July 22, 2019

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Orange Honey Walnut Salmon on salad

Orange Honey Walnut SalmonThis is a super simple recipe that tastes very elegant. Because the walnuts are toasting the whole time the salmon is baking, they're perfectly crisp and go so well with the sweetness of the orange and honey. I love this salmon on top of a light salad with a balsamic vinaigrette drizzle. I made this in my toaster oven, which is perfect for hot days!


Fuchsia Indiana Echinacea  - purple flowers

Fuchsia Indiana EchinaceaTiny and singular when purchased, it immediately thrived after transplant and a smidgen of verbal reaffirming of the impending beauty it would blossom to be. It does well among the basic lilies and has hollyhock friends just across to contrast in color and height for a truly fragrant and colorful greeting to guests.


DIY Beetroot Powder - plate with beet root powder ready to use

DIY Beetroot PowderI love beetroot powder for many reasons. They're great for naturally dyeing foods, wonderful for making beautiful beet powder lattes, are excellent as a bright pigment for your homemade beauty products, and the list goes on. The problem with buying beetroot powders from stores and online shops is the very big price tag they come with, and the risk that it might not be fresh.



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Measuring Dry Macaroni?I need to make 2 lbs of pasta. So am I correct to say that's three 12 ounce boxes?


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - old style porcelain doll

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I am wondering if anyone can tell me any info on this doll. Is it old or new; any value? It has a porcelain head, shoulders, arms, and feet and is wearing painted black old boots.


Recipe for McCormick's Grill Mates  Steak Rub - image of a bottle of the rub

Recipe for McCormick's Grill Mates Steak Rub?McCormick recently discontinued their amazing McCormick Grill Mates Steak Rub. I am hoping someone has a recipe for it. I've played around with it on my own and it's just not the same.


Identifying a Household Bug - brown bug with an X pattern on back

Identifying a Household Bug?I found him on my ceiling. He's really fast.


Repairing a Denison Gramophone - dangling arm

Repairing a Denison Gramophone?I need advice on how the speed control arm end (with leather pad) is connected to adjust speed. My Dension seems to be dangling in thin air and not connected to a mechanism to control spin speed.


Value of a Brandt Furniture Drop Leaf Table - brass footed drop leaf table

Value of a Brandt Furniture Drop Leaf Table?How old and what is the value of this drop leaf Brandt Furniture table?


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How Long Do Tiki Torch Wicks Need to Soak?How long does the wick have to soak on a tiki torch?


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Fixing Runny Jam?How do I fix my runny jam? I made it 4 days ago, but I cut the sugar in half because it was so super sweet when I have made it before. Is it fixable or do I throw it out?


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Repairing Holes Made in Older Carpet by Cats?Our carpet is almost 20 years old, so it's not worth paying for professional repair. I'd like to replace it with tile or hardwood eventually. We've got three doorways where our kittens have clawed holes in it, when we were trying to shut them out of our bedroom, or they accidentally got shut in a closet.


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Value of a White Treadle Sewing Machine?I have a White sewing machine model#569. It is a working treadle, cabinet is good, and the drawers are in fair condition. It is approximately 75 to 100 years old. What is a fair value to sell it?


Value of Mersman End Tables - two leather topped end tables

Value of Mersman End Tables?I have two Mersman end tables in good condition #7680 and might have the main table also. I am not sure of the number at this time. I would like to find out their value.


Value of an Ashley Belle Doll - baby doll with bare bottom and certificate

Value of an Ashley Belle Doll?How much is this doll worth?


Identifying Tiny Burrowing Biting Black Bugs - red bites on leg

Identifying Tiny Burrowing Biting Black Bugs?Please help me. I have little bugs that are causing me to be miserable, with irritated bumps and sores. They are all over in hair, on arms, legs, and even in nose and mouth. Some of them when you dig them out will fly out of your skin. I know I'm ashamed to go out in public. I have had them for about 6 to 8 months. No one can help me. Also there are reddish ones.


