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Feeding 2 Week Old Puppies

White Poodle puppies.

I have 4 two week old French Poodles. Their mother just died; what can I feed them and how?

By Jimena from San Diego


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By Pixiedust7 7 888 09/05/2013 Flag

Jimena, I did a search on this website for "puppy formula" and found several good posts. I recommend that you use the one recommended by a veterinarian, but some of the others could be used in a pinch. It's better NOT to feed them cows milk, as dogs are often lactose intolerant.

After feeding the infant puppies, you must very, very gently stroke their bellies to make them pee and poop; the mother would normally do this for them by licking them gently. They are not able to go on their own until about 3-4 weeks old, when they start toddling around, but you should still help them to go until you're sure they can all go on their own.

The poop will not be "solid" but soft and messy; just wipe them clean gently with soft toilet paper. They will need to be fed every 2-3 hours for a while; you can use medicine droppers; let them try to suck it out as you slowly squeeze the bulb, but never let them take it too fast, and be very careful they don't breathe it in.

The other tips on this website (as mentioned before) will help you, but please check with a vet for advice as soon as you can.

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By Pixiedust7 7 888 09/05/2013 Flag

I should have mentioned; use the "Search Thrifty Fun" box at the top of the screen, put in "puppy formula", then on the next screen, select the "Feeding a Puppy" link, right at the top; when that opens, keep scrolling down to see all the tips.

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By Pixiedust7 7 888 09/05/2013 Flag

I also meant to add - Good luck, and let us know how you and they are doing. So sorry the mom passed away.

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