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A dog sitting on the snow.

Is My Dog a Malinois?
What a beautiful friend you have , he certainly looks like a Malinois . Did you get him from a breeder ?? If so you should have a registered certificate for him. I would advise to take him to a veterinarian and get a DNA sample, also if you have just got him...


A water heater with a shorted out power supply.

Water Shorted Out Power In House?
This looks VERY dangerous, I would not advise to mess with it yourself. Please call a professional to deal with it , I am sure you can find a listing in the phone book or on line. And I would call the water company, they might have an idea on who to get hold...


A porcelain doll of a young boy.

Value of Jamie Lee Porcelain Doll "Jacob"
I would go on eBay and do a search. Put all the info. that you can find /a good description/any marks or company names/ and even where you got it from. You might not get the exact likeness but I feel you will get an idea from other simular pieces.


A doll without clothing.

Identifying a Doll?
I would do a search on eBay. First look and see if there are any identification marks or numbers on your doll . Put any thing you find in the search including a description of the doll . eBay is famous for having the most dolls listed. You may not find your...


A old painting of a Native American man.

Value of Chief Red Cloud Painting?
Go to Google and put in How to get a painting appraised It will bring up a site saying How much is your object worth -- Researching your Art. Click on it and it will give you sites to bring up. Then it is up to you to put in all the information you have to...


A collection of old porcelain dolls.

Identifying Porcelain Dolls?
I would do a search on eBay. Sorry there are no markings on your dolls. You would have to put in a description and hope that you will find some thing showing your dolls or atleast simular , eBay has the largest showing of dolls than any other site.


A porcelain lamp with a floral pattern.

Value of Porcelain Lamp?
I did a search on eBay to try and find an answer to your question. You should do the same . Put in Ginger Jar Lamp you will be surprised on just how many were listed. The prices were varied, if you do not find the exact one the same as yours, you will atleast...


An open cedar chest.

Value of Lane Cedar Chest?
If I want to find the value of some thing I usually do a search on eBay. Put in all the info. you have, the fact that it is Lane and you have a serial number and be sure to mention the condition. On eBay, even if you do not get an exact match, it usually gives...


A china plate with a gold and ivory rim.

Identifying This Lenox Pattern?
Have you tried a search on eBay. ?? Put in a good description and any numbers or marks that are on your plate . You might not find an exact match but it will probable give you a general idea of plates simular to yours.


A decorative lamp.

Is This Lamp Authentic?
It might be a good idea to check on eBay (it is in english) on a search put in a description of your lamp and any marks or numbers that you can find. You might not find the exact one , but rather a likeness that would give you a general idea .


An old rectangular lamp.

Information About Lamp?
You said you have googled trying to find any information on your lamp. Have you tried going on eBay and doing a search, put in a description of your lamp and any manufactures info. and any numbers you find . You might not find the exact lamp but you may find...


A worn knitted baby blanket.

Repairing a Baby Blanket?
I would take it to a craft store and match the thread with about the same color and texture as your baby blanket, and with a big eye needle hand sew the holes together, and then with fabric glue go over the stitches. I believe this will hold it together.



A child holding a stuffed toy.

Looking for Hippopotamus Fluffy Toy?
I find the best place to find a lost toy or one simular is on eBay. Do a search putting in all the information that you have, description/any numbers/ manufactures name / etc . It is said that eBay has the biggest collections of dolls and toys on any site.


A porcelain doll in a box.

Value of Franklin Heirloom Doll?
One of the best places to see if your doll is worth any thing is to go on eBay and do a search, eBay is listed as the site with the most dolls information. Put all the info. you have on the doll, description including any numbers printed on the doll, or manufactures...


An old steamer trunk.

Identifying Age of Chest?
Do I see newspapers at the bottom of the chest ?? You might be able to find the date on the newspaper , that would possible give you an idea of the age of your chest. Dates are usually printed at the top of a newspaper. Hope this helps !!


A small stuffed horse.

Looking for a Stuffed Pig Toy?
Hello, have you tried a search on eBay ?? Put in what you are looking for, any information you have on the item , describe as best you can. If you do not find the exact stuffed toy, you will atleast find some thing simular , eBay is the most sort after site...


A silver serving tray.

Information About Silver Serving Meat Tray?
I am almost sure it was made to serve meat on , you will notice that the piece has indentations and then a larger dent for the drippings to run into . If it was silver then you would find markings on the bottom of the piece, yours does not have any markings...


A china plate with a floral pattern.

Value of China Plate?
Most of the time if you want to find out the value of an item it is best to do a search on eBay. It is good that you have a mark and numbers on the back of the plate. Put in any information you can find. You might not find the exact plate, but will probable...


