Getting Rid of Opossums

Opossums are quite adaptable and can thrive near people, munching on vegetable garden produce and nesting under houses and sheds. This is a guide about getting rid of opossums.

Getting Rid of Opossums
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Tip: How to Catch an Opossum

By Carol L Craig 21 71

Opossum in a CageI tried to catch this guy 3 nights in a row with no success. So last night I put a trail of bread OUTSIDE the cage and then a trail of bread going INSIDE the cage. Well, just like Hansel and Gretel, he followed the bread crumbs all the way into the cage far enough to trip the door closed. This morning, I took him over to the woods about 3 miles away from my house and let him go. I hope he doesn't find his way back any time soon. Here is a photo of him and I don't think he looks very happy, do you?

By Florida Gal from Spring Hill, FL

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Question: Getting Rid Of Opossums

We have opossums in our roof, and we don't know how to get rid of them. Can you please advise, because we can't sleep at night?

Wala S.

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By DEBY 18 145 Flag

January 10, 2010

While riding my harley down a road I never had been on before I saw a possum that had been hit by a car. As I drove slowly by it because I cant stand to see any animal die or suffer I saw something about 2 1/2 - 3 inches on top of her. I turned my bike around and saw it was a baby trying to get to her mammas teat.

4 Babies that didn't survive laid next to her, so I dug in her pouch and found 5 more babies alive. I put them in my saddlebags and went straight home. Got on the computer and found out how to take care of them so I had 6 little mickey mouse looking babies for 3 1/2 weeks, hand fed, used a warm washcloth to rub their stomachs lightly, this helps digest their food and go poop, (a replacement for their moms licking them to get their stomachs active) then I gave 5 to a wild animals rescue and kept skeeter.

They say they live 2 years but she lived almost 3 1/2. They do not have or get rabies because their blood temperature is to low. Anyways I made her her baby habitat and a little Harley hammock and when she got big we took our big closet took off the doors, I painted a palm tree, we built levels and ramps up to her now adult hammock and she loved it. I could nibble on her ears, kiss her face, she loved me to rub her little feet which are like little human hands. My mom watched her on my weeks vacation and when i came home she grabbed me so tight and made little crying noises.

We would take her to mc donalds for her own hamburger and fries. She loved them. After 3 1/2 years she got cancer so bad I had to have her put to final sleep and that still tears me up to this day. She was my baby and I will always love her. I'm showing a picture now but be sure to check out the contest because I have entered her in that. Here she is, a fat sable teddy bear. Skeeter

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Question: Relocating a Possum

By joeyv 1

I caught and released, about 3 miles from home, a possum. Can it find its way back here?

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    By Louise B. 6 2,509 Flag

    May 23, 2015

    We have no possums up here in Canada, so I am interested to know if it comes back as well. Only time will tell, I guess! Although how will you tell if it is the same one, or another one that has moved in?

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    Question: Getting Rid of Possums in the Yard

    I had a flashlight on an opossum and it came to me. What do I do? I was outside with a flashlight and I saw what I thought was a big cat, but when I put the light on it, it started to come to me. When I ran to my door it was at the side of the house; it was a opossum and it looked at me.

    By Dannilea S.

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    By susan 8 1,368 Flag

    May 5, 2014

    Possums have extremely bad eye sight, which is why some act aggressively. I used to work at animal services/control, and was told that it was extremely rare for them to have rabies- cats and dogs get rabies far more often than possums. Check your city codes; in some places, it's illegal to catch and release animals such as possums. If not, a trap is the best way to do it.

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    Tip: Ammonia for Opossums Under House

    By aliscurato 1

    After being woken up at 2:00 am the morning before, I was quoted $389 for removal from a wildlife specialist to trap the things. I did an internet search and found this tip.

    I placed ammonia soaked rags in bowls at the entries of crawl space vents in the wall where the opossum was entering the space yesterday afternoon. At 7:44 am this morning, I was woken by a muffled moving sound under my bedroom floor. I got up and went to the family room and spied mother opossum pulling the last of her 10 babies out of the hole in the wall of my home. Babies safely on her back, she lumbered to the backyard fence and disappeared into my neighbors' yard. I promptly blocked all of the holes with aluminum vents with screens, attaching them to wall with Liquid Nails.

    Total cost to me? $21.00 for ammonia, painters rags, 6 aluminum vents covers and a tube of Liquid Nails. It will be nice to know no more critters of any sort will get under my house again. Peaceful sleep at night? Priceless.


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      Question: Getting Rid of Possums

      By jim 3

      What can I spray on my passion fruit to get rid of possums?

      Hardiness Zone: 1

      By Jim from Australia

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      By pusspuss 1 Flag

      May 15, 2011

      For those who say cats and opossums don't bother any one or anything, they are wrong. Just saw a opossum kill my new baby kitty right in front of me. Couldn't get to it fast enough. My heart hurts and opossums suck.

