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Dog Peeing in Its Own Bed

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A Chihuahua laying in its bed.

There are a number of reasons your pet may be wetting his or her bed. This is a guide about dog peeing in its own bed.



Here are questions related to Dog Peeing in Its Own Bed.

Question: Dog Wetting Its Own Bed

I have a 8 year old Pit Bull. She has never had a peepee problem before, but now she keeps wetting her own beds (3 of them in different parts of the house). She has a doggie door and can go out anytime she wants. She even does it while we're home. We had a 2 lb. Chihuahua that was the queen bee, who passed away 2 months ago. Could this be affecting Isabella, and why so long after Mia's passing? What can I do for her?

By Terryann


Best Answer

By Gypsy Swan [1]07/18/2011

If the two dogs were close that well could be the problem...but first be sure to take you dog to your vet to get her checked out for possible medical problems. If you dog gets an all clear from the vet, then there are things you can do to help your pet past her grieving.

Question: Older Dog Has Started Peeing Inside Where He is Sleeping

Large brown mixed breed dog on patio.My dog "Hoss" has started peeing where he is sleeping in the house at night recently. He has never done this before. He is only 7 years old, a German Shepherd/Lab mix. He's a big boy, about 140 pounds and is having a little difficulty getting up in the mornings. Maybe he has a UTI or needs Proin? I can't even imagine him being "put down" or even sleeping outside; he's one of my best friends. He also really stinks, maybe it's from his peeing on himself?

By Ray M from Wrightwood, CA


Best Answer

By R.L. Steigerwalt07/18/2011

Have your vet test his urine for a urinary tract infection, like you mentioned in your post. That is a likely source of the smelly urine. My senior doxie gets them occasionally and I can tell when it's time for a urine test by her smelly urine. Ick. Easy to treat with pills. Good luck with Hoss! He looks like a sweet boy.

Question: Dog Pees on Own Bed and Sleeps On It

White dog.My Shih-Tzu has always peed in my other dog's bed. She also pees on my daughter's dog's bed and her own bed, and then sleeps on it. I have not ever caught her and now she's 7 yrs old

At night or when I'm not home, I do not let her roam anymore. She gets blocked in the bathroom with a baby gate, with food and water (which she never touches at night, but it makes me feel better that it's there if she wanted it ). I have a big towel folded on the floor then her dog bed on that and another towel on the bed. Every single night she pees on everything and then sleeps on it. I have even given her nothing to sleep on, and she doesn't pee at night, but will pee on my other dog's bed sometime throughout the day, as soon as she gets an opportunity.

She has peed on my bed in the past, now I keep my door shut so she can't go in there. I'm just so tired of my place smelling like dog urine *Sigh*

By Cynthia

Most Recent Answer

By Dena R. [3]10/06/2013

The incontinence pads are a great idea. I have a cat that does this. The vet said it was stress related and put him on a mild tranquilizer. The problem seems to have been fixed. No peeing on everything for over a year now!

Question: Dog Peeing in Its Own Bed

Bull Dog on bed.I have two British Bulldogs and my eldest, who is now 11, started peeing on her bed when we got the younger one. Initially I thought it was a dominance thing, however, it's been 5 years now and there's no sign of improvement. Instead now she doesn't care if she lays in it.

We let them out regularly and for longer last thing at night and even take the water away after 6:30/7. I have even tried not washing the bed just drying it out, but it made no difference. She does not do it during the day though it's only at night. Any advice welcome :)

Thank you.

By Carina

Most Recent Answer

By Gloria Z [7]10/25/2013

What does your vet say about it? My 12 year old dog started doing that and I couldn't understand why until one day while petting her I discovered a large lump in her abdomen. Turned out to be a baseball size cancer tumor.

Question: Dog Wets Her Bed

My dog wets herself all the time day or night asleep or awake. She is always drinking water. It's driving me mad. I'm changing her bed 2 to 3 times a day. She's 4 years old. I love her dearly, but feel I just can not keep her if this continues. I need help.

By Lorraine from London

Most Recent Answer

By ilovesophie [20]01/01/2015

This dog needs medical help. This is NOT a behavioral problem. Be a responsible pet owner instead of just tossing her off to someone else.

