Dog Peeing in Its Own Bed

There are a number of reasons your pet may be wetting his or her bed. This is a guide about dog peeing in its own bed.


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My 4yr old male Cocker has started going to the toilet in his bed at night. He can't be trusted to roam free in a room for the same reason so we have him in a soft crate while his brother can be trusted so roams free (laundry). Lately he has started going to the toilet (pee and poop) every night.

We've tried taking them out before we go to bed (they come in about 7pm and I go to sleep about 10pm), but this hasn't helped. We've tried punishment - putting him in the garage overnight - no success. His diet hasn't changed. Our hours of being away from the house haven't changed - nothing has changed that we can think of. We don't mind if they go in the house when they are unwell, but this seems to be willful behaviour. They are usually in the house between 7pm and about 6:30am. Please help!

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I have a 9 year Doberman female. She is fully trained. She has just recently started refusing to sleep in her bed because of something she smells. When we check her bed it is damp like she may have wet it, but it has no smell. She never actually squats and pees on it so I'm not sure what's happening. It's only on her bed. She sleeps all day on my son's bed and it never happens.

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Lizzyanny I agree.

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White dog.My Shih-Tzu has always peed in my other dog's bed. She also pees on my daughter's dog's bed and her own bed, and then sleeps on it. I have not ever caught her and now she's 7 yrs old


At night or when I'm not home, I do not let her roam anymore. She gets blocked in the bathroom with a baby gate, with food and water (which she never touches at night, but it makes me feel better that it's there if she wanted it ). I have a big towel folded on the floor then her dog bed on that and another towel on the bed. Every single night she pees on everything and then sleeps on it. I have even given her nothing to sleep on, and she doesn't pee at night, but will pee on my other dog's bed sometime throughout the day, as soon as she gets an opportunity.

She has peed on my bed in the past, now I keep my door shut so she can't go in there. I'm just so tired of my place smelling like dog urine *Sigh*

By Cynthia

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I have a french bulldog that does exactly the same. I'm his 3rd owner and he has abandonment issues, as well as abuse history. He won't pee if he sleeps with me but if he is alone he will pee on anything he lays on to sleep.

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I have a 8 year old Pit Bull. She has never had a peepee problem before, but now she keeps wetting her own beds (3 of them in different parts of the house). She has a doggie door and can go out anytime she wants. She even does it while we're home. We had a 2 lb. Chihuahua that was the queen bee, who passed away 2 months ago. Could this be affecting Isabella, and why so long after Mia's passing? What can I do for her?

By Terryann

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If the two dogs were close that well could be the problem...but first be sure to take you dog to your vet to get her checked out for possible medical problems. If you dog gets an all clear from the vet, then there are things you can do to help your pet past her grieving.

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Large brown mixed breed dog on patio.My dog "Hoss" has started peeing where he is sleeping in the house at night recently. He has never done this before. He is only 7 years old, a German Shepherd/Lab mix. He's a big boy, about 140 pounds and is having a little difficulty getting up in the mornings. Maybe he has a UTI or needs Proin? I can't even imagine him being "put down" or even sleeping outside; he's one of my best friends. He also really stinks, maybe it's from his peeing on himself?

By Ray M from Wrightwood, CA

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Have your vet test his urine for a urinary tract infection, like you mentioned in your post. That is a likely source of the smelly urine. My senior doxie gets them occasionally and I can tell when it's time for a urine test by her smelly urine. Ick. Easy to treat with pills. Good luck with Hoss! He looks like a sweet boy.

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I have a Fox Terrier, her name is Belle and she is two years old. She has this habit of often peeing on her bed. She is also shedding a lot. I have tried everything, but can't find any solution. And as for her shedding problems, the vet told me that it's normal for her to shed like this. Her potty training is finished, but as soon as I replace her bed sheets, she has to pee on it. Because of this I had to put her outside. I built her a nice little house of course! Her bed sheets and bed don't last a month. Please can someone help, because I really love my little girl.

