Using Loreal's Mineral Powder Makeup?

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I bought some mineral makeup by Loreal. I haven't worn makeup in 15 yrs and don't know what to do. I have used it 3 days and have been told I look wonderful. That is great, but I feel like I am doing it wrong or something. It is all powder and really does stay on until the end of my work day.


I am happy that it doesn't burn and it covers the Rosacea really well. I have been to Loreal's website and watched their video. I just don't want to waste it because it cost over $10 each bottle. That is a lot of money.

Sandy from Baltimore

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February 13, 20080 found this helpful

Sandy, you will love this product even more after
you use it a while. I started with Bare Minerals from
QVC A TRY ME KIT. Loved it, but a little pricy.
Tried Neutrogena when they came out with the
mineral make up. Wouldn't recommend it.
When L'oreal came out, you could only get it
at Walgreens Web Site for the longest time.


Then they started running $2 and $3 coupons in
the Sunday Coupons and Wal Mart and Walgreens
had it in stock. I LOVE IT! Would not put goopy
liquid make-up on again.
Love the powder too, try it, it goes on just like
the make up and lasts all day.
Watch the bare minerals informercials on TV
and get all the info on how to apply it.
QVC has all the powder, they call it Mineral Veil.
It is wonderful, but too pricy unless it is on
Post in a week or so and let us know how much
more you like it as time goes on.
It will improve the looks of your skin too. Ima

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By Deborah (Guest Post)
February 13, 20080 found this helpful

After putting the make up on the brush, gently tap the brush so all the excess goes back in the container . Then take the brush and buff it into your skin using a circular motion.


I also recommend watching the bare minerals infomercial and going to the QVC web site or the Bare Essencials web site for further instruction.

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February 14, 20080 found this helpful

I too just bought Loreal's "mineral" make-up. I bought 2 colors & I am NOT happy with either of them! I have worn other (powder mineral make-up) brands before with GREAT results! (The brand I LOVED was called "Fresh Minerals" & sold at Fred Meyer)... The reason that the results aren't great with Loreal's brand is that the FIRST ingredient on the list is TALC. This is NOT good. Most QUALITY "mineral" make-up's say "no Talc". Read the ingredients & make sure there is NO talc whatsoever in the powder mineral make-up you're buying. (I forgot to bring my glasses!). I know the difference for me was, that when I apply the "Loreal" Brand to my face, my face turns a bit pink (like it's irritated) after applying it. I wonder if it's the make-up itself, or the brush that comes with it that causes this?


I bought my Loreal "mineral" make-up (on sale 2 for 1) at Wallgreens drug store & I'm taking it back with (or without) a receipt. Then, I'm going to Fred Meyer to buy the brand I bought (& LOVED) last time! ("fresh minerals" ($12.99). If you don't have a Fred Meyer's near you, try Google-ing for the brand. I have a very unusual color of skin (it's a light "yellow" more like an Asian's skin tone, so I was very happy that they have many colors! Colors that match many skin tones even mine! I like the color called "Natural". Fred Meyer or most any drug store will let you return the make-up for ANY reason, even if it's been opened, with no questions asked (Even if it's just because the color is wrong!). So, go ahead & try Fresh Minerals, what have you got to loose!?


I liked the way this brand totally covered up my skin imperfections (I have a fungus infection on my face) without irritating the skin in the least bit. I'm very picky about cleaning & changing my make-up brushes with water & a bit of shampoo with several drops of bleach OFTEN! That's why I like to buy my OWN brushes, not likeing to use the ones that come attached to some brands of mineral make-up... Just buy 2 or 3 brushes (they can be cheappie ones) so you have a different one to use while the others are drying (upside down in a cup) & don't get in my position, be extra careful not to contaminate your liquid make-up or brushes. That's the nice thing about using mineral-power make-up: It's much harder for bacteria & fungus to grow in powder. If you use liquid make-up, buy the kind that has a "squirt-out" top & never touch the top of the container after you've touched you face! I'm amazed how stars let make-up artists re-use make-up after someone else has! GROSS! This fungus I have on my face has been hard to try to get rid of! (I've been to a regular Dr & a Naturopath & talked to countless pharmacists, I bleach my pillow cases often & have tried everything!) Be CAREFUL, never share ANY type of Make-up with your friends!


*One thing I was UNhappy with (at first) with the "Fresh Minerals" brand was when I first bought it, it had a scent, & because I am VERY sensitive to scents, this scared me a bit. But after opening it, the scent went totally away after a day or 2. So don't let the scent worry you, it will go away.

