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Caring for a Puppy With Parvo

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Puppy With Parvo

It is important to consult your veterinarian about your puppy's health concern. This guide is about caring for a puppy with parvo.


Solutions: Caring for a Puppy With Parvo

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Article: Homemade Parvo Treatment

Ok, before the editors can place their "disclaimer" along with this post, I am going to place it here first. We full well understand NOT everyone is capable or has the knowledge we have behind us. So with this said, home treatment can be as expensive as vet treatment. Knowledge of animals is what helped us. Also, there are 2 forms of Parvo. We were lucky enough to be dealing with the intestinal type. If your dog develops the cardiac type, seek immediate vet help.

Editor's Note (the real one): Please discuss with a professional health care provider before starting this or any home treatment.

We have a pair of 7 month old Bull Dogs. Both had 1 set of shots. We received them as strays, so true age and health issues are truly unknown. Our male began showing signs and symptoms on Sept. 8th. On Sept. 11 we were told he had Parvo. On Sept 12, he received 1 anti-biotic shot and was sent home from a vet friend's home with orders to take him to the local vet hospital. Instead, we did our research and the following is what we did. This worked for us, I will not guarantee it will work in all cases.

Our first stop on our way home was the grocery store. We picked up Pedialyte, liquid infant anti-nausea medication, and Peptobismal. Every 30 minutes we gave him 10 cc of the Pedialyte. We also gave him 10 cc of Pedialyte with 5 cc of anti-nausea medicine.

The next morning, we made a run to town (we live in a vast farming community). First stop was more Pedialyte ($3.00 per bottle), rubber gloves ($5.00 per box), 1000mg MSM ($5.00 per bottle). The next stop was the health food store for 90 ppm colloidal silver ($20.00) - this item is a MUST, DO NOT skip it; Peppermint oil ($10.00), goldenseal root ($12.00), echinacea ($10.50), and Source of Life Gold Liquid vitamins ($16.00). All of these items are in liquid form. From there we went to the feed store and picked up antibiotic ($40.00) and needles. **Again DO NOT attempt this if you have never given an animal a shot before. My family are ranchers and so I was raised around this stuff.

Now, as our dog was throwing up we did an enema treatment. This is a must, and will get the medications into your dog without them throwing them right back out. Recipe to follow at the end. We did the enema 3 times the first day, 2 times the next day, and 1 the final day, only because he started eating and drinking on his own.

Our schedule basically consisted of:

  • First Day: Pedialyte and silver in between enemas. Antibiotic shot in the morning (only one per day).

  • Second Day: Rotate Pedialyte and Pedialyte with silver between enemas. Antibiotic shot.

  • Third Day: He was drinking on his own, so there was no need for Pedialyte.

Now our female was starting to show signs, so we started her on the treatment early and her signs are not nearly as severe as our male. It was more or less similar to depression. Honestly, if you are getting a new puppy, most of these items can be purchased and kept on hand just in case.

The enema recipe is as follows:


  • 2 (1000mg) MSM capsules, empty capsules to dissolve powder
  • 6 drops goldenseal
  • 6 drops echinacea
  • 4 drops peppermint oil
  • 1 - 2 cc colloidal silver (this is a must, do not skip)
  • 4 cc anti-nausea liquid
  • 4 cc Peptobismal
  • 5 cc Liquid Gold
  • 60 cc Pedialyte


Mix all of this in a purchased enema bottle. We used disposable ones by emptying out the included solution, rinsing it out, and then using the bottle.

Make sure mixture is mixed well and MSM is dissolved, coat tip with some form of non-toxic lubricant and make sure back bone is straight. We discovered that it was best to lay our dog down, straighten back, and insert, talking the whole time. We then rubbed his belly afterwards and he thought he was getting lovies.

Anyways, this is what worked for us. We do NOT guarantee it. The medications in the enema are the same as what is in Parvaid. That is why we purchased them. We did not/could not afford to wait. As for food, we bought turkey with rice baby food and mixed it with baby rice cereal. When he took his first bite we knew we had conquered this deadly illness.

