Getting Rid of Slugs or Snails in the House

It is upsetting to encounter these slimy creatures in your home. This guide is about getting rid of slugs and snails in the house.

A small snail next to a dime.
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Slugs are getting in through a hole in the kitchen floor. I told my parents, but they don't seem too concerned. It was just one maybe every 4 weeks. I went in my kitchen earlier and found four of the slimy things. I am very squeamish and they have caused me to not eat in days. I can't walk through my own home without wearing my ACU boots. Can some one give a way to get rid of them?

By Dave from Seattle, WA

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We have slugs come into our kitchen. We just pick them gently up with a tissue and place them back outside. Simple! No need to harm anything and it only will take a few seconds out of your life. The slug has come in due to damp and this is a big mistake on it's part as a lot of people are cruel enough to just kill them. Be a better person and direct to the outside.

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Do slugs' slimy trails cause any health problems for humans? They have been coming into my home for a couple of months now. I am at my wits end; I do have a dog as well. Thanks.

By Rita

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I had similar problem,I have an absolute phobia of these ugly things.......just to realize that my dog (lhasa apso bichon frise mix) and cats use to go out sit or lay down and the crafty slimys would hitch a lift back through the flap and into the house...!?.....I use to find them in the dog/cat bowl....

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How can I get rid of slugs? They come in my living room every night and climb over everything and leave their awful slime. I got one the other night so thought that would be the end of it, but no. There must be loads of them! I need some help on this, the slime is driving me mad.

By Rosie931 from UK

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I have been using salt but they are still getting in my home. It doesn't help that my home is severely damp & my landlord says it's just condensation which it's not, he's not damp proofed the house or had the re-pointing done among other repairs that need doing.

Any way I found slugs on my worktops, drawers, cupboards, kitchen sink, bathroom walls, ceiling, in the sitting room, coming up the stairs etc. I have found that spraying everywhere with domestos bleach spray works a treat if sprayed every night xx

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Recently I've been encountering these creatures in and around my bedroom bin. I could see the trails and it seems like it makes quite a few around to it, but doesn't leave a trail of where it comes and goes. I've chucked them away twice and today there were two of them. They come out snuggishly when it's quiet in the room. Is it my bin, or due to a spillage of beet in my bin?
It's just annoying.

By Nikesh from London

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I know this is an old post but I recently came across the little slime trails left by a SLUG not a maggot. They come out during times when it's wet, damp and are found in homes. Has nothing to do with cleanliness of your home but the moisture around or underneath your home. I have no problem treating for them I just would like to know where they hide? I work nights and I guess it or "they" come out when I'm not around but the trail isn't much help, I just would feel better if I knew it wasn't still in the house or it will die after so long? If so I won't look in every inch of the house I'll just treat for anymore incoming slugs?

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Please help. A week or 2 ago I woke up to find snail trails on my front room carpet. I have put dishes with salt and beer (Carling), but they just went around the dish. Then I put salt down around the dishes, that didn't work. I have a dog and 2 cats and don't wanna put poison done in case it harms them. I woke up this morning to find it's trail leading to the back of my TV but I've looked everywhere and no sign. I'm getting pretty fed up :-(

By Kerry

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Slugs, snails and ants will not cross a chalk line so put a chalk line across your doorways, windows and check for any other possible entry holes and chalk them.

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I have slugs in my kitchen. I don't just want to kill them - I want to be rid of them. How do I do this? They climb up into my silverware drawer, my cupboard where I keep my pots and pans and now they are bold enough to be on my back door. I live in a very moist area due to the fact that I am near the water, a lot of mold and moisture. How do get rid of these disgusting creatures?


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I have had them too, and it is a shock, especially the large leopard variety! I have concluded they are getting in from under my floor somewhere. I tried salt at door, but my mum said salt burns them and is quite cruel. A better way and simple and works is to crush up old egg shell and leave it in a thin line at your front door they don't cross it. As for getting in my kitchen I picked it with a trowel and put in an envelope (all I could find) then went outside to find another 5 of the big boys. I threw the envelope (open) far away onto waste ground! However heard that these big guys have homing instincts and go back to the place they were born! never get rid... but eggshells and copper tape really helps! They are actually an amazing creature if you google it more understanding less hate will get you further.

