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This page contains growing guides for vegetables.

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Cucumber Blooms

Cucumbers Turning Yellow?This is a page about cucumbers turning yellow. There are several reasons your cucumbers are turning yellow.


Zucchini Plant Not Growing Fruit

Zucchini Plant Not Growing FruitThis is a page about a zucchini plant not growing fruit. Your zucchini plant is growing very well and even flowering, but not setting fruit.


A young cabbage plant with out a cabbage forming.

Broccoli, Cauliflower, and Cabbage Not Forming Heads?There are actually quite a few reasons that these veggies don't form heads. Prominent among them is that temperature and water requirements are not being met. This is a page about broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage not forming heads.


Tomato Plants
Not Producing Fruit

Tomato Plants Not Producing FruitThere are lots of leaves, but no tomatoes. Why are my tomato plants growing, but not producing fruit? This page offers solutions and advice about why your tomato plants not producing fruit.


Homegrown sprouts on a kitchen table.

Growing SproutsGrowing your own sprouts at home can be fun and will ensure that you always have fresh sprouts on hand. This is a page about growing sprouts.


Collard Greens growing

Growing Collard GreensThis page is about growing collard greens. This hearty, nutritious vegetable is a staple in the southern US, and has its best flavor after the first frost.


Supporting Tomato Plants

Supporting Tomato PlantsThis is a page about supporting tomato plants. Tomato plants generally need to be trellised or supported in some way.


Growing Corn

Growing CornThis is a page about growing corn. Many home gardeners would like to include corn in their vegetable garden.


Growing Eggplant

Growing EggplantThis page is about growing eggplant. A delicious vegetable that likes to be pampered.


Holes drilled in the bottom of a bucket.

Use a Drain Bucket When Washing Vegetables OutsideI use a drain pan in my kitchen quite often and I thought it would be good to have a drain bucket on hand when washing garden vegetables outside. It gets the excess water out.


Make a Little Hothouse for Early Tomatoes - pull down over the top of the pot, tie with a cord with a slip knot so that it can be raised later

Starting Tomatoes in a HothouseTomatoes need to be protected from frost and cool temperatures. A plastic tent can help keep them warm and give them a head start on the season. This is a page about making a little hothouse for starting tomatoes.


Flower Bed Okra Plants

Growing Flower Bed Okra PlantsFlower Bed Okra is a strain of okra developed by a man in Texas, that grows like a shrub with many branches and gets over 5 feet tall. This seed variety doesn't appear to be mass produced.



Pulling beets from the ground.

Growing Beets in Georgia?This is a page about growing beets in Georgia. Because beets are a cool weather crop it is best to plant the seeds in early spring or late summer to early fall in Georgia.


A variety of vegetables.

Growing Miniature VegetablesMost small vegetables are not really miniatures, and are grown like other vegetables, but possibly closer together. Of course there are also dwarf varieties that easily lend themselves to growing miniature veggies. This is a page about growing miniature vegetables.


Woman holding up vegetables from her garden.

Growing Your Own FoodThis page is about growing your own food. With a little work, deliciously, fresh vegetables can be grown in your very own garden.


Growing Vegetables in the Mountains

Growing Vegetables in the MountainsThis page is about growing vegetables in the mountains. When living at a high altitude your garden growing season can be limited.


Growing Turnips

Growing Turnips?This is a page about growing turnips. Turnips are a great choice for the home garden as both the root and the leaves can be eaten.


Growing Parsnips

Growing ParsnipsThis is a page about growing parsnips. This biennial root is usually grown as a annual. They are best harvested in the fall or early winter, as their flavor improves with exposure to near freezing temperatures.


Corn growing in a three sisters mound.

Growing Corn, Beans and Squash Together (Three...This is a page about growing corn, beans, and squash together (three sisters). The tradition of growing corn, beans, and squash together for their mutual benefit began with the Iroquois.


Growing Leeks

Growing LeeksThese sweet and mild flavored cousins of the onion are easy to grow in your garden. This is a page about growing leeks.


Iceberg Lettuce

Growing Iceberg Lettuce?This is a page about growing iceberg lettuce. Crisphead or iceberg lettuce is not difficult to grow although it does have different growing requirements than leaf type lettuce varieties.


stack of railroad ties

Using Railroad Ties for Raised Vegetable Beds?This is a page about using railroad ties for raised vegetable beds. While a convenient material to use in creating garden beds there may be concerns associated with their use.


Growing Gourds

Growing GourdsThis page is about growing gourds. Though not very good to eat, gourds are easy to grow and useful in many other ways.