One more thing, if your dogs show sign of Parvo, do not give them their next round of vaccines. This will make things worse. This includes any and all dogs exposed. This comes straight from our vet friend.

By Ealasaid from Four Corners, NM

Tip: Herbal Medication for Parvo

I found online a herbal medication for parvo, It's called Parvaid.

By Harleys mom from Kent, WA

Editor's Note: If you have experience with this product, please post your feedback here.

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Here are questions related to Caring for a Puppy With Parvo.

Question: Parvo and Puppy Shots

If my 2 month old puppy has parvo, could I give him his 1st shots or do I wait til after parvo treatment?

By Shae M. from Stockton, CA


Best Answers

By Lizzyanny [9]02/26/2014

You cant give parvo vaccinations to a dog who has a parvo infection.

Best Answers

By Wanda 02/26/2014

Please, please be aware that parvo in puppies is very, very dangerous. Parvo can kill your puppy within hours and its a painful death. No shots til 6 months of age. Once it contracts parvo its to late for shot. please, please get your dog to a vet. ASAP

Question: Caring for a Dog with Parvo

My Chihuahua was recently diagnosed with parvo. The vet gave him some fluids and antibiotics, also a prescription for me to give him, but he still will not eat or drink is it still too soon or what?



Most Recent Answer

By Jennifer L.03/24/2015

Yes I brought the pravoaid at a feed store here in Tucson. Lost one dog because I was too busy. For not keeping him hydrated. So now I'll see if this medication works n Pedialyte. Pls under the skin shots of water.

Question: Caring for a Recovering Puppy with Parvo

I have a 4 month old puppy who is recovering from parvo. How long do I keep her away from other dogs in the house?

By Heather

Most Recent Answer

By amandapurifoy9103/14/2013

We just found our my puppy thats 10 weeks old has it. We got told not to have him around others till about 2 months if the others do not have parvo shots they do not to need to be around them at all untill they have. Parvo will stay in an area for 5-7 years. They told us the best way to clean is pure bleach, or amonia and vinegar. Hope this helps and I pray your puppy gets better, I know it's hit our little man rough.

Question: Caring for a Puppy With Parvo

I had two 3.5 months old German Shepherds. One showed all the symptoms of parvo while the other didn't. The one who didn't make it died yesterday. His brother stayed here with my older dog, a 3 yr old Lab, he's fully vaccinated while neither of the puppies was.

Yesterday after the death of my one pup, the other puppy was checked for parvo and came out negative. I vaccinated him. And today, he started to have the same early symptoms. He vomited only once, but that was enough for me to think he might have gotten parvo. The doctor checked his blood and said it was perfectly normal, but a second parvo test showed him positive this time. I left him in the hospital praying that God will help my poor puppy. I feel terrible knowing I could have prevented him and his brother from getting it.

What are his chances of surviving? I took him in within an hour of when he vomited and his blood was good. Doctor said it was a 14.7 reading. He drank water and did not vomit it out. I don't want to lose him too :( Is there anything I should do?

By Nadia C from TX

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]08/18/2013

You may not have been able to prevent parvo in your puppies. A certain number of puppies get it even when they are vaccinated. Vaccination is the right thing to do,but with parvo it is not a guarantee. You did make a mistake, but you also need to forgive yourself. Go visit your puppy, he needs your love to fight through this. Good luck.

Question: Advice for a Puppy With Parvo

Help. I have 4.5 mo old standard Poodle pup with Parvo. I have been to vet twice. I am giving her 1/2 bag of IV fluids under the skin, an antibiotic shot every 12 hrs, and an anti nausea shot every 24 hrs.
On the second visit to the vet we added generic flagyl and Pepcid, half tab every 12 hrs. The first vet visit was Wednesday 12/1/10 and then again on Friday 12/3/10.
She was 27 lbs pre-parvo and has not eaten or had anything to drink for 2 full days. She is not vomiting, but has awful diarrhea. On the second day, for half of the day she was drinking water and eating.
Also, the breeder gave her a parvo vaccination just a few days prior to Wednesday (day 1). Please help me, help her get better. We love her and feel helpless. Thank you! Posting Sat 12/4/2010.

