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Cleaning Baked On Food

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Baked On Food in Broiler Pan

Trying to clean baked on food off of pots, pans, and other bakeware can be very frustrating and a lot of work. This is a guide about cleaning baked on food.


Solutions: Cleaning Baked On Food

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Tip: Fabric Softener Sheet for Burnt Pots and Pans

Fill the burnt pan with soap and water and add a fabric softener sheet. Let set overnight and wash as usual. If it is a stubborn burn repeat the process.

By Mary from Nebraska and AZ

Tip: Use A Paint Scraper For Baked On Food

When hand washing glass cookware and cast iron pans, I like to use a window paint scraper with the blade to remove baked on food. It works great and has them clean in no time.

By Marie from Kingston, Ontario

Tip: Removing Burned on Food from Pans

If you have burned on gunk in a pan, soak the pan or burner ring in dishwasher detergent. Just put some in the pan, add hot water, and let sit for a few hours or overnight. Stuff will come right off. This works better than dish soap, baking soda, dryer sheets etc.

By Linda from Vista, CA

Tip: Bread Closures For Cleaning

Those little square plastic tabs that are used to close bread bags are wonderful for scraping baked-on food from casserole dishes and pots and pans (including those non-stick teflon pans). They don't scratch! I even use one on the surface of the stove if things have spilled and have gotten hard and crusty. It's also a great way to clean a glass top stove. Use and toss. There's always more where that one came from.

By Carole Ann Lee from Portland, Oregon

Tip: Cleaning Baked On Food

Take enough cream of tartar to cover the area to be cleaned and/or to remove baked on food. Add enough vinegar to make a thin paste. Cover the area to be cleaned and apply extra thick on baked on areas. Leave on 12 hours. Wipe off and wash thoroughly. Use second application if necessary.

By Charley from West Henrietta, NY

Tip: Dealing with Burned (Burnt) Pans

I know two tips for burnt pans. The first one is to boil rhubarb in the pan - it works! The second is to boil a small amount of bio washing powder in the burnt pan - it also works!

By Deb

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Here are questions related to Cleaning Baked On Food.

Question: How Do You Clean Baked On Food on a Pyrex Casserole Dish?

How do you remove burned food from Pyrex? It is a sugary glaze that burned on to the Pyrex.

By gmadrum from Turlock, CA


Most Recent Answer

By kittymom03/20/2011

I put a good amount of baking soda and small amount of water, set on low on the stove, it gently "simmers" it out, have done hundreds of times, especially on dishes with burn stains from garage sales. As soon as you take it off, dump the water and start rinsing the leftover gunk out with Dobie and water.

Question: Removing Baked on Beans from Crock

We have just over baked some beans in a crock bean pot and they have really cooked on. We have scrubbed until we have worn out 2 pads. Is there an easy way to clean baked on beans from a crock bean pot?
Thank you,


Most Recent Answer

By nursesarah79 (Guest Post)11/28/2005

a lot of times when i have something that is baked on and won't come off I let is soak overnight in hot water, dish soap and clorox cleanup. or just spray it with the clorox clean up and let it soak for a while...usually works well. Clorox cleanup is a staple in my kitchen, laundry room, bathroom and every room in my house!

Question: Cleaning Pans With Baked On Food

I always find it hard to clean my glass bakeware or metal baking sheets after making lasagna or cake. Is there any solution I can soak them in before scrubbing?

I use SOS pads, but I am sick of scrubbing for so long to get this mess out. I would rather soak it first in something better. I have tried hot water and soap. Any suggestions please?

By Amber Dawn from Toronto, Ontario

Most Recent Answer

By Beth [25]04/08/2010

Dishwasher detergent. That stuff dissolves everything.

Question: Removing Scalded Milk Stain from Pot

I heated onion soup with milk and let it boil over. I immediately soaked the pan in hot soapy water. I cannot get the stain off my pot. I have hand washed it, used steel wool, run it though the dishwasher multiple times and nothing works. Help please!