Question: Dog Peeing on His Bed

My French Bulldog came from a pet store and we are the 3rd owner. He is 2 years old and seems to enjoy sleeping in his urine. He will pee on any bedding we give him, he also destroyed our couch with urine and has peed on my pillow recently. Now he is crated at night, but he goes on his blankets and sleeps on it so he is always smelly in the morning. He asks to go potty and we let him out right away, and before bed of course, so it seems he just does it because he likes sleeping on it. I going crazy cause I am tired of washing peed on blankets every single day, his bedroom stinks in the morning and I feel bad to not give him blankets because he really likes to be cozy.

By Isadora

Most Recent Answer

By Marna L.03/04/2015

Our beagle has the same issue, we have gone through more dog beds and blankets then I can count. We have had tests done by his vet thinking it was a medical issue but no he is perfectly healthy just likes to mark any bedding he sleeps on. I'm so tired of this issue he constantly reeks, he has to sleep in a large crate with no bedding it's the only method the vet suggested will work.

After doing this for over a year we thought maybe he was cured of the issue. No such luck! He will go a few days pee free and then it's back to hosing his blanket down with piss! He is now 6 nothing has worked, only thing we can do is crate him at night and no house privileges when we aren't around to watch him. Will pee anywhere he lays. With some dogs it's just a territorial issue.

RE: Dog Peeing on His Bed

Question: Older Dog Peeing in Her Bed

My family adopted a female Dachshund who was abused in her earlier years. Now that she has turned 14 she has started peeing her bed several times a day. She goes out twice in the morning. And when we're home from work, she has peed in the garage several times, but yet still wets her bed. Is it because that's where she feels safe?

By Jenna C.

Most Recent Answer

By ilovesophie [20]03/10/2014

My sister's older dog started doing this. She took her to the vet and found out she has diabetes. I would take your dog to a vet.

Question: Dog Peeing in His Bed

Dog with flower in his hair.My 3 year old Lhassa Apso has just started to pee where he is sleeping or sitting and he doesn't move. He has never done this before and always has access to go out or comes to get me. His food has not changed, he is drinking a lot. He just stays in it after; he carries on sleeping. Any ideas?

By Dolly B from Ireland

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]10/10/2013

You should have your dog checked for kidney problems or possibly diabetes. Both of them have the symptoms you describes. Both can be easily managed.

Question: Dog Peeing on Her Bed

I am 8wks pregnant and my dog has never had a peeing problem on her bed no matter how long she was in her crate. But now she is peeing on her bed. It does not have a urine smell though. Could she be excessively licking her bed or do you think she is peeing her bed because she knows I am pregnant?

By Jessica T. from Carrollton, GA

Most Recent Answer

By Abigail A. [8]03/14/2015

Have you noticed how much your dog is drinking? The dog could have developed diabetes. Take the dog to the vet to rule this out.

Question: English Bulldog Puppy Pees Where He Sleeps

I got my English Bulldog at 13 weeks old. He was from a pet store. We weren't even looking to get a dog just went to see the puppies that day, but we fell in love:) Now the store had him since he was 8 weeks so for the 5 weeks he ate, slept, peed, and pooped in a 2 x 4 ft. cage.

Now he can barely turn around in his crate, yet still pees and sleeps like a baby! Thank God he doesn't poop anymore, but it's only been 2 weeks since the last incident. Is this a comfort thing? His bed that I keep outside the crate he loves yet will pop a squat and lay right down for a nap! Is this a comfort thing? Is it too late to reprogram this behavior? My kids and I want him out of the kitchen prison and in the family area so we can enjoy having a dog!

By Vivi

Most Recent Answer

By mybeautifulkids01/22/2015

I am having this problem. I watch an English bulldog, 6 months old. I take her out to pee. Soon after we come indoors, before she lays down on a floor bed, she will circle or preparing to lay in her bed, squat quickly and pee, then get comfortable to sleep next to the pee. Her owners say she doesn't do this with them, but I am wondering if they aren't catching her. Why would she do this, it's gross? I don't condone it, I watch her and get her to stop midstream, but other times, she'll be too quick and It's too late. It's embarrassing for me with her owners, because I feel she does this because she is trying to be defiant with me.

