German Shepherd Mix Breed Information and Photos

Many larger mixed breed dogs may be part German Shepherd. This is a guide about German Shepherd mix breed information and photos.

German Shepherd Mix
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Smokey (German Shepherd Mix)

By Koren 2

Smokey is a 10 year old German Shepherd mix. He was abandoned. When my husband went hunting and he was walking down a hill to go to the cabin, Smokey jumped out at him.

German Shepherd mix dog.

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Miss Mandy - Doberman/German Shepherd

By Lady Victoria 1

Miss Mandy is a 4 year old Doberman, German Shepherd mix. We got our little girl from an animal shelter. She loves to run through the woods of Germany.

Black and tan dog in blue sweater.

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Bella (Shepherd/Husky)

By Jana Ford 1

Bella is a 3 month old Shepherd/Husky mix. Friends of ours foster for the local humane society, and we adopted her at 8 weeks old. She likes to run, chase the cats and kids, go for walks. She is very smart. She can sit and walk on a leash and loves to be brushed and bathed.

Puppy at food dish.

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Ghost (German Shepherd/Siberian Husky)

By Jennifer 1 1

Ghost is a 13 month old German Shepherd/Siberian Husky Cross. I got him about 8 months ago from an animal shelter in Michigan. Ghost likes to eat, play fetch, and wrestle. He talks and carries on conversations with me and loves to snuggle.

Black dog.

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Emma (Shepherd, Husky and Lab Mix)

Emma is 12 weeks old and is a Shepherd, Husky, Lab mix. In early October I received her. She was then 8 weeks old. She was my birthday present.

Boy holding puppy.

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Brody (German Shepherd/Husky)

This is Brody, my new addition to my family, I got him when he was 6 weeks old and I love him so much! He's very smart..within 8 days he was already house broken and I find him to be a very intelligent dog! He's a German Shepherd/ Husky.


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In Memory Of Keesha (Keeshound/Shepherd Mix)

By jenn 18 13

Keesha was a 15 year old Keeshound/Shepherd mix. We bought her from a breeder in 1995. She loved to cuddle and be close to her family. She also loved to chase critters out of her yard. Keesha passed away on November 11, 2009.

Closeup of Keesha.

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Daisy (Husky/German Shepherd)

By connei 2

Daisy was born on October 12, 2008. She's a Husky/German mix. We got her when she was 5 weeks old. She loves to play, fetch and run.

White dog in a car.

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Niko (German Shepherd/Husky)

By Kelly 1

Niko is a 1 year old German Shepherd / Husky. We got her from a private breeder. Niko loves to howl and kick a tennis ball around the house.

Closeup of Niko.

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Blackie (Black Lab/German Shepard)

By melody_yesterday 228 664

Blackie is approximately 11 months old. He is a Black Lab and German Shepard. We adopted Blackie a couple of months ago from an agency in Stover, Missouri. He had all of his shots and had been housebroken.

Blackie, a black lab and German Shepard mix, on a porch

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Jack Daniels (German Shepherd/Red Husky)

Jack Daniels is a one and a half year old German Shepherd/Red Husky. I rescued him from a broken home. He loves to play frisbee! He's a great guard dog, very intelligent, and always playful.

Dog in yard.

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Kendra (German Shepherd Mix)

By Jenny Snow 3 1

Kendra is an 8 year old German Shepherd mixed breed dog. I adopted her from the Humane Society/ Prison training program when she was 10 months old.

Kendra loves to play ball & chew on her bone. She also loves to cuddle up in the evenings on the couch next to me and watch TV.

Kendra loves company. When someone comes over, she gets all her favorite toys out of her basket and drops them on their lap or on the floor. She is a ham and will sit still for pictures too!

By Jenny from Springfield, OH

Kendra (German Shepherd Mix)

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Kiera (German Shepherd/Husky Mix)

By claire wooldridge 1

This is our new puppy she is a German Shepherd and Husky mix. She is seven and half weeks old. Her name is Kiera. Isn't she lovely.

Mix breed black an white dog.

