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This page has grocery shopping tips and strategies. You'll find guides on selecting good produce and ways save money on your food budget while still eating well.

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A woman grocery shopping looking at her organized shopping list.

Organizing Your Shopping List By AisleThis is a page about organize your shopping list by aisle. You can save time and even money if you organize your shopping by the aisles in your favorite market.


A slice of watermelon in front of a full watermelon.

Selecting a Good WatermelonHave you found yourself in the produce section trying to remember how to tell if a watermelon is going to be sweet and tasty? Should you thump or check the stem end? A green melon can be a big disappointment.


A shopping bag upended on a basket to dry.

Drying Out Wet Shopping BagsMany areas are moving away from disposable shopping bags. Since they have been replaced by reusable ones, it may be necessary on occasion to dry out your bags that were caught in a downpour. Try this helpful tip.


A bunch of full shopping bags from the grocery store.

Bring Food Home Safely from Grocery Shopping TripsGrocery shopping in warm weather can result in the cold items getting warm on the trip home. Taking a cooler with ice packs helps keep everything at a safe temperature.


Various cuts of meat packaged in supermarket butcher counter

Save Money With Pick 5 Meat SalesSaving money on groceries is helped along by watching for special sales at your local markets. Finding meat on sale is a great boon, as it can be quite costly. This is a page about save money with pick 5 meat sales.


Closeup of sliced ham lunch meat.

Saving Money on Sandwich MeatOne way to save on sandwich meat is to buy fully cooked ham, turkey, or other meats in the meat department at your local market and have the deli department thin slice it for you. Freeze some for later if you like. This is a page about saving money on sandwich meat.


A mother cooking dinner for her family.

Feeding a Family of Four on $400 a Month?This is a page about feeding a family of four on $400 a month. Stay within your food budget and eat well by making delicious meals from scratch.


Woman leaning on her cart thoughtfully at the grocery store

Frugal Tips for Grocery ShoppingThis page contains frugal tips for grocery shopping. There are many ways to save money when buying food for your family.


couple reading canned food label at the market

Grocery Shopping StrategiesWhether your goal is saving time or money, there are a number of strategies that can improve your grocery shopping experience. This is a page about grocery shopping strategies.


basket with products

Shopping at Aldi'sThis is a page about shopping at Aldi's. Known for its consistently low prices, this German warehouse style grocery store is finding satisfied customers in the US.


Assorted Beans

Saving Money on Beans?Beans are a nutritious part of a balanced diet and a great source of protein. This is a page about saving money on beans.



Seasonal Shopping

Seasonal Shopping TipsThis is a page about seasonal shopping tips. Buying foods in season and shopping after holidays can help save you money throughout the year.


Mixed Nuts

Saving Money on NutsThis is a page about saving money on nuts. Nuts are a healthy addition to your daily diet, as well as delicious in many recipes. However, they can be pricey to pick up at the market.


Groceries in Car Trunk

Transporting GroceriesThis is a page about transporting groceries. Having your food and household supplies easy to carry, safely home, and sorted to be easily put away, is the goal.


Boxes of fruit at the market.

Saving Money on FruitA smart shopper can save money on fruit using a couple of strategies to get the best price. This is a page about saving money on fruit.


A woman looking at her shopping list in a supermarket.

Feeding a Family InexpensivelyThis page is about feeding a family inexpensively. You can reduce your grocery bill by buying less prepared food, and being creative.


Couple in a grocery store.

Shopping At Ethnic Food StoresThis is a page about shopping at ethnic food stores. Ethnic food stores not only have a wide variety of foods, including fresh produce, that cannot be found at a chain market, but they will allow you to indulge yourself with exciting new recipes.


Cream Cheese

Saving Money on Cream Cheese?This is a page about saving money on cream cheese. The price of groceries seems to continually be rising so many shoppers are always on the lookout for ways to save money.



Buying Bisquick?This is a page about buying Bisquick. Bisquick is a popular product used for baking and making pancakes. It is not however readily available everywhere, so you may want to use a substitute or find a source other than your local market, so that you always have some on hand.



Buying HoneyAll of this natural sweetener is not created equal, and there are a few things you need to know when selecting your honey. This page is about buying honey.


Woman Making Pasta

Saving Money on Pasta?This is a page about saving money on pasta. When you are trying to cut food costs, the staples are a good category to start with.


A woman eating a frugal bowl or ramen noodles.

