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Dog Peeing Inside When Lying Down

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dog laying on a white couch

It can be alarming and frustrating when a trained dog begins to have accidents in the house. You will need to determine if it warrants a trip to the vet or other action. This is a guide about dog peeing inside when lying down.


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Question: Dog Peeing on Floor While Lying Down

My dog is 6 years old, part Collie and German Shepherd. She goes outside to pee, comes back in and lays down on the floor and when she get up the floor is wet. She is drinking a lot of water.


Most Recent Answer

By dandelion1o109/16/2013

As mentioned, an urinary tract infection is a possibility. Another is the dog may be diabetic; thus, the increased thirst. See a vet.

Question: Dog Peeing Inside When Lying Down

Our 7yr old female Doberman is having peeing accidents inside, while on the sofa or in our bed. She is laying down when this occurs and we only find out about it when we see wet spots. Now we know to check if we see her licking herself a lot. What is the problem?

By Linda

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]05/29/2012

This is clearly a question for a Vet. Your dog is having some serious physical difficulty. Dont wait to find out what it is, she may be in pain and whatever is causing the problem may be getting worse.

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