Growing Peppers

Growing PeppersThis is a page about growing peppers. Peppers are a popular vegetable garden choice.


Lettuce Crops

How to Rotate Your CropsRotating your crops helps to prevent depletion of nutrients, reduces pests, and is overall beneficial in improving your vegetable garden's production. This is a page about how to rotate your crops.


Growing Zucchini Squash

Growing Zucchini SquashZucchini is a popular summer squash for the garden. This is a page about growing zucchini squash.


Photo of a head of cauliflower growing.

Growing CauliflowerThis page is about growing cauliflower. This vegetable is especially delicious when grown in your own garden.



Growing Summer Squash

Growing Summer SquashThis page is about growing summer squash. An easy, quick growing vegetable that produces lots of fresh squash in the summer and fall.


Heirloom Tomato Varieties

Growing Heirloom VegetablesThis is a page about growing heirloom vegetables. Growing heirloom vegetable gives you the opportunity to collect your own seeds for next year's garden.


growing food in a greenhouse

Growing Vegetables in a GreenhouseThis is a page about growing vegetables in a greenhouse. You can get a head start on your garden or grow vegetables year round in a greenhouse.


Field of Pumpkins

Growing PumpkinsThis is a page about growing pumpkins. Pumpkins are very easy to grow and then fun to eat and decorate.


Growing Potatoes

Growing PotatoesThis is a page about growing potatoes. Potatoes are an easy crop to add to your home vegetable garden.


Lettuce growing in a box.

Growing LettuceThis is a page on growing lettuce. Imagine being able to run out to your garden and get all you need for a fresh salad. Growing your own lettuce is an easy and a great way to get fresh greens into your diet.


Celery new growth

Growing CeleryMany of us love crunchy celery stalks plain or with peanut butter. They are also an important ingredient in many recipes. Have you thought of growing your own celery?


hand holding a bunch of radishes

Growing RadishesThis is a page about growing radishes. It includes advice about planting, harvesting and soil recommendations for growing your own radishes.


bunches of beets

Growing BeetsBeet seeds are actually small fruits that each contains 4 to 8 potential seedlings apiece so don't plant seeds to thickly together. If not thinned properly, they won't develop roots worth harvesting...


Photo of tomatoes growing in a hanging basket.

Growing Tomatoes Upside DownUse hanging baskets found in yard sales and in local Dollar Tree stores as the base for your own attractive hanging plants. I added grass clippings along the outside walls to hold in the soil or you can use moss.


Zucchini and Flowers

Growing ZucchiniZucchini is a fast growing member of the squash family (cucurbitaceae) with a long, cylindrical shape, smooth, dark green (sometimes yellow) skin and creamy white-green, milky-flavored flesh. Zuccini are also referred to as courgette, especially in Europe.


Basket of mushrooms

Grow Your Own MushroomsStudies have shown that when Shiitake, Oyster, and Enoki mushrooms are eaten as part of our regular diets, they can lower cholesterol, moderate blood sugar levels, reduce stress and enhance our immune systems.



Growing PotatoesGrowing guide for potatoes. The potato is a perennial plant from the nightshade family, grown for its starchy tuber.


A collection of Brussels sprouts on a countertop.

Growing: Brussels SproutsBrussels sprouts are members of the cabbage family. The edible "sprouts" look like miniature cabbages and grow around one main, thick, green central stalk that can grow several feet in height.



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Summer Squash Not Growing Large?This summer my zucchini and yellow crookneck squash plants are thriving and producing tons of tiny fruit, but the fruit is not growing and developing like it should. The fruit gets to 4-6" long and seems to quit growing. I fertilize regularly and water daily.


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Collard Leaves Turning Beige and Withering?I planted some Georgia collards and the leaves on some of the plants are turning beige and withering up. Do I cut off the leaf or leave it on the plant?


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Planting Spaghetti Squash?I live on the mid north coast of NSW and someone gave me spaghetti squash seeds. When do I plant them please? I only have large pots, will this be OK?



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Companion Planting?Why are lettuce and parsley bad companion plants?


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Growing Cauliflower?I have six cauliflower plants. One has a head, but the other five have nothing. What is up?


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Growing and Harvesting Loose Leaf Lettuce?I planted some leaf lettuce in my garden and it is doing pretty good. My question is how do I harvest the lettuce and what can I use to take away some of the bitter taste? I've tried it straight from the garden and it tastes kind of bitter. I would like to try to make a salad from it, but don't quite know how to harvest the leaves and how to take the bitter taste out of it.


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