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Alberta Spruce Tree

Alberta Spruce Tree Turning BrownThere are several possible causes for the browning of an Alberta Spruce tree. This is a page about an Alberta spruce tree turning brown.


Norfolk pine when healthy.

Norfolk Pine Needles Turning BrownThis is a page about Norfolk pine needles turning brown. It is common to see Norfolk pines for sale in the winter, but for many people these beautiful trees turn brown rather quickly.


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Holly Tree With Yellow Leaves and Black Spots?What is causing black spots and yellow leaves on my holly tree?


Diseased looking leaves.

Weeping Cherry Tree Has Brown LeavesWhen the leaves on an ornamental tree begin to turn brown, it is time to determine the cause before you lose the tree. This is a page about weeping cherry tree has brown leaves.


Split Tree

Saving a Split Tree?This is a page about saving a split tree. Storms and heavy branches can cause a tree to split. Sometimes there are ways to repair the damage to keep the tree alive.


Sketch of a weeping cherry tree.  One half of the tree has leaves, the other half does not

Something is Eating the Leaves on a Weeping...This is a page about something is eating the leaves on a weeping cherry. Identifying what type of insect that is eating the leaves on your ornamental tree is the first step toward treatment.


Dogwood tree in spring.

Leaves Turning Brown on Dogwood Tree?This is a page about leaves turning brown on a Dogwood tree. While the leaves may brown before they fall in Autumn, brown leaves on a Dogwood tree in other seasons is often a sign of poor health.


Pine Tree With Brown Needles

Pine Tree With Brown Needles?This is a page about a pine tree with brown needles. Browning needles on your pine tree are generally indicative of a problem you need to identify in order to save your tree.


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Growing and Caring for Mayhaw Trees?This page is about growing and caring for Mayhaw trees.Growing best in wetlands, this southern, indigenous hawthorne has tart, red berries used to make jelly and jam.


Replanting an Uprooted Tree

Replanting an Uprooted TreeThis is a page about replanting an uprooted tree. When a tree has been uprooted, serious damage can occur to the root system. With proper care, some trees can recover.


Crepe Myrtle Tree with flowers and leaves

Leaves Falling Off a Crepe Myrtle Tree EarlyThis is a page about leaves falling off a crepe myrtle tree early. Early leaf drop can indicate a number of concerns regarding your tree return to good health. Determining the cause is the first step in helping your tree.


Closeup of Sweet Gum Tree leaves

Problems With A Sweet Gum Tree?Many yards contain sweet gum trees and they can have issues with pests and disease. This page contains advice about problems with a sweet gum tree.



Pecans growing on a tree with green and yellow leaves.

Pecan Trees With Rotten PecansPecan trees are susceptible to weevil infestations and fungal diseases. Too much rain can be the cause of the fungal issues. This is a page about pecan trees with rotten pecans.


Sap Dripping From a Tree

Sap Dripping From a Tree?Sap can begin dripping from a tree for a number of reasons, including bug infestations. To stop the flow you will need to determine the cause. This is a page about sap dripping from a tree.


man using a hedger to prune an evergreen shrub

Pruning EvergreensThis is a page about pruning evergreens. Evergreens can be used in numerous ways in your yard and garden. Keeping them pruned regularly will keep them healthy and beautiful.


Orange Maple Leaves

Maple Tree Losing Its Leaves Early?Maple leaves turning color is a sign of the arrival of autumn. However, if your maple's leaves are turning early, it may be a sign of distress. This is a page about maple tree losing its leaves early.


tree orchard

Straightening a Leaning Tree?This page is about straightening a leaning tree. Sometimes a tree may need some help to strengthen the trunk.


Weeping Cherry Tree

Saving My Weeping Cherry TreeThese beautiful ornamentals are subject to damage and neglect that can put them in danger of dying. This is a page about saving my weeping cherry tree.


A tree with a broken main trunk.

Saving a Tree with a Broken Main Trunk?Saving a tree with a broken main trunk may be possible. The rotting portion can be removed and the the cut sealed. However, this is not always successful and sometimes the tree must be cut down.


A brown crepe myrtle leaf.