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Every morning when I get up there are these snot-like trails on my living room carpet. It's easy to wipe off, but I have an eighteen month old grand daughter that plays on that carpet and I am worried that she could catch something from what the snot might leave behind, even when cleaned off. If someone could tell me what to do, for instance is there a spray or something that will deter whatever it is slug or snail, I would be very grateful.

By Stuart .G

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Snails like places that are damp and shady. I'd be asking myself if the flooring in my home were too wet or not. In my basement family room, I run a dehumidifier, but an air conditioner would work too.

I think the best way to get rid of insects or animals is to remove their food source or conditions necessary for life.

Good luck

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Every morning we are getting up to find slug trails at our fireplace. I have also seen snails there. What do we do too stop this?

By James

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They don't like to crawl over copper. You could try using copper tape at the top of the chimney or wherever they are getting in.

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I live in a ground floor apartment and have a dog, so salt in my carpet is out of the question. I find them in my kitchen and I know they are harmless, just gross. My complex can't figure it out and the bug man can't either. Any suggestions that won't harm my dog? (He's just a puppy.)

By Laura from Charlotte, NC

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A gardening specialist said that altho beer works, it also attracts slugs from a broader area.

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I would like to know what can I use to clean my bathroom wall. I'm working and we are a family of 6 so time for is limited and I don't have a lot of energy, as I'm the only woman in the house. The small snails come from the joints between the gaps of the wall and the bath. I tried to close them, but the snails came again. I have a feeling I may need to break the wall and see where they coming from.

By Mavis M.

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Put down the hammer and get some foam insulation in a gun. It's called touch and seal and you need a caulking gun but for smaller jobs, you can get the cans with a straw like attachment. Find the hole, seal it and nothing will get in not even air.

If you leak is too hard to get to, you may have to open the back of the wall outside.

Try keeping rock salt which doesn't melt around the affected area. I hope that helps.

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I am in a rented property that has a slug problem in the lounge. Will the slugs harm my furniture? I have a leather sofa, wood furniture, and soft furnishings.

By Gail

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My answer in my garden was to place saucers or paper plates with beer in it the slugs love beer and it kills them. it is messy but it is fatal.

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I live in an upstairs apartment that is kept very cool and dry year round and until last week I've never even seen a roach in my apartment. All of a sudden, I am finding these tiny light pinkish slimy things here and there, and now in my bed. Yuck!

I remembered what roaches look and feel like as adults but never have seen these snot size slimy cool wet ones though. I found them here and compared them to the pictures, I think they are baby slugs yet I can't find an answer as to why I have suddenly been infested with them or where they could be coming from. There's not even a slim trail nor any adult ones anywhere. I have searched my entire place and no signs of any slugs big or small. Where are they coming from and how did they get here?

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They could be fruit fly larvae or termite eggs. Is it possible a piece of food is stuck some where you can't see?

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We have been finding slugs in the sitting room by the settee and by the fire in the morning. We can't find out where they're coming from. We have recently put wooden flooring down. Where could they be coming in from? Please help.



Slugs Inside My House

I have had the disgusting little things in my kitchen and by my back deck. My sons were quite amazed as we had a little science experiment watching what happens when you put salt on them. A note to people having trouble locating where they are coming from- I noticed that they were coming from under a newly replaced dishwasher, and once we noticed that, we realized that we had a leak in our sink pipes- could be a clue to a problem. (10/27/2008)

By faithbreeze

Slugs are gross.

We have recurring slugs in our kitchen (the first one I found was on a clean dish in the sink- I named him Horatio)... And about 10 minutes ago, I found one crawling under my clothes dryer and by the time I got prepped with rubber gloves and toilet paper to take care of him, he had vanished under it. I proceeded to throw salt at him but don't know if it did any good.