Value of a Kinnex Porcelain Doll - Native American doll in its box

Value of a Kinnex Porcelain Doll?I am interested in the value of a Kinnex company doll, Ayanna, D16608. She comes with little shoulder bag.


Identifying a Stuffed Plush Dog - cute stuffed dog

Identifying a Stuffed Plush Dog?This is Muggzy. I've had her ever since I was about three. (I'm fifteen at this time.) For most of my life, I've wondered where she came from.


How Can I Tell If These Dogs Are Purebred Pit Bulls? - mom

How Can I Tell If These Dogs Are Purebred Pit Bulls?I'm looking for a Pit Bull. I'm hoping these two parents of such puppies are indeed Pit Bulls as the breeder is telling me.


Copycat Recipe for McCormick's Grill Mates Steak Rub?I'm looking for a copycat recipe for the discontinued generic Grill Mates steak rub. I used to always put it in burgers and it's one of the few that salt isn't the first ingredient. The label ingredients if it helps are: Garlic, spices and herbs (including black pepper), salt, brown sugar, onion, paprika, silicon dioxide (added to make free flowing), sunflower oil, and spice extracts.


Identifying a Vintage Elf or Gnome Figurine - bearded figurine with yellow cap and green shirt

Identifying a Vintage Elf or Gnome Figurine?I collect gnomes and came across this cutie. I am trying to find some information on him. He has some gold initials of L.N. And I think a U?


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1995 Rockwood Pop Up Camper Won't Close All the Way?We recently bought a '95 pop up and when we were taking it down the front went down, but the back won't. I think the cable came off. Is there anything we could do?


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Repairing a Smith Corona Typewriter?I recently purchased a Smith-Corona Ultrasonic I Plus and the keys seem to be a bit off. Almost the entire left side of the keyboard does not type anything. Then the right side types the left's letters, but in random order. Seems it needs some adjusting. Any tips or information on how I can adjust?


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Replacement Part for a Pfaff Sewing Machine?What is the black, round disk about 2 1/2" in diameter called in the Pfaff 0100A (lavender) sewing machine? It broke and we need to find it. Also there is a pin that fits into it?


Identify Small Black Beetle that Does Not Fly - black beetle

Identify Small Black Beetle that Does Not Fly?I found a few small black beetles in my bedroom over the last week. They do not fly. I am not sure if they are safe and how to dispose of them.


Value of a Leonardo Collection Dancing Figurine - flamenco dancer

Value of a Leonardo Collection Dancing Figurine?Any help with the value of this beautiful figure?


Identifying a Brunswick Drum Table Radio - drum style table with built in radio

Identifying a Brunswick Drum Table Radio?Can anyone identify this table radio, or have any info about it at all? Is it a Mersman or Duncan Phyfe Brunswick drum table radio.


Identifying a Houseplant - dracaena looking plant in poor condition

Identifying a Houseplant?What kind of plant is this? It came out of a funeral basket and I put it in this window that gets afternoon sun. The leaves are turning brown and dying a few at a time. Is it too hot for it here?


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Keeping Breathe Right Strips in Place?Breathe Right Extra Strength strips have been a life saver for me because I haven't been able to breathe through my nose for years and I have serious asthma. My only problem is after awhile the glue doesn't keep the ends down and that's a problem for me. Anybody know if there's maybe a liquid adhesive or something that will stick those ends down for the rest of the day or night?


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Re-dyeing Hair the Next Day?I dyed my hair blonde earlier today using the Glamorise hair dye, it was fairly cheap so I thought it was a bargain. Once I washed it after it was done I decided I didn't quite like the colour and it didn't suit me that well. I was wondering if it would be safe for me to re-dye it tomorrow (the day after already dyeing it) to a dark brown colour?


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Using Mrs. Wage's Packaged Salsa Mix?How much chopped onion and chopped green pepper do I add to packaged salsa mix? I am using Mrs. Wage's packaged salsa mix. I have used it before with the ingredients mentioned, but only tomatoes is mentioned now.