Eating on a Tight Monthly BudgetThis is a page about eating on a tight monthly budget. When money is short, it can have a serious effect on meal planning and choices.


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Buying Marie Calendar Cherry Pies?When groceries have her pies on sale it always excludes cherry pie. Why is that?


Organic Flour

Buying Organic Flour?This is a page about buying organic flour. Organic food products are becoming more and more popular.


Boxed Rice Meal with Chicken

Saving Money on Boxed Rice MealsThis is a page about saving money on boxed rice meals. Boxed rice mixes while tasty may be too much for your budget.


A bag full of fresh produce.

Saving Money on ProduceThis is a page about saving money on produce. A trip to the grocery store may leave you with sticker shock when buying produce.



Grocery List

Creating A Grocery ListThis is a page about creating a grocery list. Creating a grocery list can save time at the market and ensure that you don't forget anything while shopping.


Variety of Baked Goods

Saving Money On Baked GoodsThis is a page about saving money on baked goods. There are ways to save money when doing your grocery shopping and still feed your sweet tooth or resupply the bread box.


A sign pointing to a farmers market.

Alternative Places to Shop for GroceriesThis page is about alternatives places to shop for groceries. Food products are available in a number of places you may not have visited yet.


A bowl of oatmeal.

Saving Money On OatmealOatmeal is an inexpensive, wholesome grain that keeps well. This page is about saving money on oatmeal.


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Getting Produce Coupons in Pennsylvania?Where do I get the coupons for produce in Pennsylvania? I believe they are state issued.


Discount Grocery Store

Shopping at Discount Grocery StoresThis page is about shopping at discount grocery stores. Finding the best deals at a bargain or salvage store can save money on your food purchases.


Woman Grocery Shopping

Saving Money on FoodThis page is about saving money on food. There are many creative ways to trim your grocery bill.


Mother and Daughter Shopping at Supermarket

Shopping Tips and TricksThis page contains shopping tips and tricks. Whatever shopping you have to accomplish, there are many ways to save time and money.


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Superchill Foods Upon Return from Grocery StoreUse a timer and freezer to superchill foods to retard spoilage. Place milk, juices, non-frozen meats, and half and half in the freezer for 1/2 hour upon returning from the grocery store to get the temperature down to a fresh 35-degrees.


Stack of Cheeses

Saving Money on CheeseThis is a page about saving money on cheese. Cheese is a favorite ingredient in many recipes and a great snack food.


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Buying Bulk Dried Beans?Where to I buy dried beans in bulk, cheaper than at the grocery store?


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Ammonia Soda for Baking?Where can I purchase ammonia soda for baking? I have a recipe that calls for ammonia soda, but I can't find it. A small jar was given to me with the cookie recipe, but now I can't find the ammonia soda. Can you help?


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Locating Discount Food Stores in Texas?I am looking for a scratch and dent can store around Tomball Texas, without having to drive all the way to Houston. Any help?


Raspberries on White Background

Selecting Good RaspberriesThis is a page about selecting good raspberries. Good ripe raspberries are a treat that almost no one can pass up. Whether you are picking them fresh or buying them at the market, be sure to get good flavorful raspberries that are ready to eat.


Freezing Bell Peppers, Canning Bell Peppers, Peeling Bell Peppers, Drying Bell Peppers, Storing Bell Peppers, Growing Bell Peppers, Selecting Good Bell Peppers, Red, Green and Yellow Bell Peppers

Selecting Good Bell PeppersWhether you are stuffing them, making fajitas, or just roasting them bell peppers can add color and flavor to many dishes. Get the most out of your meal by selecting good peppers to use.



Photo of lots of potatoes.

Saving Money on PotatoesThis is a page about saving money on potatoes. Potatoes are a staple for many households. While they may not seem too pricey on a per pound basis, if you have a large family and go through many potatoes the cost can really add up.


Artichokes on a Table

Selecting Good Artichokes?This is a page about selecting good artichokes. Artichokes are a tasty side dish whether by themselves or combined with other ingredients. Selecting a good artichoke is the first step in making your recipes successful.


A blank grocery list ready to be filled out.

Thrifty Grocery ShoppingI have found over the years that if I use a shopping list, I tend to spend less money. Depending on the layout of the store that you shop in, make up a form such as this one on your computer and save it so you can print one out any time you need it.


A woman looking at her shopping list.

Organizing Your Grocery ListHave you ever gone grocery shopping and walked down the same aisle several times? An organized grocery list can save you time at the grocery store. This is a page about organizing your grocery list.