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      Question: Getting Rid of a Possum

      How can I get rid of the huge mom possum that lives in my pine tree? It killed 2 of my cats. It's as big as a dog! I had 3 outdoor cats when I bought my townhome. It's in a historical area and I am next to a field, that's lovely. The neighbors and I took the stray cats under our wing; they were good mousers and mole killers. I give them food, shelter, shots, etc. But this spring one cried every night to come in. I never saw it so scared. Soon I found out why. I saw what I thought was an average possum and I thought ran it off. Wrong. The last two cats were maimed so badly (leg and tails) literally chewed off. I later saw the monster mama. I have 1 cat left. I can't bring him inside. I have a cat that has never lived outside, etc. How do I get rid of all opossums without running off the kitty?

      By Molley H.

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      By CHERRIE 9 5 Flag

      October 7, 2013

      You will have to either set a trap/cage yourself to catch it and then call the animal control to pick it up, or call them to do it, if they will. You can buy the trap/cage at hardware stores or a garden/pet stors. Hope this helps.

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      Question: Keeping an Opossum Out of My Yard

      By DennisAndEstelle 1 6

      Even though we live inside the city in a fully inhabited neighborhood, we seem to have an opossum (and I'm told possibly babies, too) roaming at night. I have not only seen evidence of it (you know what I mean), but I have seen it on the neighbor's porch. What can I do? Thanks for any help.

      Dennis in Texas

      By DennisAndEstelle

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      By Janus 8 455 Flag

      June 12, 2011

      I leave food scraps out for them myself, and try to catch a glimpse of them feeding. They are harmless to pets and people as well. They don't even carry rabies the way foxes do. I love nature.

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      Question: Possum Infestation Under and in the Walls of House

      Is there a home remedy that doesn't cost a fortune to get rid of possums? I have a family of possums that have made a home under and in the walls of the house. Is there a easy way to run them off, a smell or a chemical they can't handle being around? That is really all I know to put down. Please and thank you.

      By Terry

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      By Sheilah Link 5 328 Flag

      October 28, 2011

      Moth balls scattered where they enter and leave may help. If they are under the house, throw the moth balls under the house in a circle around this area. It may take a few days, but this works on mice and skunks, too.

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      Question: Getting An Opossum To Go Away

      By new prospect tenn 1

      My neighbor has an opossum in her house under her garden tub. We have set live traps with no luck. Is there any other way to run it off?

      By new prospect tenn from New Prospect, Tn

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      By Brenda 6 71 Flag

      September 18, 2010

      I had one that kept making my dogs bark at night. No one believed that I had one in the yard so one mornign I saw it on my fench and I went and got my camera and started taking pictures of it with the flash on. It has not come back yet and this was last year.

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      Question: Would an Opossum Chew on AC Vents?

      I have heard chewing on my a/c vents under my mobile home late at night. Could the animal be an opossum? I've seen one on my front porch (not afraid of automatic light on porch) and in the tree over my house.

      By Lyn

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      By Sharon 7 Flag

      October 27, 2013

      Yes! We had the same problem last spring. A baby actually got into the house and scared the daylights out of me. We went under the house and sprinkled some moth balls (not a good idea). Got rid of the problem, but created a new one with moth ball smell getting into the house.

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      Question: Getting Rid of Opossums in Yard

      I have been raising feral kittens and now they are big cats. In my yard, I noticed one night an opossum and then two opossums. I am very scared now to go out in my yard. I am afraid they will attack me. My question is, how are the cats, there are 4, and the two opossums able to get along? Why aren't the cats claiming their territory? How do I get rid of the opossums.

      By SR

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      By Suntydt 75 877 Flag

      November 25, 2012

      The cats are probably staying away from the opossum and they aren't messin' with the cats because the kitties are staying away from them. Your best bet is to get (possibly borrow) a live catch trap, catch the critters and take them somewhere far away and let them go. Opossum like rotted food, something with some smell to it is best. If you are scared of the opossum ask someone to clear the trap for you. Depending on where you live "animal control" might empty the trap for you. Normally you have to get an exterminator and they won't be cheap.

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      Question: Keeping Opossums Out of the Yard

      By 9 11

      I just read that putting mothballs in the garden, inside of a plastic jug with holes in the bottom to keep them dry, will help keep cats out of the garden. So I wonder if that would help with the opossums that get in my yard and eat the cat's food. I have a fence around the yard and wondered about putting the mothballs along the fence. But I don't want to reject my cat.

      By pm813

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      By Lilly M 6 46 Flag

      December 7, 2011

      As a licensed wildlife rehabilitator I am frequently asked about deterrents to wild animals that are safe and will not harm the animals, people and domestic pets. Mothballs (naptha) will usually work for animals that have a keen sense of smell...opossums, deer, mice, skunks, etc. However mothballs can be very dangerous. Even in a container there is a chance of leaching into groundwater, plus they can be poisonous for other animals.

      A much safer method would be to clothespin UNUSED fabric softener sheets (the more fragrant the better) to the fence or take a small chunk of Irish Spring Original Scent soap and place it in one of those little drawstring muslin bags that are sold at most feed stores and clothespin it to the fence. You can also secure the sheets or bags to inexpensive bamboo skewers and place them around the perimeter.