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Making Lasagna for 30 People?I need a recipe for lasagne for 30 people.


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Why Do My Peaches Taste Bitter?My peaches have a slightly bitter taste. For the first few years they tasted great, but the last two the peaches have been bitter. Any suggestions?


Lights Out After a Socket Sparked

Lights Out After a Socket Sparked?I was unscrewing a light bulb from a socket that has no switch. A plastic piece that connected to another fell off onto the floor. Figuring it was a safety precaution I went to connect it back. I presumably did something wrong and sparks flew knocking out lights on one side of our house. The electrical sockets still work, but the lights won't cut on. I tried flipping the breaker, but it did nothing. What do I do? Below is a picture of what the socket looked like after sparks flew. As you can see the accompanying plastic piece is missing from one side.


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Using a Hitachi Home Bakery ll HB-B102?I have a Hitachi Home Bakery ll HB-B102 and no manual. I need to know how long to bake wheat bread. There is no setting for basic bread or wheat bread. Can you help?


Sewing Machine Not Stitching - photo of the bobbin area and presser foot

Sewing Machine Not Stitching?I own a Carina Professional computer sewing machine and today I am in absolute despair. I've been trying for hours to troubleshoot the problem.


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Paparazzi Jewelry Business Name Ideas?I'm selling Paparazzi jewelry and I'm needing a unique name for my page. My name is Brianna by the way.


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - baby doll with bonnet and hightop baby shoes

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?Can anyone help identify this doll? She has cloth body with porcelain arms, head, and legs. The second toe on both feet is bent. She has X679 on the back of her neck.


Changing the Battery in a Smoke Alarm - smoke detector on ceiling

Changing the Battery in a Smoke Alarm?My smoke alarm chirps maybe 1-2 times per week. I figure it needs a new battery, but can't figure out how to open it. I looks like a slide out tray, but won't slide and beeps when I try.


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Cooking Steamed Vegetables in the Microwave?What is the time for cooking a steamed fresh vegetable in a microwave oven? The time element is not listed on the package.


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Repairing a Vintage Singer Sewhandy Toy Machine?How do I repair a faulty stitch regulator on a Singer Toy Sewhandy sewing machine model number 20-10?


Value of a Seeburg Jukebox - closeup of the emblem with 100 on it

Value of a Seeburg Jukebox?I have a Seeburg high fidelity 100 jukebox. It is in great condition and works with records. I was was wondering about how much it's worth and if I wanted to sell where would I go to do it.


Identifying Small Black Bugs - long black insect

Identifying Small Black Bugs?I find these bugs everywhere. They are super small, like point of a needle size, barely visible unless they are on a white surface. I have no idea what they are and needed a macro lens to take a pic.


Value of a Leonardo Clown Figurine - muted color sax playing clown

Value of a Leonardo Clown Figurine?We have a clown figurine playing a saxophone. I can't seem to find one like it. I was just wondering how much it's worth? It's from the Leonardo collection.


Value of Vintage Cutler Glasses - tall frosted finish glass with a can can dancer

Value of Vintage Cutler Glasses?While clearing out the basement I found a beverage set. It is a Cutler Merry Maker 8 piece beverage set. There are a couple of pieces missing. Any ideas how much they are worth?


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Value of a Webster's Biographical Dictionary?I have a 1965 version of this book. What is it's value?


Value of an NAO Figurine - princess

Value of an NAO Figurine?I've inherited this figure. I am just wondering it's worth? It's a NAO girl?


Dog Has a Sore on His Inner Front Leg - irritated spot on leg

Dog Has a Sore on His Inner Front Leg?My dog has been licking his leg for 2 days and I just noticed this sore on his leg. May I get advice on what it could be?


