Feeling Lightheaded?

I have been very lightheaded as well as having sinus pain, pressure and headaches for the last 2 1/2 weeks. Being lightheaded is my biggest complaint. My doctor seems to think it is from allergies even though I dont have any other allergy or cold symptoms. The meds he has given me include an antiobiotic, zyrtec, nasacort and sudafed which so far have not helped. He wants me to have a CAT scan. Can anyone out there relate to what I'm going through?


Donna from Wilmington, DE

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October 23, 20090 found this helpful

I feel the same and have for the past week, I have missed school but I have also had bronchitis. I had blood tests come back normal and I'm on anti biotics. Over the week it hasn't got better but also certainly not worse. Its been the same. My parents say its viral and fluid in the ears and will take time to clear up. I've seen that your post was a couple months ago. Can you please reply and tell me how your doing now? That would just lift the worry weight off my shoulders a lot. Thanks

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November 21, 20090 found this helpful

This sounds exactly what I'm going through right now. It came on really strong for me. Do you have any other information on what might have been wrong?

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April 18, 20100 found this helpful

I always get the same reaction. I was finally told by a pharmacist that the lightheadedness is from not breathing well, and less O2 to your brain. Breathe in deeply. I also tried Claritan D for the first time and it works better for my sinuses than anything I have ever tried. Good luck!



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June 6, 20100 found this helpful

I have had similar problems, I first thought it was because of a overexposure to spray paint, but I'm going on ten days now. I have no allergies and never had sinus problems, but now, I have been lightheaded continuously, fatigued, and have had bloody mucus, if you find a remedy, please let me know.

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June 4, 2009

I have been very lightheaded, as well as having sinus pain, pressure and headaches for the last 2 1/2 weeks. Being lightheaded is my biggest complaint. My doctor seems to think it is from

allergies even though I don't have any other allergy or cold symptoms. The meds he has given me include an antiobiotic, Zyrtec, Nasacort, and Sudafed which so far have not helped. He wants me to have a CAT


scan. Can anyone out there relate to what I'm going through?

Donna from Wilmington, DE


Feeling Lightheaded

Think of a possibility of sinus draining into an ear and throwing off your balance? If not done have your ears looked into. Linda from Oceanside, CA (10/14/2005)

By linda

Feeling Lightheaded

Do a Google search for sinus groups. There is an amazing amount of information and support in groups. I especially like the alt.support.sinusitis group. There are a lot of support groups for a variety of

problems. Good luck. (10/14/2005)

By Terri

Feeling Lightheaded

See an ENT. Also, is it possible you aren't eating enough? (10/14/2005)

By Holly

Feeling Lightheaded

Sinus could do the dizzy thing, I take Allegra for
allergies as I have constant sinus problem without it.
Have you run the course of meds the doc gave you.


If it is a severe sinus infection then it takes a bit
a few days or more for meds to kick in. I was dizzy and
light headed once when my sinus infection got so bad my inner ear had problemss too, wow was that bad.
Drink lots of water and with sinus problems avoid;
caffeine, chocolates, cheese, and fermented things like wine they make sinus probs worse my ENT told me.
If you can see an Ears Nose and Throat doc "ENT".
Get better, rest, eat well and rest and lots of water. (10/14/2005)

By Annie Rios Hill

Feeling Lightheaded

This can be really gross, but I have done it a couple times and it helps alot. Get one of those bulb things that are for baby's nose. Fill it with warm tap water and table salt and blast it up your nose. Be

sure to do this over a sink, because it will wash out your sinus cavities and spill down your face. Some people simply cannot tolerate this. It is sort of harsh the first time, but it will make you feel much


better after wards.

By melody_yesterday

Feeling Lightheaded

I went through that last year. They did all kinds of tests and it turned out that I needed glasses. I couldn't believe it.

I also have sinus problems and I get lightheaded whenever they act up.

Hope you find the help you need and you get to feeling better. (10/18/2005)

By felicia48

Feeling Lightheaded

Many sinus problems are aggravated by milk products. I would suggest that if you are having sinus infections, completely stop eating anything with milk, that includes, cheese, certain breads and cakes,

sauces and see if that helps the sinus problems which will then alleviate everything else.
Just a suggestion (08/05/2006)

By Lisa

Feeling Lightheaded

I have recently gone through similar symptoms at the onset of my new found allergies. With environmental allergies I get severe sinus headaches, lightheadedness, etc. I found the only relief from Advil Cold


and Sinus, which was a recommendation from my allergist. I also use Flonase when symptoms aren't as severe. Hope this helps. (08/14/2006)

By Christie

Feeling Lightheaded

I had the same problem for years and tried to treat it myself with OTC meds. Finally, it got so bad that I consulted my doctor about it and went through just what you described, powerful antibiotics, nasal

steroid sprays, nothing helped. I had allergy testing and was told I had no allergies. I then was referred to an ENT who ordered a CT scan, which showed narrowed sinus passages, clogged sinuses and a

deviated septum. I had functional endoscopic sinus surgery and it changed my life. I had been feeling semi-sick, groggy, headachy and lightheaded for so long I had forgotten what "normal" felt like. The

surgery was about 7 years ago. As time has passed, I occasionally get stuffy sinuses, but now over-the-counter meds (e.g. Sudafed) actually work to clear it up so I can function. (10/26/2006)


