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Taking a check out of an envelope.

Frugality And A Question Of Morals
Many times the cash in the envelop marketing I look forward to. I take that and donate to a charity or library preferable children one. If it comes in during a holiday I buy stamps for the armed services. The envelop it came from I shred and use it in my compost...


A box full of limes, lemons and oranges.

Using Up A Surplus of Food
One of the best for all. We have a deli person who gave us fresh buns and I using my browser look up uses and wow from puddings to stuffing to you name it. I took out my( quickie pie maker )short for making meat pie individual and frozen them I was given this...


Tomatoes growing in a garden.

A Green Frugal Life
sometimes we forget things like undeveloped cherry tomatoes to make old favorites. I really enjoy reading people are so much alike to save the earth .


Measuring spoons next to caps that measure the same.

Substitutes for Measuring Spoons
I love it. How many times I lost a measuring spoons.I making a chart and enclosing tops for my grand daughters who love to cook. This is a treasure and never thought of it.


Morning Glories Growing Wild - pretty purple morning glories

Morning Glories Growing Wild
I enjoy morning glories in CT as they bring color to Fall and my window boxes. I started swapping seeds with my Georgia son and a few people have joined the round robin sharing their seeds from other states. We enjoy hearing who got the first showing , what...


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Button Swap
I have been a button person for several years. Last year when moving I spotted my aunts navy pea jacket button in my pack. Buttons are many times your history when so and so visited or play with. Today my aunt is 84 and her gift from me will be the button with...


A freezer filled with vacuumed sealed foods.

Living With Less Is More
your story is what I believe in and made it a hobby so my older children take notice. People dont know of the real value since by your habits you save on electric, gas all our natural sources of waste. Less garbage less lost of spoiled food also means less...


Pearl Water Falls Centerpiece - finished centerpiece on table

Pearl Waterfall Centerpiece
What a piece of art. Great


The Lonely Daffodil - daffy against a grey wall with its shadow

The Lonely Daffodil
I have one in my yard near the concrete wall a neighbor built. Before they bought the old house to fix, the yard was filled with flowers. The former owner went fishing and feed the cats in front yard. They were the most beautiful daffodils and covered a1/3...


Using coins at the self check out line at the grocery store.

Paying with Coins at Self-Check Out
thank you It is a great idea and I plan to do it.


A vintage gold trinket on a white background.

The Thief In Your Closet and On Your Shelves
I thought I was the only one that does the math about clothes, trinkets etc. I have a box for the thieves every week out of my house. I found by brain math I have saved$$$ and only buy when I really need it. I already regained a closed in porch space so now...


A Thanksgiving table set and ready for dinner.

Living Within Your Means
My first bill to be paid is $25.00 to myself so I dont worry about emergencies. I keep an appointment book and check off NO SPEND days. I can tell you my eyes were big as saucers I could survive!!!!!!!!I use the computer for leftover ideas (Thrifty Fun) is...


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Reuse "Clean" Paper Towels
One of my staff told me that years ago. Her Italian grandma hung them out all the time. Thanks for reminding me .


A before and after weight loss photo of Atossa.

How I Lost 125 Pounds on a Budget
THANK YOU I enjoyed your email and suggestions. You gave me needed information that I reeeeaaalllyy needed.


A black and white photo of a child holding a lollipop.

Theories for a Frugal Life
I reread it and was happy that not just for saving money you were saving our efforts for a better eco-system. I always like this thrifty fun site just as a reinforcement of many sharing my views too.


A jar full of dollar bills.

Have a Frugal Mindset
I enjoyed your story very much. I now go thru the store saying I can make that , plus feel great I didnt waste no just money but worrying later I spent to much or bought too much that for me it could end up in the garbage or donating to a food pantry. I also...


Smaller Bottles for Laundry Products Make Doing Laundry Easier - three labeled bottles

Smaller Bottles for Laundry Products Make Doing Laundry Easier
Yes Ive done the same. Everything I can I transfer to smaller sizes. Not only for size ,I can my size labels on them so I can see what is in the bottle or jar.


Gaskets cut from egg carton styrofoam.

