Cocker Spaniel Breed Information and Photos

Cocker Spaniel

An active, sturdy dog who are mostly sought after for companionship, but still retain keen hunting instincts. This guide contains cocker spaniel breed information and photos.


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Article: Breed Information: Cocker Spaniel (American)

Cocker Spaniel (American)Breed Description: The American Cocker Spaniel is an active, friendly dog with a refined, rounded head, long, lobular ears and a sturdy compact body. Although mostly sought after for companionship, the Cocker Spaniel still retains the keen hunting instincts typically found in all spaniels.

Group: Sporting

Purpose of Breed: Hunting and flushing small game

Country of Origin: USA

Average Size: Averages 14-15 inches and 24-28 pounds

Color(s): Jet black, and other solid colors; may include tan markings; also parti-colored.

Coat Type: The Cocker Spaniel has a medium-length silky coat along the back and sides of its body, except for its ears, chest, abdomen and legs, which are covered with profuse amounts of long, silky, flat or wavy hair.

Grooming: The Cocker Spaniel's beautiful coat needs to be bathed and brushed frequently and taken to a professional grooming salon on a regular basis. This breed requires standard care for ears, pads and nails. Eyes should be cleaned regularly.

Exercise Needs: Although very adaptable to apartment living, the Cocker Spaniel enjoys fresh air and daily exercise and excels in active sports like agility competitions.

Temperament: This warm and friendly breed can become overly excited and requires lots of love and attention. Sensitive, loving and faithful, Cocker Spaniels make wonderful companions and are happiest when they feel like part of the family.

Common Ailments: Eye sensitivities

Life Expectancy: Averages 10-14 years Trivia: Rutherford B. Hayes owned a Cocker Spaniel named "Dot."

More Information: The American Cocker Spaniel Club, Inc. www.asc-cockerspaniel.org

By Ellen Brown

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Question: Raising a Miniature Cocker Spaniel

How big does a miniture Cocker Spaniel get? What kind of problems do they have? Are they hyper little dogs? What kind of activities do they like?

By Karen from Waldron, AR

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Most Recent Answer

By Karen [1] 08/04/2011

Crickentnc, My Cocker Spaniel, Lady is the same exact size now that she is in the pic above. She has not grown any at all. Lady is now a year old. She turned a year back in March. She is full of love she is such a loveable lil' dog.

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Coco Singh (American Cocker Spaniel)

Coco with toys.

Your Pet's Age
2 Years

Your Pet's Breed
American Cocker Spaniel

How and when did you get your pet?
She joined our family in May 2011.

What does your pet like to do for fun?
She loves to play fetch.

Do you have anything else to share about your pet?
Coco loves to eat fruits and is very fond of driving. :-) Check out her Facebook account.

Closeup of face.Coco with party hat.

By Arun Kumar S. [1]

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Bailey (Cocker Spaniel) And Cleo (Cat)

Our dog's name is Bailey and the cat is Cleo. Our 4 month old Cocker Spaniel loves our 9 year old Calico cat.

We adopted our cat from the kennel where we board our animals. After our beloved comfort retriever (Cocker Spaniel/Golden Retriever mix) departed for the rainbow bridge, we got the Cocker Spaniel.

You can see from the picture, our two "pals" like to groom each other. They are constant companions. Our cat waits for the dog to get back inside after he has been out in the yard.

By Mary in AZ

Cocker and calico cat.

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Bentley (Cocker Spaniel)

Bentley is 4 years old. Technically he's a Cocker Spaniel, but he thinks human. Bentley came into my life in early 2006, as a puppy. I can't imagine a day without him now. He loves toys, especially his *singing* chickens, more than any child, canine, human or other, I have ever known.

Bentley adores running through the soybean and wheat fields, and the pecan grove near our home. My Bentley is ridiculously smart. I know everyone says that, but he really is! I have to spell many words just so he will not comprehend conversations and act accordingly. No one believes it, until they see it :)

By Amy

A black and white cocker spaniel in a field of green and yellow wildflowers.

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Lily (American Cocker Spaniel)

Lily is an 18 month old American Cocker Spaniel. I saw puppies advertised on a community bulletin board. I went to see them and fell in love with her. She was 7 weeks old at that time. I brought her home that day, and am so glad that I found her.