      These methods will also work well to keep mice, etc. out of sheds, boats or cars being stored, etc.

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      Question: Aggressive Opossum in My Yard

      I have an aggressive possum in my yard that wants to hurt my Pomeranian. At night it screams at me or the dog. It's huge. I only have a small courtyard, so it's quite a problem as it's bigger than the dog. Any Suggestions?

      By Pauleen

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      By ~gloria 94 150 Flag

      October 4, 2011

      You should call animal control for your town or county right away. It may be sick and could give rabies to your dog or you. They will probably set a humane trap for it overnight so they can examine it for illness.

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      Question: Possums In My House

      By Jamie 1

      How do I get rid of possums in our vents without harming the animals or the home?

      By Jamie from GA

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      By Suntydt 75 877 Flag

      August 24, 2010

      You need to find out where they are entering and exiting your house. Then get a Live Catch Trap and bait it with lettuce or cabbage. Ask around and you may find someone with a trap they can loan you or you can check with your humane society (SPCA) and they might be able to help. Oposum eat just about anything so lettuce or cabbage could be replaced with something else. We had some under the house and put out a trap with a piece of chicken and caught one. We also caught a stray cat and a bunny (with a carrot). But we got 1 adult and 2 baby Opossum as well.

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      Archive: Getting Rid Of Opossums

      Do you have any advice in getting rid of mommy opossum and her litter? She has been around off and on for years, but now she has a family and now they come to feed with our cat! I don't want to try to catch her or her litter, very nasty.

      Kathryn from Houston, TX


      RE: Getting Rid Of Opossums

      My hubby and I fed the possums and raccoons over a couple of winters in the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC. The winters were very harsh there and the animals really suffered. We had a feeding platform and camera and folks could log on and see the animals. They were cute but can be ferocious fighters. We bought cheap cat food in bags and fed scraps. One of our greatest memories is when the mama possum "parked" all the babies in a rhododendrun bush and went on about her business. They hung from their tails and waited for her to come back. My advice is that if you want to get rid of them is to not have trash outdoors, don't toss out scraps and change the place where you feed the cat so they can't have access to the food. They will go away if the food source dries up. (09/08/2007)

      By jazzbird719

      RE: Getting Rid Of Opossums

      You could ask around at your church, and borrow a humane cage trap, then have a friend take them out into the country. and yes, the other poster is right, they will not come any more when there is no food. (09/10/2007)

      By kimhis

      RE: Getting Rid Of Opossums

      I had one getting into my garage at night. We put a Have-a-Heart trap in the garage and then drove it out to the country to set it free. (09/11/2007)

      By Lynn Beth

      RE: Getting Rid Of Opossums

      I just sent this to my sister since she is having problems with groundhogs. I don't know if this will work for opossums but it won't hurt to try.

      Natural Groundhog Control

      As a licensed wildlife rehabilitator of over 25 years, I am
      always explaining natural, non-lethal methods of controlling
      various wildlife.

      Groundhogs (aka woodchucks) are shy burrowers with multiple
      entrances to their dens. They dislike strange movement, which
      can indicate predators. If the area you want them out of is
      enclosed (fenced), place a few inflated beach balls in it.
      Wind will cause random movement of the balls. You can also put
      two or three Mylar balloons on about a 3' long tether, tied to
      a brick or other heavy object, and place them near known den
      openings to create movement there. They won't necessarily
      leave the area, but will discontinue using that burrow

      To keep them out of a garden, fencing must be placed both
      above and underground. Otherwise, they'll simply dig under a
      fence. The underground portion should be bent into the shape
      of a backwards "L" with the bent section down at least a foot
      deep. The above ground portion must be at least 3' high. Or
      you can use one strand of electric fence, placed 6" above
      ground to ensure contact.

      Trapping and relocating does not work. Other groundhogs will
      simply move into the empty burrows. Also, trapping may be
      illegal or can leave babies to starve to death if mom is

      more suggestions on natural groundhog control at

      By Laura

      RE: Getting Rid Of Opossums

      We had a similar problem. A family of possums entered thru our pet door late one fall, probably enticed by our cats' food (we had seven) and we couldn't get rid of them. A friend was manager of the local zoo and lent us the Hav-a-hart traps. He was amazed that the possums would enter where cats lived, but they all got along just fine! We didn't catch any possums, but we did catch 7 cats! We then placed the cats' food dishes behind closed doors and the possums finally left. So the advice to keep food sources away from them is wise. Good luck. (09/11/2007)

      By sheilamay

      RE: Getting Rid Of Opossums

      Why? they eat up all the wood roaches & other insects that used to invade our garage. Opossums get my vote. (09/17/2007)

      By Judy M

      RE: Getting Rid Of Opossums

      IT WORKED!
      I saw this on the "Getting Rid of Possums" thread ...

