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Caring for a Puppy With Parvo

It is important to consult your veterinarian about your puppy's health concern. This guide is about caring for a puppy with parvo.

Puppy With Parvo
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July 21, 2016 Flag
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My puppy has parvo and I don't know how many times he can eat a day. I give him chicken and he eats it fast like he hasn't eaten. I feed him once a day. I don't know how much I have to feed him in a day?

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    June 23, 2016 Flag
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    I wanted to asked one lady about where she bought the Zofran for her 9 month Pit Bull puppy. My puppy is 2 months and I think he may have parvo, because he's throwing up yellow or white foam. I would like to know if you can get it over the counter.

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      June 24, 20160 found this helpful

      Please take your pup to your vet immediately to clarify the medical condition and start appropriate medical treatment. Trying to save money by attempting to diagnose and treat the pup's medical problem yourself will only result in worsening of the problem and much more costly medical treatment and possibly death.

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      September 17, 2010 Flag
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      Ok, before the editors can place their "disclaimer" along with this post, I am going to place it here first. We full well understand NOT everyone is capable or has the knowledge we have behind us. So with this said, home treatment can be as expensive as vet treatment. Knowledge of animals is what helped us. Also, there are 2 forms of Parvo. We were lucky enough to be dealing with the intestinal type. If your dog develops the cardiac type, seek immediate vet help.

      Editor's Note (the real one): Please discuss with a professional health care provider before starting this or any home treatment.

      We have a pair of 7 month old Bull Dogs. Both had 1 set of shots. We received them as strays, so true age and health issues are truly unknown. Our male began showing signs and symptoms on Sept. 8th. On Sept. 11 we were told he had Parvo. On Sept 12, he received 1 anti-biotic shot and was sent home from a vet friend's home with orders to take him to the local vet hospital. Instead, we did our research and the following is what we did. This worked for us, I will not guarantee it will work in all cases.

      Our first stop on our way home was the grocery store. We picked up Pedialyte, liquid infant anti-nausea medication, and Peptobismal. Every 30 minutes we gave him 10 cc of the Pedialyte. We also gave him 10 cc of Pedialyte with 5 cc of anti-nausea medicine.

      The next morning, we made a run to town (we live in a vast farming community). First stop was more Pedialyte ($3.00 per bottle), rubber gloves ($5.00 per box), 1000mg MSM ($5.00 per bottle). The next stop was the health food store for 90 ppm colloidal silver ($20.00) - this item is a MUST, DO NOT skip it; Peppermint oil ($10.00), goldenseal root ($12.00), echinacea ($10.50), and Source of Life Gold Liquid vitamins ($16.00). All of these items are in liquid form. From there we went to the feed store and picked up antibiotic ($40.00) and needles. **Again DO NOT attempt this if you have never given an animal a shot before. My family are ranchers and so I was raised around this stuff.

      Now, as our dog was throwing up we did an enema treatment. This is a must, and will get the medications into your dog without them throwing them right back out. Recipe to follow at the end. We did the enema 3 times the first day, 2 times the next day, and 1 the final day, only because he started eating and drinking on his own.

      Our schedule basically consisted of:

      • First Day: Pedialyte and silver in between enemas. Antibiotic shot in the morning (only one per day).

      • Second Day: Rotate Pedialyte and Pedialyte with silver between enemas. Antibiotic shot.

      • Third Day: He was drinking on his own, so there was no need for Pedialyte.

      Now our female was starting to show signs, so we started her on the treatment early and her signs are not nearly as severe as our male. It was more or less similar to depression. Honestly, if you are getting a new puppy, most of these items can be purchased and kept on hand just in case.

      The enema recipe is as follows:


      • 2 (1000mg) MSM capsules, empty capsules to dissolve powder
      • 6 drops goldenseal
      • 6 drops echinacea
      • 4 drops peppermint oil
      • 1 - 2 cc colloidal silver (this is a must, do not skip)
      • 4 cc anti-nausea liquid
      • 4 cc Peptobismal
      • 5 cc Liquid Gold
      • 60 cc Pedialyte


      Mix all of this in a purchased enema bottle. We used disposable ones by emptying out the included solution, rinsing it out, and then using the bottle.

      Make sure mixture is mixed well and MSM is dissolved, coat tip with some form of non-toxic lubricant and make sure back bone is straight. We discovered that it was best to lay our dog down, straighten back, and insert, talking the whole time. We then rubbed his belly afterwards and he thought he was getting lovies.

      Anyways, this is what worked for us. We do NOT guarantee it. The medications in the enema are the same as what is in Parvaid. That is why we purchased them. We did not/could not afford to wait. As for food, we bought turkey with rice baby food and mixed it with baby rice cereal. When he took his first bite we knew we had conquered this deadly illness.