Emergency Gasket from an Egg Carton
We were coming home in the middle of the night and the head gasket broke in half. Being two females with a panel truck we walked in to a gas station and asked some guys if we could borrow a few tools. They had big smiles on their face sure said one . While...


Homemade Vegetable Bouillon in cup

Homemade Vegetable Bouillon


Refilled water bottles in the refrigerator.

Refilling Water Bottles to Save Money
thank you. Ive been doing this for year. I reuse only 4 x then into the recycle bin for safety sake.


A park with a floral display in the center of the driveway.

Being Frugal Can Be Hard Work
I agree but it is fun to find another way to extend or save without feeling it. Yesterday I found a new site that includes foraging which I never done. So now I have a new hobby and can not wait to make my own violet vinegar with wild flowers. Today I really...


A picture book for a toddler that was ripped and then repaired.

Our Throwaway Society
Its true we had family to learn from many living near by. I was from a poor family and didnt know I was poor till I was told at 74 years old. I laughed and thought here was a person whos family she rarely see and only gives NEW presents at holidays. My tribe...


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Getting Free Furniture?
I found free furniture 0ver 40 years ago. My large family used it and the quality was great. @ end tables, 2 dressers and kitchen chairs. I was always tight on money and never felt ashamed about picking up free crubside items. Buy caring for the items one 45...


Single Senior on a Limited Budget

Single Senior on a Limited Budget
I too senior budget and using the help from many of thrifty fun readers used several tips. One was start looking at what Im eating in what amounts. That saved big $$$ as I was throwing away too much. MAKE A MENU start with 3 days and expand. Piggy bank for...


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Start Small Project To Combat Insomnia
I thought I was the only that understood that stress was sleepy time enemy. I clean out junk drawers, iron quietly but nothing that makes noise.


Corral Those Plastic Bags

Corral Those Plastic Bags
A big thank you. I will use the 2 hooks on my shelf where I hang them loose . It will clean up the bugling bag. Keep the ideas coming.


Fan Patterned Fingerless Gloves

Fan Patterned Fingerless Gloves
As I sit here I have a big smile on my face. Before I read my email I was washing my fingerless gloves, I got for Xmas from my favorite niece. Same color as mine. I wear a pair to bed so I wouldnt scratch and during the day I can save heat by keeping my hands...


Cleaning the toilet.

Mould and Mildew Spray to Clean Toilet
Want to share this chuckle with you. I just finished washing the bathroom sink and said I do the toilet later. With big guys in the family the toilet I do daily. So I decided to see if anyone has an easier cleaning idea than me. Whoa there in front of me was...



Identifying and Caring for a House Plant?
It is a magsacar (Hope I spelt that right). Mine is over 20 years old. Also have one that is 15 and will hit the ceiling by next year. I give them a good watering once a week.


Two bucks eating grass

Spending The Evening With Deer
We had 2 acres of land a huge pond shared with a red fox,a herd of deer,10 rabbits, 4 dogs,4 cats with 5 sons. No one bother each other and on Wednesday night all shared spaghetti. You had to see the red fox with spaghetti hanging from his mouth. The deer after...


hook with hangers

Hang Over the Door Hooks Upside Down
I just learned that about wrinkles and using hangers. It works great. My dryer decided it didnt like me anymore and I need an idea how I could save my pull over tops. Saw this way to do it use it all the time.


Cocoa Butter Cream Moisturizer Recipe - jar of cream

Cocoa Butter Cream
You can buy it in a Dollar store.


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Finding Donated Yarn for Charity Project?
Call the Womens clubs in your area. If you dont have the number call the Chamber of Comerence speak to the secty shell help. Call your church pastor and they can direct you. Also you ask at A.C. Moore store who they donate to. Also your local real estate agents...