      (i)"If an opossum gets into your house or garage, it can be safely trapped by leaning an empty, tall kitchen trash can at a 30-45 degree angle against something the opossum can climb onto. Place cat food or ripe fruit at the bottom of the trash can. The opossum will be able to climb into the trash can but will not be able to get out."(/i)

      I gave it a try to get rid of the possum that has been getting under our house every night at 10:30 for the last 2 weeks. This morning at 5am, the unmistakable sound of claws on plastic woke me up. The flashlight confirmed my catch! I set the trash can upright and put a heavy lid on it. Later this morning I will drive him out to some woods far away from the house and turn him loose. Since I don't have a cat, I will give him some more of the cat food I bought for this purpose as a starter meal in his new surroundings. (11/11/2007)

      By phe2007

      <img src="/images/feedback_image.lasso?id=88422131" width="400" height="300" alt="RE: Getting Rid Of Opossums">

      Archive: Possums In My House

      This is the second time in a 3 week period my little Jack Russell terrier woke us up in the middle of the night chasing a possum. So is there a whole family in my house or what? This one was yelling and trying to bite my dog!



      RE: Possums In My House

      I'd recommend a Have-A-Heart trap. The traps are expensive, but they're good to have for possibly recurring pest problems. (We keep a smaller one for squirrels in the attic) You could bait it with peanut butter, then take the possum a few miles away and release him. Just make sure you keep your puppy secluded in another part of the house! Then you might want to call a pest control company that can address larger pests, and find where they're getting in so you can have it sealed off. (06/09/2007)

      By Beth - MA

      RE: Possums In My House

      Do you have an uncovered fireplace or a dog door that they are getting in through? I had raccoons in my attic before due to an opening between the eaves and the siding, the raccoons clawed an opening for themselves. The above mentioned traps are great but you have to find out how they are getting in. (06/11/2007)

      By Sue

      RE: Possums In My House

      We are also dealing with possums. Fortunately, ours were coming up on our back deck to eat the left over dog food that my Border Collie was not eating each night. Unfortunately, they did not make it off the deck because he has eliminated all that he has found. But I did make it a habit of removing all the left over food each evening that he was not eating and we have not had any problems since. Hope this helps. Those are some mean and nasty critters. (06/11/2007)

      RE: Possums In My House

      They can get into your air vents and come out through the ones in your floor. Might call the AC people and have them check for holes in the vents. (06/17/2007)

      By Sarah

      RE: Possums In My House

      I've been doing a lot of research on possums lately since I just found a baby and I'm gonna raise it. From what I've learned, and observed with them in my yard, possums are not that aggressive. We had cats outside among possums and they all got along. Jack Russels are of course ratters, and although possums aren't rodents, the dog will probably attack them. It's a fight it will lose.

      Possums aren't very destructive. I don't think you need to worry about your house. They move around a lot, and stay in dens. Also, they are loners, so I doubt there is a group of them, unless its a mother and her babies.
      Keep your pet food in at night if you don't want them around, and there are lots of humane ways of keeping them away. There are some good tips on this page:

      Please don't exterminate them- they are actually pretty cool, helpful animals. They eat lots of pests and keep neighborhoods cleaner. (07/16/2007)

      By Shannon

      RE: Possums In My House

      What we are using on Australian Possums!

      • We cut back tree branchs within 3 feet of house and each other so they can not climb up and jump across onto roof or follow tree highways! (our possums are wild acrobats!)

      • Inspecting and boarding up all entry points to house.

      • Bird netting around trees they like, it confuses them as they can not see it only feel it at night. Can be used around eves of Roof.

      • Try Camphor packets/balls. They hate it!
        (moth repellent thrown into wall cavities and man holes)

      • Blood and bone may work for you too? Generally for the garden but maybe the roof?

      • Smoky tea spray around trees/plants/wooded areas

      • Get an Elliot trap!

        <li.I have heard the pee in a bucket and sprinkle around theory too. I know it works for trespassing cats as well (they think its a huge wild cat).

      I live in Australia we have possums (Phalangeriformes) and you have Opossums (Didelphimorphia): not totally different looking but opossums do look a bit more "super rat" like. Where as ours look a bit more bear like and are indigenous. But they have some very similar behaviors .

      We have trouble in our Australian gardens as they stripe ornamental/ fruit trees of leaves, until the tree literally dies. They enter our house to fossick for fruit, etc. if a window is left open. And they live permanently in our roofs, walls, and garages if given the chance. They are
      highly territorial. They keep other possums away from the garden, but can house up to 20 on one block if enough homes for them such as in a house! We should make them tree boxes!

      Although they don't seem to eat cats. They are a major pain for us, too. Unfortunately we may not harm or remove them further than 12 feet from property by law, as they are a native protected species!

      If you do trap them in one of the previously mentioned garbage bin traps (which do work on you're type) or in "Elliot" traps here; then illegally, Australians take them at least 15-20 km away or closer if somewhere over a river because they can always find there way back somehow if you drop them in the nearest park. Also, for their sakes they have huge trouble finding new available home nest as they are so territorial.

      We found out information from a local gardening shop that put us onto Blood and Bone (you add it to soil as a powder). It worked a treat, they hate the smell. Sprinkle everywhere they like to hang out! As an experiment I am now sewing it into fabric bags and planting them around garden. I have heard smoky flavored tea in a spray bottle works but I have not tried that yet. Post back if these work for Opossums as well. Good luck.