Selling Antique Incomplete Set of Encyclopedia Britannica - volumes on a bookshelf

Selling Antique Incomplete Set of Encyclopedia Britannica?I have an incomplete set of the New Werner Edition Encyclopedia Britannica dated 1903. The original set has 30 books. I have 27 books are all in very good condition with some cover wear on a couple books. The missing books are 13, 19, and 24. (Or XIII, XIX and XXIV). I need to sell them as I have no family to give them to.


Value of a Cathay Collection Doll - Native American doll in a box

Value of a Cathay Collection Doll?I am trying to find the value of a Cathay Collection "Natalie" Indian doll. The number is 52/500.


Identifying a Household Bug - black and tan bug with reddish brown area near head

Identifying a Household Bug?I saw this bug in my bathroom one day and I haven't been able to figure out what it is. I live in the northeastern US and I am stumped as to what this could be.


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Killing Grass Under Shrubs?How to kill very tall grass under thick tall shrubs?


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Value of Vintage Blue Corn Flower Corningware?I have several pieces of Corningware, the blue corn flower pattern. What could they be worth p-1-b, P-41, P-315, P84-4, p-12-0, and 11/2b.


Value of Noritake Celery and Salt China - oval larger platter and 6 smaller similarly shaped dishes

Value of Noritake Celery and Salt China?My mother was handed these dishes from her mother. From the mark I have figured out it was made c. 1921, but that's about it.


Value of a Necchi Miracle Brand Sewing Machine - black vintage sewing machine

Value of a Necchi Miracle Brand Sewing Machine?I have an antique Miracle brand sewing machine with the case. I can't seem to find any info on it. Anyone know about it or what its value?


Bowls Are Stuck Together - two Corelle bowls stuck together

Bowls Are Stuck Together?I absolutely can not get 2 of my Corelle 28 oz. bowls unstuck. I bought them and thought I could get them unstuck, but I can't.


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Replacing the Solenoid in a John Deere D105?I just replaced the starter solenoid on my riding mower. There are two safety switches to plug in to it, one wire is purple the other is black or gray I believe. I'm not sure which one to plug into each side.


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Socializing a New Dog?I adopted an adult Pit Bull from the pound about 6 months ago. They thought he might have been used for fighting due to scarring. He's never been aggressive with anyone in our home, or people, and never been aggressive with our Chihuahua or ShihTzu, despite the both of them constantly barking at and being aggressive towards him.


Value of a 2 Door Murphy 311 Cedar Wardrobe - beautiful cedar wardrobe with doors closed

Value of a 2 Door Murphy 311 Cedar Wardrobe?I have a Murphy 311 2 door cedar wardrobe with inside light and 2 skeleton keys. It is in excellent condition! I am not wanting to sell it, but am curious about the value?


What Breed Is My Dog? - white dog with black patches

What Breed Is My Dog?Can anyone help me determine the breed of my dog?


Value of an Old Lowes Yard Tractor by Dynamark - front end of a blue lawn tractor

Value of an Old Lowes Yard Tractor by Dynamark?I need help identifying this lawn tractor. I have searched all over the internet and have came across nothing for this yard tractor. It's a Lowes 1134 by Dynmark with an 11 hp Briggs Stratton motor.


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Helping Aging Parents Without a Power of Attorney?If my younger brother has POA, executor and health advocate powers for my aging parents can I still sell their house (meet with real estate agents, renovate their current home), help them do their banking (pay bills, set up online banking, etc.) and make medical/health decisions for them (pills, home support, shower, meals, shopping)? Or am I limited to helping pack, cleaning, driving, etc.?


Model Number and Manual for a Brother Sewing Machine - newer model multi-stitch sewing machine

Model Number and Manual for a Brother Sewing Machine?No title is appropriate for my question. I was trying to find the model number for a Brother sewing machine I have and I saw your post on Goggle search with a picture of the same machine. Did you ever get an owner's manual, or at least were you able to find out the model number. I would really appreciate it if you could share the information.


