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Finding Free Furniture

Finding Free FurnitureIf you need to furnish your home or apartment inexpensively, it doesn't get any better than finding free furniture. This is a page about finding free furniture.


Buy Now, Pay Later Catalogs

Buy Now, Pay Later CatalogsLots of buy now pay later websites have catalogs picturing their merchandise, that you can receive in the mail. This is a page about buy now, pay later catalogs.


Shopping cart button on computer keyboard.

Using Sites Like ABC Distributing and LTD CommoditiesThere are several web shopping sites that offer low prices, buy now and pay later options, and no credit checks. This is a page about using sites like ABC Distributing and LTD Commodities.


Pillows and Sheets on Bed

Saving Money On Bedding This is a page about saving money on bedding. If you have gone shopping for bedding lately, you may still be recovering from sticker shock.


A free couch on the side of the road.

How to Find Free or Inexpensive FurnitureFinancial circumstances often make it impossible to purchase new furniture. This is a page about how to find free or inexpensive furniture.


Websites Like Lakeside Collection

Websites Like Lakeside CollectionThis page is about websites like Lakeside Collection. You can shop online for inexpensive things you want.



Wooden Bed

Finding a Free BedFinancial circumstances may require that you attempt to locate free furniture rather than buy new or used items. This is a page about finding a free bed.


Up close photo of the front of a baking soda box

Saving Money on Baking SodaThis is a page about saving money on baking soda. Baking soda can be used in everything from cooking to cleaning. Because of this baking soda is a staple product in most households.


Dishwasher Detergent Tablets

Saving Money on Dishwasher DetergentThis is a page about saving money on dishwasher detergent. Dishwasher detergent can be expensive and sometimes ineffective. Finding ways to save on dishwasher detergent should not impact how well the dishes are cleaned.


A person washing their hands with soap.

Saving Money on Hand SoapThis is a page about saving money on hand soap. With numerous bathrooms or large families, hand soap can be expensive. Although it is a necessity, there are ways you can save money on it.


Grocery List

Creating A Grocery ListThis is a page about creating a grocery list. Creating a grocery list can save time at the market and ensure that you don't forget anything while shopping.


Spraying eyeglass cleaner on eyeglass lenses.

Buying Commercial Eyeglass Cleaner in Bulk?Buying commercial eyeglass cleaner in bulk will ensure you always be able to clean your glasses properly.


Mancured Hand Holding Flower petals

Saving Money on Acrylic NailsThis is a page on saving money on acrylic nails. Acrylic nails can make your hands look beautiful but they can be expensive to upkeep. Most acrylic nails need to be filled once every 2-4 weeks. This constant expense can really drain one's budget.


Woman leaning on her cart thoughtfully at the grocery store

Frugal Tips for Grocery ShoppingThis page contains frugal tips for grocery shopping. There are many ways to save money when buying food for your family.


A pile of silver jewelry on a wooden surface.

Finding Silver at Thrift ShopsThere are definitely bargains to be found at your local thrift store. If you know how to look, you may come upon a lovely piece of silver hiding under that tarnish. This is a page about finding silver at thrift shops.


Woman Catalog Shopping

Finding Catalogs with Items for $19.99 or Less?This page contains a list of catalogs that sell items for $19.99 or less. If you are shopping on a budget, there are a number of catalogs that specialize in selling items that are under $20. Here are a few suggestions.


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Where Can I Buy Onion Juice?Can you buy onion juice? I have a recipe calling for it and I've never seen it before.


A slice of watermelon in front of a full watermelon.

Selecting a Good WatermelonHave you found yourself in the produce section trying to remember how to tell if a watermelon is going to be sweet and tasty? Should you thump or check the stem end? A green melon can be a big disappointment.


A glass of orange juice.

Saving Money on JuiceThis is a page about saving money on juice. If you have children you probably go through a lot of juice.


Woman Shopping for Furniture

Furniture Buying TipsThis is a page about furniture buying tips. Buying furniture is an important decision and can be a significant expense.


Thrift Store Clothes

Thrift Store Shopping TipsThis is a page about thrift store shopping tips. Many shoppers find exceptional bargains at their local thrift stores.