      (The opossum is North America's only marsupial and is related to the Kangaroo and Koala from Australia! Opossums, Didelphimorphia: they are commonly also called "possums", though that term is more correctly applied to Australian fauna of the suborder Phalangeriformes) (02/03/2008)

      By Sky Westwood

      <img src="/images/feedback_image.lasso?id=92782143" width="400" height="340" alt="RE: Possums In My House">

      RE: Possums In My House

      We had one in our closet last week. It came in when the back door was open. My 6 lb. Chihuahua killed it. We had a Wiennie dog that would kill every one he found. Just make sure your dogs shots are up to date. (05/05/2009)

      By mary1day

      Archive: Getting Rid of Possums

      Does anyone have any ideas how we can keep possums from coming in our yard? We have 3 very small Yorkies that we let out in our backyard, and we have to constantly put our flood lights on and go out first to make sure there are no possums walking around on the grass or walking across our fence.

      These things are disgusting and are bigger than my dogs. I am tired of worrying if one of my dogs will be attacked by these things. We don't know where they are coming from but there is no place in our yard for them to be living. We will try anything at this point.

      Jan from Long Island


      RE: Getting Rid of Possums

      Are the possums aggressive? I like to have possums in my yard (I have four cats and a mini dachshund), because they eat slugs. When the possums are away, the slugs eat so many of my plants (hostas, herbs, veggies). When the possums are a regular part of my backyard flora and fauna, the slugs are under control and the plants thrive.

      I have never seen or heard one attack the dog or the cats. If one were that aggressive, I would assume that it has rabies. They are very shy, unassuming creatures under most circumstances. (04/08/2005)

      By Jen

      RE: Getting Rid of Possums

      Possums have always been around my yard. They have never been a problem. Sometimes they even eat the cat food right out of the dishes on the porch alongside the cats! They aren't usually aggressive unless cornered, or if they would have rabies. If they really bother you I suggest trapping them and releasing them in a wooded area or using a 22 to eliminate them permanently. I think possums are so ugly that they are cute and the babies are just adorable!(04/08/2005)

      By Peach

      RE: Getting Rid of Possums

      The best way to get rid of the possums is to keep pet food out of their reach. Feed the pets inside or take up the bowl when they are done. Also keep any trash/garbage in a tightly covered container. (04/08/2005)

      By jlxian

      RE: Getting Rid of Possums

      I work on a College Campus. The best way I was told to get rid of Possums is to spray vinegar in the area you want them to stay away from. I was told that possums do not like the scent. I know this means a big yard spraying for you. I would decide what is the most important area you want them to stay away from, and then spray that area. I've seen the grounds workers using spray bottles. Hope this helps! (04/08/2005)

      By ChildlikeGrownup

      RE: Getting Rid of Possums

      I was told by my local Game Commissioner that it is very rare to find a live possum with rabies. They are non-aggressive and cannot defend themselves well. They are usually killed if attacked by another wild animal. Even though they have sharp teeth and claws, they don't react fast enough for defense. They usually try to climb a tree to escape confrontation. (04/08/2005)

      By mkymlp

      RE: Getting Rid of Possums

      Do some research on possums. They are terrific to have around. They do NOT get rabies and will keep snakes and other pests away. I love mine and feed them every night. You're lucky if you have one.

      Rita from Texas (04/12/2005)

      By ThriftyFun

      RE: Getting Rid of Possums

      It seems that a lot of us know absolutely nothing about the opossum. At least that was the case with me. I too believed them to be vicious and or aggressive, that is definitely not the case. To learn more about these calm, slow moving creatures go to, and I know you will be pleasantly surprised. Generally speaking, the plight of our wildlife is a sad one, when you consider the massive urban sprawl, construction, new shopping centers, homeowners using poisonous chemical etc. And it really behooves us all to learn how to coexist peacefully and respectfully with our wild neighbors. Please be kind to animals, it will make you a better person. (08/04/2005)

      RE: Getting Rid of Possums

      I saw a thing on TV yesterday that if you put a cotton ball soaked in peppermint oil (not extract) it will keep all manner of rodents away, including possums. I had one get into the attic through a small opening and have babies. So now I'm trying to get momma and 4 youngsters out of the house! My dog got one once, and swung it around by the neck and carried it around for a long time. I thought it was dead and I buried it. The next day the hole was empty and the possum was gone. (08/23/2005)

      By David

      RE: Getting Rid of Possums

      It sounds to me that there are all sorts of possums out there. We have several large trees in the area and several communities of possums. Given that it's a suburb, the possums almost become domesticated and that can be a bad thing. They cause damage to the gutters, garages, can leave their droppings, we have slugs and the possums don't eat them and are generally a domestic nuisance. To my shock one of my two cats and a HUGE possum got into a fight a couple of nights ago and I must say it had petrified both of my cats and several injuries were sustained by my cat. Up until this point my cats never showed aggression to the possums and they lead a peaceful co-existence. After this episode I am adamant that possums can be lethal given when required and are detrimental to domestic life. They should be exterminated. (04/14/2006)

      By Dana

      RE: Getting Rid of Possums

      Vinegar or Fox urine will help you get rid of Opossums. You can buy dry Fox urine.