Value of a Thomas Kinkade Print   - framed print

Value of a Thomas Kinkade Print?How much would a large, framed paper, Hometown Memories 1, with certificate of Limitation and Authenticity be worth? Print number 3717/4850 S/N Paper.


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Name Ideas for a Senior Home Care Business?I'm planning on starting a caring for the elderly at home business and I can't think of a name. Can you please help? I want something with AVI in it. I came up with AVI Cares Home Centre, but have doubts. Should I keep it or change it?


Re-dyeing Hair After Removing Color - hair dyed red

Re-dyeing Hair After Removing Color?My hair is naturally darkish brown, but I dye my hair a red colour. Now I want to dye it to a silver/grey. How long do I wait between stripping my hair back to its natural colour before doing silver/grey with a home colouring kit as I can't afford to go to a salon as I have a low budget income.


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GFCI Outlet Keeps Tripping?I have 2 circuits with GFCI on each. Both have separate breakers. But when one is reset the other one on the other circuit trips. Any ideas? I'm baffled and have done electrical for sometime.


What Is My Min Pin Mixed With? - black and brown dog on carpet with rear up in the air, playing

What Is My Min Pin Mixed With?She is 16 lbs so she is bigger and a bit taller than other Min Pins.


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Growing Fruit Trees Near a Dog Poop Septic Tank?I have to dig a 1x 3ft deep hole for my 3 large dogs' pooh as dog "septic tank" that is full after 3mos. It is covered and worms linger. After the worms consume the feces it is all broken like sand. Now I have grown a small tree called malunggay and a banana which is 10ft away from the "septic tank". Will the tree be affected as we always consume this malunggay vegetables everyday.


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Troubleshooting Electrical Circuit Problems?We had items on one breaker stop working and after replacing the breaker they started working, but then other electrical items on different breakers started dimming or not working. The breakers were turned on and off a lot. Now the water heater and dryer will not get hot and the stove won't work. Any ideas on how to fix or what it could be?


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - small doll in a carrying trunk with clothes hanging area and drawer

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?Does anyone know anything about this doll? It was given to my wife by a friend and we just wanted to know any information about it. All we found are the numbers 9706 on the back of her head.


Identifying a Houseplant - philodendron type plant

Identifying a Houseplant?There is this beautiful plant in my sister's house behind the sink, one of the stems has grown so long that we have had to drape it over the curtain rod in the window in the kitchen. It has come to my attention that I have no idea what kind of plant this is after all my years seeing it. To help with identification, the entire plant feels waxy, the leaves are extremely thick compared to most.


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Fudge Not Setting Up?I recooked my fudge and it still won't set. Would more marshmallow help? What do I do next?


Value of a Mersman Table - vintage table with drawer removed

Value of a Mersman Table?I found this in my wife's grandmother's house. It has no numbers, but does have a sticker on the bottom. I am planning on restoring it, but would like more info.


Identifying a Porcelain Doll

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I have a 24" tall Porcelain doll made in China. There are no markings on the porcelain parts. There is a cloth body manufacturer's tag has Reg no. PA-7278(HK). She is wearing a vintage bridal dress. I am considering selling it and need to find the value.


Identifying Household Bugs - long segmented, multilegged bug

Identifying Household Bugs?I am finding these in different sizes either dead or squirming all around the corners of my kitchen after spraying it for ants with some Home Defense the day before. What the hell is it?


Treating a Sneezing Rabbit - cute brown rabbit

Treating a Sneezing Rabbit?I bought one of my buns from a feed store and he has sneezed since I bought him. He doesn't have any colored discharge or goop in his eyes and he obviously isn't contagious because none of my other buns have contracted his issue, (my doe or any of their 10 kits from both litters). He tends to get worse after I put hay in their cage, but it's not the only time he has these sneezing fits.


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Fixing Frizzy American Girl Doll Hair?Does anyone know how to fix frizzy or burnt American Girl doll's hair?