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Sadie (Shepherd Mix)

Sadie is about a year old. I was told at the animal shelter that she's a mix between a smooth collie/shepherd mix. I've been told she's an American Eskimo/shepherd mix. What do you think?

Sadie The Shepherd Mix

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Sammie (Border Collie/German Shepherd)

By Alicia Davis 1

Sammie is a 1 year old Border Collie and German Shepherd mix. We got her last August from a Tree Farm. She was in an orange bin with her brothers and sisters. My son fell in love with her immediately.

Dog wearing glasses.

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Annika and Garth (Husky-German Shepherd Mix/Beagle Mix)

By Melissa 2

Annika is a year and 3 month old Husky/German Shepherd mix. Garth is about 4 or 5 years old and is a Beagle mix. Annika came from my brother who after getting her realized he is not a dog person. We adopted Garth from our local no kill shelter. They love to play with each other and the cat.

Dogs lying together.

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Inuki (Husky/German Shepherd)

By Holly 1

Inuki is 10 years old and is a Husky/German Shepherd mix. We bought her when she was a puppy. She likes swimming, hunting, walking next to me, when I'm on my bike.

Dog sitting.

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Lily (Border Collie/German Shepherd Mix)

By becky 2

Lily is 4 years young and I think she is a Border Collie/German Shepherd mix. She was the runt of the litter. I adopted her from my local shelter, or should I say she adopted me.

Black dog with white on chest.

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Orion (German Shepard/Husky)

By purplemoon 1

Orion is currently 7 months old and is a German Shepard/Husky mix. He was adopted in May 2008

Dog lying down in yard.

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Bello (Shepherd Mix)

By john 1 1

Bello is 3 months old and is a shepard/pit or boxer(?) He is an adopted stray from the SPCA 2 weeks ago.

He likes to chew things, take walks and wrestle. He is very smart and although he likes nipping and growling during play time, he appears friendly. I believe he may be very large. Hopefully, he will be a calm and friendly animal and can be our forever dog, no matter what mix!

By John from Peckville, PA


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Trixie (German Shepherd/Husky)

By Erica 1

Trixie is 2 years old, but in the photo she about 3 1/2 months. She is a German Shepard/Husky mix. We got her at the pound :( I can't believe someone would want to get rid of this dog.

Tan and brown puppy.

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Jade (Labrador Retriever/White German Shepard)

By DogMusher 1 1

Jade is part Labrador Retriever (mom) and White German Shepard. She will be 2 in December. Jade came to us as a pup bought by my nephew who was moving back home from college. His girlfriend had arranged to pick up a pup and when he got there he realized that males can not say NO to pretty girls holding puppies.

Pretty black dog.

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Naya (German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix)

By poehere 11 28

Naya was given to me for my birthday in 2005. She was 7 weeks old when I received her. Naya loves to go to our organic garden and run around and play in the river. Her second favorite thing to do is to go swimming and chase coconuts in the lagoon.

Maya with man

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Grace (Shepherd Mix)

Grace is almost 3 years old. I rescued her because she was going to be put down as a puppy. I think she is some sort of Shepherd mix.

Grace in water.

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In Memory of Koda (Lab/Shepherd Mix)

By Kim 2

Koda was 14 when she passed away last month. She was a Lab/Shepherd Mix. We adopted her from the Humane Society when she was around 1 year old. In her prime, she loved swimming, running and playing with her dog buddies.

Koda with red scarf.

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Rosie (Shepherd Mix)

By CaroleeRose 58 118

This is Rosie. She adopted my husband and I when she was a very young puppy. We believe she is a German Shepherd/Mini Pin mix. Rosie was a feral dog at one point, and it took me a while to win her trust.

Black and tan dog on deck.

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Bentley (German Shepherd/Sheltie Mix)

By Rosa 1

Bentley is a 5 month old mix (German Shepherd and Sheltie). I got him from Orange County Animal Shelter in February. He likes to eat my shoes. He's super fluffy and fun.

Dog in a box.

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Dutchess (German Shepherd/Chow)

By Robyn Fed 394 1,240

Dutchess is 10 or older and a German Shepard/Chow mix. We got her from the Johnson City Animal Shelter a long time ago. She loves to go bye-bye in the car.