By Melinda D. from OKC, OK

Most Recent Answer

By Beth [25]06/29/2011

If it's just a stain, it won't affect the pot. You can still use it. If it's stuck on milk, then one of the other suggestions should work.

Question: Cleaning Burnt Pans

How do I clean a scorched pot?

By Evelyn from Savannah, GA

Most Recent Answer

By Susan [8]01/26/2011

Put a new or used dryer sheet and warm water and let it soak. Scrub with the dryer sheet. Works like a charm.

Question: Removing Baked On Cooking Spray

I cannot remove Pam spray residue from a cookie sheet once it is baked on. Food residue can be cleaned with no problem after soaking with soapy water.

By Dee Jay from Clearwater, FL

Most Recent Answer

By SAM01/21/2011

And I thought I was crazy wandering what was going on with my pans. It's the spray! I have soaked-boiled went through a box of SOS pads and it's the freaking spray. Thank for the post because I wont use the spray again. It took for ever to get it off my cast iron skillet and then I had to season it all over again. The spray is gone today.

Question: Cleaning Burned Pots and Pans

I would like information on cleaning off burnt stains on stainless steal pots and pans after the gunky stuff is off. Thank you.

By suni0118 from Madison, WI

Most Recent Answer

By Marilyn08/31/2011

Barkeeper's Friend also works amazingly well. Most grocery stores have it in the section where Comet and other cleaning powders are sold. It's non-abrasive and really shines up stainless steel to look like new. I use it on my cooktop and many other things too.


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Archive: How do you clean baked on food on a Pyrex casserole dish?

How do you clean baked on food on a Pyrex casserole dish? I have tried the Oxy foam cleanser, Dawn Power Grease remover to no avail. It has settled into the glass.

Dragonfly from Indiana

RE: How do you clean baked on food on a pyrex casserole dish?

Try a Mr. Clean eraser. I use them all the time on my glass baking ware and it works great! I like my glass baking ware to stay clean and shiny like new and this does the job without a lot of work. Hope this helps. (10/20/2006)

By hvnlyhills

RE: How do you clean baked on food on a pyrex casserole dish?

I find if you soak with really hot water and dishwasher soap it will come right off. Also use this method to get off coffee and tea stains in the pots. (10/20/2006)

By MsBlue

RE: How do you clean baked on food on a pyrex casserole dish?

I use steel wool pads with soap in them, or even those copper pot scrubbers. Unless your glass pans are coated with some kind of color (instead of being colored glass) there shouldn't be a problem. (10/20/2006)

By carla

RE: How do you clean baked on food on a pyrex casserole dish?

My suggestion is to soak first, then with a scrub brush use Bon-Ami cleanser (it doesn't scratch). If you can find Bon-Ami at the store, it works great. It's sold at most big grocery stores. There is no bleach in it, it's just a good old fashioned scrubber for all your cookery. (10/20/2006)

By maryc

RE: How do you clean baked on food on a pyrex casserole dish?

I use S.O.S. Pads. Works great! (10/20/2006)

By Ariela

RE: How do you clean baked on food on a pyrex casserole dish?

Ketchup is cheap and really works. Just cover the cooked on crud and let it sit. I can't tell you how long to let it sit, by the time I get back to mine it's been at least an hour. May have to repeat, it's worth a try. Probably something you already have on hand. (10/20/2006)

By msettamae2

RE: How do you clean baked on food on a pyrex casserole dish?

If you fill your dish with really hot water and a Bounce Sheet and leave it to set over night, it will wipe right out. I have used this method for the worst burnt on stuff imagined and it has come off. Good Luck! (10/20/2006)

By Heather

RE: How do you clean baked on food on a pyrex casserole dish?

Soak it in baking soda. Always comes clean, then wash as always. (10/20/2006)

By eve. c

RE: How do you clean baked on food on a pyrex casserole dish?

