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Allergic to Adhesive on Band-aids and Tape

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I have Bell's palsy and am allergic to the adhesive on Band aids and paper tape. I am having a terrible time trying to tape my eye closed. Does anybody have an alternative to tape to keep my eye shut at night? I have scabs from where I taped my eye shut. I am allergic to carbs mix, wood alcohols and e-phenylelnediamine. Anybody have suggestions?

By Patty R


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By redrover11/14/2013

I had bell's palsy but I went to a neurologist and they gave me oral meds. I took it for a few weeks and it went away. I've not had it since. It's been 20 years.

By mrs joe [1]06/04/2012

How about an "old fashioned" headband?

By jean06/03/2012

How about trying one of those eye patches that are used form cataract surgery? My DH just had it done and had a patch with a soft gauze inside to keep eye closed. He had to tape it to face. I am thinking that you might use a stretchy material to back a band to go around your head?

By hawthorndarkmoon [1]06/03/2012

Another thought. Do you react to the adhesive on all band aids or just Johnson and Johnson ones? Nexcare and Curad use a different adhesive than J & J.

By hawthorndarkmoon [1]06/03/2012

Hy-Tape may work for you. I am also allergic to band aid adhesive and paper tape and I can use hy-tape. Any durable medical supply should carry it. Good luck!

By shirley dobie [4]06/02/2012

I have a urostomy and must wear barriers. One company makes a tape free type, however I feel safer with the additional tape. I've found that the tape meant for hockey sticks is alright on my skin.

By Vickie Van Scyoc [1]06/02/2012

I would see an NAET practitioner and have these allergies eliminated!
Go to for info.

By Dianne Sahakian06/02/2012

You may be able to use the eye patch that uses elastic that goes around your head and has the patch that goes over the eye. If you sew you may even be able to make one and close your eye and maybe put tissue there so its under the patch. Even if you don't use the tissue it will be dark and you will still rest your eye.

By Babette [35]06/02/2012

I have had to try to keep my eye closed on occasion what I have done is take a folded up Kleenex closed my eyes and put a sleep mask over the Kleenex on my eye and it keeps it in place for the night.

By Louise B. [5]06/02/2012

I would recommend you ask your pharmacist. They are very knowledgeable about this sort of thing and may be able to help you right away. Also, there will no cost and you could pop down and have a chat this afternoon; no appointment necessary. If your pharmacist can not help you, you should consult with your doctor.


This question truly is best to ask your doctor and also your pharmacist and keep in mind that pharmacists more often than not know more details than even a doctor does when it comes to all things pharmaceutical.


Have you tried "Hy-Type"?
Zinc oxide base, latex free, waterproof adhesive tape for the skin.

From HY-TAPE Intenational
Patterson, N.Y. 12563-0540
1 800.248.0101
Good Luck!

By Deanj06/01/2012

I know 3M Co. makes an eye lid tape but I don't know what type of adhesive they use. You couls contact them at to see if they could help.

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