November 13, 2019

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Witch Doctor and Shrunken Head Costumes - finished witch doctor and shrunken head

Witch Doctor and Shrunken Head CostumesThese elaborate pet costumes are actually relatively easy to make if you follow the instructions on this page. Transform your dogs into a witch doctor and a shrunken head.


Little Peanut Baby Shower Favors - place in bags and tie with ribbon

Making Little Peanut Baby Shower FavorsDecorate and package Nutter Butter cookies to make these extremely cute baby shower favors. The diaper/blanket color can be adjusted to your preference.


Making a Paper Butterfly Puppet - finished butterfly

Making a Paper Butterfly PuppetPaper toys are fun, easy, and inexpensive to make. Best of all kids love them. Make a paper butterfly puppet for some almost instant playthings.


Boo Banner

Making a Handprint Boo BannerIncorporate paper cutouts of your child's handprint into this cute "boo" banner. It only requires, construction paper, scissors, and your choice of string or ribbon to hang it.


Prawns in spicy sauce

Making Spicy PrawnsThis special occasion prawn dish from the Philippines may become a special occasion meal for you as well. The preparation instructions, ingredients, and accompanying photos appear on this page.


Witch Spider Pumpkin Home Decor - spider wearing a witch hat headband

Witch Spider Pumpkin Home DecorA black foam pumpkin, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and a witch hat headband combine to make this cute witch spider seasonal decoration. Other types of pumpkins can also be used, just warm up the hot glue.


Fortune Teller Costume - ball

Making a Fortune Teller CostumeThe mystery associated with a fortune teller, makes this a great Halloween costume choice. This page contains tips and photos for putting together a fortune teller costume for Halloween or another occasion.


A woman reading a bottle of bleach in a store.

Using BleachBleach has been a longtime standard product for use in a wide variety of cleaning tasks. Although it has been replaced by a plethora of other cleaners, it is still the go to choice for many people. This page contains information for using bleach.


Blow Painting - finished artwork

Blow Painting IdeasThis page contains some fun blow painting craft projects for the kids. You will need craft paint or water colors and a drinking straw. Other easy to find paint applicators can include Q-tips for a different effect.


Paper Acorn Kids' Craft - attach eyes

Paper Acorn Kids' CraftsFall is the time for beautiful leaf colors and acorns. Let the kids get into the season with paper acorn crafts that they can make and display.


Paperclip Charm for a Zipper Pull - charm hanging from zipper pull

Making a Paperclip Charm for a Zipper PullIf the pull tab on a zipper breaks or comes off, you could have a bit of fun and make a replacement. This page contains steps and photos for making a glittery paperclip charm zipper pull.


Worm Ice Cubes - add Sprite

Making Gummy Worm Ice CubesFreeze gummy worms in some ice cubes for a spooky Halloween party treat. They are fun and easy to make and will score with the kids.


Paper Ghost Banner - hanging ghost banner

Making a Paper Ghost BannerHave the kids help make this Halloween paper ghost banner. Displaying banners is a great way to decorate for the seasons and other special events.


Recycled Glass Light Fixture Terrariums - looking down on two planters sitting on a deck or similar structure

Making Recycled Glass Light Fixture TerrariumsThe glass covers on light fixtures can be repurposed and used as terrarium planters. Whether you have some from old fixtures or have purchased new or used ones, the project information on this page will assist you in making recycled glass light fixture terrariums.


Making a Balloon Paper Clip Topper - cut out another set and repeat the steps. Then glue the second half to the first creating a 3D balloon

Making a Balloon Paper Clip TopperIt is fun to make little toppers for paper clips. Try this 3D balloon project made from sticky note paper. Use it as a bookmark.


Blowing Fire Costume Accessory - finished fire accessories

Making a Fire Breathing Costume AccessoryIf you or your child is dressing as a dragon, you will want to make this accessory to provide the fiery breath. This page contains the instructions and photos needed to make a fire breathing costume accessory.