      Yes, they do attack you when they feel threatened by you or your pets. Didelphimorphia: Opossums, they are commonly also called "possums", though that term is more correctly applied to Australian fauna of the suborder Phalangeriformes. Opossums are usually nomadic, staying in one area as long as food and water are easily available.
      Thanks to their lower blood temperature, rabies is almost unknown in opossums. They move around at night so sprinkle, spray, or drop your vinegar when your Opossum is out for his/her dinner, of course on the spot she or he was seen last.

      Please be nice to all animals on this planet. Thank you and good luck. (08/21/2006)

      By Ludovicus

      <img src="" hspace="10" vspace="10" alt="RE: Getting Rid of Possums">

      RE: Getting Rid of Possums

      In general, opossums present a far lower health risk to humans than dogs and cats. They have a naturally high level of immunity to diseases. Opossums are more resistant to rabies than any other mammal. They can carry fleas and will bite if provoked. Learning and discrimination tests rank opossums above dogs in intelligence and more on the level of pigs.

      Opossums are transient staying only 2-3 days in an area before moving on. They do not have a territory but are always on the move, going to wherever the food is. Females stay in a smaller area while they care for their young. Their dens are located in a variety of areas including stumps, vine tangles, attics, garages, hollow trees, rock piles, under buildings and in the abandoned burrows of other animals.

      If attacked and unable to fight or run from danger it puts up a terrific bluff and can give the appearance of being really good at defending itself. As a last resort, it will collapse and play dead. This involuntary response causes the opossum to become comatose for a period of from 40 minutes to 4 hours. Give a "dead" opossum the benefit of the doubt and do not dispose of the body until you are sure it is dead.

      Few opossums survive to become adults and those that do have a life expectancy of from only one to two years due to its many predators, man being the worst.

      If there is an opossum in your area, just leave it alone, it should move on in a couple of days. However, if you find an opossum continues to return to your area, try eliminating the things that are attracting it:

      Do not leave pet food out at night.
      Pick up fallen fruit.
      Clear away bushes, woodpiles and other hiding places.
      Do not leave garage doors open at night.

      If an opossum gets into your house or garage, it can be safely trapped by leaning an empty, tall kitchen trash can at a 30-45 degree angle against something the opossum can climb onto. Place cat food or ripe fruit at the bottom of the trash can. The opossum will be able to climb into the trash can but will not be able to get out. Immediately take the can outside. Tip the can on its side and the opossum will leave when it feels it is safe.

      You can also try to leave a trail of cat food leading to an open door. Observe quietly at a distance. Once it leaves, shut the door. Do not try to push the opossum out with a broom. The frightened animal will freeze and not move.

      If there is an opossum in your yard, leave it alone. If it is in your garden, it is helping you by eating the harmful pests that do damage. (09/20/2006)

      RE: Getting Rid of Possums

      Clear ammonia
      Empty cans or containers
      Rags to act as wicks
      Bright light
      Portable radio

      Step 1. You need to make the attic smell unpleasant. Soak the rag in ammonia then place it in the can or container. Pour extra ammonia in the can then place the can in the attic. The wick effect will disperse the ammonia in the confined attic space. Use enough ammonia cans so that the aroma is unpleasant but not so strong that the animal will be overcome and die of the lack of oxygen.

      Step 2. Make the Attic Bright. Hang the portable light in the attic using a high wattage bulb. Leave the light on 24-hours a day until the animal leaves. The bright light will make the animal feel insecure because potential predators can see and cause it harm. It also makes it hard for the animal to sleep, so the animal will search for a darker and safer location.

      Step 3. Invade the Attic with Loud Human Voices. Place a radio in the attic tuned to a talk radio station. Raise the volume so that the sounds reach the entire attic. Humans are deadly predators and strike fear in animals. Wild animals do not want to be around people and by providing constant human voices, you make the attic a scary place. Don't play music, only talk stations will scare the animals.

      You have eliminated every reason the wild animal chose your attic. It is now a smelly, bright, and nosy place. The animal must now find a new home. If it is a mother with young babies, it isn't easy to create a new nest in one night. Give the mother time to move her babies because she can only take one at a time. Depending on the species, it may take three or four days to move the young animals. Once the animals have left, secure entry points to prevent a new animal from moving in.

      *Adapted with permission from the Wildlife Care Center's publication "Animal In Your Attic? 3 Steps To Encourage It To Leave." (11/05/2006)

      By Carmen

      RE: Getting Rid of Possums

      Cayenne pepper does not work. I sprinkled a pound around my shed where the beast lives, and later that evening it was shuffling around covered with the red pepper but otherwise unfazed. (04/22/2007)

      By SKL.

      RE: Getting Rid of Possums

      I live in an area where it is illegal to kill possums but there is a huge possum that broke into my guest room and did tons of damage, and now it is just sitting in the garden and I hate having it there. I need to get rid of it permanently. It has already completely ruined my pool table, which is going to cost a fortune to get restored! I really need it gone. Thanks.