A set of three nesting tables.

Information About Mersman Nesting Tables?
Why dont you do a search on eBay, describe your item in detail, enter any numbers or marks that you find on the wood. You might not find an exact match but maybe simular that would give you a general idea.


The open steamer trunk.

Information on Vintage Steamer Trunk?
The SWASTIKA on this trunk makes it for a very interesting piece, it looks like it had been peeled off, do not try and clean it off in any way. I would get hold of an antique dealer and give him all the information that you have told here. Any thing German...


An end table with a puzzle on the top.

Value of Imperial End Table?
A good place to find the value of an item is eBay, do a search by describing your item, putting any information like date of table, any numbers or manufacture. You will probable find some thing simular to give you a general idea.


A doll in a rounded box.

Value of Doll?
A good place to find information is eBay. Do a search by describing your doll , put any numbers on the doll that you can find, also manufacture and dates. You will probably find a doll simular that would give you a general idea.


The front of a dictionary.

Value of Webster's Encyclopedic Dictionary?
A good place to find any information on your book is eBay. Do a search describing your book and the date , also the condition. You may not find the exact book , but will find some thing simular to give you a general idea. If it is not a signed edition, or over...


A collection of figurines featuring Santa and kids.

Identifying Figurines?
Try getting hold of an estate dealer, it is possible they have seen pieces like yours and could give you information that you are looking for. Or might even have same in an estate sale right now.



A small black dog sitting on the floor.

What Breed Is My Dog?
He does have the features of Shepard dog. You did not say where you got him from , if it was a breeder then check back with them for some proof of his back-ground. If it was in a pet store , then ask to see the proof on paper. If it was in a shelter, then it...


Three trays on a stand.

What Is The Age and Value of These Trays?
Any time I want to find out any thing about a certain item ---- I do a search on eBay. You will have to describe the item in detail. Look on your trays for any numbers/makes/manufacture/dates, any thing that would be reverent to finding out information on eBay...


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Value of Birthday Barbie?
If I want to find the value of any thing I always go to eBay. Put in a search with any information you have , description of the item and any numbers or manufacture name. You will probably find some thing simular if not the actual item. Hope this helps.


Information About Wardrobe?

Information About Wardrobe?
What a great piece of furniture, all the drawers and shelves intact. If I ever need to find out any thing about an item , I always go to eBay. Put in all the info. you have, if there are any numbers on the piece or name of a manufacture , it is possible you...


An old decorative ceramic pot.

Information About Ceramic Pot?
If I ever need information on an item I always go to eBay. Put in a description of the piece and describe any markings you can find and possibly any numbers . It certainly looks like it is a piece from either China or Japan. You might come upon some piece that...


An old stuffed bear in a boy's arms.

Finding A Vintage Stuffed Toy?
I would suggest doing a search on eBay, put in a description and any marks or tags that you can remember. It is possible you might find the very stuffed animal you are looking for .


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Keeping Bed Covers Straight?
Use a bed cover that is a lot larger than the usual size, at the bottom of the bed tuck the cover underneath the mattress , pinning each side with a large safety pin to the mattress, do the same half way up the bed, leaving room for you to get in.


An old wooden phonograph case.

Worth of a Phonograph Stereo Console?
Right now record players are in big demand , especially the old ones that are still playing . And with a radio is a big plus. If you want to sell I would advertise in a local newspaper or put it on Craigslist for your area. I would start the price around $400...


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Zebra Finch Newborns Left Alone?
I would leave all along, if you put your finger in and felt babies , even having a movement and a small sound it obviously was not dead. I would wait and see if the parents make any attempt to tend to their young. Is it possible that they do see to the babies...


Identifying a Silver Tray?

Identifying a Silver Tray?
Do try a search on eBay for your answers . Put in all the information that you have told here. I feel you will atleast get some thing looking like the tray that you have and it will give you an idea.


A doll wearing a black and white checkered dress.

Value of McDonald's McMemories Doll?
Bring up eBay , do a search, put in all the info. that you have mentioned here and you will find your answers . Your doll is listed on eBay .


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Charges For Housekeeping?
It sounds like the elderly gentleman is lonely and is looking for a companion more than housekeeper , you do not say if you know this person already . I would talk it over with the gentleman and find out the situation before you decide to do any thing .



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Present for Boyfriend?
First of all , make that two separate gifts, not his fault he was born in the Christmas giving month . Have you thought of taking him out to dinner at a nice restaurant or taking him on a date to a movie. Giving him a gift card so he can buy some thing HE likes...