---> If I were you. (Because of the Rosacea) I would take the Loreal Brand back & buy a better brand that does NOT have any TALC in it. Because the talc can cause your skin to break out after several days or a week or so of use. All brands of Mineral Make-up are NOT the same. Look for brands that say "NO TALC". These are the best. The only exception to this rule is the super-dark mineral make-up powder made for women that have very dark skin. A bit of Talc is used in the super-dark colors to prevent an ashy look. Also, since you have Rosacea, please buy yourself a quality, soft, make-up brush & keep it SUPER CLEAN. Wash your face powder brush (& blush brushes) at least once every week, using a bit of shampoo in a glass of water with several drops of bleach like I do, but the bleach isn't mandatory. No! You don't have to spend $40 or $50 for a brush at the MAC cosmetic counter at a fancy Department store!... Just make sure that when you pull on the fluffy bristles with your fingers that a bunch don't pull out!. I have 3 brushes: One is a fancy $40 MAC cosmetic brand, one is from Walmart, & one is from the dollar store. They each work fine! Just be sure it's soft on your face & keep it squeaky clean!

PS. You'll know you have your make-up on right if it looks smooth & even. I too like the way it feels like I'm not wearing make-up. But it DOES tend to dry out my skin (I'm 53). So, I use a good moisturizer in the evening when I remove my make-up & again before bed. I also moisturize (after my fungus med cream) BEFORE applying the mineral make-up. Just be sure you give the moisturizer PLENTY of time to soak in before applying the mineral power foundation or it will look "cakey" & will go on way to thick.

---> ALSO: I had a bad case of Rosacea (about 20 years ago) It lasted for over a year. I went to a dermatologist & tried everything from Retin-A, to Benzoyl Peroxide & everything in between. I found out by accident (by reading a medical textbook for something else) that it was caused from an ingredient in an herb tea I drank every-other-day as a laxative. The Rosacea came on swiftly, out of nowhere when I was 33 & left just as quickly, (when I quit drinking the tea). When I read that there's an ingredient in "Super Dieters Tea" (an herbal laxative) that can cause Rosacea & can also cause permanent skin discoloration. This herb is also in many over-the-counter laxatives too. So beware, as it can really mess up your face! And Still, to this day, my face is supersensitive. I avoid anything with a Cinnamon scent (like candles & room fresheners & sometimes other womens' perfumes). I also avoid alcohol drinks & anything citrus. Be careful of Herbs.(Do your research) They can work WONDERS, but also can have nasty side-effects too.

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By Armine A (Guest Post)
February 14, 20080 found this helpful

I think it is good to get compliments from others. It always makes you full of life and energy. -armine

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By dar (Guest Post)
February 14, 20080 found this helpful

I know what you are going through,as I also have rosacea. First ask your family Doctor if you can have a prescription for Metrogel, it is made by galderma. I used to use a moisturizer made by Dove for people with sensitive skin in addition as rosacea is considered to be dry skin. (at least that is what I was told) Anyway I can not find the product anymore they keep changing products so much it's driving me crazy. At any rate talk to your Doctor first, because until you treat the condition itself nothing else will work and will tend to make it worse. Then make sure you wear the metrogel underneath makeup and a moisturizer,wait 20 min before putting makeup on. Oh and make sure the metrogel is dry first before you add the moisturizer (it usually dries pretty fast). Make sure you use product's for sensitive skin only. Almay may work it seems to be doing Ok for me but it took me a while to finally find something for myself to use. I also use pure and natural soap on my face it is a hypoallergenic soap and I do not have any problems with it. Also, It may take some time to find what works best for you, but I do know my daughter loves Dove and she has sensitive skin also so like I said you must talk to your Doctor first to treat this, it is great to not to be having these problems I had them for the longest time I had no idea what I had then it took me a while to find products I could use. So this is what works for us and I hope everything work's out in the end for you.Good Luck take Care dar

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By jmouse (Guest Post)
February 15, 20080 found this helpful

I use the mineral Makeup from It covers nicely and does not break my face out. Not expensive either. There products are natural and do have a 30 day guarantee. Look them up.

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By (Guest Post)
February 15, 20080 found this helpful

As far as using a makeup wrong, if you like the way it looks and others are complimenting you, you're using it corrrectly. The trick with mineral makeup is to use a little, and keep adding a little more until you're happy with the coverage. I'm not sure about your brand but I use Bare Minerals. At first, I was using inexpensive brushes and didn't love the result. I used a friend's "good" brushes and it made all the difference. They can be a big investment but are well worth it. Even if you don't want to buy a "department store" brand, I would recommend going to one and letting a sale's person do your makeup with a similar product. This way, you can see how they apply it and maybe learn some tricks. Just tell them you want to wear it around for the day before deciding if you want to purchase.

