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A guinea pig eating a leaf.

Guinea Pig PhotosThe guinea pig is believed to have been domesticated around 5000 BC. These cute, social rodents make good pets. This page contains guinea pig photos.


Sugar glider being held in a hand.

Sugar Glider PhotosThese cute unusual little pets are arboreal gliding possums native to Australia, New Guinea, Tasmania, and Indonesia. They eat nectar, tree sap, insects, and seeds. This page contains sugar glider photos.


Chinese Water Dragon lizard on a white background

Chinese Water Dragon PhotosThis page contains Chinese water dragon photos. This asian lizard is common throughout southeastern Asia and China. It can grow up to 3 feet and live for 10 to 15 years.


Two white llamas isolated on a white background

Llama PhotosThis page contains llama photos. These domesticated South American relatives of the camel are known for their fine wool.


Pet Macaw

Pet Macaw PhotosThis page contains pet macaw photos. These beautiful parrots can be very entertaining life companions.


African Gray Parrot

African Gray Parrot PhotosThis is a page about African gray parrot photos. These smart, medium sized birds make wonderful lifetime companions.


Pet Goat

Pet Goat PhotosThis page contains pet goat photos. These playful, mischievous animals can be fun pets and give you fresh milk.



Parakeet/Budgie PhotosThis is a page about parakeet/budgie photos. Pet birds are often very colorful and fun to photograph.


Baby Chick

Chick PhotosThis page contains chick photos. These adorable baby chickens are fun to raise and capture in photographs.



Pet Rabbit

Pet Rabbit PhotosThis page contains pet rabbit photos. These animals are so cute, soft and cuddly and are sometimes trained as a household pet.


brown filly

Filly PhotosThis page contains filly photos. Young female horses are beautiful and spirited.


Pet Hedgehog being held.

Pet Hedgehog Information and PhotosThis is a page about pet hedgehog information and photos. Hedgehogs are a good choice for a family pet if you are looking for an exotic pet that is small, relatively easy to care for, and quite friendly.


Our FinchesWe started out by rescuing a finch from outside our window ledge. We then decided it needed a mate. Little did we know that they would fall in love with each other. It was truly amazing to watch them nurture their young.


Nina Maria (Bunny)Nina Maria is less than 1 year old. I got her on December 4 of 2010. It was a gift. My pet loves to run around and go crazy when I let her have her fun out and run.


Farrah (Sable Ferret) Farrah is a 4 year old Sable Ferret (Fuzzbutt). We got Farrah from a lady who was rescuing ferrets. She was very timid and not very friendly.


Daisy (Burro)Daisy is my 8 year old BLM (Bureau of Land Management) standard donkey/burro. I got her 2 years ago, as a rescue. She was living in a 12x12 foot pen for two years, I couldn't leave her there!


Spud (Dark Brahma Chicken)This is Spud, my 2 month old cockerel chicken. His breed is a Dark Brahma. I hatched him out early last spring along with his only sister. This breed grow slowly and take longer time to mature then any other breed I known.


Vinegar for Cleaning Bird CagesEqual parts white vinegar and water works great on cleaning bird cages and leaves a fresh scent. Most importantly it is safe for parrots.


Weasie the Weasel (Ferret)Weasie the Weasel is 1 year old or so. She is a ferret. This lovely woman found a person who could not keep her and put it on and I found it and took it.


Frozen Peas and Corn for Pet BirdsAmongst the many pets I have, there is a sulfur -crested cockatoo, a rescue bird, who is a real joy. He came to us in extremely poor health, nearly dead in fact He had been fed most of his 4 years of life on dry dog food of all things.


Gigalo (Horse)This is my very best friend. His name is Weed Smokin' Gigalo and, NO I didn't give him his name. His birth "parents" did.


Spike (Little Corella Cockatoo)Spike is 4 years old and a Little Corella Cockatoo. I got him at Christmas time. I had just lost a beloved cockatiel and was hoping for another one to love.


Stormtrooper (Chicken)Here is a picture of my little brother with his pet chicken that he named Stormtrooper.


Sudburri (Chinchilla)Sudburri is a 4 year old Chinchilla. I got Sudburri at a pet store.



