What Is Your Skin Care Schedule?

ACNE CARE: I have read a lot about Tea Tree Oil, and have suffered from Acne since I was 10 and now 24! I have done accutane and then had to stop because of health reasons, did Proactive and never worked, tried pills and topicals from dermatologist hasn't worked!


I am looking for someone to share their schedule on their skin care and products. Cleanse, Toner, Lotion, Mask. What products how often and when you use them? Do you use a mask after cleanser then use toner?


Megan from California

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There is a very effective product in my store that I shop from that has helped many treat acne using tea tree oil that costs less than than $20.00. You can learn more is you are interested. My email address cartonv2atiglide.net (use the @ character for the word "at" that I used for safety measures)

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My daughter had a bit of trouble with acne and also tried ProActive, but it didn't work.


We visited Paula Begoun's website (cosmeticscop.com) and did a bit of investigating with her recommendations.

My daughter now washes with a cleanser containing salisylic acid (she uses Neutrogena Acne Wash) and then applies a cream containing benzol peroxide 2.5% .

This has been her regime for about 4 years now, and she's been blessed with clear skin.

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I have found that when I use products that are too harsh, it makes my skin worse. I had that problem with tea tree products, now I just use tea tree for foot soaks or in household cleaners.

Finally I found a line called Avene, from France, which works very well for me. I change my moisturizer with the seasons - when it's dry and cold in winter, I use the heavier one, for the rest of the year, a lighter one. I don't wear make-up everyday anymore and always be sure to clean it all off before going to bed.


They make a great eye makeup remover too.

Clean, tone and lotion twice a day, mask once a week and a gentle exfoliatiing scrub a couple of times a week. Drink lots of water, keep your hands off your face, clean your telephones, change your pillowcases, and pull your hair back when you sleep at night with a hairband.

Stress and hormones affect your skin too, as does facial hair removal.

Good Luck!

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By Susie from Buckhead, Ga (Guest Post)
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This may sound strange, but it works. I put milk of magnesia on my face. I do this for acne and sunburn. M.O.M. is for upset stomaches why not use it for inflamation of the skin. It can't hurt. Give it a try. I use it as a mask, let it dry. Rinse. I also put a dab on a new pimple before I go to bed. Sometimes our face gets acustom to the ointments and lotions that we use. some times I just wash my face with warm water.

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By Barbara (Guest Post)
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Hi Megan!
I understand how you feel because I too had acne when I was younger. But get yourself to a dermatologist because in many cases, acne can be cured completely with an antibiotic. It's a disease and CAN be cured by a professional.


Good skin though is also clean skin and teens especially have a phase of oily skin to go through as they mature. Lots of washing with a mild soap and using witch hazel will help keep you looking even more beautiful than you already are!!!!!

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By brendav (Guest Post)
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HI, I am over 40 and have suffered with occasional as well as constant acne over the years. I finally found a few products that used regularly have finally cleared it up. first I wash with philosphy purity, it's a bit pricey but lasts a long time and works wonderful. I then use clearasil ultra. My dermotoligist recommened the philosophy because there is nothing harsh and it doesn't suds up like soap will, making it easier to get all of it off your skin. Hope this helps!

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By Laura (Guest Post)
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I have had problems with acne since I was in my late twenties due to a hormonal issue. I went to many different doctors and the only thing that did work for me was a steriod. But due to the side effects I cannot use them.


What works for me may not work for you. I have recently found L'Oreal Acne Response Intensive Adult Acne Peel works for me. I use it twice a week and have noticed a big difference with my skin.

Every night I use Cetaphil liquid cleanser. When I shower in the morning, I use Cetaphil bar soap. I cannot use any benzol peroxide -- it is too harsh for my skin.

Also, I have always worn minimal make-up. A little bit of blush and for those acne spots, I use an oil free cover up -- Maybelline, that is made to help clear up acne. I also use mascara.