Crepe Myrtle Leaves Turning Brown?If the leaves on your crepe myrtles are turning brown you will need to do some sleuthing to determine the cause. A cold snap may be the culprit. Too little water in the summer is another cause. For potted trees, check soil moisture. Many nursery plants are root bound. Consider replanting. Quick attention when you crepe myrtle leaves start to turn brown generally can save your tree or shrub.


A blooming Mimosa Tree.

Growing Mimosa Trees in New Hampshire?Mimosa trees originated in the tropics, but grow well up through many moderate climates as well. Growing mimosa trees in New Hampshire may be difficult with the long winters, but it can be done if proper care is taken.


Weeping Cherry with blossoms.

Weeping Cherry Has Small LeavesSometimes when a new tree is planted it can suffer transplant shock which can effect overall growth including leaf size. It should start to show signs of improvement after it settles in. This is a page about weeping cherry has small leaves.


Pine Needles

Problems Growing Pine Trees?Pine trees are often easy to grow but some pines can be prone to disease or not drought tolerant. This is a page about problems growing pine trees.


Fallen Tree

Dealing with a Potentially Hazardous...A tree that topples at the wrong time or in the wrong place can cause significant damage to your home and property. Worse yet is the possibility that it could injure or kill someone. This page is about recognizing and dealing with a potentially hazardous tree.


Street Trees

Taking Care of Street TreesThis is a page about taking care of street trees In urban and suburban environments, street trees add value in a variety of ways, as well as adding aesthetic beauty to the local community.


Arborvitae Turning Brown

Arborvitae Trees Turning Brown?This is a page about arborvitae trees turning brown. These versatile, attractive trees from the cypress family are used extensively in landscaping, and prefer moist well drained soil.


Brown Birch Leaves

Birch Leaves Turning Brown?This page is about birch leaves turning brown. When your tree shows signs of bad health you want to figure out what is causing it.



Damaged Tree Bark

Repairing Damaged Tree Bark?This page is about repairing damaged tree bark. There are ways to help a tree heal when the bark is damaged by insects, animals, tools, or weather.


Split in bark on ash tree.

Raywood Ash Trees Have Hollowed Out...My two 7 year old raywood ash trees have slowly developed long oval-shaped, hollowed out areas on the trunks. I noticed the trunks have quite a few ants traveling around these areas. What should or can I do?


Crepe Myrtle

Crepe Myrtle Leaves Turning Yellow?This is a page about crepe myrtle leaves turning yellow. Crepe myrtle trees are susceptible to a few plant diseases or insect infestations that may damage their leaves.


old oak tree

Oak Tree is Losing Bark?This is a page about oak tree is losing bark. Determining the cause of your oak tree shedding its bark is important to providing proper treatment to improve your tree's health.


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Acer Tree (Maple) Lost Leaves?I have got an Acer tree and it has lost all of it's leaves. Will they grow back or have I lost it?


Treating Tree Cankers

Treating Tree CankersThis page is about treating tree cankers. Dead areas on the bark need to be treated to maintain the health of the tree.


Crepe myrtle with few leaves.

Crepe Myrtle Tree Not Leafing Out?We have a line of 10 crepe myrtle trees and one of them seems to be dying. Only one branch has green leaves on it. Does anyone know about these trees/bushes? Thanks ahead of time!


Woman planting young tree.

Staking a TreeThis is a page about staking a tree. When planting a new tree, you will need to decide if it needs staking and then follow some simple steps to ensure success.


Tree Covered with frost

Preparing Your Trees for WinterThis is a page about preparing your trees for winter. Preparing your trees before the winter will not only protect them from frost but also boost their health for the next growing season.


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Tree Leaves Have Black Spots?What stops the black spots on the leaves of your trees?


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Leaves on Potted Dogwood Tree Drying Out?I received a baby dogwood tree as a present last week, I would like to plant it this coming week. I have watered it and have taken the tree outside for sun a few times, the leaves are starting to dry out, is the tree damaged? Maybe I did something wrong?


Horse chestnut tree in corner of garden

Horse Chestnut Tree Dying?We have a tree at the bottom of the garden which is dying. I was wondering if there was any way to prolong its life. I need advice/guidance.Thanks.


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Potted Japanese Maple Losing Its Leaves?I have a Japanese maple that has been in a pot for 5 years and has flourished every year until this year. I happened to notice that it was dropping its leaves. Could this have something to do with the cool, damp spring we have experienced on our coast or could it be root bound?