A woman grocery shopping looking at her organized shopping list.

Organizing Your Shopping List By AisleThis is a page about organize your shopping list by aisle. You can save time and even money if you organize your shopping by the aisles in your favorite market.


dripping faucet

Saving Money on Your Water BillThis is a page about saving money on your water bill. It's easy to let the water bill get out of hand, especially during the summer. There are many steps you can take year round though to curb your water consumption.


Raspberries on White Background

Selecting Good RaspberriesThis is a page about selecting good raspberries. Good ripe raspberries are a treat that almost no one can pass up. Whether you are picking them fresh or buying them at the market, be sure to get good flavorful raspberries that are ready to eat.


A woman looking at her shopping list.

Organizing Your Grocery ListHave you ever gone grocery shopping and walked down the same aisle several times? An organized grocery list can save you time at the grocery store. This is a page about organizing your grocery list.


Shoes at a Thrift Stores

Buying Shoes at Thrift Stores?This is a page about buying shoes at thrift stores. While thrifty stores have lots of shoes, some in very good condition, for a reasonable price, shoppers often hesitate to buy used shoes.



Buying HoneyAll of this natural sweetener is not created equal, and there are a few things you need to know when selecting your honey. This page is about buying honey.


A misgrown ear of corn.

Take a Peek at Corn Before BuyingIt's corn season right now. Here's a tip if you don't already know - to get the best corn, you have to take a little peek! Peel a little bit of the corn husk down and inspect kernels to ensure plump and all there.


A shopping bag upended on a basket to dry.

Drying Out Wet Shopping BagsMany areas are moving away from disposable shopping bags. Since they have been replaced by reusable ones, it may be necessary on occasion to dry out your bags that were caught in a downpour. Try this helpful tip.


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Finding a Free Mattress?My name is James Hines and I suffer from HIV and AIDS and am getting over the coronavirus. I am indigent, but have my own apartment. I'm in dire need of a free mattress and box spring, full size. Where can I find one in New York City?


A bunch of full shopping bags from the grocery store.

Bring Food Home Safely from Grocery Shopping TripsGrocery shopping in warm weather can result in the cold items getting warm on the trip home. Taking a cooler with ice packs helps keep everything at a safe temperature.


A pile of packages delivered to a home.

Protecting Delivered Packages At HomeOnline shopping is very popular. The convenience of this method also comes with a potential for lost/undelivered or stolen packages. This page contains a few ideas for tracking delivery dates and providing a less visible drop spot for the item.


A woman holding a Chanel handbag.

Designer Name Brands at Thrift StoresYou can find many designer name brands at thrift shops for a fraction of the cost these used or mis-marked items were originally priced. Often they look nearly new. Although it does take time to search, you can find some treasures.


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Getting Free Furniture?I need help with getting free furniture. Any suggestions?


"Back to School" written on a chalk board with a small shopping cart full of school supplies.

Tax Free School Shopping WeekendMany states designate one weekend in the late summer for tax free school shopping. To find out more information about your state's sales tax holidays, click here!


A couple purchasing items at a hardware store.

Shopping Tips for In-Store Pick UpIt's easy to save shipping costs and time by picking up online orders at the store. This page contains shopping tips for in-store pick up.



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Finding a Inexpensive Natural Gas Hot Water Heater?Do y'all know where I can find a cheap natural gas hot water heater? I have no hot water to bathe with. I burnt my leg trying to haul water to the bath tub. I need it to be low cost. I just started a job, but have no check. They hold back and only pay every two weeks.


Colorful bottles of soaps.

Saving Money at Bath and Body WorksCertain retailers, such as Bath and Body Works, have annual or semi-annual sales where you can shop for great deals. Store coupons can also add additional savings to your purchases. This is a page about saving money at Bath and Body Works.


Pile of mattresses.

Finding a Free Mattress and Boxspring?Finding a free mattress and boxspring is possible. A few options such as contacting local hotels are listed on this page. This is a page about finding a free mattress and boxspring.


Dollar General storefront and sign.