She loves to play tug of war and fetch. Her favorite thing to do is steal socks when I am taking them from the dryer. She also loves taking walks. I have had lots of dogs in my life (I am 61), but Lily has such a sweet personality and seems especially intuitive, she will be a very memorable friend.

By Monique

Tan and cream Cocker

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Fantasia (Black and Tan Cocker Spaniel)

Fantasia is a 3 year old Black and Tan Cocker Spaniel. She was a birthday gift from my kids. Fantasia loves to chase tennis balls. She will chase it until she drops but it has to be a tennis ball, no rubber, no plastic, no sponge. It HAS to be a tennis ball.

Fantasia is a clown, she always seems to know when you need a smile and she will do something just so funny you just can't stay blue. I swear she has learned how to make a funny face just to cheer you up! Closeup of face.

By Deb

Lying on floor.

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Chucci (American Cocker Spaniel)

Chucci is a 10 month old American Cocker Spaniel. We got him last July. He likes to hang out with me! Chucci loves our walks in the country every morning. Chucci and I immediately became attached the day he was given to me by a family that found that they couldn't care properly for him. He goes everywhere I go and sleeps at the foot of my bed. I've had many pets through the years, but never have I had such a loving dog that was as great a companion as Chucci (pronounced Chu-Chy)

By Johnny

Chucci on dog bed.

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Izzie (Cocker Spaniel)

This is Izzie a one year old spoiled Cocker Spaniel. As you can see she is pretty much spoiled, and rules.

By Jen

Buff Cocker on couch.

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Coco Singh (American Cocker Spaniel)

Your Pet's Age
2.5 years

Your Pet's Breed
American Cocker Spaniel

What does your pet like to do for fun?
Makes me play fetch :-D

By Coco S. [1]

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Max (Cocker Spaniel)

Maxis a 2 year old Cocker Spaniel. Our little darling doggie was found wandering in a subdivision, had on a rabies tag, and they could not locate the people who had it. We think they simply moved away and left him. He was scared silly, dirty, matted, but with a few weeks of loving he has turned into "The Perfect Pet"! Max's only pastime we have found so far is playing with squeaky toys. He will grab one and come to us, but if we try to get it to throw for him, he runs like a mad dog, squeaking away on that toy. We took Max camping a few weeks ago, and he is a pro at stopping at every person for petting, already. He doesn't bark at people passing by. He is really good with out other dogs. His one vice is that he is death on chipmunks. He proudly trotted to the door with one hanging limply in his mouth, the other day. Oh, boy.

By Jacketbacker from Greer, SC

Closeup of Max lying with owner.

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Lacey (Cocker Spaniel)

Lacey is seven and a half years old. Lacey is a small sable American Cocker Spaniel who I purchased from a local breeder who decided to get out of the business. I was waiting on Lacey to have another litter, so I could get one of her puppies. Instead tragedy, for his two male dogs used for breeding died, so he decided to sell the females he owned. I saw her picture on his website and when I learned she was up for sale, I was more than pleased to get Lacey.

Lacey loves to play with a ball. When the previous owner stated to us her favorite toy was a ball, he really meant it. She walks around with it in her mouth besides running after it. Lacey loves taking long walks and will lay by the gate waiting for her master to come back indoors. She follows him around the house and is becoming a lap dog. She enjoys getting her tummy rubbed and having a lot of attention. Lacey is quiet, gentle, and has a sweet disposition.

By lorelei

Dog lying on throw rug.

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Merlin (American Cocker Spaniel)

black Cocker with bits of brown

Your Pet's Age
5 months

Your Pet's Breed
American Cocker Spaniel

How and when did you get your pet?
I received him from a breeder in August. My previous Cocker had passed away a few weeks prior after battling lung cancer, and Merlin was having difficulty finding a home due to a congenital defect. No one seemed to want this adorable little puppy who would need surgery. Well, they missed out. He had his surgery last week and is doing fabulous!

What does your pet like to do for fun?
Playing with the cat, playing with me, chewing on raw carrots, and going for long walks.