      One more thing, if your dogs show sign of Parvo, do not give them their next round of vaccines. This will make things worse. This includes any and all dogs exposed. This comes straight from our vet friend.

      By Ealasaid from Four Corners, NM

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      February 24, 2014 Flag
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      If my 2 month old puppy has parvo, could I give him his 1st shots or do I wait til after parvo treatment?

      By Shae M. from Stockton, CA

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      February 26, 20140 found this helpful
      Best Answer

      You cant give parvo vaccinations to a dog who has a parvo infection.

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      April 22, 2016 Flag
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      My 2 puppies suffered from parvo 5 days ago, but on the 3rd day they started to eat by themselves. I gave them chicken with rice, and they ate it all. But they don't want to drink water so I've been giving them Pedialyte and Gatorade every hour.

      Why don't they want to drink? I heard once they eat by themselves they had survived the virus, but they don't want to drink :( Did they relapse?
      Are they going to die? I am so worried:(

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        April 23, 20160 found this helpful

        Please contact your vet immediately to help your puppies. They will quickly become dehydrated and could relapse or die.

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        March 30, 2016 Flag
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        We have had parvo in two puppies that were not fully vaccinated yet. They are now on the mend after being very sick. They are now eating and drinking with no more sickness. Their poo is still soft, but not runny.

        They developed the parvo a few days between each other. I have them in separate rooms, but now 5 days after the last one came home from vet they are restless. They are wanting each other and are crying, making it very stressful. When can they go back together? There was a week gap between each one getting sick. Also they are due for their second puppy vaccination next week. Can we still go and get them; will they be fit?

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          March 30, 20160 found this helpful

          I'd wait on that vaccination until they are completely well. They are still contagious to other dogs, so bringing them to the vet is not a good idea unless an emergency happens.

          They will probably get better more quickly if you put them together. Stress prolongs illnesses. Since they both have parvo they are both now manufacturing parvo antibodies so they should not be able to infect each other.

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          January 9, 2016 Flag
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          We adopted an 8 wk puppy. She weighs 9.3# and she showed symptoms of parvo. The vet put her on Tamil. We are 3 days in and she eats a little and drinks a little. We help hydrate her with a syringe of H2O and clear Gatorade. She seems sluggish at times and a little active at others. Is she in the clear? She never really had "severe" loose stools, like watery, they were always like pudding, sometimes in a form. She may vomit 1 maybe 2X a day, if that. Now what should I offer her, wet food, or puppy milk? Please help.

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            January 10, 20160 found this helpful

            Parvo can be severe or mild. I wouldn't say your dog is in the clear until there are no more symptoms and the dog is eating normally. I think poehere's advice is good. Mushy food and syringes of water would probably be good.

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            December 4, 2010 Flag
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            Help. I have 4.5 mo old standard Poodle pup with Parvo. I have been to vet twice. I am giving her 1/2 bag of IV fluids under the skin, an antibiotic shot every 12 hrs, and an anti nausea shot every 24 hrs.
            On the second visit to the vet we added generic flagyl and Pepcid, half tab every 12 hrs. The first vet visit was Wednesday 12/1/10 and then again on Friday 12/3/10.
            She was 27 lbs pre-parvo and has not eaten or had anything to drink for 2 full days. She is not vomiting, but has awful diarrhea. On the second day, for half of the day she was drinking water and eating.
            Also, the breeder gave her a parvo vaccination just a few days prior to Wednesday (day 1). Please help me, help her get better. We love her and feel helpless. Thank you! Posting Sat 12/4/2010.

            By Kathy from Phoenix, AZ

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            May 28, 20130 found this helpful

            After not eating for three days, puppies can suffer low protein and blood sugar. Their head may start shaking. I begin force feeding pureed liver at this point. Pureed liver is good anytime if they can keep it down. Also pepto has aspirin which will cause more bleeding. Motrin, an NSAID can cause bleeding too.

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            October 29, 2013 Flag
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            My Chihuahua was recently diagnosed with parvo. The vet gave him some fluids and antibiotics, also a prescription for me to give him, but he still will not eat or drink is it still too soon or what?

            By YF

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            March 24, 20151 found this helpful

            Yes I brought the pravoaid at a feed store here in Tucson. Lost one dog because I was too busy. For not keeping him hydrated. So now I'll see if this medication works n Pedialyte. Pls under the skin shots of water.

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            September 26, 2015 Flag
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            She made it. My 7 week old German Shepherd puppy survived an outbreak of parvo, in my litter of 8. She was the only female and the runt. It's been 7 days since she's been eating, drinking, running, and playing with no signs of Parvo at all. Today she's thrown up twice with grass in it along with her baked chicken breast and a little dog food mixed. I am scared to death she is going to die. I've been a responsible breeder for 7 years and never lost a single puppy. To say the least, my family is devastated. Shepherd puppy

            Here are my questions. She's been healthy in appearance for about 7 days. She's had the two week antibiotic shot from the vet and Paxxin. Is there any related secondary disease commonly associated with parvo that she could be getting in her particular situation, keeping in mind she's had the two week antibiotic shot? Could she suddenly get worse all over again and die? Because she can't do that it will destroy me. And finally is it just part of her healing and she's going to have days?