Shopping at Dollar GeneralThe Dollar General is a popular variety store that originated in Tennesee. Currently, there are stores in most states in the U.S. Although it is not a "dollar" store, there are great deals to be found. This is a page about shopping at Dollar General.


30% closing sale signs in a store window.

Shopping Store Closing SalesWhile it may be disappointing to see a store go out of business, there are bargains to be had during the closing sales. This is a page about shopping store closing sales.


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Finding Gently Used Appliances?I am looking for a gently used refrigerator. Any suggestions?


Hand holding phone with a Black Friday Ad on it.

Using Store Apps for DiscountsThis is a page about using store apps for discounts. Many stores have a mobile app for their customers to use. They offer exclusive coupons and deals that don't need to be printed out. The apps can also help you keep track of your store rewards.


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Shopping for a Pressure Cooker?I think I'm officially sold on the idea of a multi-pressure cooker. It seems an Instant Pot is the brand most people like. My sister has one and loves it. I just don't want to spend quite that much. Looking online I see there are some other less expensive brands. But do you get what you pay for with these?


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Buying Dented Canned Foods?Where can I buy dented tin food for my charity like baked beans, corn, mixed vegetables, Bull brand fish and tomato mix?


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Finding Inexpensive Dinner and Glassware?I need to advice on where to get dinnerware and glassware sets. Preferably antique collectibles, but modern sets will be accepted too. The price has to be really cheap.


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Finding Inexpensive Furniture?Can anyone help me with furniture for my 2 bedroom apartment all I have is one bed and a table. I need everything. Can anyone point me in the direction of cheap decent furniture?


Various cuts of meat packaged in supermarket butcher counter

Save Money With Pick 5 Meat SalesSaving money on groceries is helped along by watching for special sales at your local markets. Finding meat on sale is a great boon, as it can be quite costly. This is a page about save money with pick 5 meat sales.


Closeup of sliced ham lunch meat.

Saving Money on Sandwich MeatOne way to save on sandwich meat is to buy fully cooked ham, turkey, or other meats in the meat department at your local market and have the deli department thin slice it for you. Freeze some for later if you like. This is a page about saving money on sandwich meat.


Outside an Amish Country Store on a sunny day.

Buy From Mennonite or Amish Country StoresVisiting a store in an Amish or Mennonite community is a relaxing and interesting experience. You can find a variety of items that are not readily available in typical grocery chains. This is a page about buying from Mennonite or Amish country stores.


Worn Work Boots

Saving Money on Work BootsOne way to save money on work boots is to shop at factory outlet stores or ask about boots that might be discounted due to blemishes. This is a page about saving money on work boots.


Hand Holding Discount coupons

Coupon Tips and TricksThis is a page about coupon tips and tricks. Here are a bunch of tips for finding, using, and organizing coupons. If you have a good system in place, you can save a lot of money!


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Trying Lotion Samples from StoresI have purchased so many jars of creams and lotions that end up not having the result I was hoping for. I keep empty clean RX bottles in my bag and I just put a few pumps in the bottle when I see a sample of a new cream. That way I can try it out for three to five days and see if there is any problem with it.


Dollar Tree Rinse Aid  - bottle of dishwasher rinse aid

Dollar Tree Rinse AidI found this 8.45 ounce bottle of rinse aid at the Dollar Tree. The same size bottle of Finish brand rinse aid is $3.77 at Target, the lowest price I have found. There has been absolutely no difference in the performance. I don't always see it, so I buy several bottles when they are in stock.


Thoroughly Read Sale Price Tags or Signs - close up of sale sign

Thoroughly Read Sale Price Tags or SignsWhen shopping, red signs catch my attention because that means the product usually is on sale. It is very important to read price tags and signs clearly because there could be a trick or limit.


Compare Prices for the Best Value - screen shot of price comparison

Compare Prices for the Best ValueThe internet is an amazing resource to compare prices to see if you are getting the best value possible! A travel mug featuring 7 hours hot, leak proof, and 18 hours cold interested me. The mug was reasonably priced, or what I thought was reasonable before researching.


