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It's important to find time and money to go on a vacation, even if it's an inexpensive one. In today's economy finding the room in our budgets for vacations is getting more and more difficult. This is a page about saving money to go on a vacation.


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We flew to Paris and spent nine days for a mere $20. Wait. What? Yes, we really flew from Missouri to Paris, France and had a vacation of a life time on a $20 dollar bill. Now before you call me a liar, you should know it took 5 years of me putting a $20 dollar bill into our Paris account each week to get the $5,000 it took to cover all of our expenses.

I know you are disappointed now, but stop and think about it for a moment. All you have to do is put a single $20 bill away each week and you, too, can have a vacation of a lifetime. It really is that simple and easy. You do not need to sell a kidney, get a second job, or stop giving to charity. Just deposit $20 a week into a savings account.


We flew to Paris, France and spent a glorious nine days in the city of romance. The balcony from our room gave us a perfect view of the Eiffel tower. The people, food, art, history, and atmosphere were intoxicating. Notre Dame, Louvre, Champs Elysee, and the world famous Cordon Bleu were just a few of the places we adventured to. A train ride through the country side to visit Versailles was breath taking. Eating at the world famous Le Train restaurant will forever be a highlight on our journey. Dining at cafes while people watching from the street was relaxing and addicting.Listening to the talented musicians in the subway was inspiring, but the strolls in the moonlight on the city streets made me feel that anything was possible.

Because I put $20 away each week, I didn't read about the Mona Lisa in an art book, I saw it in person. I stood in Napoleon's apartment. My husband kissed me on a bridge over the river as snow slowly fell from the European sky. I stood at Bob Marlee's grave, as well as, Chopin and countless other historical figures. I cooked food where Julie Child created feasts. I touched, tasted, smelled, saw, and heard the brilliance of a culture that touched my soul.

We still go to the beach each year and we have taken the kids to Disney World, because we budget for a family vacation each year. But, my $20 trip is our private time away from work, kids, and responsibilities. Going to McDonalds once a week, buying Starbucks before work, or a dream vacation? How do you want to spend $20 each week?

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It's hard in any budget to save money, even if you make what is considered a good income, there seems to never be enough. Or if you are like me on a fixed income, every dime has a place. Nothing is left over, especially for vacation. It's the time in all our lives when we have to make exceptions and get crafty without thinking day to day.


I think in everyone's budget, there's money for that vacation. You may just have to rethink what's important. Here's some of my rethinking and finding money in your house you don't even know you have.

Reassess Clothing Needs

Let's start, somewhere in this list is the money that can go for your vacation. Start in your closets, organize them, go through and make a pile. If you haven't worn it in 6 months, usually you aren't going to. Take inventory of what you think you need for the next season for work, church, even everyday.

Example: You really want a new outfit and love the new look. Instead of buying a bunch of new clothes, look and see if getting a new shirt to go with the skirt you already have makes that "old" outfit brand new. If you have the staples, such as, black pants, skirt, jeans, etc., you can get something new and make a whole new outfit without spending bunch of money. You may find you have things you have forgotten about. Get shoes that go with multiple things. Always buy things that you can make more than one outfit out of by switching it up.


Anything you haven't worn, that doesn't fit, or you just don't like, can be sold at a garage sale. If it's an expensive name brand, then you may want to check out local consignment stores you will get more money for them.

Children's clothes treat the same. If you have different ages then sort and keep what fits, take out what doesn't. Make a list of what is needed. I always look see what's in style and buy discount or at a thrift store. I promise no one will know the difference. The money you saved goes into vacation fund!

Know What Is In Your Garage Or Storage Unit

Since we now have gone through closets and the house for things not used or needed, go to your garage or storage unit. If you haven't seen it, or used it the same rule applies; sell it. My friend just moved and she had been paying $100.00 per month on a storage unit. When she went to clear it out, half of it she hadn't remembered or it wasn't needed anymore. There she had wasted money on the unit size and didn't even need the things in it for over 18 months. Look at the money that could have been saved.