Do you have anything else to share about your pet?
He's super smart, he knows basic commands in both English and Korean. He's figured out how to escape the baby gates meant to keep him corralled.

He's such a loving and friendly soul, we've decided to train together to become a pet therapy team in our community. They recently built a children's hospital here, with a dedicated children's cancer treatment wing and program. I think Merlin would be fantastic as a therapy dog visiting those kids.

By Karmastrophic [2]

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Lily Belle (American Cocker Spaniel)

Lily Belle is 18 months old and an American Cocker Spaniel. I got my pet from a farmer, who had both the father and mother. She was being advertised on a community bulletin board.

Lily loves to take walks. Another favorite is playing fetch and tug of war. I would have to say her all time favorite is trying to grab socks and take off with them. She also really loves being scratched and rubbed (but who doesn't LOL!)

Lily has an extraordinary sweet disposition. She is also full of fun, and loves to be around people. Overall, I guess you could say that she is a real charmer. Lily by garden. Lily sleeping on couch.

By Monique

Lily lying asleep on couch.

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Millie (Cocker Spaniel)

Even our Millie gets hot in AZ! We moved from WA to AZ and even our dog Millie had a hard time getting used to the heat and needed the fan. Its now her favorite place to sit.

By creativediane from Woodinville, WA

Millie Sitting on the Floor next to a Fan

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Millie (Cocker Spaniel)

Millie is an 8 year old Cocker Spaniel. I got Millie a year ago from a family that had 8 dogs, and some of them were picking on her and biting her. The family decided to find her a new home. I found her on Craigslist on the internet.

She loves to go for rides in the car and play ball. The other family named her Sweetie, but I call her Millie. That's a long story that I'll tell another time.

By creativediane from Woodinville, WA

A light brown cocker spaniel on a bed.

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Smokey (Cocker Spaniel)

Smokey is a Cockerspanel. My daughter got him her first Christmas from her grandmama. He likes to lay on your lap. He is very loving and protective of my baby girl. Her best friend.

By Laterra

Cocker with baby under Christmas tree.

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Mocca (Chocolate Cocker Spaniel)

Mocca is a 4 year old Chocolate Cocker Spaniel. He was a birthday gift from my children. Mocca loves to chase tennis balls! She will chase a tennis ball until she drops. However, she will only chase a tennis ball, no rubber, plastic, sponge or anything else, just a tennis balls. Mocca thinks she is a STAR! She has that look that says "Yes, you may stare in awe of me and I won't even give a hint of expecting anything less."

By Deb

Closeup of chocolate Cocker.

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Daisy (Cocker Spaniel)

Daisy is 8 months and a Cocker Spaniel. A friend had a litter of puppies and gave her to me when she was 6 weeks old. She loves to play fetch and try to lick the lotion off my hands!

Daisy loves to play, however she had never been around children. When she was 5 months old, our grandchildren came home while daddy was on leave from the army. The pup was not quite sure if she was going to like children.

As you can tell, she is warming up to them. She is letting Keely dress her up and brush her hair! I had "empty arm syndrome" after my son and his family were stationed at Fort Riley, KS. Two weeks after that, my Cocker Spaniel that was 3, got out of the house and was run down by a speeding car. Thus the term "empty arm syndrome".

By green living

Child sitting on couch brushing dog's hair.

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Angel (American Cocker Spaniel)

Angel 1 year old American Cocker Spaniel. We found Angel through a pet breeder in our area. My other two Cocker Spaniels died a year apart and we missed the companionship our dogs provided. I've learned so much about Cocker Spaniels and just had to have more.

Angel loves playing with our other Cocker, Halo. She sniffs trails when taking walks, loves riding in car, enjoys chew toys, and runs and fetches the ball. One of her cutest moments is when TV is on and a dog barks, she runs to the screen to watch the dog and tilts her head and barks. She appears to be communicating.

Angel is a small chocolate Cocker Spaniel who was born on Valentine's Day. Angel is a lap dog and loves to have her tummy rubbed. She is full of energy right after her bath and loves to run and be chased after. She's has a sweet disposition and is very gentle.

By Myrna from OH

Chocolate Cocker

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Forest (Cocker Spaniel)

Forest is a Cocker Spaniel and is 5 months old. He is an early Christmas gift from my parents.