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Tips for Stress Free Shopping?Why does shopping for groceries or, even worse clothing, or household items become so time consuming and overwhelming. What used to be so simple as buying a pair of jeans can now turn into an all day affair. And looking for a healthy ceral or a good laundry detergent can turn into 20 minutes.


A person using a laptop computer.

Swag Bucks ReviewsSwag Bucks is an online rewards program that earns you points (Swag Bucks) when you shop at selected retailers. This is a page about swag bucks reviews.


A teen in a prom dress.

Finding an Inexpensive Plus Size Prom DressShopping early and trying a variety of options such as thrift stores and on-line sites can help to find the best price on prom dresses. This is a page about finding an inexpensive plus size prom dress.


A woman shopping in the milk aisle at a grocery store.

Saving Money on MilkThis is a page about saving money on milk. Depending on your family's needs and your storage facilities, there are a variety of ways to save on milk purchases.


A white kitchen counter filled with small white appliances in a row.

Saving Money on Small AppliancesThe cost of buying small appliances may not be so small. Finding ways to spend less is typically a good choice. This is a page about saving money on small appliances.


A mother cooking dinner for her family.

Feeding a Family of Four on $400 a Month?This is a page about feeding a family of four on $400 a month. Stay within your food budget and eat well by making delicious meals from scratch.


A woman checking out at a grocery store.

Download Store Coupons to Your Rewards CardThis is a page about download store coupons to your rewards card. You can go even more paperless when shopping by downloading your favorite store's coupons to their rewards card or account.


A computer with a credit card and Christmas decorations.

Shopping for Christmas Presents OnlineThis is a page about shopping for Christmas presents online. One way to have access to many more gift choices is to shop online.


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Finding Free or Inexpensive Furniture?I'm looking for help on getting furniture. I am having a hard time affording furniture at this time. I'm a single mother of two living off low income. I can't afford bedding, etc.


Close up of shopping receipt being looked at in store

Checking Shopping ReceiptsThis is a page about checking shopping receipts. It is important to make sure you were charged correctly for your purchases before you leave the store. Mistakes can happen.


Roll of paper secured with a rubber band

Saving Money on Contact PaperThis is a page about saving money on contact paper. You can save money when buying this versatile stick down paper, by shopping sales or buying a clone.


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Finding Free Furniture?How do I get furniture I'm in need of some?


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Finding Free Furniture?How can I find free living room furniture, 2 full size beds with mattresses, a washer and dryer, and a deep freezer.


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Free Furniture?Where can I get free furniture?


Close-up of a pair of jeans with a measuring tape curled on top and through the belt loop against a wooden background

Buying Pants Without Trying Them OnThis is a page about buying pants without trying them on. Trying on clothes can sometimes be more of a chore than an adventure. Save time by learning to measure pants for a good fit without trying them on.


couple reading canned food label at the market

Grocery Shopping StrategiesWhether your goal is saving time or money, there are a number of strategies that can improve your grocery shopping experience. This is a page about grocery shopping strategies.


steaks in a supermarket meat case

Saving Money on SteakSteak can be quite expensive, but there are ways to save money and still serve steak. This is a page about saving money on steak.


basket with products

Shopping at Aldi'sThis is a page about shopping at Aldi's. Known for its consistently low prices, this German warehouse style grocery store is finding satisfied customers in the US.


Assorted Beans

Saving Money on Beans?Beans are a nutritious part of a balanced diet and a great source of protein. This is a page about saving money on beans.


Seasonal Shopping

Seasonal Shopping TipsThis is a page about seasonal shopping tips. Buying foods in season and shopping after holidays can help save you money throughout the year.


Mixed Nuts

Saving Money on NutsThis is a page about saving money on nuts. Nuts are a healthy addition to your daily diet, as well as delicious in many recipes. However, they can be pricey to pick up at the market.


Groceries in Car Trunk

Transporting GroceriesThis is a page about transporting groceries. Having your food and household supplies easy to carry, safely home, and sorted to be easily put away, is the goal.


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Buying an Elevator Shoe?How do I choose height increasing shoe? And does anyone know how much it would cost to have Chamaripa elevator shoes shipped to India?


Boxes of fruit at the market.