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Grocery Prices Jump 10 CentsMy most favorite remark about food and the economy is that each time I go into the grocery store, the prices have jumped 10 cents on any item.


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Where Can I Buy Poultry and Other Groceries in Bulk?Does anyone know of a good meat company from which to buy poultry in bulk with fair prices? Also I am looking for any grocers online to purchase from at lower cost in bulk?


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Are There Farmers Who Deliver in the Burbank CA Area?Anyone know of farmers in California that might deliver in the Burbank CA area?


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Best Time for Deals on MeatThe best time to shop for meats is about 3 pm on Saturday afternoon, providing the store is closed on Sunday. Today, Saturday, for example I bought 3 roasting chickens at half price because the expiration date is Sunday.


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Shopping for Grass Fed Meats and Poultry at a Reasonable Price?I am a former vegetarian and animal lover now with a larger family that eats meat. I also eat meat now for several reasons. I am looking to transition my family to grass fed/humanely raised meats and poultry, but am spending a fortune on it as of now!


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Shopping for Inexpensive Gel Food Coloring?Where do you buy the cheapest, but good gel food coloring?


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Marked Down Meat?Will Shop N Save grocery store reduce ground meat left out over night?


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Use Sales Ads at a Competing StoreIf there are several good deals/sales at different stores, and you don't want to drive all over town, check to see if one of the stores will honor the other ads.


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Bring Ads When Grocery ShoppingWhen grocery shopping, take the ad for the store you are using with you. I recently bought three bags of a known brand of frozen vegetables that were on sale. When I took them out of the freezer, I noticed the sale price was not posted anywhere.


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Buy Soda (Pop) By the CaseI had been upset for a long time that name brand pop (or at least Coke in my area), was only sold in 12 packs. I used to buy by the case (24 pack), but all of the sudden they disappeared and I was paying about the same for half as much pop!


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Shopping for Wolf Brand Chili?I had heard the Wolf brand canned chili was good. I like my chili a bit spicy and this was perfect for my tastes. My question is for your readers in the Bloomington/Normal, IL area. I would like to know what stores in the area carry this brand.


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Where Can I Buy Onion Juice?Can you buy onion juice? I have a recipe calling for it and I've never seen it before.


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Finding Discount Grocery Stores in Pittsburgh?Are there any discount grocery stores in Pittsburgh, PA?


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Beware Misleading Produce PackagingI just purchased red grapes in the plastic clam shell package from Sam's Club. While washing them, my mother noticed that they were two different variety. The few on top were plump. The rest were regular to small sized grapes. Let the buyer beware.


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Determining Best Prices for Meat and Vegetables?How does one know what is a good buy for meat? My mother-in-law will say, I'm going to go get a ham, because it is such and such per pound, or chicken breasts a such and such a pound. Does it depend on where you live? What about veggies?


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Link: Save-A-Lot CouponsThere is a valuable coupon at the Save-A-Lot grocery stores; you access the coupon online by going to their website, $5 off of $20


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Discount Food Stores in Northern VA?Does anyone know of any discount type food stores around Northern VA?


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Bulk Bargains in the Meat DepartmentWith grocery bills going through the roof, I am always on the lookout for ways to trim mine. I always look for bargains in the meat department and last month found a real money saver.


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Weigh Bagged Produce in the StoreWhen buying bagged produce in a store, weigh it first. Sometimes you can get more than the label states.


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Saving Money on Passover GroceriesPeople tend to really over-spend for the week of Passover. There are so many things we "need" for the holiday; Passover mayonnaise and ketchup, Passover cookies and cakes, Passover mixes for pancakes or soups, Passover frozen blintzes and ice creams.


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Buying Nuts at Wholesale Prices?I am looking for a source for pistachios and other nuts that costs less than $4 a pound. Does anyone know of a mail order or internet company that offers nuts at "super wholesale" prices?


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"Fresh and Easy" Neighborhood Market for Grocery DiscountsIf you live in the Phoenix or Las Vegas area, or in SoCal, there is an amazing market chain called "Fresh and Easy". Shopping there has slashed our food bills by 75%, plus we're eating healthier than ever before (much of it is organic, free range and no hormones added).


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Buying Bulk Canned Goods?I've Googled this until I cannot see straight! Is it cheaper to buy the big cans of fruits and vegetables like at Costco, Sam's, Groc Isle with the big Food Service sizes? If so, then is it ok/safe to freeze any leftovers? Any advice would be appreciated!