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I assume you have a smooth fox terrier. They do shed more than wire hairs, but no dog should shed constantly. Try adding omega 3 oils to the diet or buying the high omega 3 food. Regular grooming with a brush like slicker brush might reduce it.

Fox terriers are active dogs. They require a lot of exercise, more than most dogs. The peeing might be related to this, if built up frustration is an issue. Walk your terrier a total of an hour per day. She will probably also require playtime daily.

How was she house trained? Is she crate trained? Did she ever train to pee pads? You may have to re-train and do crate training. Don't use pee pads at all.

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I have recently adopted a 5 month old Staghound x Lab puppy. He is very nervy and is not house trained, but he seems to wee wherever he feels most comfortable. This is in places like under the table or on his own bed! I will take him out for walks and then we come home and he pees straight away, but it's always inside! At night though he only pees on his bed, not anywhere else. I don't know how to make him stop without making him not like his bed!

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The dog probably just needs to be house trained properly.

Here are some links for housetraining: ... -housebreaking-a-dog-of-any-age.aspx

Books and videos are also available on the subject.

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I am having a problem with my 8 year old mini Yorkie urinating for the first time on my and my boyfriend's bed. We first thought it was our sausage dog. Then tonight he came through with me to the kitchen to get something and walked straight passed his potty pad onto his bed and urinated and walked back through to the kitchen.

The other dog and his bed wasn't there, but I wasn't even putting him in there. He has never done this before, but they both had been in trouble for urinating on the bed. We have been building for a long time so I don't know if it's because of that stress?

Please help.

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Stress can cause this. Try keeping the bedroom door closed for a while. Construction is very stressful to pets.

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My dog wets herself all the time day or night asleep or awake. She is always drinking water. It's driving me mad. I'm changing her bed 2 to 3 times a day. She's 4 years old. I love her dearly, but feel I just can not keep her if this continues. I need help.

By Lorraine from London

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My dog has the same issue

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My French Bulldog came from a pet store and we are the 3rd owner. He is 2 years old and seems to enjoy sleeping in his urine. He will pee on any bedding we give him, he also destroyed our couch with urine and has peed on my pillow recently. Now he is crated at night, but he goes on his blankets and sleeps on it so he is always smelly in the morning. He asks to go potty and we let him out right away, and before bed of course, so it seems he just does it because he likes sleeping on it. I going crazy cause I am tired of washing peed on blankets every single day, his bedroom stinks in the morning and I feel bad to not give him blankets because he really likes to be cozy.

By Isadora

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Omg! I have a pug that does the same thing! (and yes, he's been to the vet, no health reasons for it) He's 8 yrs old and been doing this from infancy. And I mean in his bed, not on the outside. I finally got smart and started putting his bed inside a huge ziplock bag then put this in a pillow case. He doesn't like it much, but he doesnt do the laundry!

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I have an American Bulldog female who is 4 and a half years old. She is fully house trained. I rescued her from cruelty. I have had her nearly 1 year now and she suddenly started to pee on her bed and stopped moaning to go out when my family and I are in the house with the dog in front of us. She has never done this before and always moaned to go out to the toilet before.brown and white Bulldog
As I said I rescued her from cruelty because her old owner left her in the garden 24/7 and starved her and used her for a punching bag. Since I got her she has learned loads of tricks, like sit and paw and walking off the lead.
Please can someone help me with the peeing as when she goes it stinks my whole living room out.
Thanks very much.

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She may have a bladder infection. Have your vet check her out.

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My family adopted a female Dachshund who was abused in her earlier years. Now that she has turned 14 she has started peeing her bed several times a day. She goes out twice in the morning. And when we're home from work, she has peed in the garage several times, but yet still wets her bed. Is it because that's where she feels safe?

By Jenna C.

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Please contact your veterinarian this has nothing to do with her feeling safe.

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