Saving Money on FruitA smart shopper can save money on fruit using a couple of strategies to get the best price. This is a page about saving money on fruit.


CD Player for Audio System

Buying CD Player for Audio System?This is a page about buying cd player for audio system. When you have a AM/FM receiver, amplifier and speakers you may need to buy a music cd player to go with it.


Leather Sofa

Buying a Leather SofaThis page is about buying a leather sofa. Choosing the best covering for your living room furniture can help make it last longer and make maintenance easy.


Freezer bag full of strawberries.

Saving Money on Freezer BagsThis page is about saving money on freezer bags. There are ways to save when purchasing plastic bags for freezing foods.


Couple Buying a Digital Camera

Buying a Digital CameraThis page is about buying a digital camera. Finding the best camera for your needs will take some research.


A woman looking at her shopping list in a supermarket.

Feeding a Family InexpensivelyThis page is about feeding a family inexpensively. You can reduce your grocery bill by buying less prepared food, and being creative.


Couple in a grocery store.

Shopping At Ethnic Food StoresThis is a page about shopping at ethnic food stores. Ethnic food stores not only have a wide variety of foods, including fresh produce, that cannot be found at a chain market, but they will allow you to indulge yourself with exciting new recipes.


Cream Cheese

Saving Money on Cream Cheese?This is a page about saving money on cream cheese. The price of groceries seems to continually be rising so many shoppers are always on the lookout for ways to save money.


Oak dining room furniture.

Buying Oak Furniture?This is a page about buying oak furniture. Oak is a beautiful, durable wood that is popular for making furniture.



Recognizing Real Sheepskin vs Faux Sheepskin?This is a page about recognizing real sheepskin vs faux sheepskin. Real sheepskin is often used in making winter coats, jackets, and boots. To ensure that your new purchase is the genuine article, you will want to be able to easily recognize the difference between real and faux sheepskin.


Winter Boots

Saving Money on Winter Boots?This is a page about saving money on winter boots. Choosing when and where to buy your winter boots can help you save money on an otherwise pricey item.



Buying Bisquick?This is a page about buying Bisquick. Bisquick is a popular product used for baking and making pancakes. It is not however readily available everywhere, so you may want to use a substitute or find a source other than your local market, so that you always have some on hand.


Looking at a grocery receipt.

Dealing With Mistakes at the Cash RegisterThis is a page about dealing with mistakes at the cash register. Mistakes happen and the easiest time to correct them when shopping is while you are still in the store, either at the register or service desk.


framed artwork

Saving Money on Custom Framing?This is a page about saving money on custom framing. Custom framing can be a very good way to frame treasured family photos and artwork, but it can also be very expensive.


Eggs cooking on an electric griddle.

Buying an Electric GriddleThis is a page about buying an electric griddle. Electric griddles are not all created equal. Some preform much better than others of equal or higher price.



Buying a Jigsaw?This is a page about buying a jigsaw. A jigsaw is a useful small electric tool that comes in handy for a variety of craft and home maintenance jobs. Choosing the best one for your projects is important.


Photo of a cheaper cut of beef.

Saving Money on BeefThis is a page about saving money on beef. The cost of beef is cyclical, but is often a relatively high percentage of your grocery bill.


Woman Making Pasta

Saving Money on Pasta?This is a page about saving money on pasta. When you are trying to cut food costs, the staples are a good category to start with.


Plugin Air Freshener

Saving Money on Glade Plugins RefillsThis is a page about saving money on Glade Plugins. Glade Plugins are a popular and air freshener. However, the refills can be pricey.


Stacks of new pants at a clothing store.

Saving Money on PantsThis is a page about saving money on pants. Buying clothing can become a significant portion of your household budget. There are ways to reduce some of this expense.


Scouring Pad

Saving Money on Scouring PadsThis is a page about saving money on scouring pads. Scouring pads are very useful for scrubbing dishes and many other cleaning jobs around the house.


Three girls wearing prom dresses.

Saving Money on Prom DressesThis is a page about saving money on prom dresses. You want to look your best for prom, but don't always have an unlimited clothing budget.