Dutchess (German Shepard/Chow)

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Bubba (German Shepard Mix)

By Mary 28 22

Bubba is just a few weeks old. He is part German Shepard, his dad is mix. I got him from a lady that was giving them away. I saw him as I pulled up and felt sorry for him. He was so cute and needed a home.

He likes to run and climb and chase after his toy that I bought him. I love his blond hair and his blue colored eyes.

By Mary

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Sutey (Shepherd-Sharpei-Husky Mix)

By Janet Sigurdson 9 19

Sutey is my foster dog, she is eleven months old and is a shepherd-sharpei-husky mix. I was brought Sutey and her littermate by a health nurse who found them starving and suffering from mange.

Sutey on leash.

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Molly (Great Pyrenees/German Shepherd)

By Shawna 38 67

Molly is a 3 month old half Great Pyrenees and (we think) half German Shepherd. We had been looking for a puppy for our 3 year old daughter for several weeks.

Child and puppy.

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Lucky (Dog)

By Lou 1

Lucky is a 1 year old dog that we rescued. He loves to play with his toys. He is an very handsome boy who likes to please his master.

By Lou

Lucky Dog Tilt Lucky Dog Side

Lucky Dog Tilt

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Daisy (Lab - German Shepherd)

By paul 1

Daisy is 4 1/2 months old and a Lab - German Shepherd cross. She came to us by chance as god sent, through an old friend that needed help with money. We made an exchange but I think that we were the real winners in this process.

Black dog in yard on leash.

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Question: What Breed Is My Dog? (German Shepherd mix)

By Kira 1

When I bought my dog it said she was an Alaskan Husky, German Shepherd, Alaskan Malamute mix. Is this true? Here's a picture.

Kira from On., Canada

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Most Recent Answer

By Rainbowfarts 2 Flag

December 30, 2015

I definitely see germain shepard from her coloring and course fur. From the way she sits with such strong front legs and the shape of her forehead, I would say some breed of pit bull terrier. Maybe a shafferstier terrier, its a smaller breed. There is definitely something else though

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Zoie (Shepherd/Lab Mix )

By Angela 1 3

Zoie is a 12 year old Shepherd/Lab Mix. I Purchased her from a grooming shop - they were a litter of unwanted puppies playing with the other dogs, we have 4. We love her very much.

Tan dog closeup.

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Sassy (German Shepherd/Beagle Mix)

By Bekah 3 2

Sassy is 6 years old and a German Shepherd/Beagle mix. I had been begging my mom for a dog since I could talk. We moved to California, then to Michigan. She took my brother and I to camp, then rushed us home afterwards, saying it was an emergency.

Black and yellow dog.

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Question: What Breed Is My Dog? (German Shepherd Mix)

By Megan 2 1

Help me figure out the breed of my dog please! I rescued Kody from a shelter in March of 2007 and his paperwork said he was about 1 year old and German Shepherd mix. Since then, people have told me he looks like he has some Husky, Malinois, or Chow (because of the spots on his tongue) mixed in. Many people say that he can't be purebred German Shepherd because he is too small.

He is 60 lbs with light-medium brown eyes, soft fur, and a straight tail. He has a white undercoat and sheds a ton. He is super smart, protective, very friendly, not overly energetic, somewhat vocal but doesn't bark too much, very sweet and playful.

I'd love to hear any thoughts about his breed. I am just so curious, but I don't have the money to do a dna test. Kody is my best friend and I love him more than I can even explain. =)

This picture (from Jan 2008) and is the best profile shot I have of Kody, but keep in mind that my boyfriend is standing behind him (boyfriend = 6'1") and Kody's back legs are bent (usually his back is straight across, not slanted downward).