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Invest In a FoodsaverWhen buying food, buy bulk if possible. I splurged a little this weekend and bought a Foodsaver. It sucks the air out and seals my food so it will last longer. Then I went out and bought a lot of meat and divided it up into meals and sealed it.


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Buy Small Amounts of Veggies at the Salad BarWe love salad, and the healthier the better. Here is a great money tip I use constantly. I will buy my main "green", such as romaine, or iceberg, etc. But I will go to the salad bar and get spinach to make the salad even more nutritious.


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Tally Your Grocery Bill on Your Cell PhoneTo stay on budget at the grocery store, I use my calculator feature on my cell phone. Then I am not surprised at the register.


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Tips For Staying Within Your Grocery BudgetGroceries continue to go up and I have been determined to not go over my grocery budget. Here are several things I have started doing to stay within our food budget.


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Keep a Cooler in Your Trunk for ErrandsKeep a cooler, any kind, in your car winter or summer to keep frozen food frozen, and to keep perishables, fruits and vegetables from freezing or becoming too hot. I use the really thick styrofoam ones that meat is sometimes delivered in.


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Pay Attention to Package Sizes When Grocery ShoppingWe need to be careful at the grocery store. I have noticed a growing trend about package sizes. Many companies are putting less product in their packages but keeping the outside packages the same size.


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Website for Buying Grocery CouponsThis is not a recipe, just a tip to save money. Go to You can "buy" coupons for just about anything you need. For example, pay 7 cents for a coupon to save a dollar. It's really cool. You gotta check it out.


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Determining When Baked Goods Were Made?I read someplace on how to tell when baked goods were made. According to color on bread twistie. Like red for Mon. yellow Tues. or the like. Anyone know the secret to get the freshest when there is no date on the package?


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November Best Grocery BuysNovember Best Buys: Apples, Beef, Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, Carrots, Cauliflower, Celery, Chestnuts, Cranberries, Fish, Lamb, Onions, Oranges, Oysters, Pears, Pumpkin, Sweet potatoes, Tangelos, Tangerines, Turkey, Turnips, and Winter squash.


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Write Prices On Grocery PurchasesWhen shopping for groceries and personal items, I write the price with a permanent marker discreetly on the packaging when I place it in the cart.


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Buy Butter Now For The HolidaysFor all your holiday recipes, it's time to buy your butter now and freeze it. The prices will soar in the coming months.


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Stock Up When Groceries Are On SaleOne thing I do is watch the grocery store flyers to find items that I think is a good price. I watch prices real close, I may have a coupon , maybe not.


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Locations For Angel Food Ministries In Illinois?What are the locations of the Angel Food Ministries in Illinois.


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Free Grocery Coupon For Extra Foods (Canada)This is for the Extra Foods stores. First you have to go to their site and register. Each week they offer a free food item with the purchase of an amount of groceries.


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Bulk Foods Near Owensboro, Kentucky or Tennessee?Where can I find bulk food stores near Owensboro, Ky or Tennessee


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Where Can I Find Sugar Free Sour Apple Syrup?I am looking for sugar free sour apple syrup! Anybody know where to find some?


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Keeping Track Of Prices From Store To StoreI usually buy EAS low carb protein individual beverages at Sam's, but occasionally see them on sale at the grocery stores. Then I stand there, trying in vain, to recall the price paid at Sam's.


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Buy and Freeze Sale HamsLast month, the grocery store had a special on spiral sliced hams that were left from the holidays. They were still in date but not for long. They had been $1.79 lb and they were marked down.


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Make Your Own Convenience FoodsI do my grocery shopping once a week, with a list and coupons to save all I possibly can. When I get home, I take all my veggies and wash them and separate them into meal size packages.


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Checking the Prices on Family Sized PackagesChecking the Prices on Family Sized Packages. This occurred purely by chance. I was looking at packages of chicken and trying to select the best one when I noticed that the family size were less per pound than the standard size.


November Best BuysPlan your meals around items that tend to be cheaper in November. Here's a list of some of the best bets during November.


October Best BuysPlan your meals around items that tend to be cheaper in October. Here's a list of some of the best bets during October:


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Cutting Your Food BudgetMy food budget has been growing every week, so I sat down and looked at what I could start doing to cut back and still eat quality meals. . .


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Save Up to 50% on your grocery bill!I have discovered the secret of saving money feeding babies, toddlers and preschoolers. Well, I can't take the credit for it. My mom taught it to me many years ago but I didn't put it into practice until the first financial crisis we had when my husband was laid off.