Trouble with a Dwarf Stella Cherry Tree?I have a Stella cherry tree that's in a pot. It's swarming with black flies. It is 2 years old. The sap has leaked down the stem and set hard and the leaves are withering up. What can I do?


Leaves and Fruit on Bing Cherry Tree Dying?I have a bing cherry tree that has product cherries in small amounts. This year it was loaded with cherries, but the leaves are really small and so are the cherries. Over half of them have just died and so are some of the branches. What should I do?



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Blue Spruce Needles Turning Brown?We have blue spruce trees that have brown branches from the bottom up. The top of the tree is very healthy. We have noticed that the brown branches have new green growth on the tips now. What can we do for the trees?


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Maple Tree Leaves Dying in Patches?I have a maple that is approximately 20 to 25 years old. About three years ago, it began losing large areas of leaves by late June. The following year, the leaves do not reappear leaving large areas of the tree bare.


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New Growth Branches Falling Off Crape Myrtles?I have two crape myrtles that are 10 -15 feet tall. I have never had a problem until this year. I'm noticing small, new growth limbs (6-12 inches long) falling off. The limbs are full of green leaves, though the leaves have become soft and droopy.


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Tiny Holes on Trunk of Weeping Willow?I have a weeping willow tree that is 4 years old. The tree has holes about 1/8 of an inch in diameter all around the trunk. The leaves are starting to get yellow.


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Getting Rid of Large Caterpillar Cocoons on Beech Trees?Help! I have a garden full of native beech trees, and over the last week or so I have an infestation of web like cocoons covering my trees and tree shoots.


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Leaves on Tulip Tree Turning Yellow and Dying?I have a 4 year old tulip tree; it is about 7 ft. tall and the leaves are turning yellow and dying. It has never had any blooms. It is in full sun, what is wrong?


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Saving a Tree Struck By Lightening?I have a 20 year old weeping willow tree that was recently hit by lightening. It only broke a small branch off, but left a wound on the bark near the top of the trunk. It has since lost all its leaves.


Spruce Tree is Dropping Needles and Branches Dying?We have a spruce about 30 feet tall that has been here since we moved in 5 years ago. Recently on the back side (little/no sun) all the needles have fallen off and the branches are brown. Then some of the middle of the tree branches are facing down like the needles are too heavy..


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Leaves on Fruitless Pear Are Very Light Green?I have two fruitless pear trees. One looks really good and the other, looks very pale this year. The leaves are a light green. They're about 6 years old. I am afraid I will lose it. Maybe someone out there can tell me what I might do.


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Trees Dropping Leaves and Branches are Brittle?I have 3 very large, magnificent trees (all different types, but I do not know the names of them). They are all loosing their green leaves and I do not know why. The branches from which they fell are now dry and brittle. Can anyone help me please?


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Old Blue Spruce Tree Is Dying?Recently we had a tree cutter remove some branches from the middle portion of our blue spruce tree. It appears that now many of the surrounding branches are beginning to turn brown.


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Difficulties Growing a Sugar Maple?I have a Sugar Maple that I planted in our front yard 15 years ago and half of it is growing well and the other half is stunted. I have to trim the growing half back to be equal with the other side. The stunted side loses it leaves earlier than the other side, too.


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Digging a Trench Through Tree Roots?I have a mature sweet gum tree that shades my sun room nicely, but I need to run a drain tube down the side of my house. However the roots of the tree cross the area where the drain tube has to go. How much of the roots can be cut without it killing the tree?


Maples Leaves Turning Brown?What causes browning leaves on variegated maple trees? I originally thought it was sunburn, but we have had very little sun this summer.


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Nellie R. Stevens Holly Trees?I have just planted Nellie R Stevens Holly Trees. I love them but I can't find what I am looking for searching the web. I know that spring time is a time they shed their leaves. I am not sure about how and when to prune them.


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Repairing Branch On "Rose of Sharron" Tree?How do you repair the branch after bugs have made a home in it. The branch is still alive but it is falling, I've tied it up. Will it self mend or is there a glue out there?