By Kathy from Phoenix, AZ

Most Recent Answer

By icgold05/28/2013

After not eating for three days, puppies can suffer low protein and blood sugar. Their head may start shaking. I begin force feeding pureed liver at this point. Pureed liver is good anytime if they can keep it down. Also pepto has aspirin which will cause more bleeding. Motrin, an NSAID can cause bleeding too.

Question: Dogs and Parvo

I foster puppies that I just found out have parvo. Will my 3 other dogs be OK and when are the puppies safe from the disease?

Donna from Buffalo, NY

Most Recent Answer

By Jessica (Guest Post)08/05/2008

As much as I influence going to the vet, getting necessary shots and spaying and neuturing. I recently got 2 puppies that had parvo before I brought them home. Then my other dogs got sick even though the parvo shot is supposed to prevent it, but I guess its because it was in between his 2-3 puppy shot. Well I called tons and dozens of vets, animal hospitals and all. Nothing was in my price range, I know you can't put a price on the love of your pets but I was just in a bad position at that time.

All of the vets wanted up front payments, I didn't have money. I tried to get them to bill me; but none of them do that anymore. Well anyways, since I couldn't afford to give my puppies the proper care at that time, which I was devastated about. I looked online, called vets, called friends and there I found a cure that had details written by a old vet, he said "If your puppy has Parvo or worms and is not eating and you cannot afford vet care, I have a solution give your dog/puppy about half a jar full of baby food a day in a syringe. Mix the pedialyte with water, the dog does not need all that sugar, then switch give it a syringe full of baby food (pick a meat kind, it'll be more enjoyable for them.) and then a syringe full of water/pedialyte.

Do that until they get feeling better and then switch them to canned food for the next 2 weeks. " I was so nervous but this was my last resort. I did that daily for about 3-4 days and they all were up wagging their tails, barking and playing. So that teaches me a lesson for bringing unvetted pups into my home. I hope this works as good as it did for me. But next time I will take them to a vet. I hope this saves your little ones life. Thank you, god bless.

Question: How Long Does Parvo Last?

On May 19th I noticed my pup Karma wasn't looking good. Her hair was dull, she looked so sad and wouldn't eat, but was drinking a little bit. I didn't realize she was sick cuz she was always very mellow. I took her to the vet and confirmed it was parvo, but no way I can afford the hospital stay so we did treatment at home. By 1pm on May 20th she started having what seemed to be stomach spasms and passed away with me and my husband with her.

My other pup is sick now. On May 20th when I lost Karma our pup Sutra was running around like a mad man. The morning of the 21st Sutra no longer wants tho eat. It's now May 25th and she looks so bad. I'm forcing feeding her Pedialyte, chicken broth. baby rice cereal, Pepto, and antibiotics.

She started having loose slimy stool with little strings of blood. Yesterday she had liquid diarrhea that was almost black (she only had this 3x). Karma was passing bright red diarrhea. She's thrown up about 3x also; it's slimy yellow and foamy. I'm wondering how long till the parvo is out of her so she will get better. She's on day 4. I hope that's a good s sign.

By Julie

Most Recent Answer

By Tim C.06/10/2013

We had 7 dogs and 1 puppy (puppy got sick a 2 weeks after the first dog that got sick died). All the dos got parvo even with shots we have been giving them parvo k (available from amazon). All 6 of the dogs are running and playing like normal 2 weeks after getting sick. 1 was pregnant when she got sick due any day. Another had just gotten pregnant. Time will tell on the babies. One of the adult dogs that weighed only about 3 lbs., I was very worried about. She is better but even the slightest movement scares her half to death.

Question: Treating a Puppy With Parvo in a Home With Another Unvaccinated Puppy

I just joined and saw posts by people with dogs that have parvo. I have a pup that someone didn't want and took it home and now after three days found out it has parvo.

The vet costs too much round here and the kids have a seven week old pup and I am afraid that it will now get it as well. The vet said that the kid's pup can't get the shot for parvo, as it might get worse for him.