Cleaning Your BirdcageCleaning the parakeets cage is not fun. I try to do it every 1 1/2 to 2 weeks. I take everything out and apart and wash in hot soapy water. I love my parakeets, Sky and Bonnie.


Uno (Hamster)This is Uno sitting in a child's slipper.


Tinker (Moluccan Cockatoo)Tinker is a 15 year old Moluccan Cockatoo. I Adopted him from ParrotsR4Ever Avian Rescue for my wedding anniversary on Nov. 1, last year Tinker likes to shred newspaper with my husband; he thinks that all newspaper belongs to him.


Lily (Guinea Pig)My guinea pig lily climbed into a shoe in hopes to retrieve a carrot. She loves her carrots.


Otis (Horse)Everyday Life in Steinhatchee, FL. Although there aren't as many horses there now as there used to be, you will still see quite a few. There is no place in the little town that horses and their riders aren't welcomed.


Signs Of Illness In Your Pet BirdIn the wild a bird will hide any signs of illness for as long as possible. If a bird is ill, and the other flock-members know it, they will kick the ill or injured bird out of the flock, because they know that one ill or injured member will be a threat to the rest of the flock.


Dewey and Daisey May (Ducks)Well papa was so lonely because a fox had eaten his partner, so, we had to get him a new lady. Wow! It was love at first site. Here are Dewey and Daisey May.



Maii (Uromastyx)Mali is over 6 years old. She is a Uromastyx. My daughter bought it while working at Petsmart. She thought that she looked sad always hiding under a rock. She likes to eat dandelions! It gives me new purpose to 'WEEDING' now!


Bambi (Deer)This baby was found in the bush, near a friends farm last summer, all by itself his mother had been killed by a hunter. He loved to go for walks on a long lead.


Precious (Ferret)Precious is a 1 year old Ferret. I adopted her through from a woman who adopts the litter when they are young and trained them. By the time you adopt the ferrets they are litter trained and they do not bite. They like people.


Mama (Leopard Gecko)Mama is a 7 year old Leopard Gecko. I adopted her and her sister from a woman who didn't want them anymore. He likes to eat worms, and bask in the sun


Scooter and Rascal (Ferrets)Scooter and Rascal are 7 year old Ferrets. Scooter was Adopted from a boy who could no longer keep him. We have a little dark colored girl ferret named Rascal, who was purchased for my daughter. Ferrets are such adorable pets, smart and very amusing!


Save Parrot Food In Your FreezerIt is recommended that you feed your bird a variety of vegetables for optimal health. I keep a gallon-size plastic zip bag in my freezer for this purpose. I add to it as I have bits and pieces of different items that I don't have enough to do anything with.


Imogene (Goat)Imogene is a 2 year old part boer, part not too bright! She was born on our small 20 acre ranch. She likes to eat and get into trouble.


Odin and Loki (Ferrets)Odin, the dark one, is 1 and Loki, the white one, is almost 2. They are Ferrets. I got Loki for my birthday and I got Odin as a playmate for her year later. They love to hide their toys from one another, steal my balls of yarn while I am knitting or hide in my yarn bag.



Dizzy (Yellow Sided Green Cheek Conure)Dizzy is 9 months old and a Yellow Sided Green Cheek Conure. I got her in early November 2009. It was an impulse purchase. She likes to steal scabs, eat sunflower seeds, play peek-a-boo, bite, dance, chatter to herself, and coo at the finches in their aviary.


Sid, Billy, Quinn and Andy (Society Finches)This is Sid, Billy, Quinn, Andy. I don't know how old Sid and Billy are, but Quinn and Andy are about 4 months old. They are Society Finches. We got Sid and Billy from PETCO, and they made Quinn and Andy.


Scooter and Rascal (Ferrets)Scooter and Rascal both are around 5 years old. They are Ferrets! Rascal (the girl) is the dark colored cutie and we got her first. Someone couldn't keep Scooter (the yellow ferret) and so we took him.


Peaches And Cream (Lovebirds)Peaches and Cream are two year old Love Birds. I found them on internet in my home town. They kiss a lot, go in and out of their cage and chirp a lot. These are just so darn beautiful, I just had to share with everyone. Are these beautiful or what?