Two porcelain dolls.

Seymour Mann Dolls?
Oh I am so glad you had the courage to post your story. I wonder how many others than my self felt the joy in you getting your first doll.


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Cleaning Rotting Pumpkin Smell From Car?
You did not say where the juice from the pumpkin got in the car. Assuming it was on the floor I would take white vinegar and lemon juice, mix half a cup of each in a spray bottle, spray the area , let dry , then take a wet water sponge and clean the spot, you...


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Arguing With Parent?
Happy Birthday !! Sorry to hear you are not getting along with your dad. Need to know your age, and a little bit on what you are arguing about, do you live there ?? Can you and he sit down quietly and talk it over , do you have a mother who could help with...


A porcelain Indian doll.

Value of Goldenvale Porcelain Indian Doll?
When needing an answer to the question of what some thing is worth I usually go to eBay and do a search and put in all the information that is available on the item. Just about all the time you will find a simular item for sale and it will tell you what is...


A vintage Lane cedar chest.

Vintage Lane Cedar Chest Value?
If I want to find out what an item is worth I usually got to eBay. In your case Lane Cedar Chest. I was really surprised to find quite a few listed as they are really heavy. The larger ones were mostly Local Pick-up . If you want a general idea of the worth...


A vintage silver butter knife.

How Old Is This Vintage Knife?
I would do a search on eBay. Put in all the information that you have listed, which gives quite a good description of the knife. You might find some thing similar that would give you a idea of the age !!


An ornately carved wooden desk.

Family Desk History Mystery?
That is a beautiful piece of furniture. It looks like it is hand carved. Look to see if any where it has a signature or a stamp. A good place to look is on the bottom, sorry to say you will have to tip the piece over to see. It is amazing that it still has...


A fly on a white surface.

Identifying Black Jumping Flies?
Having read the part about you are in the UK. That means you do not have any covering of your open windows , no mesh screens , I know I lived in England for 20 years, unless you have a really modern house, so you are out of luck with them flying into your house...


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Kenmore Fridge Not Cool Yet?
Most refrigerators have a knob you can turn starting with on/off and usually go up to 10 for how cold you want the refrigerator to be. I would look and see if you have a knob , it is possible you have not turned it on !!!


A clown doll.

Identifying a Rushton
I always turn to eBay to identify an item. Do a search by telling all you know about your doll and put on a good photograph .


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Making a Jigsaw Puzzle Board?
You can always cut a thin piece of plywood to fit the top of the table . If it is a puzzle you are doing you can always lift it off of the table with out disturbing the puzzle pieces. Home Depot has plywood and would cut it to your measurements for free.


A painful white bump on a thumb.

Painful White Bump On My Thumb?
I would go ahead and have a doctor look at it , it is possible you have been bitten by an insect and it looks like it has turned into a poisonous head, you might have to have it drained .


My Bratz and Barbies Keep Getting Darker?

My Bratz and Barbies Keep Getting Darker?
I do not see where you are doing any thing wrong. The less expensive plastics and vinyl do tend to get darker with time. If it bothers you , try wearing protective gloves (like Doctors do ) .


A brown and white dog on a red blanket.

Should I Neuter My Pitbull?
There are time that a dog is trying to tell you something by his behavior. Would seem that you really care for your dog with the statement I will not have him killed I would go ahead and take him to a vet and have a complete check-up, and find out if having...


A hand painted decorative plate.

Information on Taylor Smith Taylor Plate?
A good place to look is doing a search on e-bay. Put in a description and the makers name from the back of the plate, and the plate number.


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Ceramic Bunny Repair?
You did not say if you had the ears still, or even if they were broken in pieces. If is is possible I would try and glue the ears back on (if you have them) Gorilla has a quick dry glue or E6000 is an industrial glue which is good for crafts, but you have to...


Striped vintage drinking glasses.

Help Identifying Vintage Glassware?
I would do a search on e-bay, put all the info. that you have and see if there is any thing like your glasses .


A collection of Giuseppe Armani figurines.

Giuseppe Armani Valuation?
I would do a search on e-bay. You know they are Giuseppe Armani figurines, so that is a good start, look and see if they are signed any where , have a date or makers number. Put any thing you think reverent and compare any items that are like yours .


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Where To Recycle Mattress Pad?
I would check and see where your local thrift shop is , most do take linins and things, if it is in good condition then they will sell it at a reasonably price. Monies usually go to area charities.


A small dog looking back at the camera.