            Please no holding back. I truly need to know so I can handle this. Any information and experience is very much appreciated. Thank you.

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              September 29, 20150 found this helpful

              The baked chicken breast may have been to rich for her at 7 weeks. They eat grass so they'll puke up whatever is disagreeing.

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              December 21, 2014 Flag
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              How long can my puppy go without eating? I have been giving him Pedialyte every 30 minutes and antiobiotics twice daily. It is the 3rd day now and he is showing signs of blood in his stool; is this a fatal sign?

              By Christina from Yuba City, CA

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              December 21, 20140 found this helpful

              You can't take a puppy with Parvo to the vet without advanced warning. It exposes every other puppy that might be there for its first shots to Parvo. Call the vet and make sure they know why you are taking the puppy there and that you have an alternate way of getting in and out of the vets office. If there is no way to do this, put the dog in a carrier and make sure you stand or sit well away from anyone else in the office. Make sure the receptionist knows the moment you get there that yours is the puppy with Parvo.

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              December 15, 2012 Flag
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              I have a 4 month old puppy who is recovering from parvo. How long do I keep her away from other dogs in the house?

              By Heather

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              March 14, 20130 found this helpful

              We just found our my puppy thats 10 weeks old has it. We got told not to have him around others till about 2 months if the others do not have parvo shots they do not to need to be around them at all untill they have. Parvo will stay in an area for 5-7 years. They told us the best way to clean is pure bleach, or amonia and vinegar. Hope this helps and I pray your puppy gets better, I know it's hit our little man rough.

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              May 25, 2012 Flag
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              On May 19th I noticed my pup Karma wasn't looking good. Her hair was dull, she looked so sad and wouldn't eat, but was drinking a little bit. I didn't realize she was sick cuz she was always very mellow. I took her to the vet and confirmed it was parvo, but no way I can afford the hospital stay so we did treatment at home. By 1pm on May 20th she started having what seemed to be stomach spasms and passed away with me and my husband with her.

              My other pup is sick now. On May 20th when I lost Karma our pup Sutra was running around like a mad man. The morning of the 21st Sutra no longer wants tho eat. It's now May 25th and she looks so bad. I'm forcing feeding her Pedialyte, chicken broth. baby rice cereal, Pepto, and antibiotics.

              She started having loose slimy stool with little strings of blood. Yesterday she had liquid diarrhea that was almost black (she only had this 3x). Karma was passing bright red diarrhea. She's thrown up about 3x also; it's slimy yellow and foamy. I'm wondering how long till the parvo is out of her so she will get better. She's on day 4. I hope that's a good s sign.

              By Julie

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              June 10, 20130 found this helpful

              We had 7 dogs and 1 puppy (puppy got sick a 2 weeks after the first dog that got sick died). All the dos got parvo even with shots we have been giving them parvo k (available from amazon). All 6 of the dogs are running and playing like normal 2 weeks after getting sick. 1 was pregnant when she got sick due any day. Another had just gotten pregnant. Time will tell on the babies. One of the adult dogs that weighed only about 3 lbs., I was very worried about. She is better but even the slightest movement scares her half to death.

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              August 16, 2013 Flag
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              I had two 3.5 months old German Shepherds. One showed all the symptoms of parvo while the other didn't. The one who didn't make it died yesterday. His brother stayed here with my older dog, a 3 yr old Lab, he's fully vaccinated while neither of the puppies was.

              Yesterday after the death of my one pup, the other puppy was checked for parvo and came out negative. I vaccinated him. And today, he started to have the same early symptoms. He vomited only once, but that was enough for me to think he might have gotten parvo. The doctor checked his blood and said it was perfectly normal, but a second parvo test showed him positive this time. I left him in the hospital praying that God will help my poor puppy. I feel terrible knowing I could have prevented him and his brother from getting it.

              What are his chances of surviving? I took him in within an hour of when he vomited and his blood was good. Doctor said it was a 14.7 reading. He drank water and did not vomit it out. I don't want to lose him too :( Is there anything I should do?

              By Nadia C from TX

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              August 18, 20130 found this helpful

              You may not have been able to prevent parvo in your puppies. A certain number of puppies get it even when they are vaccinated. Vaccination is the right thing to do,but with parvo it is not a guarantee. You did make a mistake, but you also need to forgive yourself. Go visit your puppy, he needs your love to fight through this. Good luck.

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