DIY Japanese Carp Streamer - two finished carp streamers hanging outside

DIY Japanese Carp StreamerTransform humble toilet paper tubes into these colorful Japanese carp streamers. They are fun to display in the garden or inside for parties or in the kids' room.


A decorated witch hat on a door.

Decorating a Dollar Tree Witch HatCrafting does not need to be expensive. This project begins with a witch hat frame from the Dollar Store. You can decorate it with things in your stash or get some friends together to share the expense. Read on for instructions for making a witch hat decoration.


Pom Pom Bat Decoration - hand holding the bat hanging from a gold pipe cleaner

Pom Pom Bat DecorationDeck out a pom pom with paper bat wings, googly eyes, and a pipe cleaner hanger to create this cute bat decoration.


Fabric Covered Foam Pumpkin - finished pumpkin sitting next to a white pumpkin with painted triangle pattern

Making a Fabric Covered Foam PumpkinUse fabric strips or a piece of fabric to cover a foam pumpkin to create a delightful bit of fall decor. Use varying colors to make an arrangement. This project is adaptable to Halloween or fall, in general.


3D Fall Wall Art - faux pumpkin, leaf, and flower wall art

Making 3D Fall Wall ArtThis pretty fall wall art begins with half of a foam pumpkin. Mount it on fabric, such as burlap, and add embellishments and a frame to complete your project. Steps and supplies needed are included on this page.


Fall/Halloween Candy Bouquet

Fall/Halloween Candy BouquetThis candy bouquet is a good choice to make as a fall festival sale item for your organization or as a centerpiece or bit of home decor. This page contains the instructions and photos needed to make your own fall/Halloween candy bouquet.


Fall or Halloween Illuminated Bags - finished luminaria

Making Fall Illuminated BagsWhile this project began with a kit you can make your own fall themed illuminated bags to use not just for Halloween but on through Thanksgiving. Come Christmas, switch to luminaria. This page provides tips for making these paper bag decorations.


Halloween Hand Puppet - a witch and a vampire paper hand puppet

Making Halloween Hand PuppetsUse colored paper to make these, fun to play with, Halloween hand puppets. They are a great addition to a party or family gathering on All Hallows' Eve. This page includes instructions for making a vampire and a witch. Use your creativity to fashion other characters.



plate with Honey Mustard Pork Loin with veggies

Honey Mustard Pork Loin with ApplesThe flavours of this roast pork loin smothered in apples is perfect for the fall season. Use the freshly roasted pork's juices, along with some honey and mustard, to make the perfect sauce to accompany it. The apples, once browned and cooked down, can be pressed down on with a fork to make an effortless applesauce for your dish. This is one of my favourite pork dishes, by far!


Instant Pot Teriyaki Chicken

Instant Pot Teriyaki ChickenEasy to whip up teriyaki chicken in an instant pot, takes just 8 minutes to cook!


Avocado Breakfast Wrap on plate

Avocado Breakfast WrapMy daughter has gotten me to crave wraps with avocado, which is a heart healthy food to include in your diet. She found some gluten-free wraps at our local grocery store. I had never eaten a wrap before, that I could remember. To me, a wrap is something you throw around your shoulders.



Winter Wonder Bathroom - finished snowman decorated toilet

Winter Wonder BathroomI wanted to decorate my guest bathroom in something cheery for my grandchildren when they come over! I wanted to do something they can relate to, a snowman in the bathroom! Here's how!


Thanksgiving Turkey Veggie Tray - awesome turkey veggie tray

Thanksgiving Turkey Veggie TrayVeggies and dip are a common food item for annual Thanksgiving spreads. Why not spruce it up by making it look like a turkey? This veggie tray is super cute and very easy to put together. I used hummus as the dip here, but you can use any kind you like!


Bringing Fall Indoors Artwork - finished artwork

Bringing Fall Indoors ArtworkMy kids love bringing the outdoors inside, but I prefer the outdoors (rocks, leaves, dirt, sticks/branches, sand, etc.) to be outside. I suggested doing art with outdoors they could bring in and my son loved the idea.