Skillet Bread

Skillet Bread
I was so surprised how good it turned out and shared it with neighbors. Now as Im going through my kitchen shelves preparing for winter meals I found the recipe from last winter however Im not doing any till I make it as a Xmas gift. Great recipe.


container garden

Frugality, Foraging and Farming
The truth is to ask even call local forestry to see if you can pick or take. Last night someone picked( lets use the right word STOLE) all my sons tomatoes. He was upset since it was a small garden and he shares his bounty with elderly neighbors. How they got...


container garden

Frugality, Foraging and Farming
you are right I will try your freezer muffin idea. thanks


container garden

Frugality, Foraging and Farming
Thank you for writing about stretching our senior funds. I make sauce the way you do and mini bags to the freezer for 1 serving. I was so delighted to read others do things like me , nice to have company in the empty nester senior community.


frozen veggies.

Adjusting to a New Life
Being alone and cooking can be fun. Im a mother of 5 grown sons,5grandchildren and 3 grand grand so cooking for family was quite a shock to cook for one. Then I found this site and it made me unlock my brain. One woman wrote how to make containers of slice...


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Landlord Rights to Evict?
Go to any store like Staples and there are legal forms. Have your husband sign power of attorney to you and it is all you need to start eviction. In prison they have someone who can notarize it. This form allows you to act on your husbands behalf. You can get...


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Power of Attorney for Parent?
See your attorney asap. If your mother is in a nursing home they will give you a copy. If your sister is willing get a copy from her. Whoever made your mothers will is the first pick for your choice as he knows the family situation. According with your state...


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Organizing Plastic Storage Containers?
Very frustrating looking for the RIGHT top or size then I realized after using them in the woodshop ,kitchen, crafts just plain storage for years the tops were winning so today all loose tops and containers are being evicted and start fresh. They also helps...


Packaged ham ready for the freezer

Have Butcher Cut and Repack Bulk Meat
Thank you as Ive been doing the same for years. My butcher in a local big box store loves it when he can offer suggestions on how to make things stretch for families. I get the biggest turkey cut in for or six sections and have 12 different ways to cook over...


A pat of real butter.

Don't Substitute for Butter
Im 80 years old and was on welfare during the war. We would get a package called oleo with white stuff that looked like lard with a small seasoning package inside. You keep squeezing that white stuff and orange looking flavor thing till the white stuff was...


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LLC Name for Property Management Business?
Make sure your state does not require a real estate license. Also you need business insurance that includes all coverage. A LLC has limited coverage to protect what you own. Also on file have current copies of all leases of tenants keep very good books of all...


Learning Frugality

Learning Frugality
For years we bought reasonably I thought then we lost so many things. I started to have fun with what was left and now 10 years later still having fun by reuse repurpose or recycle with the help of using a computer. Today I will make doggie biscuits with peanut...


Using an Applique to Repair a Torn Bed Sheet

Using an Applique to Repair a Torn Bed Sheet
I really liked that. Also fix baby sheets, pillowcase just about anything that needs help.


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Repurpose Waste Water
I save the shower water in the tub and use for washing the floors. Every way I can use it I do. I water my in and out plants too. I take a gal bucket and wash my outdoor furniture. I can tell you I reduced my bill by $10.00 a month just by going green. Potato...


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Cleaning Your Refrigerator
I thought I was the only one using the bath tub method. Thank you


Closeup view of hanging spray bottles.

Organizing Under the Sink
I got a kick out of the bar I used a spring curtain rod. Keep the suggestions coming I enjoy this site.



Cook With What's On Sale
Im glad for sites like these as I been using my browser which takes longer to get a true recipe for my Sat. cleaning refrigerator Day Thats the day I try to eliminate wasting food before grocery shopping. Using sites like them has helped me with my no spend...


Growing a Willow From a Cutting

Growing a Willow From a Cutting
I would like one to be a gentle neighbor to my 200 yr. old Popular tree (tulip) tree. Your cutting information was just what I needed. I have Ash Creek in the rear of my house and it could self water like my big one. According to Save A tree my popular can...


Chain Link Fence with Flowers

How to Dress Up a Chain Link Fence
I enjoy your articles on gardening and including trees. You really spell out the beginning to end planting and care. Thank you for sharing.


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Reflections on a Frugal Year
I must say when I had to really cut back this year I thought of how. Well with your wonderful friends of this web site it brought me happiness. I laugh so often because I can do it and they gave me the knowledge to see I had the skills so start using the brain...