I have a lot of success with boiling water. I boil it in an electric hot pot, then carry it to whatever needs cleaning and pour it on the stain. Also works great on food spills on vinyl flooring. Just be careful that whatever surface you use it on can take the heat. Pyrex should be fine. Good luck. (10/21/2006)

By Taurusfeen

RE: How do you clean baked on food on a pyrex casserole dish?

A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser has worked for me. (10/21/2006)

By Debbie52

RE: How do you clean baked on food on a pyrex casserole dish?

Lots of ventilation and a single squirt of Easy Off oven cleaner works every time (except on aluminum, copper, iron, Teflon) on most dry glass or stainless metal unpainted surfaces to clean off baked-on foods. If very hard, black, thick food, leave on overnight and outside. If light food, leave only about 15 min. to one hour, and that should do it. Although we all avoid using that chemical, if good ventilation is used, you will not die if you spray the item on the patio/porch on newspaper away from the door or pets, then time the food burn accordingly.

After a few minutes there is no odor or breathing danger from the fumes, and there is a low odor low fume option in the brand, but it takes much longer to work. Do wash with cold water should you accidentally get any spray on your skin. Spray only the spot(s) at about 6-8", and when there is obviously no wind, just as when painting. Use vinegar to rinse off skin after cold water/soap should any drift. I use gloves and have never had a single accident externally or internally in 53 years of very infrequent use of Easy Off, and only for the tough food burns.

All cooks have burned pots/pans occasionally, not wanting to cook in the utensil until it is removed, so we need serious help once in a while, just not making it a habit. We can use caution as if using a match to light a candle or using alcohol indoors. God bless and give you wisdom.

By Lynda

RE: How do you clean baked on food on a pyrex casserole dish?

Chore Boy Golden Fleece scrubbing cloths. They work great and don't scratch. (10/22/2006)

By zballoongirl

RE: How do you clean baked on food on a pyrex casserole dish

Put salt in, then water, and let it sit over night. This works great. (10/22/2006)

By Becky

Archive: Cleaning Pans With Baked On Food

Here's a little trick my grandmother taught me for cleaning pans with baked on food. Fill pan with a couple cups of water and about two squirts of dishwashing liquid. Place pan on burner and turn on high until it bubbles. Turn off burner and let sit for about 5 minutes. Burnt or stuck-on food will come off very easily.

By Marnita from Cumming, GA

RE: Cleaning (outside) Pans With Baked On Food

Try Dawn Power Disolver. It works and is available at Walmart. Be careful though. I think it can be used on stainless steel, but it may not be used on painted pots. (01/07/2007)

By Ariela

RE: Cleaning Pans With Baked On Food

BarKeepers cleanser works good on stainless steel pots and pans. So does old fashion elbow grease. (01/07/2007)

By Great Granny Vi

RE: Cleaning Pans With Baked On Food

I take a couple of spoonfuls of automatic dishwashing soap, (the powdered Kind) run water to the top into your dish, add powder and let sit over night or for a few hours. It will eat all the burned on food off. I even use it for other dishes that are hard to clean like the glass casserole dishes. (11/14/2008)

By Kat

Archive: Removing Burned on Food from Pans

Getting burned on or stuck on food from pans: Sprinkle with powdered dishwasher detergent, add hot water, let soak overnight. In morning, pans come clean very quickly.

By Lesley

RE: Removing Burned on Food from Pans

My mother also taught me a quicker way to removed burned food in the pan. She simply added water to the pan and let it simmer for a few minutes. It then came out very nicely. This works if you're in a hurry. (01/10/2005)

By BonsterBonnie

RE: Removing Burned on Food from Pans

Don't do this on aluminum pots. The dishwasher detergent will eat holes thru aluminum. OK to use on stainless steel. Not sure about iron pots or Non-stick pots like Teflon. (12/27/2008)

By aldos3