      Editor's Note: You could try trapping it in a pet carrier by putting cat or dog food in there. Then take it to a wildlife rescue. Most places where it is illegal to harm wildlife also have places to take the animals. Good luck with this. (04/28/2007)

      By IHatePossums

      RE: Getting Rid of Possums

      It worked! I read this on this thread:

      "If an opossum gets into your house or garage, it can be safely trapped by leaning an empty, tall kitchen trash can at a 30-45 degree angle against something the opossum can climb onto. Place cat food or ripe fruit at the bottom of the trash can. The opossum will be able to climb into the trash can but will not be able to get out."

      I gave it a try to get rid of the possum that has been getting under our house every night at 10:30 for the last 2 weeks. This morning at 5am, the unmistakable sound of claws on plastic woke me up. The flashlight confirmed my catch! I set the trash can upright and put a heavy lid on it. Later this morning I will drive him out to some woods far away from the house and turn him loose. Since I don't have a cat, I will give him some more of the cat food I bought for this purpose as a starter meal in his new surroundings. (11/11/2007)

      By phe2007

      <img src="/images/feedback_image.lasso?id=81418264" width="400" height="300" alt="RE: Getting Rid of Possums">

      RE: Getting Rid of Possums

      Just set heaps of traps. (04/10/2008)

      RE: Getting Rid of Possums

      Possums do not get rabies, as their body temperature is too low to contract the disease. They act ferocious when cornered, but it is just an act. They are docile creatures. If you want to get rid of them, borrow a live trap from the animal shelter or buy one on eBay. You can get a large one for about $30 like I did. (06/02/2008)

      By connie w

      RE: Getting Rid of Possums

      There's a reason why god created possums. They eat all the nasty bugs, snails, and overripe fruits that have fallen from the trees. They don't attack cats or dogs, although they show their teeth they're very harmless animals. It's the dogs and cats who kill possums so for those people who want to kill possums, it is a sin to kill an animal god created. Leave them alone. If you don't want them in your yard, cover your trash with something heavy so it doesn't overflow and invite possums or raccoons. They're just god's creatures, and they deserve to live just like you and I. (06/07/2008)

      RE: Getting Rid of Possums

      I live in Riverside, California and have had a possum problem for several years. I was driving home at about 1 a.m. a few years ago and saw a mother possum lumbering down my street with 5-6 babies riding on her back. Little did I know she was headed to my yard. Several months later they are living in my shed with a raccoon in the rafters. I used trapping cages and caught 9 of them and the City came by and picked each one up. Recently, I have caught 4 in the trapping cage. My neighbor bought it at Harbor Freight Co. for $20.

      As far as possums just eating rotten fruit and nasty bugs, they eat all my fruit much of which hasn't had a chance to get ripe. So, even if they are God's creatures, they keep multiplying and cause too many problems. The City relocates them, by the way, to the riverbed locally. (07/02/2008)

      By Dale Parsons

      RE: Getting Rid of Possums

      I have a solution for many of you concerned with ridding your yards or decks from the possums. However, as some of the commenters have indicated they are a useful creature and don't typically attack your pets; more of a nuisance than anything.

      The solution is simple; lay a trail of moth balls around the border of your yard, deck, garage, etc. You will have to redo this exercise every few months as either weather or the disturbance of the trail will remove the necessary barrier.

      By Frank

      RE: Getting Rid of Possums

      Many dog pounds will loan or rent out humane traps. There may be other places you can rent one. Trap it and take it to the woods. No need to kill one of God's creatures. Make sure it's not a female with babies. Don't want the babies to starve without mother's milk. (07/20/2008)

      By betty

      RE: Getting Rid of Possums

      Possums can carry Leptospirosis, which is recognized as a major cause of acute kidney failure in dogs. If you have possums in your yard, you need to get your dog vaccinated. My dachshund got lepto and almost died. Now she has to eat a special food because her kidneys are so damaged. She can't get her teeth cleaned because that requires anesthetic and her kidneys can't take it. (09/12/2008)

      By Melissa

      RE: Getting Rid of Possums

      We have a possum issue, so I called the animal control for a cage. My husband is picking it up right now, but he is going to take the possum to the woods, because when I asked what they do with them, they said they put it down.

      I'm am not an "animal lover", but I do respect that everything has it's purpose whether I like how it looks or what it's purpose is, so I can't knowingly have it killed. I also understand that it is man that is encroaching into wildlife's domain and not the other way around. (12/01/2008)

      By Kirsten

      RE: Getting Rid of Possums

      We have an occasional possum in the yard. And fortunately for me, my dog (half lab, half German Shepard) likes to bring them to us.

      The only aggression I've ever seen is hissing and baring teeth. Twice by a mother with babies, and the other by a very young one that my dog had cornered under a step. Her nose got a nice swipe but other than that, none of them have ever attacked her. Instead, when she moves in to grab one, every single time, they have played dead. When we finally get the dog to drop it, we let it go in the crawfish or rice ponds nearby.