Is My Puppy a Pomeranian?
If you purchased the puppy in a pet shop and was told it is a pure breed Pomeranian then the shop owner should have given you registered papers. It does look like a Pomeranian but if you are not satisfied then contact the shop and ask for proof.


A bug on a piece of paper.

What Is This Bug?
It looks more like a Roach to me , they are harmless and will try to avoid you , they are usual an out door bug but occasionally is found in doors . They are scary to look at and will run like crazy but will not harm you !!


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Help with Finches?
Nature will take its course. I would not disturb the eggs , and I would not move the mothers . Just leave them along and let them hatch naturally .


A Fleetwood console stereo cabinet.

Value of Fleetwood Record Player?
I am afraid you paid a little too much for the record player as the market suggests that the going price is far less BUT all depends on what it is worth to you !! It will look beautiful once you restore the wood , and I hope you find that the record player...


A small bug on a towel.

What Is This Bug?
Looks like a Roach . They are perfectly harmless and usually die off after a couple days in the house , they are normally found outside. They are scary and not pretty to look at and very fast, you can buy Roach Spray that will kill them .


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Cats Pooping Under Deck?
I would try sprinkling dry coffee grounds around. Or make a solution of apple cider vinegar with water, 1 for 1 ratio and spray around (it will dry) , it will not harm them , they just do not like the smell.


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Dishwasher Will Not Start?
I would get hold of the maker before I did any thing and see if there was a warrantee also if there is a manual check on who to get in touch with .


A decorative porcelain doll.

Value of Pearl Cathay Porcelain Doll?
I would check with e-Bay to see if there is any on there for sale , just put in your info. in the search .


A collection Giuseppe Armani figurines.

Giuseppe Armani Collection?
If you are hoping to sell it the best place is e-Bay, enter all your info. and good photos of the items , I believe you can put up to 10 photos so the more you put in the better. Also do a search and see if their are similar pieces on for sale, it will give...


A bird in a nest.

Breeding European Goldfinch with Female Canary?
You can try, but be sure and watch to make sure they get along. Usually nature will take over if it is possible.


A blue and white china plate.

Value of China?
I would do a search on ebay, look for any name on your china , mint marks, dates , any thing you can find to identify the set, and then put in the search on eBay. Also check in the library for books on any collector plates.


A hole in a crocheted tablecloth.

Repairing Holes In Crocheted Tablecloth?
I would try and get thread the same color as the table cloth and hand sew the holes together , the crochet pattern is such that I dont think it will be that much noticeable. I would gentle on low setting use an iron to make the hole flat.


A wooden drop leaf table.

Value of Brandt Drop Leaf Table?
I would do a search on eBay, especially that you know the makers name, and be sure to put in that it is in such good condition. I was really surprised to see several drop-leaf tables for sale around $200 , I would have thought that it would be hard to sale...


A baby doll in a bonnet and blue dress.

Information About Doll?
If you have a local newsletter on your computer, ask for help by posting a photo and description , might be one of you neighbors would have information.


A figurine of a street flower seller.

Value of Leonardo Figurine?
If you have a local newsletter on your computer, put a photo and a description, it is possible that a neighbor would recognize it and be able to help you with your question !!


A collection of Britannica Great Works.

Value of Britannica Great Works?
No one wants old Encyclopedia or History books these days . You can find answers to any thing on a computer. You would be better off to donate them to a thrift shop and get a tax rebate.


A collection of the Family Bible encyclopedias.

Value of The Family Bible Encyclopedia?
No one wants old Encyclopedia or History books. You can find any answers you want on your computer. You would be better off donating to a thrift store and getting a tax relief.


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Sleepy Banana Tea?
I read that you should avoid drinking any thing after 8 o/c unless you plan to make several trips to the bathroom during the night .


An old record player.

Value of Old Record Player?
The old record player is coming back in style, especially with the younger generation . Original Sound Track Records are getting hard to find especially name brand recordings on the 50s bands. I volunteer at a local thrift shop and we do occasional get a player...


A painting of man in yellows, oranges, reds and browns.

Identifying a Painting?
Do you see a signature any where on the painting, or some sort of identification on the back ??


Wrap Banana Stems in Plastic - stem of bananas wrapped in plastic

Wrap Banana Stems in Plastic
I do this all the time ---------and it works !!!


Identifying a Garden Plant - shrub with dark green leaves and salmon pink flowers

Identifying a Garden Plant?
Oh my gosh, thank you for the info. always wanted a Rhododendron so that is perfect, will go ahead and re-plant it in the garden.


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Cleaning Out Dead Leaves and Debris From Under Our Jasmine Bushes?
First of all I would cut back the branches of the Jasmine bush, dont worry they will grow back , to where you can easily rake underneath the growth and if possible use a hand rake to clean around the roots.