Feeling Lightheaded

Maybe a humidifier would help you. I bought one for my granddaughter at a thrift store and cleaned it out with bleach-water. They're not very expensive and it might help your sinuses. You need to wash them

often and keep them squeaky clean or mold and bacteria can grow in them. (03/01/2007)

By Cyinda

Feeling Lightheaded

I want to thank Adam who posted his lightheaded and dizzy related symptoms. I was actually recently diagnosed with the same thing. I have autonomic central nervous system dysfunction which caused postural

Othrostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. My dizziness and lightheadedness all came about on February 5th 2008. My legs ached so bad and I felt as if I might be coming down with something. The next day I didn't come

down with a cold, just continued this horrible dizziness and lightheadedness and achy legs. I went to the doctor 2 days later and was told i had a inner ear virus. The doc gave me meds and sent me home.

A week later I am feelings worse and I cannot function. At this point I had shortness of breath, my legs ached, major lightheadedness, dizziness, and I was very confused all the time. The best way at the

time, I could describe it then was like being in a bubble. I couldn't express myself at all (and I am a speech therapist). When I returned to the doc's office I saw the a different doc and my blood pressure

was 80/30. Obviously not an inner ear virus. I was not allowed to leave the office until my blood pressure rose. My doctor then diagnosed me with Orthrostatic Hypotension. She said it maybe caused by either

dehydration, anemia, or autonomic nervous system dysfunction. The quickest fix was rehydration. So I went home and drank water, drank water, drank water, and ate salty stuff. I still felt like crap.

So I went to the ER big mistake. They said I had a cold. Mind you this was day 9 of these horrible symptoms. After that weekend I called my doc to let her know what the ER said. At the ER though they

checked my blood pressure and heart rate from a laying down, sitting, and standing position. My blood pressure rose, which was good. MY heart rate went from 98, 120, to 138. The ER thought that was normal or


Anyway my doctor then said you definitely have Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome and its caused from autonomic nervous system dysfunction. She talked to a cardiologist to make sure he agreed and he

did. So I was very lucky to be quickly diagnosed because this blood disorder is under diagnosed. So if you have these symptoms push your doctor to get the right answers. I am now take Fludrocortisone

everyday. I am usually fine. I have relapsed one time since, but it was only for a day. (04/22/2008)

By Erin

Feeling Lightheaded

I've had this condition for several years now and it goes up and down in intensity depending on the weather, humidity and air quality. I've been diagnosed with multiple allergies, including food allergies so

I suspect that's the main culprit.
I can tell it's sinus pressure and not something else because I can feel it in my nose, around my eyes, which feel tired all the time and around my ears. Chiropractic and massage help relieve a lot of the

pressure I feel in my head.

By Mark H.

Feeling Lightheaded

I know the feeling, but it feels like your brain is not getting enough oxygen. Try apple cider vinegar look it up on the web. (08/20/2008)

By Petro

Feeling Lightheaded

I used to feel chronically light headed for no apparent reason. I do have chronic sinus issues and often wake up with a sore throat from post nasal drip. Running about 2 miles a day seems to help for some

reason. Good luck all. (10/06/2008)

By Paul

Feeling Lightheaded

I have had the lightheaded feeling for about four months now. Blood work and heart monitor came back great so now my doctor things it's low blood sugar. He suggested I cut out sugar and carbs and eat 5 small

meals a day. I'm not sure I believe him, but I did notice that the really bad dizzy spells are decreasing. (10/07/2008)

By dizzy blonde

Feeling Lightheaded

I had all these same feelings many years back. The lightheadedness, the dizziness, the pounding chest, you name it. I had all of the same medical treatment as most of you; ie. blood work, ekg, etc. Come to

find out I had anxiety disorder. Look it up. See if you are having the symptoms.

Trust me the medicine they give you works. As someone put it to me when I didn't want to take the medicine, because I felt that it would make people think I'm crazy. "if you have high blood pressure you

take medicine right?" then why not take medicine for anxiety. It is something you cannot control. I hope this helps. I am 1000 times better now than I was 5 years ago. (11/06/2008)

By Gues

Feeling Lightheaded

There are some other potential causes I forgot to mention:

For any of you who've had silver amalgam fillings done, get checked for mercury toxicity. Silver fillings are 50% mercury and their compound may be inhaled through natural decay and wear. This causes thryoid

imbalance symptoms which leads, prominently, to allergic reactions like poor vision and lightheaded/ dizziness.