The kids are so upset and I am tying everything to help the sick pup and keep the other pup (Milo) away from the sick one (Woody). What can be done? Please help!

By Richard from NSW Australia

Most Recent Answer

By NEWFIEGIRL [8]01/18/2011

Please take the advice posted by "Honto". Your first pup should not have left it's mother until eight weeks old and if both parents had their current c5 vaccination, this should not happen until puppy is old enough to have their first "shot". Your heart is in the right place but we tend to allow our emotions to over-rule common sense. Ii live in your state and suggest you talk to your local veterinarian regarding re-payments for treatment and the huge responsibility and financial cost of animal ownership. Wish you all the best for both puppy's sake.

Question: Getting a Parvo Shot for a Puppy with Parvo

If my puppy has Parvo would the shots help her?

By Numnums from Los Angeles, CA

Most Recent Answer

By lisa 10/22/2009

I wish I would have known this information earlier. My 6 month old pogmerian dog just died today from parvo. We took him last Thursday to get his shots for his protection which he received 3 of them, then he didn't feel well that evening. However the next day he was fine. He was jumping up and down and barking. Then here comes Sunday when he fell ill.

The next day we took him to the vet and they said he had parvo, however, since he got the shot he should be fine. We started giving him his med that they gave us after paying 225 dollars and was their for him the whole time. I thought he was getting better but today he passed. I don't know if it was the shots or the parvo. I am so sad, even though I have more dogs this was my indoor dog and I became very attach. I need advice what went wrong. He was healthy little dog when we took him to the vet now he;s gone.

Question: How Long Can Puppy Have Undiagnosed Parvo?

I recently sold a puppy from my litter, and the buyer has come back 6 weeks later saying that the puppy has been diagnosed with Parvo. He took the dog at 8 weeks promising me that he would have it vaccinated within the next few days. It was foolish of me to take his word. All 6 of the remaining puppies are healthy and they had their injections.

I'm being told the pup was doing poorly with loose stool from the day they took it. It had been taken to the vets for this and was given antibiotics and supposedly had been put on a drip. They told me today that the dog has been at the vets for 3 weeks now and has only just been diagnosed with having Parvo and is having to be put to sleep.

Can anyone tell me if this is possible that the pup could have been alive for 3 weeks without the right treatment and as my other pups have all had a clean bill of health from the vets when they where taken for their injections. I have spoken to my vet who sees my adult dogs on a regular basis for check ups and who vaccinated half the pups for me. They are pretty sure the pup couldn't have had Parvo when it left my company with all the other pups having been fit and well at the time his pup left.

I am beside myself that these people didn't bring the pup back to me so that I could get it sorted and give them their money back. Its not the money but the health of the animal that is the most important thing to me.

By papes1980 from England

Most Recent Answer

By Lelia Jo Cordell [49]05/23/2009

Hmm... sounds as if these people might want money. Are they expecting you to fork over for their pup's "three week vet stay" and maybe refund the purchase price without proof? I wouldn't do that, if I were you! If they want to push the issue, I believe it's their responsibility to prove the poor pup wasn't healthy upon receipt. Since you have multiple witnesses as to the health of the rest of the litter, they don't have a case. That poor pup's death is their responsibility, not yours. After all, if they promised to have the pup vaccinated and didn't, that's their own negligence.

Question: Parvo Help Needed

My puppy has parvo, it's the 3 day of having it. I took her to the vet today where they gave her injections, stuff for throwing up, the runs and antibiotics. She's still throwing up and I am still giving her gatorade every 30 minutes. Does it help that I am giving her gatorade even though 20 minutes later she is throwing it back up?

MarQue from West Valley City, Utah

Most Recent Answer

By cheryl06/19/2010

There is a great vet and reasonable in phoenix. My puppy got diagnosed with parvo today and I took him to Santis pet clinic in Phoenix AZ. The vet is very reasonable and caring. The office visit and test for parvo got deducted from the parvo iv and overnight stays with antibiotics. That saved me 75.00. He is about 1/4 -1/2 the price of other vets depending which vet you go to. Please keep my puppy in your positive thoughts. Thank you and good luck to anyone that has a puppy with parvo.