We have constant slugs in our house, but it's about 40 degrees outside and Halloween (and yes, it was a spooky surprise)! I didn't know they could endure cold and my mom is less than enthused about the beer technique, but the salt doesn't seem to be working that well. At what store can I find copper tape?

Thanks to everyone and it makes me feel tons better to know that other non-nasty people have slugs in their houses, too. HAPPY HALLOWEEN! :) (10/31/2008)

By Rosealicious

Slugs Inside My House

Oh I'm thrilled I am not the only one. I found a slug in my living room a week ago and then we found slug trails today, it seems to be coming in through the heater. I am going to try using salt but we'll see. (11/13/2008)

By Madi

Slugs Inside My House

My daughter found a slug in her room. Poor thing almost passed out. We have a water leak in our bathroom and it was raining for three days. I will tell my landlord and try some of the sluggestions, lol. (11/15/2008)

By grossedout

Slugs Inside My House

I have the slug problem. Got rid of 3 big ones a few months ago and thought the problem had gone away. Then came down stairs the other night and found 8 smaller ones. The temp outside is approx -2 so can't understand how they can survive that? Is it possible they could already be in the house and just come out for food at night, as I seriously can't work out where they are getting in. Think I will have to stay up one night to do some spy work! (12/12/2008)

By Hollie

Slugs Inside My House

Nasty, nasty slugs. I have found them on my kitchen floor many times, but when I walked in the kitchen last evening and found one on my stove top that did it for me, and the nasty critter was eating away on a recipe I had printed out to use. Makes me feel like my house is dirty. I was embarrassed to tell anyone about this problem, but clearly I am not alone. They are definitely unwelcome guests. (12/12/2008)

By L. Rutt

Slugs Inside My House

I have a concrete driveway so I don't understand where these slugs are coming from. They are always on the inside of the front door or on the floor, eeww!

It seems only at winter and late evening night they appear. They are quite big and grey in colour with dark spots. I kill them with salt, it's like they burn and bubble and die. Then I get my husband to clean them out.

By sabrina

Slugs Inside My House

I get slugs in cupboard under the sink. This is where I keep the cat and dog food. Don't find them everyday but when I pick up the food to feed them in the morning they are stuck to the bottom of the bags. This morning I found one in the bag eating away. I read a few people are saying they're attracted to the food. I think I'll put the food in plastic containers. Hopefully that will solve the problem and if not, I usually have beer around the house. I'm afraid it will attract them, like a drunk slug party, instead of deterring them. Anyone have ideas? (01/09/2009)

By Tracy

Slugs Inside My House

I had hoped for a solution to my slug problem but I have tried all these suggestions without success. I find trails that start and end on the carpet but they are always starting from a point on the carpet and meander around and then end, again on the carpet. Surely there must be a powder that can be applied to the carpet that will eliminate them. (01/14/2009)

By Stuart

Slugs Inside My House

They are coming in from potatoes. Every time I buy potatoes, even if I put them in water, I find snails. It makes me not want to eat potatoes because I wonder how they are in them. (02/21/2009)


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I keep finding slugs that come into my house at night. Help! Advice from the ThriftyFun community. Post your own slug prevention tips here.

A Pan of Beer

If you can find out where they are coming in try putting some beer into a shallow dish or pan and place it at their entry point. Slugs and snails love beer! (And they die happy.)

By Seagrape

A Line of Salt

A good way to keep slugs out of your house is to lay down a line of salt all the way around your house and especially the door openings (they can squish themselves down and get through tiny spaces). The salt will kill them if put it on them directly, and if they crawl across the line of salt, it gets all over them. Have you ever stepped on a slug barefooted? I HAVE! eeww! Also, a shallow pan of beer under plants and outside of doors will attract and kill them too.