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By Michele (Guest Post)
February 18, 20080 found this helpful

I have only used Mary Kay's mineral foundation and it is absolutely fabulous! I have friends that have switched to Mary Kay after trying others. It is lightweight, transfer resistant, and stays on all day! The coverage is buildable so if you like a little more coverage, just tap a little more into the cap, swirl your brush around, tap the brush on the lid 3 times and swirl on your face starting at your nose. Repeat until you get the coverage you are looking for. The idea is to NOT look like you are wearing makeup, but to look like you have beautiful skin!

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February 26, 20080 found this helpful

i use bare minerals and it does not feel heavy at all the way the loreal stuff does...also even if i forget to take it off my skin does not seem to suffer, it is a little bit pricey, but lasts forever it seems! enjoy the compliments!

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March 3, 20080 found this helpful

I tried bare minerals after hearing so many people rave about the wonderful results they have had with it. It stung my face and after a while felt as if it was burning. I quit using it and have since tried a couple other brands of mineral make-up with great results. My point is, if you are able to wear it, get compliments on how great you look, you must be doing something right. We're all different and differing things work for all of us, so just find the one that works for you. Positive feedback would satisfy me!

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March 13, 20080 found this helpful

I use it as the bare minerals swirl it tap it in lid and brush it on in a round circular motion. I have ordered sheer cover and am a true believer so I only use that much cheaper then the bare essentials! loreal does work well if you apply it in a round, circular motion and spread this all over by brushing.

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By Cathy Shields. (Guest Post)
March 14, 20080 found this helpful

If you look great then I imagine you are doing it right. I love it. I used the concealer, foundation, glow, blush, and the finisher. I just use a circular motion to apply

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March 14, 20080 found this helpful

Avon has some great yet moderately priced mineral makeup in many shades. I combine two shades.

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March 15, 20080 found this helpful

I use this and I love it! I've never been able to use liquid makeup (oily skin just made it look too heavy and runny) Now I use this and I love it, it goes on light and stays on all day and covers the few pimples I get occassionally.

I also use Avon mineral foundation but it's a lot lighter and doesnt cover as well and seems to disappear after a few hours, or rub off on my clothes yech!

If you are getting compliments keep on using it!

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By Tracy (Guest Post)
March 19, 20080 found this helpful

I am 47 years old and have never worn foundation. People have commented on my fresh skin in the past but since getting too much sun last year on holiday I have developed red thread veins on my cheeks. I do not fancy having to wear anything heavy on my face and dont know if I should try a concealer rather than a light foundation, what do you think?

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March 19, 20080 found this helpful

hi tracy. sandy from baltimore here. i am still getting compliments. i would strongly encourage you to go to the store ( i went to cvs but i guess any drug store chain). i bought the shade that i thought would match me and i think it was the right choice. people have looked at me and have said they know something is different and wowow you look so good but they dont know why. sandy sheep1 AT yahoo. com email me if you want.

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April 1, 20080 found this helpful

Remember to buy cosmetics etc at Rite Aid and Walgreens. You can return products there (keep packaging and receipt!!) Walgreens sometimes gives me a hassle but never at Rite Aid...and I've taken in stuff months old (forget about it).

I love the MAry Kay brand....tried sheer cover and bare minerals and did not like them. If MK is too spendy, try ebay or drugstrore brands.

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By Meghann (Guest Post)
August 26, 20080 found this helpful

I have been won over into the world of mineral makeup. I don't like to put anything on other than my eyes, but the mineral makeup is great and doesn't feel like you have anything on. I tried the loreal kind after running out of a pricey brand "Bare essentials" that was given as a gift i was not a big fan of the loreal the colors all seemed off a little. I am now using kirkland brand from Costco wholesale and it is fabulous and cost efficient. I use a brush to apply and dip then tap out the extra into the jar like container--then apply using circular motions until I have the coverage I want. I also use their mineral shadow which I love as well. The full set of foundation mineral powder, 2 eyeshadows, blush, finishing powder and a couple brushes was around 30 dollars. I still have plenty of everything except the foundation powder, but it lasted 5 or 6 months. I replaced it buying a 3pack of the mineral foundation for like 20 dollars, so I will be set for a long time.

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March 28, 20120 found this helpful

When I go out someplace special, I wear bare essentials, just the foundation. I got the refillable brush, so I give a quick shake instead of load and tap. I love it, my skin doesn't feel any different and I have sensitive skin. For the summer I like a little more sunscreen coverage since I commute and am outside each day.

I have been using Garnier BB Foundation. So far I like it. It was a bit too heavy though so I tried this: I mix 50-50 with a moisturizer for sensitive skin w/sunscreen. I decided to try applying it with a foundation brush, and I love it! I get nice light even coverage. Since I mix it with moisturizer it is slightly moist when I apply it, but I just brush and blend til it is dry, which is pretty quick. Since I don't bother with foundation when I am not going out someplace special or commuting someplace, I like it to be unnoticeable when I have it on, which it is.

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