Question: Can Only Some Puppies in a Litter Have Parvo?

My sister got a puppy and within 36hrs they had to sadly put the puppy down because it had parvo. All they are asking for is the money they purchased the puppy for and not the vet bill to put him down. They sent a copy of the certificate from the vet stating that the breeder sold them a puppy unfit to sell. The breeder even after seeing the certificate claims that they got the puppy sick.

They picked the puppy up on a Thursday evening and came right home, they rushed the poor thing to the animal hospital at 2am Saturday morning. The vet also explained that the parvo virus syptoms generally show 5 to 7 days after contracting the disease, which means he got it while still with the breeder. The breeder says that the other puppies in the liter are fine and does not believe the vet report or my sister. Is it possible for only a few puppies in a liter to get parvo while others do not?

By Carol

Most Recent Answer


PS, I am so sorry that your sister and the puppy had to go through such an awful trauma :-(

Question: Puppy With Parvo Not Eating

How long can my puppy go without eating? I have been giving him Pedialyte every 30 minutes and antiobiotics twice daily. It is the 3rd day now and he is showing signs of blood in his stool; is this a fatal sign?

By Christina from Yuba City, CA

Most Recent Answer

By Abigail A. [8]12/21/2014

You can't take a puppy with Parvo to the vet without advanced warning. It exposes every other puppy that might be there for its first shots to Parvo. Call the vet and make sure they know why you are taking the puppy there and that you have an alternate way of getting in and out of the vets office. If there is no way to do this, put the dog in a carrier and make sure you stand or sit well away from anyone else in the office. Make sure the receptionist knows the moment you get there that yours is the puppy with Parvo.

Question: Taking Care of a Puppy With Parvo at Home

How much Pedialyte do I give a puppy with parvo and how much child and adult anti-nausea liquid?

By Charlie from Aiken, SC

Most Recent Answer

By d horner [1]04/06/2011

Parvo is 100% preventable by routine vaccinations avaialable at low or no cost vaccination events throughout the country.

If your dog is that sick you need to take him to a vet yesterday and have your irresponsibler son make payments for what he's caused.

Question: Puppy Being Treated for Parvo Not Peeing

My puppy has parvo. I noticed this evening she didn't have any appetite. I knew right then something was wrong. That evening later she was throwing up. Then she didn't want any food and continued throwing up and dry heaving By the next morning I noticed a liquidy diarrhea. I smelled bad and was actually bloody diarrhea so I took her to the vet right then. He seems to think we caught it in time and she should be able to pull through. For now she is on 36 hours of IV treatments, so she don't throw up.

My question is she just wants to sit there and drink water all the time. Finally I had to take the water away from her and now I'm just getting nervous. I gave her 10 CCs of Pedialyte and some chicken broth. She hasn't gone to the bathroom yet. My question is did I do the right thing by taking the water away? And my next question was how do I get her to pee. Is it a bad thing that she hasn't peed? Thanks so much.

By Belinda from Fountain, FL

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]03/27/2014

You really need to ask your Vet. The diarrhea may dehydrate her, thus the extra water drinking. I would let her have what water she wants.

Question: Puppy Might Have Parvo

I believe my dog might have parvo. He's about 6 months old, doesn't eat, nor drink water as of Sunday. Today he is drinking water, but is weak. I can't afford a vet, but is there something I can give him besides Pedialyte? They say to rub his gums with pancake syrup? Please help,

By Margaret

Most Recent Answer

By Pam03/12/2014

Your puppy needs to see a vet immediately. You don't want the puppy to suffer. Take him to the Humane Society for help...please. I've have animals and I have been where you are. I know you care about this puppy because, you asked for help. I am fortunate now, I have a vet that takes payments if the bill is high. Parvo is serious. Don't have any other animals around until you find out. Wishing you good luck with your puppy. I hope you take my advise and go to the Humane Society. I'm sure they will work out something about the bill. But, the puppy needs help now.