By Glenda

Rough Edges Deter Slugs

I read somewhere once that any rough edges will deter slugs, like crushed egg shells around the exterior of your house, they won't cross the line as it cuts into their bodies and they turn away. Rotten granite is good and pretty too, use it in flower gardens if you have any that border your house and then they don't invade your gardens either. Slugs are creepy creatures even if they do have a place in the natural cycle of things. I doubt that cycle needs to include our homes. Good Luck.

By Barbie

Copper Tape

You can buy rolls of copper tape at the DIY store; we have used it successfully this year to keep slugs and snails out of the plant pots on the patio and also we put a strip along the threshold of the lobby where the slugs were getting in. It definitely worked as we had none in the lobby for ages until our new puppy chewed up the tape and now they are getting in again! Looks like I am off to the DIY store again!

By Heather

More About Salt... and Copper

I know salt has already been suggested, but I thought I would add another thought to it. Since you can see the trail where they have been, place a light layer of salt down where they have left their trails. The salt will actually kill them because it dries them up - like almost instantly. I'd suggest sweeping the floor before the kids get up.

Also, the copper is a very good idea. What actually happens is when they crawl across it it creates an electrical type reaction and they literally zap themselves crawling across the copper.

By TonyaG

Salt Worked for Us

My boyfriend and I are having the same problem - slugs in the kitchen overnight. I woke up the during the night and found eleven crawling over my floor, that is after having already picked up 4 when I had come in late from work that same night. We have put a line of salt along the wall that they seem to be emerging from and - touch wood - have had no more late night visits.

By Michaela


I have the same problem with slugs. The way I stopped them is by putting a layer of sealant (clear rubber) round the edge of the back door where they were coming in, presto, no more slugs.

By Laylabug007

Nail Varnish Remover

Nail varnish remover works the same as the beer but better, we found this out by chance when we ran out of beer. It kind of burns them up from the inside, not for the squeamish.

By Lou

Editor's Note: Be sure that you have no pets or small children around if you are placing any chemicals on the floor, even beer.

Oyster Shell

A new one I heard on the radio this weekend for getting rid of slugs is oyster shell. You can buy it at a feed store. Sprinkle it where you think they are getting in. One thing about slugs is that they leave a trail, follow it back to where they are getting in the house.

Seal Up Holes And Cultivate A Frog Pond

I once had the same problem maybe 3 a night in a house I had bought, I sealed up all the gaps on the back wall to the kitchen i could see from outside with that foam sealer stuff and that seemed to work. 8 years, later no visitors. I have moved since and now have a garden. I am a strong believer in having a pond, you will soon have frogs and believe me they love them. Plus with all frog's natural habitats being dug up for new houses these days, you're doing them a favour also. Good luck.

By Reader747

Slugs Can Get In Tiny Cracks

One night, I stayed up and watched where they came from and went to. I watched one and the big fat bloater could actually squeeze through a crack in between the architrave and the wall no wider than a hair. So I'm slowly but surely reducing the numbers, and I'm narrowing down the holes. Also I found one which has got stuck half way through a tiny crack and died, and had to snap it in half. The thing was full of cat food, as I think they come into our house for this reason as we have it on the floor, in dishes of course.

By Danny, Bolton UK

Feel free to post your ideas below.


Slugs Inside My House

I'm more concerned about the dampness you must have in your house. Slugs like to be where it is damp and shady. Its not good for your house to be that wet. Moisture causes molds to grow and wood to rot. Its not good for a house.

I run two dehumidifiers in my lower level during warmer months. I have a bi level house and its actually our cellar, but we live there too. Our family room is in the basement.