It took me quite a while to find something that works for me. I was told many years ago that birth control pills may help me but because of my age -- 50's and hypertension in my family, the doctors would not prescribe them.


It took me over thirty years to find something that worked. There are now more products on the market to treat acne and the doctors are more understanding of the issue.

I had one doctor tell me that acne isn't a big deal -- it's only cosmetic. I never went back to him again because if you have this problem, it is a big deal. It may not endanger your physical being but I know it is very hard emotionally. Remember to keep in mind, people who love you will overlook your problem, and the people who don't -- you don't need them in your life.

Good luck and I hope I gave you some good ideas.

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I had tried everything until a older neighbor told me that she had been sensitive to any kind of soap and had to use cold cream. I resisted trying anything like that since that sounded like you would be just adding more "oil" to your face. I finally tried washing my face in Cetaphil and just using witch hazel as a toner. It worked wonders. I have found that if I use certain moisturizers, mainly the ones with sun block in them, I break out. The more products I use on my face, the more likely I am to break out. Good luck.

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I have an adrenal problem that makes my skin super oily--think teenager here, but it has lasted my entire life of 50 years. While it can be a pain in the behind, it has also kept me looking young. People think I am at least 10 years younger than I am. I have found that the problem with asking other's opinions about this, is that everyone's skin is so individualized, that what works for one seldom will work for another.

I've tried every product Neutrogena had made for 20 years and come to the conclusion that I am just allergic to an ingredient. I break out in horrible cyctic acne when I use their products, even though I've never had cystic acne any other time in my life. My dermatologist recommended Cetaphil, which failed to do anything for me but cause whiteheads. Cold creams simply clog my pores. The best thing I have found so far is Proactive Gentle Formula--the regular inflames my sensitive skin. Murad also has different products for different types of acne (not everyone's acne is caused by the same problem). I do use some tea tree on my face, but it must be the 20% water soluble kind. The full strength makes me break out since it's an oil and is too strong for me. I NEVER use my hands to wash my face, no matter how clean they are, I only use a face brush. I wash my face at least twice a day, preferable three times. I change my pillow cases every other day, and wash my hair daily. I do not wear make-up when at home and only occassionally when I go out. I wash it off as soon as I get home. Mineral make-up clogs my pores too. I eat well, very healthy foods (have found that milk/dairy wrecks havoc on my skin); wheat and corn cause problems too. I steam my face regularly and use a clay mask at least 2x per week to deep clean pores. I always use acne medication on my face. Antibiotics have no effect on my acne, so I choose not to use them (all antibiotics come from 5 major strains, and I don't want to build a resistence to any one). I never use moisturizing lotion--no matter what others say, it simply breaks me out, and no, I have no wrinkles (the only good benefit to oily skin). I drink lots of water and take daily vitamins, a good brand, not the kind you simply pick-up at Walmarts. I try not to get too much sun exposure at any time, since I burn easily with the oily skin.

There are new lasers out that are supposed to dry out the oil glands, but to date they are extremely expensive--I believe my quote was in the neighborhood of $6000 for treatments that would last only a year or two, so I am waiting for the price to go down. I wish you well and hope you find something that works for you. I know what a challenge this type of skin can be.

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My grandson used Biotherm products, and the results were great ! ! !. Used to be sold at Macys, but now has to buy over the internet at the Biothern site.