Question: Puppies and Parvo Vaccinations

If someone can explain how a puppy leaves its litter healthy and fat and full of life and the new owners take the puppy to a vet a day or two after. The vet gives the puppy its shots and checks for worms and pravo and everything is okay, but then four or five days later the puppy starts to vomit and pooping diarrhea and then is diagnosed with pravo. I have heard this a lot, the puppies are all getting sick days after getting their shots, confused?

By Rafi H.

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]01/06/2014

Puppies often get parvo before their vaccinations have time to build immunity. I hope your little guy is ok.

Question: Feeding a Puppy Recovering From Parvo

Our puppy has been in the animal hospital for 5 days now. We caught his symptoms early on so we definitely gave him a better chance at fighting it. He contracted the parvo from the shelter we got him from. We only had him 2 days. He has been hooked up to an IV and been given what medicines he needs, but he won't eat. Is there anything I can do to get him to eat something?

By Megan

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]01/06/2014

Check the posts on this site for treating a puppy with parvo at home. It is most important that they get water but only a dropper full at a time, as they tend to vomit. Check the posts on this site. There are some good ones. Good luck to you.

Question: Antibiotics for a Puppy With Parvo

We live on a ranch and have done injections and the likes for all of our critters. What antibiotic shot seemed to help with your pups that had parvo?

Thanks so much.

By Carrie from CA

Most Recent Answer

By Joan [19]12/01/2013

There is no do-it-yourself treatment for parvo. Please get advice from a veterinarian before the parvo spreads to the other puppies and your other animals. Look it up on Google to see how contagious it is.

Question: Caring for a Puppy With Parvo

I have a 5 month old Boxer mix. He was very athletic until about a week ago. We discovered he had parvo and he is just lying there. We try to give him the Pedialyte and he just fights us. We try not to give him water, because for some reason every time he drinks water it seems to make him to throw up and I don't seem to know why. What other stuff can I give him so he will stay hydrated? Please help. I'm new to this virus. Anything will be appreciated.

By Miranda

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]10/31/2013

Give the pedialyte one tablespoon at a time and no more for 10 or 15 minutes. You will be busy but it is more likely to stay down this way.

Question: Treating Pups with Parvo at Home

What can I do that works the best for in home treatments for pups with parvo?

By Danielle

Most Recent Answer

By darmarkin10/04/2013

This is a joke right? If not take your dog to the vet right away. Parvo will kill your dog!

Question: Caring for a Puppy With Parvo

Dog on couch under a purple blanket.We took our 12 week old Great Dane pup to vet last night and they ran tests on him. His blood pressure was low and he tested positive for parvo. He's very lethargic and does not want to eat or drink. He stayed on an IV for an hour last night and I have been forcing water and Pedialyte into him this morning with a turkey baster. Are there any suggestions about home IV treatments or something that will cure my boy of this quickly? It breaks my heart to see him laying lifeless on the couch covered with a blanket. Also, how to I get food in him? He has his jaws shut very tight from pain. Please help me!

By Chelsea

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]09/29/2013

Your Vet can offer supportive therapy. The IV is helpful and antibiotics can help also. If you are going to care for him at home be sure to avoid the recipes and "cures" offered on the internet. Your Vet can tell you what you can do at home to help. It can take days for the disease to run its course. Not all puppies will make it, but some do. Talk with your vet about what you can do at home to help. They understand not everyone can afford the high cost of hospitalizing a pet. If he wont help you get a new Vet. Good luck to you and your baby.

Question: Removing Bad Odor in House

I live near bourbon warehouses. I am familiar with their odor. I moved into this house 2 months ago. Three weeks ago I started smelling foul odors in my bedroom at the corner of the house. About a week later I saw a mouse/rat scurry into a vent. We trapped the rodent and left another trap. However the odor which is a combination of feces and dead animal persists. Oddly the stench really increases at night and is disrupting my sleep. I have tried opening my windows, but it smells regardless. I tried activated charcoal, it doesn't work. Any natural suggestions that don't involve high expense? I do have a crawlspace. Anyone have similar experience or recommendations?

By Kimberley A.