      I know people freak when they hiss at you but think about it--if someone was swatting at you with a broom or shoving you off or whatever, wouldn't you hiss and bare teeth?

      I don't particularly like them, and while I love my dog, the whole retrieving for me does make things interesting when I let her in for the night, but I wouldn't kill one unless I absolutely had to. (02/03/2009)

      By In Louisiana

      RE: Getting Rid of Possums

      Check with your local animal control office or state university agricultural extension service for advice and resources on getting rid of the possum.

      On the other hand, the way the economy is going, we'll all be eating "possum pie" before long; this should solve the problem everyone is having. :) (02/13/2009)

      By Possum Pie

      RE: Getting Rid of Possums

      I came across this series of exchanges by accident and was saddened by the ignorance and fear of possums and a general alienation from nature.

      In Australia we have a great site called, and it has a possum lifestyle writer called Gloria O'Possum. You can read about how she lives indoors in a possum box and how she got there here:

      I think possums are more fun than most things. (07/31/2009)

      By nerodog

      RE: Getting Rid of Possums

      I've had a possum living under my house for over two years. He gets in and out through an opening on the side of a grill that only partially covers the hole. I first saw him when he was a baby and started feeding him. He's never left. Have never had a problem with him - and I don't have other possums. There are others in the neighborhood I've occasionally seen, but he seems to be the only one that lives under my house. I feed him Vienna sausages and pieces of chicken and sometimes cat food and pieces of fruits. I only see him at night. He pokes his head through the grill and I put the food near the opening for him - he eats and hides back in there. I have a big bowl of water nearby that I put out all the time for pigeons or stray cats. No doubt he drinks water from there too.

      I've never seen him attacking anything or anyone. He doesn't destroy anything. He doesn't get into my garbage because he gets clean food. I don't mind sharing my living space with him. Considering how much space we've taken away from animals I figure that helping out a little guy that isn't harming me in any way is the least I can do. I don't know if he's helping with this but I have no mice and hardly ever see insects in my house. Before he moved in we used to have a problem with big palmetto bugs and occasionally with spiders. I don't spray because I don't like insecticides, so I suspect my "roomie" is helping.

      As for the suggestions I've read above - if you really want to get rid of the possums in a humane way make sure to trap for a few days even after you catch one, because there may be more wherever they were hiding and if you seal that area up right away you may end up sealing one in there alive to die a horrible death. When you catch them just release them in a wooded area somewhere where they may at least have a chance. Good luck. (08/04/2009)

      By xwpreader2

      Archive: Getting Rid of Possums

      What are possums afraid of? And how do I get rid of them?

      By Lee


      RE: Getting Rid of Possums

      I had a possum problem where I used to live, and although I can't give you any good suggestions, I can tell you I found out many states have laws about what you can do. We wanted to live trap and relocate it and found our state (IN) only allows you to relocate one 50 feet, which was no help at all. I would check your local laws before acting. (11/08/2009)

      By iliao93

      Archive: Getting Rid of Possums

      How do I get rid of possums in my yard?

      Hardiness Zone: 10b

      By A. Downing from Coral Springs


      RE: Getting Rid of Possums

      The only thing that has worked for us is to trap them, then take them someplace out in the country, where we release them, away from the homes of others. (01/18/2010)

      By susanmajp

      RE: Getting Rid of Possums

      Hello! They do not harm anyone or the garden. Anyway, you can sprinkle red pepper flakes, as they do not like the spicy scent. You can go further by soaking the flakes in hot water, allow to steep, place in spray bottle to spray or sprinkle in the areas you desire. Good Luck! (01/18/2010)


      Archive: Possums In My House

      I think I have possums in my attic. They are also in my walls. These things are scary because they fight all the time. The other night I was in my kitchen and they were fighting so loudly (hissing and growling) that I thought they would come through the walls! I actually thought they were in my kitchen and coming after me!

      I have also found "droppings" in my living room that I was blaming on my daughter's little dog, and food being chewed on by what I thought were mice or rats in my pantry. Now I don't know.

      I got a cat a few months ago to get rid of the rodents, but I know something else like possums or raccoons are in the walls and attic, and may be roaming around my house at night. How do I get rid of them cheaply and effectively? Please help!

      By scared of critters from Lafayette, La.


      RE: Possums In My House

      If you can find where they are getting into your house, pour some hot pepper sauce on it. We had squirrels in our attic. They were climbing the wires to the H/A system to the attic. We've done the above, and also put it all around the house. They don't like it. We don't have any more problems. Reapply after it rains. I would do this for anything in the attic. Good luck. (05/11/2009)

      By kffrmw88

      RE: Possums In My House

      Get a Havahart trap and put fruit in it and then release them far away from your home. They are nocturnal so do this at night in your living room. They are territorial so I'm surprised you have that many. Of course they could be mating. One advantage of having possums around the outside of the house is they kill rats and mice. (05/11/2009)

      By BABBIE

      RE: Possums In My House

      You may want to research to see if they pose a hazard by chewing electrical wiring. I know rats and mice do. (05/11/2009)

      By lbrady

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