Identifying Vintage Plush Toys - two stuffies

Identifying Vintage Plush Toys?
Do a search on google put in any information you can find, like description, manufacture, any numbers you might find, do you know if they were made in the USA . Also try eBay , also do a search with any information you have, a good start is putting in stuffed...


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Replacement Parts for a Toyota Sewing Machine?
I would get in touch with the Toyota sewing machine company , you have the model number and series and tell them your problem, look on the sewing machine itself and see if it has an address or telephone number to get hold of. You could also try a search on...


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Remedy for Dog with Itchy Ears?
It would seem that your dog has an ear infection, the only way he has relief is by scratching his ears and shaking his head. I would not bother with home remedies, I think you should make an appointment with a vet and get a cream or drops that the vet recommends...


Value of House of Lloyd Easter Bunny Figurines - two ruffled fur bunny figurines

Value of House of Lloyd Easter Bunny Figurines?
I love your Easter bunnies !! Try a search on Google put all the info you can find, maker/model/number/description and see what they come up with. Also go on eBay and see if there is similar like for sale, it will give you a general idea on what they are worth...


Value of Vintage Elvis Records

Value of Vintage Elvis Records?
I just put a search on eBay, you can too !! .There are hundreds of Elvis records for sale, some as low as $5.00, it has a lot to do with what song the record is playing and the condition. If you want to sell them it would be a good place to list.


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Additional Uses for Toothpaste?
I would do a search using Google as to what you can use tooth paste for , you will find it tells you of many uses. I really do not see any reason for NOT using expired tooth paste on your teeth . If you look on your tube of tooth paste you will find a telephone...


Identifying Porcelain Dolls

Identifying Porcelain Dolls?
I think your best bet to do is do a search on Google put all the information you have on the dolls and see if any thing comes up with your description. Also go on eBay and do a search, eBay is the worlds largest site that sells dolls , you might find some information...


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Finding Needles for a Kenmore Ultra Stitch 8?
I did do a search on eBay and did find a Q foot and needle pack for Kenmore sewing machine for sale. I am not sure if that is what you are looking for. Do a search of your own and see what you come up with. Good luck !!


Is My Dog a Pure Bred Husky? - dog with airplane ears

Is My Dog a Pure Bred Husky?
What a beautiful bundle of fur, BUT as for pure Husky, I just am not to sure of the ears. Husky ears are usually similar to German Shepard and those stick straight up , although it is just a puppy you can not truly tell right now. If you must know you can have...


Value of a Cathy Collection Porcelain Doll

Value of a Cathy Collection Porcelain Doll?
Check on eBay and see if there is a doll Cathy Collection listed for sale , this I believe is a mass production and I doubt if it is worth more than $30 to $50 . eBay is the worlds larges seller of dolls, you can get a general idea.


Art Work Ideas for an Unused Fireplace Cover - large plastic fireplace cover

Art Work Ideas for an Unused Fireplace Cover?
I think it would look really nice as a stone wall. Collect stones and pebbles of different shapes and use cement to stick them and let dry on to the plastic covering.


Name Ideas for Handmade Jewellery for Boys - beaded bracelet on black cord

Name Ideas for Handmade Jewellery for Boys?
Where the boys are. Main Man. Be a little different


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Value of a 1972 Set of World Book Encyclopedias?
Several ways to find out the value. Google all the info you have . How many books to the set/ condition of books/etc. Also go on eBay and see if there is a set listed for sale which is similar to your set. Also try Craigslist.


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My 1 Year Old Lab Just Died Suddenly?
I think the only way you will get to know what your dog died of is to have a vet do an autopsy . This would only be for peace of mind and satisfaction that there was nothing you could do. Also keep in mind that the vet bill will be quite expensive.


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Making Microwavable Heating Pads?
Thank you for your answers BUT I do not like the rice idea, it seems to make the materiel moist and I seem to smell the rice. Does any one have any other ideas ??


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Favorite Recipes from North Carolina?
Carolina Dogs North Carolinians love a Carolina dog 'all the way' ' topped with chili, slaw, onions, and mustard. Nothing more, and nothing less. If you can forget about Barbecue for a moment, this is one of N C favorite back-yard recipes.


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Gift Ideas for Boyfriend's 15th Birthday?
If he likes to read then get him a bookmark . I brought up eBay and in the search I put Book Mark Blue and it brought up some really nice ones , really not too expensive, any where between $3.00 and $12.00 . You can cover two thoughtful things. He likes to...


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