We all do it, put it away, or store it never to see or need it again. There is more to put in your garage sale. By really thinking, saving money at discount stores, and clearing out unused things one weekend you will make money you never thought you had. It goes in vacation fund.


Recycling is a great way to get money that you literally throw out the door with the trash, or give away to the city. Start by recycling every bottle, plastic container, and can you use. Rinse it out; I have separate trash cans for mine. When the bag is full, I put it in my garage until I have a full load then I take it to the nearest recycling center. If you divide it at home, it saves time there. Wait until you see how much money you get for something most people don't give a second thought to. In my state when you buy it, you pay for it. If I didn't recycle, I would be losing twice over. Don't forget this is vacation money so put in the vacation fund.


Turn It Off And Unplug It

Household expenses are another area where everyone can save, utilities today are higher than ever. The rule is, if you aren't using it unplug, turn off lights, turn down air conditioner (block off rooms where it's not needed), and do the same with heating. By unplugging everything when not in use, you will save so much money. Electricity is still flowing to it even if it's not being used, microwaves, lamps, computers, fans, stereos, etc. Just look around at all those outlets. Look at it like it money, because it is money you are wasting. Make a few simple changes, the kids will get used to it. Turning off air conditioner and replacing with a fan when it's not the hottest time of the day will become second nature. Remembering it's vacation money, the time you and your family need to get away and have some fun, and relax get back in touch; if you explain it like that to your family they be more likely to get on board with your new life style of saving.

I have heard of people saving hundreds, yes, hundreds of dollars, by doing this. Think about washing dishes by hand instead of using the dishwasher (if you must use the dishwasher, then let your dishes dry naturally), don't do clothes unless it's a full load. I'm sure you can think of other ways you're throwing away your vacation money.

Cut Cable And Cell Phone Bills

Cable and cell phones are another place to save. If you are in a bundle package always call every three months, usually there is a new promotion going on. Change to it. I found most companies have customer loyalty; mine knows me. I get free channels and when that promotion is up, I change to another one. You may be in a package that you really don't need. Here again think "vacation" and saving money. Do we really watch all those channels? My daughter actually went down in her cable. The response was, "only 99 channels", and this from an 8 year old.

Think about your needs and wants, then you may rethink what you really need. Whatever you decide, you can save money by calling, checking your bills and advertisements (if a company advertises one price and you are paying more they have to by law give you the price advertised). Make sure you are getting what you pay for. Don't pay for packages that you don't need. It may be you might not need so much cable in summer months when playing outdoors is an option or maybe during school time, if activities and homework take precedence over wasting money on cable. One more thing, shop around, they compete for your business whether it's satellite, cable, or a dish network.

Cell phones are very much the same, everyone is getting locked into a 2 year plan. Now there are so many companies and so many plans. I have a no contract phone with rollover minutes. It also has triple minutes which means they give me 3x what I pay for. I can use it, cut back, change my phone habits, etc. and not be penalized for it. Shop around, you may find a vacation is worth more than a child texting continually and having gone over your minutes, where you pay many times over what the original bill was suppose to be. Keep in mind the vacation, everyone in the family seeing a common goal again helps also.

Save By Doing It Yourself

Since this is just the way I live, I have no idea of some of the things you may be doing that waste money, such as paying for lawn care (if you have a teenager vacation may be incentive to help). Don't over water the garden or let water run for an hour in shower. You do pay for it sometime, twice actually, for the hot water heater and the actual water depending on where you live.