Rubber Foam Stamps on Bottle Caps - 5 foam stamps

Rubber Foam Stamps on Bottle CapsCall me crazy, but I do collect plenty of plastic bottle caps. I just collect them thinking I might be able to make something out of them. I wasn't wrong after all.


Scrap Quilt for a Baby Boy - finished dark blue scrap quilt

Scrap Quilt for a Baby BoyThis baby boy quilt is made from scraps of fabric I had leftover from other projects, which I did not want to go to waste.


A beef patty made inside a ziploc bag.

Make Beef Patties Inside Ziploc BagOne of my absolute favorite meals is hamburgers. I always mix in at least 1-2 seasonings, the most flavorful for me being ranch and onion powders. I dread the mixing and shaping part though because bits of the ground beef sticks to my hands, as I roll and flatten.


Two-Tone Ribbon Bow - finished pale yellow and orange bow

Two-Tone Ribbon BowYou can easily make your own two-tone bow out of pieces of ribbon. I like this one because it's glittery, fluffy, and super easy to put together.


"Gotcha" (Chipmunk) - closeup

"Gotcha" (Chipmunk)While at the botanical gardens in Tempe, Arizona, I saw the chipmunk along the trail having a little snack and striking a pose! Gotcha little guy!


A coffee grinder for making fine coffee powder.

Cheap Espresso PowderUse your coffee grinder to grind 1/2 the amount of ground coffee. Ground coffee has not been brewed yet, so it is stronger than espresso powder and you will need less.


Mist and Smoke (Manx) - kittens in a crate

Mist and Smoke (Manx)I found Smoke and Mist abandoned at a gas station. I fed them leftovers for a week and got them in a carrier. Mist turned out to be a Manx I think with no tail only a nub. Smoke is a Manx with a long tail. It is longer than other cats. Could they be brothers?



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Repairing the Trim on a Vinyl Fendi Purse?I have a vintage Fendi bag made from a vinyl material and the trimming is damaged. Can it be replaced?


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Replacement Shuttle Hook for a Kenmore Sewing Machine?I have a Kenmore 10 stitch sewing machine. The model number is 385-1249380. I am looking to the replace the shuttle hook, Ref.#1- part #47.


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Nursing Dog Not Eating or Drinking?My dog has been nursing for 2 weeks and hasn't produced enough milk so a few days ago I started feeding them myself along with her, but now I have to force her to nurse and she has stopped eating and drinking. What can I do?


Identifying Porcelain Dolls - blonde doll in the plastic box

Identifying Porcelain Dolls?I have two dolls I was given around the time of my birth in 1993. I don't want to open the boxes.


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Tips for Washing Hair with Hard Water?Does anyone have some tips for washing hair with hard water?


Value of a Collector's Choice Porcelain Doll  - doll in original box, wearing a t-shirt with "Smile" on it

Value of a Collector's Choice Porcelain Doll?I cannot seem to find this particular doll on eBay or anywhere to find out its value. She is a Collector's Choice doll with "Smile" written on her shirt.


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Getting WD-40 Smell Out of Jeans?My son got Silly Putty on his new jeans and so I used WD-40 on them and it worked. I soaked the jeans in the sink and then washed them separately in my washer, but I still cannot get that smell out. What can I use to get the smell out?


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Name Ideas for a Home Daycare Business?I am opening up a new home daycare center. I am looking for a catchy name with rainbow, butterflies, or my son's name Emery.


Value of a Vintage Seeburg Jukebox

Value of a Vintage Seeburg Jukebox?I have a 1962 Seeburg Select-O-Magic DS100H. It is in very poor condition and non-working; it has 45 rpm records still inside. Any idea of its value? I am listing to sell. My stepdad owned it and ran a bar in Texas for 40 years, which has now been sold. I am cleaning out storage.


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