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Fleas in My Hair!

How do I get fleas out of human hair?

By Kristy


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August 12, 20100 found this helpful

I use dawn dish soap on the dogs and sometimes the family. The fleas hate the dish soap and die or drown when trying to run away. We have a big prolem with fleas from stray animals. I good shampooing with the dawn should take care of it. Good luck!

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August 13, 20100 found this helpful

Be sure to also read the advice in the ThriftyFun Archives below these comments too. :-)

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August 17, 20100 found this helpful

If you have an animal, the fleas will prefer to live on him. Are you sure they are fleas? If your animal has fleas, treat him with a remedy from the vet. Nothing else works. Trust me! I have 3 dogs, and they are treated every month with 'Comfortis.' You can also try 'Advantage' or 'Frontline Plus.' You don't need a prescription for Advantage or Frontline, but you do for Comfortis. Forget the dish soap. It will only clean you hair and damage your pet's skin.

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April 10, 20110 found this helpful

Ok I never knew that it was possible to get fleas in my hair but I swear that has got to be what is causing my head to itch like crazy and the last few times I have taken a bath instead of a shower I found dead fleas in the water! Tonight I found 4! This is really freaking me out, I have been in CA for the last 6 months I just got home about 2 weeks ago and with in a few days I started itching. I haven't notices any bites any where else on my body and only my head itches. What I can't figure out is why we have fleas in the house? We do not have any pets right now, our 11yr old cat had to be put to sleep on 3-1-11 due to kidney failure and I have always used Advantage on him. I wasn't here when he got sick my boyfriend was the one who had been taking care of him so I literally haven't been around any pets in 6 months. Is it really possible that we still have fleas from our cat that died over a month ago? Right now I am ready to burn our bedding, cut my hair off and bug bomb the whole house! Thankfully I found this web site and it sounds like we may be able to get rid of the fleas without all of the harsh chemicals. I do wonder why I am the only one who seems have fleas in my hair? My boyfriend has been here the whole time! Any info or suggestions would be welcomed.

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August 30, 20110 found this helpful

# Nickie00

Even though your cat has passed on, and despite you using Advantage, flea eggs will have been dropped around the place. and they remain viable for 2 years or longer, waiting to hatch when conditions are right (humidity etc). It only takes a couple of eggs to hatch and develop into fleas, then the breeding cycle starts and gathers momentum at a frightening pace.

I too have fleas in my hair, and they're driving me crazy. I'm quite sure they're actually breeding there. If only I had a bathtub then I'd follow what some others on this page have done. Unfortunately I live in an extremely infested apartment and as I am the only host (no pets) the fleas live off my blood. I'm bitten up to 12 times a day.


In recent months they've taken to leaping from my head down my neck and are biting the top of my back where it's really hard to scratch. They really are cursed little beasties. I've done everything within my budget to get rid of them but it's a lost battle.

All year round however freezing the weather I have to wear shorts while inside otherwise they get into my trousers and crawl around my legs and butt biting when and where they feel like. At least with shorts on I can shake them back out much more easily.

I've heard of people that have had to flee their homes for good because of unstoppable infestations. I know the feeling well, and if I had the where-with-all I'd do the same.

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September 1, 20110 found this helpful

They are Lice not fleas.They live in your hair and itch like crazy! That's why you can find them floating in the water. But take caution, you must still kill them, just cause their in the water doesn't mean they're dead. And they can be the size of fleas big and black. If you catch one you must kill it with your nails. sqwuishing it in your fingers does not kill it. The same goes for killing ticks and fleas (they bite you but these do not make their home in your hair)


Best remedy: lice shampoo.

Home Remedies: Vinegar - soak head with vinegar. let sit for 5 min then rinse and comb through with very thin comb. (warning : it might feel like your scalp burns because of the little open lice bites)

DYE your hair: hair dye kills them. (follow directions on dye box)

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September 1, 20110 found this helpful

One more thing. Lice do lay eggs. Just cause you get rid of the hatched ones doesn't mean your clear. The eggs will be close to the root of the hair. Most commonly found near the warmer places on your head; behind your ears on your neck.

The live eggs are brown the dead ones are white. Again to kill the egg your have to do it between your finger nail and you will hear a high pitch pop (only for the live ones).