Most Recent Answer

By Connie Mc Lain F.03/06/2014

We used to run motels and used coffee grounds to remove orders from mold, mildew, smoking, etc. Once we had a guest who was a regular who did not want room service, so the housekeepers knew to respect the do not disturb sign. Well he died in the room and was there a couple days. The coffee grounds took that horrible smell out of that room. Now I use them at home when my pup has an accident. Just a suggestion. I hope it works.

Question: Will My Puppy Survive Parvo?

I found out today that unfortunately my 6 month old chihuahua has parvo. I've been crying all day. We could not hospitalize him because it would be $700. So we have him at home trying to give him water and Pedialyte to help him. I really hope he gets better. Each day we will have to take him to the vet clinic to have IVs. But I am still afraid that it will not be as effective as him staying there.

I just hope he will be OK. My grandmother has had many dogs die from this terrible disease including her most recent one that passed over the weekend. I am wondering what his chances are. Also, I am wondering if I should clean everything inside and outside now, or when he gets better. By the way, my dog's name is Chewy.

Mercedes from Killeen, TX

Most Recent Answer

By mattjohnson10/17/2011

I just brought a cute German Shepperd puppy from a pet store but it got sick three days later. Not knowing what was wrong with the dog, I took it to the vet to find out she got pavro. I couldn't believe it. So I done some research and found it takes 7-10 days too show any signs of pavro from the day its caught the virus.

My puppy is at the vet and is fighting for her life at the moment. There is a chance she is going to be OK. What should be done with the pet shop that's sold a very sick puppy? :(

Question: Caring for a Dog with Parvo

I moved into a new house. I had a healthy dog and a puppy. A few days ago my puppy got sick, vomited, and had bloody stools over night. I took her to the vet, because it hit her so fast. I found out she had parvo and she had to be put to sleep. Then my older dog started to vomit. I took her to vet the same day and they gave her injections, IVs, and meds for nausea and diarrhea. They kept her for three days. I paid 800 dollars and they sent her home yesterday at 11 am and told me give her the antinausea pill once a day, half of a diarrhea pill twice a day, and a syringe 1 cc of antibiotics twice a day.

She is still not eating, but will drink water. She wants nothing to do with anything else and throws the water up hours later. She doesn't play and just lays around. Please help. Is there anything else I can do? I also called the vet and they said she probably doesn't feel like eating, just like how you feel when you have the flu and to keep giving her the meds and to only give her 1 Tbsp of water at a time.

I'm worried for her. I gave her a couple of syringes full of mother's replacement milk since she will drink. Is that OK?

By Mg

Question: Caring for a Pug Suffering from Parvo Virus

My dog has been suffering from the parvo virus since Monday. The doctors had given him injections. One full one week has gone by. Earlier he was drinking milk, but now he is eating, but not ready to drink milk and water. He is still vomiting. He has lost all his weight. Will he recovered?

By Akanksha

Question: Caring for a Puppy With Parvo

Saint Bernard puppy on vet exam table.My puppy is just over 5 months old and tested positive for parvo. He has been getting the medicine the vet has been giving him and then going back to the vet everyday for another bag of IV and vitamin B, plus an extra shot of antibiotics. He takes pills at home, one for vomiting, one to control stomach acid, and another antibiotic. He's been having this done for 4 days now and is still pooping blood. That's all that is coming out; it's like a hose of blood. He is very skinny. Oh sorry, he is a Saint Bernard. He is still vomiting. My vet says it's OK, but you feel that it's not. Every now and then he will take a little water on his own, but still no interest in food. All he does everyday, all day, is sleep, but he will get up to go outside to the bathroom or if I grab his leash. Please help. Is this the normal healing process?

By Liz

Question: Prognosis for 11 Week Old Puppy with Parvo

I took my Pit to the vet to find out she has parvo. The are having me do under the skin hydration twice a day at 150 ml of fluids with b-12. They also put her on an antibiotic and a pill for diarrhea. My puppy still has the very stinky bloody diarrhea. Will my baby girl survive this disease? Or does she not have a chance? She is so weak and has been for 2 days now and doesn't want to move.

By Monica V