstructing a King Size ComforterIt never occurred to me to post this until it was done. So I don't have any before photos. But you all know what a machine sewn flannel comforter looks like. Once I started to save the batting, I realized how cheaply it was made. Basically, one seam ripper in a few key places and it was RIP!


Use Spray Paint to Have a Choice in Planter Colors - closeup of pots

Use Spray Paint to Have a Choice in Planter ColorsI love pastels! The one problem I have is I cannot find planters in pastel colors. I can find white ones that sometimes work. While out looking for inexpensive planters I found the size and price that I loved. One problem, the color only came in black! Here's how I transformed them to more of a shabby chic look, just by using spray paint.


Easy Felt Flowers - 5 finished felt roses

Easy Felt FlowersThese sweet little flowers are made from felt and hot glue. They're really easy to put together. You could use them as gift toppers, on cards, pinned on as a brooch, or tied in your hair.


How to Make a Bottle Cap Necklace for Toddlers - finished necklace with a dog on the front

How to Make a Bottle Cap Necklace for ToddlersTry this cute and easy way for toddlers to decorate and make their own necklaces! All the supplies you'll need are probably already in your home - water bottle caps, some decorating supplies, string, hot glue, and a piercer (or you could use a drill/nail, something to make a hole in the cap).


Japanese Loquat Tree - with fruit

Japanese Loquat TreeOne of three loquat trees in my yard. I live in Georgia.


Our New Girls - flock of young backyard hens

Our New GirlsLast year was a devastating year for our family. We lost all 6 of our chickens to raccoons over the course of a few months. Two of them were almost 6 years old and another was more like a pet dog than a chicken to us. After a lot of contemplation we decided to try again, after extensive fortification of our coop. These are our 5 new girls, exploring outside for the first time!


A close up of a dirty spatula with the handle removed.

Clean Inside Spatula HandlesQuite by accident, I realized that spatula handles come off. And when they do, omgosh! Now I am guessing this is not all food that gets trapped, but perhaps soap scum and/or?



Re-dyeing After Hair Came Out Too Orange - dyed hair too orange

Re-dyeing After Hair Came Out Too Orange?I dyed my hair honey blonde and now it looks orange. How long do I have to wait until I can redye it light brown?


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Receiving Medicaid After Marriage?My fiancé is on dialysis and has recently submitted his paperwork for Medicaid. If we get married does it affect him getting Medicaid and will it affect us in anyway since we are a low income family?


My Dog Has a Red Bump on His Leg - bump on inside of left leg, near joint

My Dog Has a Red Bump on His Leg?There is a Red bump on my dog's leg. I can like grab it and it moves around. It doesn't pop, but I didn't wanna to try too hard. It seems to cause no pain to him unless we squeeze it.


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Cleaning a Barbie Doll Silk Outfit?I purchased a Barbie doll outfit Satin Rose. It has some stains on the skirt and pants; I believe it is silk. Can I clean it with Oxiclean?


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Value of Scott's Silent Reel Mower?I have a Scott's Silent reel mower. I'm not finding one on eBay, or anywhere else, but I'm new to this. I'd like to know the approximate value. I received it this year. It had never been sharpened, and works absolutely perfectly. I have sharpened it, and I took care in doing so. It's in perfect condition to my knowledge.


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Frigidaire Side by Side Ice Maker Is Overflowing?The ice maker overflows when filling. Water flows into the ice maker when the water dispenser paddle is pressed.


Finding a Missing Dog - brown dog with dark muzzle

Finding a Missing Dog?Recently I have lost my dog. That's why I am wondering how I can find my missing dog.


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Bamboo Prices by the Foot?How much does bamboo cost by the foot?


Age of a Murphy Cedar Chest - open chest

Age of a Murphy Cedar Chest?I would like to know age of my Murphy cedar chest. It is marked Murphy KD 12 on the back.


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Repairing Corner Hardware on an Old Trunk?I have a trunk with bubble corner hardware on every corner. Every bubble is dented, but solidly still attached. Should I just clean them up or replace with new hardware. It's a canvas trunk that's in pretty good shape, but has a broken lock and handles.


Identifying Small Black Bugs

Identifying Small Black Bugs?I recently spotted these insects on my drying laundry. They initially appeared as a long stick, but it turned out to be 2 smaller insects moving together. They split and skittle away separately when agitated though. I caught one (hoping to show someone who might be able to identify the insect) and saw that the insect has a really small pair of wings.


Restoring a Worn Out Blanket - very worn white blanket with small pink flowers

Restoring a Worn Out Blanket?I have had this blanket basically my whole life. It is white with pink polka dots. Since I have used this blanket for so long, it has worn down, a lot, to the point where there are holes everywhere. I have read many articles saying that I should just cut it into tiny pieces to keep it as a souvenir. The seams are starting to come off.


Identifying Porcelain Dolls

Identifying Porcelain Dolls?I have some porcelain dolls that were given to me and I would like to know what kind they are and how much they are worth. I've looked for the markers and haven't been able to find any.


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Shrinking Leather Chokers that Are Too Loose?I bought 3 leather chokers with the metal hearts and circles and they have metal clip ins for adjusting. But they don't fit my neck, they are loose. Is there a way for me to shrink the leather without ruining them?


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - doll wearing period dress and high top shoes, has pink eyes

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I bought this very unique doll at a thrift shop or as my daughter would say very creepy doll. I need help identifying her or the artist. She is approximately 27inches long.


Identifying a Discontinued Anaglypta Wallpaper Pattern - floral medallion pattern

Identifying a Discontinued Anaglypta Wallpaper Pattern?I moved to house in the UK with this pattern Anaglypta. Anyone have any idea what the name of the pattern is? It must be discontinued as I cannot find it in current searches.


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Creative Handmade Home Decor Business Name?I currently have a crafty business called Love This Nest- Home Decor & More, where I sell handmade home decor online and run a local craft club group. I am expanding to a physical studio just for DIY home decor making parties. I want to add a DBA just for the parties (not just signs parties: pillow, T-shirts, tote bags, etc.)


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Making Paint on Denim Permanent?I just spent over 30 combined hours painting a few pairs of jeans and I'd like them to not fade with washing. I didn't know about making a clear base coat first, so I didn't do that. I just used Tulip fabric paint and painted away. Upon completion I used a Sharpie marker to give it a stroke and go around all the lines. I then ironed it for a few minutes to heat it.


Value of Cunningham & Pickett China - dinnerware

Value of Cunningham & Pickett China?It's a 46 piece set of Cunningham & Pickett 22kt gold. It says hand decorated Calirose Alliance Ohio. They are white with gold trim and painted pink roses on all of the pieces. It is a beautiful set.


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New Swifter Wet Jet Not Working?I just received my Swifter Wet Jet through Amazon. It was brand new in the box. I put it together & it's not working. We tried everything, but nothing worked. Now I am wondering if the handle all the way down has to be put in a certain way for it to work? I hate to return it if maybe I can get it to work. Any ideas?


Trying to Stop Biting Nails - fingers with bitten nails

Trying to Stop Biting Nails?Okay I have been biting my nails for as long as I have been on this earth which is about to be sixteen whole years. I am using this nail polish with a nail polish remover taste to it, but the problem with me is that I either bite or peel the polish off of my nails despite the taste of the polish. I also bite my nails because of my anxiety and boredom.


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