I lived in a third world country. The kids came home with this once a year.

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October 17, 20110 found this helpful

Yes fleas can and will live in your hair, especially if there is no animal around for them to live off of! Our dog contracted fleas this summer and my husband had to leave and take him with him out of state for a couple of months (he's a seeing eye dog), now the fleas are attacking me and my kids. I can feel them crawling around in my hair, and I know it's not my imagination.

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January 22, 20120 found this helpful

Fleas can live in human hair because I am pretty sure that that is what I have. How do I know? Well lice normally just makes you itchy, but in my case my head is itchy, it feels like sometimes something is biting my head and it hurts and I can feel them crawling all over the top of my head. That is another clue that it is most likely not lice because you cant feel the lice crawling on your head and they typically feed on your scalp behind the ears and behind your head.

I know that a quick way to kill them is to wash your hair with dawn dish soap because fleas hate dish soap and they drown in it and die. After you are done washing your hair, you need to clean off your bed and put whatever sheets, blankets or anything that you, well, cuddle or sleep with into the washer. Next you need to get all of your pillows cushions etc. into the dryer and keep them in there for at least hour. The heat coming from the dryer kills them. Last, I would put all of your brushes in a pot of simmering water because it might have eggs in them and the heat kills them. So good luck!

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October 13, 20120 found this helpful

Yes! Fleas CAN live in hair! I went to my daughter's house about 2 weeks ago and spent several nights. While I was there, my head started itching something fierce. Come to find out, her fairly large dog, who is allowed on the furniture, has fleas really bad.

I came home, washed my hair and the itching eased up a bit. So I figured the fleas were gone and the bites were beginning to heal. Then last night, the itching started again and I noticed new bites! Apparently the fleas were gone, but they left me a bunch of their eggs!

I am going to try some vinegar and some Palmolive dish soap and hopefully, that will be the end of it!

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December 27, 20140 found this helpful

Yes, fleas can jump on human hair, mobile and even your laptop. As the eggs are very tiny, they can fly to your hair when you play with the pet or when your pet shake their fur. If there is no pet they will feed on human, not their best choice.

If you have fleas on your hair:

1) try apply a lot of conditional or baby oil on your hair and then use the fleas comb to comb them. Wash away the conditional with dawn dish wash or joy or any other dish wash. Repeat until you feel they are not biting your face.

2) cut your hair shorter will make it easier for you.

3) use dawn dish washer and let it sit for a 5-10 mins and then apply conditional to replenish the oil. Repeat until you feel they are gone. Then repeat every week for a while just to be safe.

4) use head and shoulder shampoo, let it sit for 5-10 mins, then wash off and apply conditional. Repeat daily till you feel they are gone.

5) you can use tea tree mix with water to repeal them but they will just jump into your house. So you do need to treat the house. But for prevention that is good. But if you spray your hair, you need to spray very little on your face (not so strong) or they will attack your face.

Remove all the hair brush as it will be easy for them to hide inside, try to use normal comb that you can wash with boiling water with soap water and then rise with water with 2 drop of tea tree oil.

Meanwhile, treat your pet, house, bedding and cloths.

Wash your cloths in hot wash will not kill them at once as they will keep jumping back so keep washing them until your house is clean.

I still have not find a way to get rid of them from mobile/ laptop/ hard disk. Just need to do regular maintainance to make sure we get rid of them.

And do take note of cloths / material / towel / rug that you buy from any shop that is not wrap up, best to wash them with hot wash the moment you reach home. Some people love to keep their new cloths when they get home, if there is a flea in any of them it will jump to the rest. Cloths that is manufacture in large quantity are all throw around on the floor before they appear in the store. So hot wash will kill the dust mite / fleas / whatever that come along. This is a good practice.

If you are wearing your shoe and walk on soil and dirty ground, then try not to store your shoe with your cloths. What jump on your shoe will then jump on your cloths since they are store in the same place.

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February 4, 20160 found this helpful

Go to the doctors and they might help. Iv'e had them before and that's what I did and my hair is back to normal.

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July 8, 20160 found this helpful

Sauve shampoo... BLUE COLOR ONLY

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