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I use Lavera Products for Combination Skin. All natural and in fact, very soothing on the face! Smells gorgeous too! I have whiteheads all the time and am not happy about taking antibiotics eventhough I am in the medical profession. I am doing a number of investigations re acne and have to say I have concluded on a few things. My skin appears smoother and rosier when I sweat alot after exercise and also, when I steam my face under my bonnet dryer hood every week. That, to me, signifies that acne is due to toxins in my body. Toxins include eveything which is a xenobiotic and shouldn't be in our bodies. In other words, anything which is fartheset from being natural, has an artificially prolonged shelf life and is altered & tampered with. For example, it's better to have fresh tomatoes than canned. And best of all organic instead of sprayed tomatoes. Or organic oatmeal instead of Bran flakes made by Kellogs.
I would say (and I'm starting to do this too) work on consuming as much things which help ur body completely detox!
I believe that the reason why all the prescription drugs that you have consumed haven't worked is because of your body's current condition. You may look fabulous, but your insides might be working on overload+ getting sluggish. I've also read that we should defecate up to an hour later after each meal. Clearing out the system is vitally important. We as humans are not meant to be eating all the junk/chips/fries/microwaveable foods that we comsume on a regular basis. It makes quite a great deal of sense no matter how much ppl say that we have adapted to different times. Yeah right.:)
I suggest thqat you try this out for 6 months.
It's true that there are so many temptations everywhere, but it's your body as a whole which is concerned.

I also started to get white heads on my nose when I began menstruating. So, on top of toxins, it is also hormonal. Castus Agnus is good for normalizing hormonal levels. Look into it!
Keep me posted.:)

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By Former Acne Sufferer with Oily Skin (Guest Post)
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I use Cetaphil cleanser for Oily Skin; witch hazel for astringent; Paula's Choice 2% Beta Hydroxy Acid Gel or Retin-A Micro; Origins Zero Oil Mattifier; Neutrogena Dry Touch SPF 70 Sunscreen. Once or twice a week I use Neutrogena's Home Microdermabrasion kit. I used Accutane in my early 30s & it cleared up my face. I'm 39 & do not break out anymore, even when my period is due. Those used to be the worst breakouts, around my period. I highly recommend going to Paula Begoun's web site ("The Cosmetic Cop" & maker of Paula's Choice products) for help finding a skincare regimen (all skin types can benefit from her advice & products). Look for her "Skin Care Battle Plans" at: http://www.cosmeticscop.com

A skin care plan that works for one person, might not work for another. She shows you different combinations to try & I LOVE her skin care products. Good luck!

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I wash my face with water all week long. I use water warm enough to dissolve any makeup which may linger. Before bed I wipe off most of my makeup with a dry tissue, or I may use eye makeup remover if I have on mascara. I only usually use eye liner and something on my lips, sometimes eye shadow, and powder if it is humid out. In summer I use a sunscreen; always one specifically for faces, with a SPF no lower than 30, and often 50 plus. On one weekend day I use a facial scrub and deep cleanser in equal amounts, work it into a lather, and let it sit for at least 10 minutes before rinsing. In the winter I then put moisturizer, the kind you are usually supposed to rub in, on my wet face, let sit 10 minutes, then rinse gently. If I am particularly oily I'll use an astringent any time my face is overly oily. I have very sensitive skin, and not only do I not break out with this routine, I am also 40 years old and am mistaken for mid-to-late-tewnties all the time (at least until folks get close enough to see the gray hair!) Most important of all: DRINK PLENTY OF WATER! It makes a difference.

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By CandyCane (Guest Post)
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I picked up the generic version of ProActive. It's called Acne Free. They sell it at Wal-Mart, Target... stores like that.

It has worked a miracle on my face. Just follow the 3 steps every day and it works!

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i don't have the same skin type as you, so my skincare routine is different to the one that I'm going to tell you, but I've heard great remarks about how this range has helped oily/acne prone skin: 'Dr. Hauschka'.

For starters, you could try the 'Daily Face Care Kit for Oily skin' as it includes a cleanser, toner, mask and for oily skin. Or you could buy the 'cream cleanser', 'clarifying toner' and 'clay mask' from their range as they're the 'essentials' for your skin type.

Visit their reviews for their kit at:

Or visit their online website at:

Note: You first cleanse, then apply the mask (once or twice a week - not every day) before you tone. If you like, you can tone before and after.

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By becca (Guest Post)
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I've had acne since I was about 10 but that's when I started using more face wash.

When I wake up in the morning I use the three step acne kit from Neutrogena. Then I use this face lotion plus protector plus sunscreen.
It works so good and it reduces redness.
I love it.

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