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Tree Damaged During Transplanting?I am transplanting a London Plane tree that is approx. 2-3 yrs. old. When digging it up part of the trunk was damaged including removal of some bark and some of the side roots. What can be done to help this tree survive?


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Bark Peeling at the Base of a Weeping Cherry?I have an 8 year old weeping cherry tree with peeling bark at the base of the tree. The trunk is also sunken in a bit under the peeling bark. The affected area faces south. Could it be from the sun? I also found an insect casing at the base of the tree, it looks like a pupa case.


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Purple Robe Locust Tree With a Split?I have a purple robe locust tree that the main trunk has split, but a 1/4 of the trunk is still intact. Can my precious tree be saved!


Harlequin Maple Leaves Browning On Edges?Planted a Harlequin Maple in May this year...loved the color of these leaves. Just noticed lately that every leaf on it is brown along the edges. Here is a picture of a leaf. What can I do to stop this from happening next year or prevent it from dying if that is what is happening.


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Dry Rot in Trees?We lost a main branch from our tree in the backyard. I found what it seemed like dry rot. I scraped out excess but what can we do to repair e.g. put in a fill to prevent further rot?


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Helping a Live Oak Tree?My husband and I are having trouble with our Live Oaks in our front yard. The couple that lived here before us had them planted when they moved in but obviously did not take care in raising them. They are straggly and just now growing properly. My neighbor came over and trimmed some of the dead branches and some of it is slowly coming back.


Tree suckers growing from pruned sections

Removing Tree Suckers And Water SproutsWhen gardening, preventing problems from occurring is often easier than dealing with them after they appear. This is often the case with tree suckers and water sprouts. If not removed immediately, they will zap the vitality from healthy trees as they continue to grow.


A large tree that has fallen into a house

Recognizing When Trees Become...A tree that topples at the wrong time or in the wrong place can cause significant damage to your home and property. Worse yet is the possibility that it could injure or kill someone.


Trees next to sidewalk

Taking Care Of "Street" TreesStreet trees add value by reducing traffic noise, lowering energy costs, increasing property values, and purifying the air, not to mention the aesthetic beauty they add to the local community. If "street" trees fall under your care, here are some tips for keeping them healthy and looking great.


Preventing Winter Damage

Preventing Winter Damage to Trees and ShrubsIf you live in a climate where winters are severe, you've probably already discovered that the snow and cold weather can cause severe damage to trees and shrubs.


maple leaves with fall color

Preparing Your Trees for WinterFall is one of the most important times of the year to take care of your trees. By taking a little extra time now to prepare you trees for winter, you'll see the results of your efforts well into the next growing season.



Struggling Weeping Cherry Tree - tree with few leaves

Struggling Weeping Cherry Tree?I have this tree, that I planted about 4 years ago. Last year and this year there have been no flower buds and not great leaf growth either. What is needed to fix this? Is there a fix? What is wrong?


A small Alberta spruce.

What's Wrong With My Dwarf Alberta Spruce?I got a tiny dwarf Alberta spruce for Christmas, and it looked happy in January and February, and grew some new young branches. Recently, these new branches started to brown one after the other, while the soil seemed to be moist enough, and I did not change my care for the tree. As seen on the picture, drainage is secured.


Avocado Tree Has White Powdery Areas on Trunk - something that looks like powdery mildew on trunk

Avocado Tree Has White Powdery Areas on Trunk?I live in Florida and have a small Mexicola avocado tree. It has white powdery places on the trunk. I am not sure what it is or how to treat it.


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Fixing a Leaning Tree?We have a Japanese maple tree that has been in the ground 20 years, part of one side started to rot and it is leaning. Can this tree be straightened?


Potted Crepe Myrtle Trees Flowers and Leaves Dying - sad looking trees

Potted Crepe Myrtle Trees Flowers and Leaves Dying?I bought 4 crepe myrtle trees, about 7 ft tall. It looks like they are in shock and all of the leaves & flowers died. I only missed one day of watering, and am continuing to water daily. They are still in pots. I live in Western Gardening zone 9. Please advise.


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Saving a Split Texas Ash?Is it possible to save a split Texas ash tree? It is 10 years old and I don't want to lose it. I am trimming back the other limbs and hope that will remove enough weight from the trunk to give it time to heal. Should I band the trunk together? What about sealing the cuts?


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