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Finding the Value of Grolier's Book of Knowledge Encyclopedias

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Grolier's Book of Knowledge

Some old books may be rare and have great value, others may be more difficult to place a value on. This is a guide about finding the value of Grolier's Book of Knowledge encyclopedias.


Here are questions related to Finding the Value of Grolier's Book of Knowledge Encyclopedias.

Question: Selling The New Book of Knowledge

Where can I sell old used books? I have a set, from A-Z of The New Book of Knowledge, by Grolier.

By Sonya

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]07/18/2013

See if you can find someone to give them to for craft purposes. As a set of encyclopedia, they have no value.

Question: 1920's Edition of The Book of Knowledge

Cover of volume.I have a 20 volume set of The Book of Knowledge. (Arthur Mee Editor-In-Chief). Inside it states Copyright, 1926,1927, The Grolier Society, Copyright 1923,1924,1925,1926,1927 by The Amalgamated Press (1922) Limited.
The books are hardcover, green cloth with gold imprint. The books are in excellent condition with minimal damage inside the back cover of book 1 only. Title page.

What would it be worth to a collector today?

By Diane M.

Most Recent Answer

By M halcomb06/10/2014

I have this exact set in good condition. Can you tell me where and for how much you sold yours? Thank you

Question: Value of Old Grolier Encyclopedia

I have a set of Grolier Encyclopedia plus, The Book of Knowledge for children and a set of The Book of Popular Science. They are all from 1951 (I believe) and all in excellent condition. I would like to sell them. Can you give any advice as to the value of the entire set?

By David

Question: Value of The Book of Knowledge

I am looking to sell my, The Book of Knowledge encyclopedia set, copyright starting from 1868 to 1912. How much are these books worth?

By Lynne

Question: Value of the New Book of Knowledge

I would like to know how much these recently inherited encyclopaedias are worth. They are in fairly good condition with some fading to the spine. I have all 10 volumes, published by Waverley. front cover volumes spine

By M Staal

Question: Value of 1911 Book of Knowledge

I have a set of 20 volumes of The Book of Knowledge Children's Encyclopedia copyright 1911. It is still in great condition. It is leather bound with an embossed "mother holding a child drawing" on the cover.

By Debra

Question: Value 1952 Book of Knowledge

Volumes in a packing box.I have a 1952 Book of Knowledge Set #1-20. I also have the individual annual books for 1953-54-55 and 56. Can someone tell me what these are worth?

By Ed S.

Question: Value of New Book of Knowledge

Set of encyclopedias on top of cabinet.I have the complete set of the New Book of Knowledge encyclopedia collection (white and blue cover), in great condition. I was wondering if anyone knows what its value is? Thank you!

By chanel32 from Toronto, Ontario

Question: Value of The Book of Knowledge Children's Encyclopedia

I have The Book of Knowledge Children's Encyclopedia, 2 volumes, 16 and 12. Copyright dates are from 1868 to 1919. They have leather covers, in fair condition. I want to sell them. Does anyone know the value of these books? I may have more volumes; I am still unpacking boxes.

By D. Israel

Most Recent Answer

By Jess [111]10/24/2013

Usually encyclopedias are worthless, except for crafts purposes. But these are old enough that I would check with a bookstore that specializes in antiques. Good luck! Please let us know what you find out.

Question: The Book of Knowledge 1935

Book of Knowledge 1935I have a complete set of The Book of Knowledge 1935 Silver Jubilee edition. It is in good condition. Any idea of the value of the set?
Thanks for your time:)

By Kris A

Most Recent Answer

By MollyB08/02/2013

I might be interested in your 1935 set of The Book of Knowledge. Please let me know what you are asking for it.

Thank you.

Question: 1940's The Book of Knowledge

Cover of Book of KnowledgeI have the set of 21 books. They are mint and didn't get much use by the look of it. The cover is reddish and has a boy and girl stamped into the leather. I am looking for a price and how to find a buyer.

Thank you!

By Dale S

Most Recent Answer

By Lewissan [30]02/05/2013

I can see one volume selling for $12 on eBay here: ... e&hash=item337e2b3f0e&_uhb=1

I suppose that could put the set at over $200.

Question: Value of 1939 Book of Knowledge Set

I have a full set of 1939 Book of Knowledge in good condition with original bookshelves. I am interested in finding out the value and how I might sell them.


Question: Value of 1911/1912 Book of Knowledge, Centenary Edition

I just found the whole set in my basement. They are in fair condition except for the first book. Do you know how much they are worth?

By Lindsey

Question: Value of Book of Knowledge

I have a complete set of The Book of Knowledge Childrens Encyclopedia, 1911 copyright. It has a cloth cover and is in average condition. It came with Parents and Teachers guide.

By Kathy M

Question: 1935 Book of Knowledge

I've got a 10 book set of the 1935 Book of Knowledge in the original wooden box. They are in good condition. What is something like this worth?

By pcb from Edmonton, Alberta

Question: Value of the Children's Book of Knowledge

One volume of set.I have the Book of Knowledge, the children's encyclopedia 19 volume set, plus the index. I would like to know the value of this collection. It looks different than the ones I seen online. It has some water damage to some of the volumes. Does anyone know anything about this set? Thank you.

By Yassmeen

Most Recent Answer


I also have been trying to find info on this set. I have 2 sets of them both from 1923. They appear to be full leather covers. They are in much better condition than cloth bound editions from this period. I hope somebody can enlighten us about them.

RE: Value of the Children's Book of Knowledge

Question: 1931 Grolier Book of Knowledge

I have the full 20 volume set of the 1931 Grolier Canadian Book of Knowledge. It's in excellent condition: no spine separation, no page tears, no water damage. They've just been sitting on a shelf for decades, so home shelf wear applies, but that is just yellowed pages (and nothing of the print has faded). I've seen versions from the 50s, in worse condition, selling for over $500. How much should I be thinking?

By Monica K.

Question: Complete Set of The Book of Knowledge 1935

Cover of book.When cleaning out my parents' home after their deaths, I found a complete set of The Book of Knowledge (20 volumes), copyright 1935. All of the books are in great condition except the 20th volume (index) which was understandably used more than the others. It's spine needs to be repaired, but is intact on one edge. Can anyone give me an estimated value for this set?

By Susan C

Most Recent Answer

By Karen H.08/24/2013

Was this ever answered? I too have this set and so I'd like to sell.

Question: Value of 1911 Book of Knowledge

I have a 1911-1912 Book of Knowledge. What is the value in US dollars of this set?

By Willis from Shirleysburg, PA

Most Recent Answer

By SierraSunshine04/02/2012

About $10-$15. (Ebay)

Question: Value of 1929 Book of Knowledge Encyclopedia Set

I have a 1929 Book of Knowledge, 20 volume set, with original bookshelf. The books are in excellent, little-used condition, with no damage. It has a green cloth hard cover with gold imprint. The volumes are slightly worn on bottom spine and corners from sitting on the shelf.

They were owned by an 83 year old woman whose father gave them to her when she was five years old.

What is it worth today to collectors?

By Mark from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Most Recent Answer

By ed chou10/18/2012

Do you still have them? I may be interested in them.

edchou AT

Solutions: Finding the Value of Grolier's Book of Knowledge Encyclopedias

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