In Memory Of Dusty (Chinchilla)Dusty was 7 years old. She was a Standard Chinchilla. My son and my husband were at home together due to a school snow day about 7 years ago. To my surprise, Dusty joined our family that day.


Juju (Sun Conure)This is our beautiful bird, Juju. We think she is about 5 years old. She is a Sun Conure. Conures come from South and Central America. We got her about 4 years ago as a rescue. Her former owners didn't realize how noisy and demanding conures can be.


Izzy (Box Turtle)Izzy is a 2 Year old Three Toed Box Turtle. I bought him two years ago. He likes to eat strawberries. This is his new outdoor pen.


Chocho (Coatimundi)Chocho is an 8 year old Coatimundi. He was a rescue. Chocho likes to play and eat chocho eats bugs, birds, mice, snakes, various fruits and vegetables, but spiders are their fave! This is a picture of Chocho in one of our trees.


Sparkle (Florida White Rabbit)Here is Sparkle playing with the family and watching the dogs watch her. She is so adorable, our daughter rescued her from the local animal shelter. Sparkle is very affectionate and loves to be stroked and told how pretty she is.


Jake At Christmas (Conure)This is my baby Jakie's Christmas card this year! She is 5 years and a Red Headed Conure. It was my step grandmaw's. She likes to play in a cardboard box


Charlie (Gold Crowned Conure)Charlie is a Gold Crowned Conure and is 5 years old. We are fostering Charlie for a friend.


Ralph (Marimo Ball)Ralph is maybe two years old and is a Marimo Ball. I got Ralph about two weeks ago from my mom.


Cupid Kissing BrookeCupid greets Brooke with a kiss. It was a treat to visit my DIL's farm near Kipling, Sask. Canada and capture this precious moment. Brooke is my DIL's niece.


Happy Groundhog's Day From Murray The GroundhogHello, I'm Murray and, as you can see, I am a groundhog. Someday, I hope to be THE groundhog, you know the one that tells us whether there will be six more weeks of winter or not. When I have that power, let me tell you, spring will start early every year!


Keeping Your Aquarium Clean?I have a fish tank and I keep cleaning it but about 2 days later, it's dirty! Does anyone have any tips on how to keep it clean for longer?


Fancy (Tennessee Walker)Fancy is 14 years old. She is a Tennessee Walker mare. She is my first horse. I bought her 10 years ago. She likes to eat candy and gives kisses.


Chicklet (Arab/Quarterhorse)Chicklet is 20 years old and is an Arab/quarterhorse that I rescued. She loves to hang out with her other horse friends and graze on the meadow grass.


The Oscars (Red Oscar)These are our two Red Oscars. They are both about 8 inches long and live in a 50 gallon tank in our dining room. They don't really have names, they are just "The Oscars".


Rudolph (Black Masked Love Bird)Rudolph is 1 1/2 years old and is a Black Masked Love Bird. I got him Christmas Eve 2005. I got him from a friend that raises birds. He loves to do tricks on his swing. Out of his cage, he follows me around the apartment.


Blue Man ChuBlue Man Chu is a Japanese Fighting Fish. I received him as a gift.


Vada (Pit Bull), Jade and Suki (Blue Point Siamese)Vada is a two year old American Pit Bull and the kittens are 8 week old Blue Point Siamese.


Pretty Boy (Squirrel)This little guy has been living in my backyard for about a year. You can see he loves to eat at the table and chair I got for him!


3 pets on couch

Alvie, Tommy and Coco Lounging on the CouchAlvie, Tommy and Coco Lounging on the Couch. Alvie is a 3 year old black Lab, Tommy is a long haired domestic cat 4 1/2 years old and Coco is a 1 1/2 year old Chocolate lab.


Diva the Cat and Bear the PuppyDiva the Cat and Bear the Puppy. This is Diva the Cat and Bear the Puppy. Diva is a 2 year old Calico and Bear is a five weeks old Cocker/Aussie Shepherd. . .


BB (Parakeet)BB is about a year old and is a parakeet. We stopped by PetsMart to pick up food and BB was being so cute that he had to come home with us. Our cockatiel needed a buddy hence the name BB (Bert's Buddy)


Madison Ann (Clydesdale)Madison Ann is 5 weeks old and a Clydesdale. She was born on the farm on April 10th. She likes to run, play, and act like a human.