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Saving Money on Toiletries

Saving Money on ToiletriesThis is a page about saving money on toiletries. Toiletries can be expensive to buy and may be overused by family members.


Thrift Shops Before Retail

Thrift Shops Before RetailWhy the coat? I recently purchased this coat for 69 cents at a thrift shop. No, I'm not kidding you! For years now, I have ALWAYS looked in the local thrift shops BEFORE simply paying retail at a chain store.


Online Purchase from Penny Auction

Avoid the Penny Auction ScamPenny auctions, you have probably seen banner ads in your browser and even commercials on TV. The auction prices sound too good to be true. That is because they are! It is a scam that could cost you more than buying the item directly.


Three kids in snorkel gear.

Saving Money to Go on VacationIt's important to find time and money to go on a vacation, even if it's an inexpensive one. In today's economy finding the room in our budgets for vacations is getting more and more difficult. This is a page about saving money to go on a vacation.


food in clear plastic bins

Keep Groceries Organized to Save...To keep my groceries organized so I know what I have and don't have, I have been doing the following:



Use Shampoo as Hand Soap RefillI have an alternative to replace pricey hand wash pumps. I use value supermarket brands of shampoo instead! I buy the cheap shampoos from the supermarket. Store branded hand wash start at about £1 a bottle.


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A shopping bag upended on a basket to dry.

Drying Out Wet Shopping BagsHere in Oregon, single use plastic bags have gone the way of the beta. I am glad. I had a particularly soggy shopping today today, and I came upon a trick that you might want to modify. I happened to have a wicker basket that I got and it was perfect for up-ending the wet bag and letting it drain.


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Stick to Solid Color PursesOne way to economize in the closet is to purchase solid color purses. I know there are several designers who produce vividly patterned quilted purses, and they look great in the store, but really, how often are you dressed in solid colors top to bottom? Those patterned purses will clash with any outfit that boasts a print top, skirt, jacket or dress.


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Ordering Groceries from AmazonIf you need groceries an alternative would be ordering off Amazon via Amazon Fresh or Amazon Whole Foods. It is free shipping if you spend $35 or more for Amazon members.


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Hidden Treasure When ShoppingWhen I make my grocery list, I put how much I'm willing to spend next to each item. If I catch something on sale or have a coupon for it, it's like a hidden treasure. I put the difference in savings. Also, I keep my lists in a spiral noteook. I can look back to see how much I paid for an item, and I can usually tell what items I have on hand so I don't buy stuff I already have.


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Divide Bulk Purchases and SaveBuying food in bulk can help save money but not if you throw half of it away because it goes bad. I buy cheese and meats in larger quantities if the price is low enough. Dividing my purchase into more manageable servings and freezing helps me save time and money.


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Faster Economical Grocery ShoppingArmed with your list, pick up frozen food first. Yes, it sounds crazy, but knowing that your frozen items might melt, you will now be propelled through the market and out the door. You won't dawdle looking at items you do not need but might be tempted to buy.



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Finding Free Beds for Low Income Families?I'm a single mother with 3 children. I just recently moved back to Indiana and am getting ready to start my job on Monday. I'm looking for some help with beds for myself and the kids. Is there anyone that can help me out?


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Finding a Free Bed?I need to get a queen size firm pillow top mattress and frame. I'm recently disabled and in need of a bed. Unfortunately I'm really broke.


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Finding Free Furniture?I need beds and couches for my new home.


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Finding Free or Inexpensive Bedroom Furniture?I'm looking for a bed, maybe a small night stand, and a few decorations would be amazing. I left a very abusive relationship and I'm now starting over. I don't have a lot of money, but could come up with a few dollars.


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Getting Free Furniture?I am new to the Fort Wayne area. I need help getting assistance for bedroom and living room furniture. I am on disability for a severe back problem called scoliosis. I get my 13 year old son every weekend and we sleep on his futon bed in my living room. My son does not have a normal bedroom like a 13 year old should have. I lost my furniture to rent a center because I absolutely couldn't pay for it.


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Finding a Free Mattress and Box Spring?I would love if anyone could help me and my wife find a mattress and box spring. We were given one yesterday and it was infested with bed bugs.


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