Drive Less Or Not At All

Gas, yes we have seen it go higher than ever before, drop and go back up. We all need to rethink how much gas do we need. If you are putting gas on a credit card and paying interest, then you are paying more than the pump says. To stop wasting money, pay cash. More times than not they charge more for using a debit card or charge card (see more on top of interest). Also you can use a computer to see where the cheapest gas is in your area. Drive and do errands at the same time, if kids are at ball practice, for example, you are already out, so do the shopping and other errands while out instead of making several trips. It all adds up to money you could be saving, instead of throwing/giving away. If you can walk or ride a bike, do it, the exercise is good for you. We live in a country where walking to the corner is almost unheard of. Like I said as a whole we need to change and you need your vacation money. Most people are making sure cars are tuned up, tires filled to the right pressure, oil changed, and even some can use a lesser grade of gas (check with your car's manual). All of this gets you more miles to the gallon, meaning spending less money.

Food Shopping

Shopping for food, here you can save with a little thought. Check sales, if you get coupons that you use, clip them (save them) some stores have double coupon day. Go shopping at night if possible that's when the bread, meat, and fresh produce is marked way down saving you money. I personally have found going to the 99 Cent store has saved me. I can buy name brands and fresh produce for $.99 or 2 for $.99. When going to places like this (I go once a month), make sure you don't get caught up in buying what is not on your list. It's a very good way to save on things like condiments, staples, toothpaste, batteries, etc. and whatever is in season. It is not a good time to buy junk food; we eat too much of it anyway and vacation sounds so much better without having to worry about dental bills, etc. You may also look to see if there is a farmer's market, you will find big savings there when in season.

Cut Out Extras

Extras offer another place to save, yes the extras like eating out, going to movies, buying things that really aren't needed, and giving in to an impulse. So much money is spent on impulse buying, so make list, only buy what's on the list. Keep eating out to a minimum (if at all). As for movies, rent one, make some popcorn and have a family night instead of spending $50 which with gas and a family of four is about what it would be, if not more. You can even get free movies at the library, as well as games and books for free, so why buy if not needed. Have game night, everyone will have fun and remember we going on vacation this year. It will all be worth it. Being together as a family is what's important, not seeing or playing the latest game or movie. Try making pizza at home, it cost 1/2 as much as ordering out and can be fun as a group activity (make extra and freeze). You aren't wasting gas, no arguments in the car, and the pizza is way better.

Save your change, get a change jar and put you change in it everyday. Some people even like saving their one dollar bills. At the end of the year you will be surprised how much money you have saved and not even missed.

Plan Your Vacation Goal

Decide now where you are going on vacation? You have saved hundreds if not way more with the garage sale, lower utility bills, spending less on gas, you didn't waste food (ended up not throwing as much out either), and you have recycled. I am sure that surprised you on how much money you were throwing away there (or giving to the city), your phone and cable is up to date and you aren't over paying.

Now let's find out how to save on where you have decided to go. If you have AAA, they have discounts (even in stores you may shop in to save$), not just on cars, but hotels, parks, gas, and food while on your vacation. If you look on the computer find out everything about where you plan to go. Get the number of the Chamber or visitor's site. I promise they have recommended places where there are so many discounts, like stay somewhere that includes a continental breakfast, has shuttles, does group/family activities. Everyone offers them you just need to do little research. If flying always check more than one site for flights, they change and are competitive, (most also have discounts on rental cars and hotel rooms). Get the most for your buck.

Remember to take travelers checks, you have saved all this money, why not start saving for next year's vacation by not paying interest on a charge card if you aren't paying it off as soon as you get home. Stop giving away your hard earned vacation money and go make some memories.

Source: This is made from my life, what I have learned, read, and do. It does save so much money. Vacations are important, when you do these things it will become a way of life.

By Luana M. from San Diego, CA

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A few years ago, I taught an "Introduction to the Internet" class for the Community Education Department of the local school district. The project I presented to the class was to "map out" the vacation of their dreams.

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Acquire a photo of your destination vacation spot and reduce the photo so that it fits in your wallet. Place it where you can see it each time you reach for your cash, credit card or check to make a purchase.

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My husband, son and I love to take a yearly weekend trip to Door County, WI. The last time we went, we were (as usual) on a tight budget. While we had fun, we got low on money a day or so before we went home, so we didn't get to go do or see some of the things we wanted to because of a lack of money.