Megan from Hayward, CA

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Most Recent Answer

By guest (Guest Post) Flag

January 22, 2009

He is in a German Sheppard, show stance; ready to herd. How beautiful! I would say a little Alaskan Malamute, but all shepard in attitude and heart. They are the greatest dogs. Robyn

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Zimba and Zeus (German Shepherd Mix)

By pmiranda_0305 1

Zimba and Zeus

Your Pet's Age
Zimba 1 year and Zeus 4 months

Your Pet's Breed
German Shepherd Mix

How and when did you get your pet?
Zimba was a gift last year and Zeus we bought on February 2015 for my son's 8th birthday.

What does your pet like to do for fun?
Ride bike, swim, go for walks, play with my kids, and play fetch!

Do you have anything else to share about your pet?
I love them both. They are such good dogs, Zimba is very protective of the family and so sensible, when one of my kids was sick he did not leave his side. He was laying right beside him at all times and Zeus is just a sweet heart with everyone! He is just a puppy so he loves to be held. I would love to know what breed mix they are.

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Shiva (Shepherd/Husky Mix)

By Netter 1

Shiva is a 4 Month old Shepherd Husky mix. I found puppies on Kijiji and she was delivered to me from New Hamburg, Ont. She likes to do what every puppy loves to do. Chew stuff up.

Dog on bed.

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Bruno (German Shepherd Mix)

By Clarissa EC. 2


Your Pet's Age
5 1/2 months

Your Pet's Breed
German Shepherd Mix

How and when did you get your pet?
We go him about a month and a half ago from a previous owner who was giving him away.

What does your pet like to do for fun?
He loves playing catch and fetch.

Do you have anything else to share about your pet?
He is very lovable and shy on first encounter

Bruno (German Shepherd Mix)Bruno (German Shepherd Mix)

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Goof (German Shepard-Golden Retriever Mix)

By Penny 1

Goof is a 7 year old German Shepard Golden Retriever mix. I was visiting a friend and she showed me an 8 week old puppy she couldn't keep any longer. He melted my heart and I took him home with me that day! That was 7 years ago.

Tan dog.

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Sabber (German Shepard/Husky)

By angie 1

Sabber is a 1 year and 3 month old German Shepard/Husky. I found a ad on Craigs list while I was visiting friends in Tennessee. They had German Shepard/Husky pups listed and I couldn't resist. She was the last puppy with one blue eye.

Sabber loves to play in the river, play tug of war and fetch. I also have a 7 month old kitten that she adores and is very protective of. The photo of her is after a day of playing in the river and a one hour run.

Sabber being German Shepard/Husky is very active and loves to run. We have to go on jogs twice a day to get some of the hyper behavior out of her. I had been told by many people that this combination of breed hated cats and were not great with children, but she is wonderful with both. Sabber is extremely intelligent and she has learned some very interesting tricks.

By angie

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Rex (Husky/Shepherd mix)

By deb 2 1

This is Rex. He just turned 1 year old. He is a Husky/Shepherd mix. Rex was abandoned in a cardboard box in a park in -30 degree weather. We rescued him from the SPCA when he was 2 months old.

Dog sitting on a leash.

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Question: What Breed Is My Dog (German Shepherd Mix)

By Erika Vap 1

What Breed Is My Dog (German Shepard Mix)

What Breed Is My Dog (German Shepard Mix)

Does anyone have any idea what mix my puppy is? The animal shelter said she is a German Shepherd mix, but they were not sure what her mix is. Any feedback would be great! Thanks!

Erika from El Paso, TX

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Most Recent Answer

By channyfrobel 1 Flag

August 8, 2015


My dog looks pretty much the same, and he is a German Shepherd bernice mix.

I believe the 'bernice mix' is the same class as a pure bread bernice mountain dog just like golden retrievers are in the same class as labs.

Hope that helps.....


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Wreck-it Ralph and Fix-it Felix (German Shepherd/Bernese Mountain Dog Mix)

By Amanda W. 2

one brown and white dog and a tri-colored one

Your Pet's Age
1 year old

Your Pet's Breed
German Shepherd/Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

How and when did you get your pet?
They were dropped off at a veterinary office before they were supposed to be separated from their mom. We adopted them when they were in good enough health to come home with us.