Identifying a Small Hard Shell Jumping Bug - squashed bug on a piece of lined paper

Identifying a Small Hard Shell Jumping Bug?I am finding these in bed hanging over the side, on my phone with all lights out. Out of nowhere there is this little jumping bug, and then another. I couldn't catch them without trapping with finger. Then I squished it. Can anyone tell from this picture? I do have dogs and they were on my bed today.


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Dyeing Sweet Gum Balls for Decorations?I have a good source for sweet gum balls. I would like to dye them to use for decorations. How would I go about dyeing them?


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Social Security Retirement and Back Child Support?My husband is currently having child arrears garnished out of his paychecks. His children are in their mid 20s and he's been paying off arrears for 5 years now and only owes 3k more. He put off retirement a year. We just found out he will get a lump sum for working till 67 instead of 66. Even though he's been paying $500 a month regularly will child support take his lump sum?


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3 Year Old Is Aggressive Towards Baby?My 3yr would grab his brother's head and kiss it. This was very new and different for us because he took becoming a brother very hard and would stay far away. The baby is 7 months old and crawling now, so he seems to be more OK with him being around. Yesterday he kicked his brother and got in trouble. He later went over and kissed the baby on the top of his head, but also shook his head.


Cleaning Discoloration and Stains on a Leather Bag - light cream/tan bag with stains and noticeable color differences

Cleaning Discoloration and Stains on a Leather Bag?I recently bought a used beige Marc Jacobs leather bag and it was in worse shape than I thought. Large parts of the bag are discolored and it has stains. You can clearly see the difference in color. I'm not sure how to restore this bag


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Repairing an AT&T 5300 Electric Typewriter?The AT&T 5300 electric typewriter shift-lock lights up and beeps. The machine types one letter, but will not go forward. How do I turn off the shit lock and get the machine to work?


Identifying a Stuffed Rabbit - pink and white stuffed rabbi

Identifying a Stuffed Rabbit?I'm wondering if anyone knows where this stuffed rabbit is from? I got it back in 2007 as a going away gift from a childhood friend. It doesn't have a tag.


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Removing a Bad Odor from a George Foreman Grill Plate?I cooked chicken on a George Foreman grill and it got stuck on because I forgot to spray cooking oil on it. I had to soak it for several days or more because scrubbing these grills takes the black coating off the grill part. I tried everyday to wash it to no avail. Finally I was able to get all the chicken off. I cleaned it and realized it still smelled like garbage and it had white mold on it!


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Using Leftover Hair Color?I have hair color and peroxide mixed as leftovers. Can I put them in fridge to reuse 6-8 weeks later?


Identifying a Houseplant - small succulent

Identifying a Houseplant?I know it is some type of succulent, but can not find it anywhere on line. It looks like a jade plant, but with long narrow leaves that get very long once matured. It is slow growing. It got straggly so I pruned it back to propagate and control the original plant growth by supplementing with grow light.


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Keeping New Puppy Outside with Resident Dog?I have an 8 year old dog that has lived outside all it's life and it hates to come in. I might be getting another puppy and I was wondering if I could keep it outside with my other one?


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Gift Ideas for Boyfriend's 14th Birthday?I have no clue what to get my boyfriend for his birthday! He's turning 14 this month and I have nothing. We've been together 9 months and have known each other since the first grade. Please help me find a gift for him before it's too late.


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Re-dyeing Hair?I had black virgin hair and wanted to get a plum ombre. Instead the stylist bleached and dyed my hair pink. I can't go to college with this hair. I need at least a dark brown dye. Can I get my hair redyed?


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Craftsman LT1000 Riding Mower Won't Start?I replaced the solenoid and starter. When I turn the key I am only getting a clicking noise from the solenoid. I've got power at the solenoid.


Identifying a Thrift Store Find - shallow metal covered bowl resembling a wok, with an ornate handle

Identifying a Thrift Store Find?I'm keeping y'all busy, with my unique thrift store purchases. I think, this is another super cool item, that I cannot find any information on. Please let me know if anyone has seen anything like it?


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