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January 16, 2006

We have never been able to afford a vacation so my family of three have decided to put aside a little each month (equal amounts)...

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April 24, 2007

We save our change from one year to the next to take a vacation at Christmas to Pigeon Forge, Tenn (Dollywood). We rent a cabin for 14 of us, we've done this for 5 years and go ice skating and snowbowling.

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Our income and bills are always the same every month, we wanted to save money to go on a mini vacation and the only way to do it was to stop going out to eat everyday.

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I sell stuff on ebay and keep all the money in my paypal account. When I reach a thousand dollars, I withdrawl it and put it in a cd to earn interest at my bank. We also have two garage sales a year that fund our vacations.

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July 5, 2005

Take a empty coffee can and cut a slit in the plastic cover and place near the bathroom door. Tell every house member that there is a 25 cent cover to enter. Watch the cash build up over the year and then use it for vacation fun!

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I have a lot of vacations coming up soon that i need to save money for. The problem is I always have trouble saving it. What are some ideas for saving my money and not spending it or reducing my expenses.


November 26, 20070 found this helpful

this is sooo sad but i ive it to my mother to hold and i am a grown 37 yr old woman but i tell hubby if we wanna save give it to her!! plus if i wanna go shopping i always go with her she never wants me to spend on things i want lol

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November 26, 20070 found this helpful

KimmyLynn: thats a good idea in my eyes cause I do the same thing for my daughter lol They took their first vaction ever
this summer. They couldnt save, somthing always happend or somthing came up they wanted more. This time they were determined to go! They kept bringing me money to lock away.
They only went to a indoor water but it was a big deal for them!! And they had a BLAST! :) Spent 2 days/nights in a hotel.. and the hotel had a problem and had to postpone them for 2 weeks.. and they got the whole deal for 50 percent off!! The money saved was used for nice suppers instead of
Burger king :) So, they were one happy family!! :)

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By kathy watson (Guest Post)
November 26, 20070 found this helpful

If you know you are going to be eating out a lot just pre-buy gift cards for the restaurants in the area you are traveling. They are a lot easier to hold on to than cash!

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By Ace (Guest Post)
November 29, 20070 found this helpful

You can always have a certain amount of your wages automatically to be direct-deposited into your savings account, so it can sit there out of the way until you are ready to go on your future vacation.

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November 29, 20070 found this helpful

Have it taken from your paycheck into a savings account before you even see it. Even only $5-$10 a week adds up by a years end. If you work OT or get a raise, it can be increased.

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By Julie (Guest Post)
November 29, 20070 found this helpful

Do a web search for the Department of tourism for the location you are vacationing to. There should be websites (or phone #'s you can call) to receive a booklet of coupons. I have done this for places like Gatlinburg, TN, Memphis, TN, and Myrtle Beach, SC. Just type in "department of tourism"+ and add the city you are travelling to in your search. Good luck, and have a great vacation!

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November 30, 20070 found this helpful

What my husband and I do is save our change, I know you've heard it a million times. We go beyond change and save 1's, 5's, and about 50% of 10's. We both know the goal of the money so we're never tempted to spend it. The money grows FAST!

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By Shana (Guest Post)
November 30, 20070 found this helpful

Link your checking account to an online bank, like INGDirect (many have decent rates, better that your brick and mortar bank). Signing up is fast and easy. Automatically have your online bank draw some money out each month in order to save. You won't see it, won't think about it too much, and you probably will leave it alone till you want to use it for the intended purpose. Begin little (Rome wasn't built in one day, and you don't give up caffeine all at once); eventually you can do a little bit more, until your ability to save becomes second-nature. Get a raise? Don't spend it! You did without it before, and you will be fine without it! Do one nice, inexpensive thing to have some fun, or upgrade your refrigerator (whatever is bugging you at home) and then save the rest. Eventually, saving will become a priority.

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