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Substitute Hamburger for Sausage
Never thought of that. Great idea as I always have spices on hand. I rarely use sausage as it is costly in our area lately. This is why I enjoy this site so much for the sharing.


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A Simple Way To Conserve Water
I have my washer in the bathroom so while wating for the hot water to shower I run the water in the tub. Then I throw that water in the washer to use for laundry.


Retrieving Jewelry Dropped in a Sink Drain, Water dripping in bathroom sink

Can Saving Water Save Electricity?
I save water from the shower then use it for washing floors , cleaning the toilet, cleaning garbage cans etc. I throw a bucket full in the wash too. I also have a dishpan in the kit. sink so rinsing vegs or need to run water I dont waste it. I use it to water...


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Master Grocery List
Please as for a copy of the grocery stores directory they give copies out free. That way you can not only make your list to match food location, your coupons match where the items are but saves time and confusion. When I start shopping this way I saved 10% put...


When Are You Being Too Frugal?

When Are You Being Too Frugal?
I live on an unstable income. So I set up with basics once every 3 months. I mist say many of the things on Thrifty Fun has saved the day. I give myself a $25.00 check a month. This goes to the bank foe my rainy day. Next I use the computer by getting recipes...


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Save Mixed Beans and Grains for Soup
Sometimes I think of a good idea like that then get busy and forget. Also make perfect gift for an elderly relative when visiting them.


A woman using a calculator to add up expenses.

My Frugal Life: How I Make Ends Meet
All of you make me feel happy. Every Sat. I clean out my freezer to see what next week food menu will be. Then I realize I only need milk and peanut butter. I enjoy reusing everything and my niece is the one who claims a person came live on $10.00 a week and...


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Reuse Plastic Jars for Freezing Food
I keep all the jars and lids. The lids mostly for jar top on mason jars. All kinds of jars not just plastic. I use a plastic jar to hold my extra grocery bags in the emergency kit of the car. If I pump gas or put oil in I use the bags as gloves. Plastic I like...


My Frugal Life: Living With Very Little Money
Wonderful as I not only spread the word to my sons I have my grandchildren thinking same. The person who really helped me was a 70 yr. old lady who said use a measuring cup or spoon when cooking/baking not guessing by the eye. I was able to see how much I was...


A basket of line dried laundry

Do It Yourself
Always enjoyed this authors ideas. Have used many of them. Keep them coming.


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Use Hairspray For Wasps
I thought I was the only one who did this. I had a spider the size of a fist and I drowned it on $1. Dollar store . It was a spider that was reported dangerous. Came in by food packing. WOW so I use it whenever I dont know if it is alive or dead. Easy to clean...


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Using Storage Bags for Freezing
I thought I was the only one in love with Glad press and seal. When my family gave me a roll I told them I had it with plastic. One day (Sunday) when I do a weeks meal I was out of foil. Thats when I used this product. I use it doing many things that must stay...


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Dealing With Unsolicited Phone Calls and Messages
I sing to them.I would get as many as 20 telemarketers a day. So I decided since I cant sing why not practice on them. My favorite is Im only a bird in a Guilded cage that was my mothers favorite. They call back I sing God Bless America. I even had one call...


shelf over window

Create Display Shelves Above Windows
I forgot this great idea then when I needed space this month your picture reminded me.Thanks for sharing.


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Make a Habit of Returning Cart
Im glad some people do the shopping cart in and out . If someone just finish with theirs I offer to take it back so I can use it.I hate seeing one hit a car or a child.


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When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going
For cost cutting ideas in your food shopping use for using your leftovers use that will bring your grocery bill down. For fun use I cut my expenses by 31% in one year. also decide what day your...


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Reusing Bed Skirts
Everyday I spread the word about this great site. Now from your ideas I can use to small skirts to equal 1 and they match my comforters. Thanks


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The Joys of Recycling
I love the posts. Keep them coming. I intend to share with businesses we deal with. One of our vendors is a mover think of how they help. Hats off to your posts.



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