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Food Vouchers for Supermarkets in England?How do I get food vouchers to use the supermarket in England?


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Discount Grocery Stores in Abilene, TX?Discount Grocery Stores in Abilene, TX. I got inspired from someone else asking this question... I wonder if there is such a store in Abilene, TX. . .


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Give Store Brands a TryIn most cases, store brand kitchen staples such as pancake mix, canned vegetables and pastas are exactly the same as the more expensive "brand name" items.


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Finding Cheaper ProduceFinding Cheaper Produce. You can buy cheaper groceries by going to a farmer's market rather than the grocery store. Amish owned farmer's markets can sometimes be the cheapest. . .


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Make a Weekly Menu Before ShoppingMake a Weekly Menu Before Shopping. When my second husband and I married, I had two children and he had three. Since his wife had passed away, we raised all 5 of them. . .


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Salad Bar SavingsAt my grocery store, the cost for prewashed bagged spinach is an incredible $11.99 per pound. The salad bar just a few steps away has the same spinach or salad mix for only $4.99 a pound...


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Buying Discounted Fruits and VegetablesYou can go to the fruit markets in your area and get cases of discounted fruits and vegetables for next to nothing.


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Prices Are More at the End of the AislesWhile shopping recently, I noticed 2 different pricings for the same item, I was about to purchase (waxed paper). On the shelf, where it's always kept in the paper bag, plate and plastic bag aisle, this product was priced at $1.07 per box.


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Saving Money on OlivesTips for saving money on olives. Post your ideas.


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shopping receipt

Reducing the Cost of Feeding a FamilyI was in the grocery store yesterday and was talking with a lady in the dairy section about the rising cost of food. She was very upset that her kids were eating her out of house and home.


Baskets of fruit and vegetables.

Buying Produce In SeasonWhen you buy out of season, it costs you more money. When you buy in season and from your local food supplier, you are saving that money, you can buy more to freeze or can and you are helping your local economy.


A bag of ground coffee beans and a refillable pod next to a box of Keurig coffee pods.

Kuerig K-Cups Vs. Ground CoffeeMy husband got a Kuerig for his birthday. While the K-Cups are very convenient, we wondered how they compared to using ground coffee in the My K-Cup basket. A box of K-Cups contains 18 cups. Our bag of Tully's coffee weighed 12 ounces and we were able to get 25 cups of coffee.


finished cookies

Baking from the Discount Grocery ShelfI recently started checking the discount shelves at my local supermarkets. I have found some really good savings from time to time. Earlier this year I picked up a couple of bags of Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix.


A closeup of Chex party mix, a favorite during the holidays.

Start Stocking Your Pantry For The HolidaysAlthough it may seem too early to think about the Holidays, they are just around the corner. There are always special recipes and favorite foods that are only prepared for these holidays.


food in clear plastic bins

Keep Groceries Organized to Save...To keep my groceries organized so I know what I have and don't have, I have been doing the following:


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Saving Money on Produce?I was tired of being sluggish and overweight, so I gave up my pop and cheese and unhealthy meals for a diet of mainly vegetables and fruits. I love it! It hasn't been even a week yet and I have already lost 4 pounds (I know some is water weight, but hey, it's weight lost!)


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Where Are the Good Artichokes of the 1970s?When I was growing up in California we had great artichokes; the taste was fabulous. Now all we can buy are these big globs of cardboard tasting leaves. They look great, but they do not taste the way a artichoke should taste. Why did they stop growing the old fashioned ones that taste good?


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Finding Fresh or Frozen Rhubarb?Where do I find fresh or frozen rhubarb in the Olympia area of Washington state? I live in Shelton, Washington and I am having a hard time finding rhubarb.


picture of a name brand tomato sauce can and a generic tomoato sauce can

Name Brand vs. Generic Brand?This is a question that is often asked and debated. Not all generic brands are created equal and not all name brands stand up to the hype. Share which generic brands you use and which name brands you can't live without.


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Average Price of Fresh Local Honey?I love buying fresh, local honey, but am wondering if I am spending too much for the product. Would you mind telling me the prices in your areas, just to get an idea of what the going rates are? Thanks.


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Estimating the Cost of and Ingredients for a Salad for 50?I need help estimating the cost of and ingredients needed for a salad for 50. I will be making it with a romaine and iceberg lettuce mix, shredded carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes and salad dressing.


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