I like the suggestions offered by others, but couldn't help but bring up this problem that I feel is associated with your problem. Maybe if you remove the moisture the slugs wont be as attracted to your home. (05/16/2008)

By Carol in PA

Slugs Inside My House

Thanks for the info. I have found them in the basement which is clean and used, but connected to a work room and outside door on the ground level, I have a cat door and they were coming in for the cat food. sage (06/30/2008)

By sage

Slugs Inside My House

I have been getting slugs in my kitchen. A family member gets them in her downstairs bathroom. we have worked out that we both have decking in the area outside where they are getting in. I bet the majority of slug sufferers have decking, decking looks good but is not for the English climate. Nice damp dark wood, perfect for the little buggers. (08/12/2008)

By pammie

Slugs Inside My House

I don't know how much a damp home has to do with slug problems. My house is large and airy and we have never suffered from damp yet I will find slugs in the kitchen whenever I go downstairs in the middle of the night. Our slugs don't even seem to mind carpet, as I saw a long slug trail going all the way across our hall!

We have new PVC windows and doors and I very much doubt that slugs could come through these. Do you think that they could come up through the drainpipe? (08/15/2008)

By Chris in Newcastle, UK

RE: Slugs Inside My House

Slugs Inside My House

Yes, I had to slugs in my house last night. We kill one with salt and don't know where the other went. We put salt down where they where coming in at. I call the pest guy and he said go buy some stuff at the hardware store and put it around the outside of your home. (08/29/2008)

By Kathy M

Slug Are Taking Over

Check for slugs in A/c vent and cracks near doors. (09/01/2008)

By The Christian Show

Slugs Inside My House

Thought I was the only sufferer of Slugs in the kitchen. I didn't realize that we had a community. Anyone fancy a anti slug picnic? (09/17/2008)

By Mike

Slugs Inside My House

We have the same problem. They are coming for the cat food, my husband went into the kitchen at 11.45pm the other night and there was 25 slugs there! GROSS! He put salt on them and I have been trying to seal gaps.

I would just like to know what colour the slugs are which go into other peoples houses? The ones that come into our kitchen are a horrid pale brown colour with darker spots. They are not the same as the slugs outside in the garden. (10/03/2008)

Slugs Inside My House

We have slugs coming into our house. We have tried salt but they seem to stop where the salt is and turn back round. We have looked everywhere for them but can't seem to find were they are coming from. (10/04/2008)

By kayleigh

Slugs Inside My House

We've been getting them in our house for some time now. Just a few minutes ago I found one and when I looked closely at it, I noticed loads of tiny little white insect type things, running all over it. Does any one know what these are, and has anyone noticed these before? (10/06/2008)

By Chris

Slugs Inside My House

Found a slug in the kitchen last night, cant believe I have found another tonight coming though the bottom of the door, where you would have trouble fitting a hair. I also have new decking so maybe this is the attraction or it is my husband who has been smelling strongly of beer after a late night party? (10/07/2008)

By Cecilia D

Slugs Inside My House

Found a slug in the kitchen last night, can't believe I have found another tonight coming though the bottom of the door where you would have trouble fitting a hair. I also have new decking so maybe this is the attraction or is it my husband who has been smelling strongly of beer after a late night party? (10/07/2008)

By happy slug

Slugs Inside My House

We have had slugs for months. Every morning I notice a new trail. They are always around my son's toybox. Also by my fireplace in the lounge and in my kitchen.

We have tried salt. I want to use pellets but I have a 2 year old son and don't want him to pick those up! And yes I've also stepped on a slug barefoot....yeww! Also when you put salt on them it's gross they fizz and go all mucus like and thick yellow goo oozes out of them. It's like a chemical reaction! (10/10/2008)

By confettigirl

Too Kill A Slug

My Grandma swears by light beer in a shallow dish, like a pie pan or the lid to a butter container; and salt. A line of salt around your house, in front of all your doors and on your window ledges. It will work wonders if you use both! Good Luck! (10/11/2008)

By Theresa

Slugs Inside My House

Yup, I too have slugs! They even leave trails on the ceiling!! Don't know where the blighters are coming from, but we have decking too, so maybe there is a link. Even more disturbingly, my husband picked one up with tissue. Before he threw it into the toilet we discovered it had lots of tiny little white bug things scooting around all over its pale brown head in its slime. Urrrgh! Totally disgusting! (10/14/2008)

By gingerbird

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