Also, for any one taking Lorazepam, get off it. My psychiatrist pointed out that Lorazepam creates dose anxieties with a single dose (essentially, as the med wears off, you start exhibitng signs of a

panic attack). Lorazepam also can stay in your system anywhere from two months to six months, stored in your fat cells, mildly dosing you. When these mild doses wear off, you will spontaneously feel

lightheaded. In fact, stay away from any benzodiazepine as they all have the same delayed effect outside of typical withdrawal symptoms. Also, for anyone smoking marijuana to deal with their symptoms (guilty

as charged), marijuana and Lorazepam do interact. Both are stored in fat cells and both will give you mild doses over a period of months. When these mild doses interact, they will create a sedative effect

that will leave your first tired and weak, then anxious and dizzy. So, something to consider.

I would also keep your sodium and starch levels in check as I've found foods high in these sources do contribute to a heavy onset of lightheadedness. That's all my observations for now. Hope this helps

take the edge off, at least. (11/21/2008)


Feeling Lightheaded

I too have had the same symptoms. I was beginning to think I was going insane. Thought I was losing it. Thought my brain was going to go mental and start seeing things and hearing things, until I realized it was me

thinking to much bringing my dizziness on. More so when I had a lie in or did nothing all day. (This is when i felt worse) Only when busy or something is really interesting, am I fine.

Don't get time to think so I am always trying to keep myself busy. I feel this will be in my life forever so I have to find a way to live with it, work with, make a deal with it. Tell yourself, "It only

happens when I get mad or stressed." Then when your not mad or stressed it's not there. This will give you time to yourself without your dizzy, foggy, heart racing horrible feel. This is learning to live

with it because like a lot of us, there is no explanation for this there is no medical illness or cure. We are the cure. Our brains are the cure. We need to retrain our brains, instead of it ruling our

lives. We will rule it once again. Victoria 25 Manchester (01/05/2009)

By Victoria 25 manchester

Feeling Lightheaded

Many times feelings of lightheaded-ness are caused by low blood pressure. Your doctor should be able to prescribe medication if this is the case. Also, make sure your electrolytes are in balance, they can

make a huge difference. In rare cases, being lightheaded for prolonged periods of time may be indicative of heart problems. Track your symptoms and see a doctor. (02/01/2009)

By Hayley

Feeling Lightheaded

What about hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)? I went for about 6 months feeling like my head was buzzing, trouble focusing (vision), unable to concentrate, headaches, feeling like I was about to pass out

especially when standing up from a sitting position. I was even having trouble nodding off at work. Trouble was that I already have allergies, so I thought that was the problem. When I finally got in to

the doctor, she guessed it immediately. Confirmed it with the 6 hour glucose test. My fasting glucose is in the normal range, so it would not have been caught with routine bloodwork. Fortunately, after

working with a nutritionist for several months I can control mine with diet alone.

Tracey in Jacksonville, FL (04/30/2009)

By Tracey Ihle

Feeling Lightheaded

About two years ago I had my first bout with lightheadedness accompanied by only post nasal drip. I never had the drip before or since either. I know it is connected. I suffered about a month last time

before going to a walk-in clinic. They gave me a packet of steroid pills. After several days, it went away and has been gone until now two years later. If it doesn't go away soon, I'll go for another round

of steroids. (09/18/2008)

By Dwayne

Feeling Lightheaded

I had the same symptoms as everyone on here. I started putting a radiation glare on my computer screen and I feel back to normal. Thank God. So if a lot of you are sitting in front of a computer screen all

day this could possibly be why. Also with the guy that wrote about the silver fillings, I just got 4 cavities filled, all silver and that's when all this dizziness started happening. I'm definitely getting

those replaced with white ones. I guess I can't be cheap when it comes to my health. (11/23/2008)

By carla

Feeling Lightheaded

I feel that most of your symptoms come from added stress from the fear of what you really have. At the moment I feel lightheaded, dizzy, vertigo, etc. I had these symptoms around the same time last year. I

go to the doctor and they diagnose me with a sinus infection, a couple of days after taking the meds I feel a lot better. I have another doctors appointment today, but I am definitely going to get them to do

a CT scan. (11/25/2008)

By Crystal H.

Feeling Lightheaded

I also have had all those symptoms, light headedness, dizzy, etc. They tell me I have an anxiety disorder so I am seeing a therapist. I'm sure it was brought on by a series of medical situations. I wonder if

there are any meds that treat anxiety? (01/06/2009)

By Dave

Feeling Lightheaded

Hi everyone,

I know this is annoying and worse, really scary. I've had it periodically for years and in some of cases I've read below your problem could be an inner ear virus. I had one years ago and since it's a virus

an antibiotic doesn't work, you just have to wait it out. It totally sucks but lightheadedness and vertigo result from an inner-ear imbalance, so don't worry it's soemthing horrible. In most cases if

you're really sick you'll know it and have other bad symptoms. Hope this helps alleviate some of the anxiety. (02/10/2009)

By Kate

Feeling Lightheaded

It is reassuring to see that so many others are suffering from what I have been feeling for the last 8 years. I started after the birth of my first child in 2001. I am always dizzy and feel off balance. I

have had barrage of tests, the only diagnosis is "Endolymphatic Hydrops", basically fluid in the inner ear. Some days are worse than others. The vertigo strikes me only a few times a year, but the

lightheaded, dizzy feeling is with me almost 24/7. Good health to all. (02/17/2009)

By Maria G

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