Wiggles Lory (Lory Parrot)Wiggles Lory is a 2 year old Lory Parrot. Someone bought her and then decided she didn't want him anymore. So she gave him to us.


3 Friends - Sammi (PekePoo) Tinkerbell (Cockatiel) and Snowbell (Cat)I was amazed to see the bird content to be so close to the dog, on the back of the couch. I grabbed the camera to capture Sammi, our PekePoo and Tinkerbell our Lutino Cockatiel and immediately upon framing UP POPPED Snowbell, our cat.


Horny ToadsThey aren't named and are very young. We have had them for about a month. They are Horny Toads which are common to the desert area. They like to lay around eating crickets and grasshoppers.


Nibler (Ferret)Nibler is a 4 yr. old ferret. We got him from freecycle. He likes to sleep in funny ways and hide.


Peppy the ParrotThis is a picture of my husband and our Parrot Peppy. My grandmother gave him to us after my Granddaddy passed away. They have had this bird for 30 some years. When my grandfather went to heaven the bird went into depression.


Molly (Dusky Conure) and Sammy (Sun Conure)Here is a picture of Molly and Sammy. Molly is a 12 year old Dusky Conure. Sammy is a 13 year old Sun Conure. They love to play out of their cage. They want to eat whatever we are eating. They love spagehtti, ice cream, waffles, pancakes etc. There isn't much that they won't eat. They also talk and can be quite vocal at times!


Felix (Green Cheek Conure)This is Felix, my 7-yr old Green Cheek Conure. This was taken in 2002 in Houston, TX at the Conure Chat Convention. He's a sweetie!


Bird sitting on computer table.

Duncan (Australian Galah)This is my pet bird 'Duncan'. He an Australian Galah. I got him as he was emerging from his egg so I am the only mother he knows, he was found in a nest when a tree was chopped down with 2 other half hatched babies. I reared them and believe me it wasn't all fun.


Ducks for EggsDon't be a chicken - raise a chicken! Seriously, if you can, own a couple of chickens in your yard and have fresh eggs daily. We have a duck and use duck eggs.


Teff - A One-Horse-Powered Lawnmower Here is the coolest, most "green", one-horse-powered lawnmower anyone could ever have! This is Teff, our 6 year-old, miniature, "sea"-horse. Since we got him at 8 months old, he has kept the lawn on our lighthouse station mowed beautifully. How does he travel, you ask? He's been by both ship and helicopter and takes either mode of transportation quite in stride. By Rene


Chinese Goose

Pooh Bear (Chinese Goose)Pooh Bear is a Chinese goose, that we think is three months old. We've had Pooh about a month. He was a runt and since I've gotten him he has shown a malformed foot and wing. He is handicapped and loved.


budgie on cage

Bing (Budgie)Bing is a three year old Budgie. Initially, I bought Bing as a birthday gift for my husband. Bing was in a bin with close to 50 other birds and it took two employees and a fishing net to catch him.


Petunia (Vietnamese Potbellied Pig)

Petunia (Vietnamese Potbellied Pig)This is Petunia, she will be 8 yrs. old this July. She is a Vietnamese Potbellied Pig. We rescued her as a orphan when she was just a few days old. She likes to sunbathe in her kiddie pool and steal my husband's tools when he is outside working.


3 turkeys

Ben, Henry and Tammy Faye (Turkeys)Ben, Henry and Tammy Faye Turkey all hatched in Spring '09. They are Bourbon Reds. I purchased them for pets. They like to stand on the pickup hood and look at themselves in the windshield. Sure does scratch the paint though.


Vincent Van Goat (La Mancha)Vincent Van Goat is approximately 1 year old. He is a La Mancha (earless breed) goat. We rescued him from an animal shelter when he was a baby.



Dizzy Lizzy (Iguana)Dizzy Lizzy is about three years old. She is an almost 4 foot Green Iguana. I purchased Dizzy Lizzy from on the internet from an locally placed ad. She loves to climb. Dizzy Lizzy as all iguanas like to be up high.


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