What does your pet like to do for fun?
Run around, play with toys, and one another

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Dabsen (Shepherd Mix)

By JamieLee_UT 2 1

We adopted him from a rescue shelter in September 2015. He likes to run, fetch, play with toys, chase us, jump, and cuddle.

Dabsen lying on the lawn

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Kemmy (German Shepherd/Saluki Mix)

By Deborah Kyger W. 1

A woman contacted a rescue group for help in rehoming her, the lady was moving into an assisted living apt. and was unable to care for her

Kemmy (German Shepherd/Saluki Mix)

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Question: What Breed is My Dog?

By hanni2 1 3

What Breed is My Dog? German ShepherdWhat breed is my dog? She's 8 months old, 26 inches at the shoulders, and weighs about 60 lbs. I know she's a German Shepherd but I don't know what she's mixed with. Can somebody help? Thanks.

By hanni2 from Rasht, Iran

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Most Recent Answer

By Candy Killion 10 410 Flag

September 26, 2009

She looks like a purebred German Shepherd dog, and she's beautiful.

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Leah (Shepherd Mix)

By KimAlto 2

I got her on October 31st 2015. She likes to play with our other puppy and steal all her food/treats.

closeup of black puppy

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Shadow (St. Bernard/Shepherd Mix)

By Verla Redifer 3 1

I had to put one of my dogs down and wanted a companion for Sassy June. So we saw a add in the paper went and picked this little guy out.

large brown dog with dark muzzle

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Question: German Shepherd Mix (Jaz)

Brown dog with black markings.I'm just wondering if anyone knows what she (Jaz) might be mixed with? I see a lot of German Shepherd, but I just can't figure out anything else. She's 2 years old, very energetic, likes water, and is protective over my little one, also very loving and thinks she's a lap dog. She's about 50 pounds. Thanks!

By Alyssa S.

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Most Recent Answer

By Rainbowfarts 2 Flag

December 30, 2015

He looks like a shephard /terrier mix. I don't see any retriever

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Bella (German Shepherd/Shih Tzu)

By Kairo L. 1

We purchased her from an online ad.

Bella with a red and white scarf.

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Beethoven (German Shepherd Mix)

By Cassie 2

Beethoven is a 3 months old German Shepherd mix. I got through a friend about a month ago. He likes to go on walks with my other dogs and he is very shy.

Dog lying down.

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Merlin Wizo (German Shepherd Mix)

By Alesha Franks 2

Merlin Wizo is a 5 Month old German Shepherd Mix. I rescued him from a shelter in January. The day I decided to adopt him and take him home, the shelter care people assured me that he was completely healthy, they had checked him over and over for everything.

Black and tan dog.

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Question: What Is My German Shepherd Mixed With?

By Melanie Cherry-Lipps 1

dog at windowShe is smaller, maybe about 50-60 lbs. Definitely has the personality, very smart, and very protective. She is chestnut with a black face and white on her chest.

By Melanie

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Most Recent Answer

By Abigail A. 15 1,032 Flag

September 27, 2014

I'd say she's a little bit Staffordshire Terrier, but that's just a guess.

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Question: Is my Dog Purebred German Shepherd?

By puryear.ananda 1

dog on couchDoes my dog look like a purebred German Shepherd even with the floppy ears? We got him from the shelter. They said he was a German Shepherd, but someone shaved him. I'm just wondering if he could be mixed with anything.

By puryear.ananda

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Most Recent Answer

By Kara Tracy 1 Flag

September 28, 2014

He looks like he may be a Golden Lab mixed with German Shepherd. Hope this helped. :)

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Eva (German Shepherd Mix)

By glen 1

Eva is 4 months, she is a German Shepherd mix. We adopted Eva from the shelter when she was 3 months old. Eva likes doing agility exercises on her own, runs up and down the stairs while biting on her favorite chew toy (a toy duck) but sleeping is what she does best.

Brown dog in sweater lying on floor.

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Question: What is My German Shepherd Mixed With?

Black, brown, and tan puppy.What is my German Shepherd mixed with? He is 12 weeks and 28 pounds. He has huge paws; the vet said he would be 100-125 lbs.

By Austin R.

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