I play with her alot, my hands and clothes smell so I know she's peeing in house when not under my care, she doesn't like when I do dig into her mouth when she picks up stuff and I always correct her when she tries to go into garbage, she will get snippy with me, like letting me know that she didn't like that I am stopping bad behavior but I keep at it, saying no and push her away. But the peeing, I can't seem to stop that. I got to get her to stop peeing on her beds before napping. What If she doesn't outgrow this? I have to remove beds off floor when I watch her. Please anyone, who has an answer, please respond.

Question: Dogs Wet Their Bed

I have a 2 yr old English Bulldog who has slept in a cage since we have had her from a puppy. She is house trained but has always wet her bed during the night. We let her out early in the morning. She likes sleeping in her cage as we have tried other options, but nothing seems to work.

I wash her blanket every night, even tried just putting newspaper in her cage. The only time she doesn't wet her bed is when I take everything out of her bed, but then she just scratches in her bed at night and doesn't sleep very well. Can you help?

By Mavis from England UK

Most Recent Answer

By JIM MCGRAW [1]04/28/2010

Mavis, I too am a doggie lover. We have had this problem also. Try this:
1. do not give water to the doggie after say 6 pm.
2. give the doggie one more time to go outside to pee just before bed, etc.
3. If you arise early, go immediately to let the doggie out and praise it for doing it 's biz outside. Always praise your doggie when they do good on anything. Good luck, let me know if this at least helps some.
Kindest regards from an old "Anglophile". Jim M.

Question: Pitbull Peeing In Her New Bed

I have a Pit Bull I adopted several months ago. She is 3 years old and has never had a problem with urinating in the house. But recently I bought her a new cage - twice the size as the old one, which she sleeps in at night, and she used to sleep on old blanket. I bought her a new memory foam bed to put in there just a few days ago. So far she has peed on it twice, and both were right after taking a walk outside. Again, she has never had an issue with this before.

By Joni from NYC, NY

Most Recent Answer

By Abigail A. [8]04/24/2015

Aubergine is right. Dogs don't necessarily prefer plush beds. They like the feeling of having something solid under them. An old blanket is fine.

Don't use too large a cage or kennel. Is it a wire cage? If so, you might want to drape a throw over it to make it seem more enclosed. A dog wants a "den" that they feel another animal wouldn't be able to easily get into. That means a relatively close one.

Question: Dog Wetting Its Bed

I have a Doberman who is 3 years old and he has recently started to wet the bed at night time, but it's not every night. We make him go outside to try and have a wee before bed, but this doesn't make a difference. The other night he woke at 5:00 am wanting to go for a wee which he pretty much has never done before. Could you give me some advice as to what it could be as the vet isn't very helpful?

By Victoria B

Most Recent Answer

By Maggie R.03/06/2015

I've had several Dobies & the males are prone to kidney problems at that age. Get him to a good vet ASAP to check his kidney function! I had to put down my Dobie for Kidney Failure because it wasn't caught in time. Best wishes!

Question: Older Dog Peeing on Her Bed

I have an 11 year old Maltese. She pees on her own bed when we are away even if she has a peeing pad out. She also takes her food out of her dish and brings it to her bed to eat it. What can I do?

By SC from FL

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]01/26/2015

Have your dog checked for diabetes? It can cause excessive thirst and hunger. It is easy to live with when you get the hang of it. Your Vet can tell you how to deal with it.

Question: Dog Started Peeing in Her Sleep

My three year old Shepherd started wetting the bed while she sleeps. It just started a few days ago, a day after I took her for a bath at a local dog groomers. Do you think she could have gotten a uti from there?

By Susan

Most Recent Answer

By Sherri [6]08/21/2013

Please go to your Veterinarian for an exam. Peeing in her sleep is not normal and she needs to be checked.

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Use Newspaper To Prevent Dog Bedwetting

I notice that there is a lot of dogs wetting beds. We have had a British bulldog from a friend. She's been with us about a year now and is about 2 years old. Our problem is the same, she will wet her bed but only if we place a blanket or bedding in the basket. When newspaper is only form of bedding, she will not wee.

She was one of 16 dogs that the breeder had in a conservatory so I think the wetting problem stems from claiming her bed amongst that lot. I think people could try this out see if it works for them.

By lindz from Port Talbot, UK

dog in pink sweater