When I am crafting he sneaks up and grabs the bags of fabric on the floor.

I must say I do a lot of more walking and that's a good thing!

By Laura from Newberry, FL

Boy holding black and white Cocker.

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Halo (American Cocker Spaniel)

Halo is 10 weeks old and is a AKC American Cocker Spaniel. After our pet died of liver cancer, we bought another cocker spaniel to fill the void our dog left. Halo was 8 weeks old when we got him and was born on Sept. 6, 2007.

Halo loves to chase after a two litre plastic bottle around the floor for fun and he gets a lot of exercise. Halo also likes to play with his squeaky plush dog bone shaped toy and play tug of war with me. He likes to play in the fallen leaves and carry one in his mouth when he takes a walk. Dog on green carpet.

By Myrna from Georgetown, OH

Man in larger carrier with dog.

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PJ (Cocker Spaniel)

PJ is a 1 year old Cocker Spaniel. I got him at a pet store in Spring 2007. He likes to play with his brother.

By Heather from Canton, GA

Black Cocker with scarf.

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Lady (American Cocker Spaniel)

Lady is 4 years old and a American Cocker Spaniel. Her nickname is LadyBaby.

I have a friend that knew these people that lived next door that had Lady. Lady wasn't being taken care very well at all. When I got Lady, her fur was all matted up. She had motor oil and screws in her fur. It was an awful sight. I have always loved these kinds of dogs, so I brought her home and she's fit into our family ever since.

She loves to play ball, goes for walks, or just get a good doggie rub. Lady is a wonderful dog, always willing to please.

By Cynthia from Douglasville, GA

Tan Cocker.

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Guiness (Cocker Spaniel)

Guiness is a 2 month old Cocker Spaniel. My daughter just got Guiness. He loves to play with my grand-daughter Rebecca.

By Penny from Ipava, IL

Black and white Cocker on carpet.

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Sparky Moss (Cocker Spaniel)

Sparky Moss is a 15 year old Cocker Spaniel. We got him from the local ASPCA in April of 1999.

He plays fetch, lays in mommies room and makes a general fool of himself He's as playful and as loving as ever, even at 15 when most dogs would be crotchety and grumpy, he's loving. In the picture he is in momma's bed sleeping on the stuffed stego in the bed also.

By Chris from Sacramento, CA

Sleeping with head on stuffy.

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Shae - Cocker Spaniel (Rescue)

Shae is a 3 year old Cocker Spaniel.

I adopted her from a Cocker Spaniel rescue shelter when she was one year old. She loves to run and to chase balls.

She obeys very well and loves to please everyone.

By Joanna from Searcy, AR

Reddish brown and white Cocker.

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Peanut with his Andy Dick Hair (Cocker Spaniel)

Peanut is our year old American Cocker Spaniel. We bought him from a breeder in Albuquerque, NM when he was 8 weeks old.

He likes to chase our newest addition-another Cocker (Female) named Sunnie. We call this photo his "Andy Dick" Hair!

By Jessie from Tyndall AFB, Fl

Editor's Note: Here's a picture of Andy Dick to compare. Photo of Andy Dick.

Cocker Spaniel.

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Sammy (Cocker Spaniel)

This is our boy Sammy. We adopted him at the pound a few weeks ago. He is a 5 1/2 year old cocker spaniel and we just had him neutered. He is very well behaved and very fun to have around. Here is a picture of him and our little miniature Cocker Spaniel I entered before named Star - they get along great!

By Connie

Two Cocker Spaniels.

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Starlight - Star (Miniature Cocker Spaniel)

This is a picture of the newest member of our family. Her name is Star and she is a miniature Cocker Spaniel that we got from the pound last October. They said she is about 7 years old. She is the most loving dog you have ever seen. Her favorite thing to do this hot summer is lick ice cubes until they are gone! This picture of her has been nicknamed Willy (for Willie Nelson) by my sister.

By Connie

Cocker wearing straw hat.

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Seamus (Cocker Spaniel)

Here is Seamus, our baby. A full bred Cocker Spaniel he is the joy of our lives. He is 4 months old today and quite in love with the camera.

By Gardencraft

Black Cocker

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