Getting a Cat to Stop Spraying Inside

Spraying cat

Marking their territory is a natural thing for cats to want to do. This guide is about getting a cat to stop spraying inside.



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Question: Neutered Male Cat Spraying In The House

I have had 4 indoor cats for 12 years. All were fixed as kittens. They are 12, 11, 10, and 9, all were rescued a year apart. All of a sudden the male, who is 11 yrs old is spraying everywhere in the house. The vet says he's fine. He does it right in front of me and tries to cover it up. The 9 yr old is a male too and the 11 yr old loves him, cuddles with him and follows him all over the house. None of my cats fight. Why all of a sudden is he spraying after all these years? Please help. I am sick if I have to put him down. I beg for anyone's help.

By Nancytoby from FT Myers, FL

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By Patrick K. 08/09/2015

HI there, I've been trying to stop my male cat from spraying for ages, I would suggest you get a guide on how to stop them permanently here http://cat-spraying-no-more-review.blogspot.co.nz/

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Question: Getting a Cat to Stop Spraying

Beautiful grey cat with white markings under chin.I have a male 12 year old neutered cat (Stewart) that occasionally sprays. Now this is not a new behavior, but because of this problem, he has had to be an outside cat. I occasionally let him in and as long as I keep an eye on him he's fine.


Question: Why Has My Spayed Cat Begun to Spray Inside?

I have a 4 year old spayed female cat that for the past month has just started spraying. I have only found her to be spraying the kid's room. I have a 5 year old and a 2 year old who each have a separate room. She sprays right next to their beds.

Last night my 2 year old crawled into my bed and ended up peeing my bed and it soaked through his clothes and the sheets. When I awoke this morning I had to give him a bath before taking my 5 year old to school and so I didn't get to changing the sheets. When I come back I see my cat spraying right on top of where my son had peed. Why is she doing this and how can I get her to stop?

By Trista from IA


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By dianedittiger8711/25/2013

I have 3 males cats in my home. I put 2 litter boxes in my house and they keep spraying in my house. I have tried everything! Please help me.

Question: Male Neutered Cat Is Spraying

I have 4 cats, 2 that are 10+, one that is about a year old, and one that is about 18 months old. In the last 3 weeks my 18 month old cat has started spraying in seemingly random places all over the house, and it is becoming more regular. I have looked at the reasons and how to cure it, but we have not been away for any long times, nor have there been any major changes around the house.

Please can anyone help and tell me why he is continually spraying and how I can stop him?

    By Rebekah [1]

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    By DCA [4]06/17/2015

    If you do not have an answer, the problem continues and you want it to stop, a vet visit might be a good idea. It is difficult to provide an answer with so little information.

    Question: Spayed Female Cat is Peeing and Spraying

    Our female cat is fixed, and there is lots of love in our home. We have two litter pans for her. She is 2 1/2 years old. These past few months I have been finding she is spraying up the walls and onto our carpet. I've cleaned with the proper cleaners for cats. Yet it still continues. She has been peeing in the tub and on our tile floor on a landing. We are becoming very frustrated. We have taken her into our vets, and she is healthy. They say it's not normal for a female to do this even after she's fixed.

    We clean her box, and clean up her messes daily. And it has been very stressful. We don't know what else to do. Nothing has changed in our home, her temperament is the same. Please help us.

    By Louise D.

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    By Lizzyanny [9]01/19/2015

    Spraying on cold surfaces often means bladder infection. Have her checked again for that. Cats can have painful urination from cystitis, and there is not always bacteria present. It is an inflammation of the bladder, but it usually goes away, but can recur. The other thing to consider is she feeling territorial because of other cats outside? This can really drive them crazy but you may not even notice. Other cats will come right up and spray on your front door. Good luck solving this mystery.

    Question: Neutered Cat Spraying

    I just got my male, neutered cat today. He is a little over a year old and was neutered 12 days ago. I think he is spraying or at least he just smells really bad! Is this due to the fact he was recently neutered and is in a new environment? Is it likely that he will stop or he will stop smelling?


    Question: Keeping a Tom Cat from Spraying

    I have a ten month old tom cat that has just started "spraying". He's going to the vet's on Thursday to be neutered, but in the meantime how do I stop him from doing this and how do I get rid of that awful smell?


    Question: Cat Started Spraying Again After a Move

    I have an adult male cat named Smokey. I had him fixed when he was young, and he stopped spraying for some years. I recently moved, and he has started spraying again. Help! I don't want to get rid of Smokey, but I can't stand the smell. Can I get him fixed again?


    Question: Preventing a Cat from Spraying

    My male cat is fixed and spraying all over his litter box. What can I do?

    By Yolanda

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    By Andrea [1] 06/04/2010

    Talk to your vet first to rule out any underlying medical issues. If all checks out fine, then you need to ask yourself some questions. Do you have any other cats? If so, cats can be territorial. Rule of thumb: Always have one more cat pan than you have number of cats. Also you may need to have the cat pans spread out away from each other. Kitties like their space. Next question. Any changes in the household? Cats can be easily upset and react accordingly. Some changes can be easily adapted by your cat. Some can't. New people, new furniture, different scents, people relationship problems?

    If it is a new pet, some pets, just like people don't really like the other one's personality. You may have to have your vet help you with this one. You say the cat is spraying all over his litter box. Not quite sure what you mean. If he is spraying over the top of the edge, try different litter pans to help contain the problem. If he is spraying outside the litter box and not inside the litter box. Could be multiple things. Is it being kept as clean as he likes it? Some are real picky and won't tolerate much waste in the pan. I scoop my pans 2X a day (4 males and 1 female) and I don't have any problems.

    Does he not like the litter that you are using? Some are large pellets and some cats don't care for the feel on their feet. Experiment with different types of litter. I use a cracked pine. Cats seem to like it, pleasant smell, easy to clean and it keeps the odor down. It comes in scoopable and non-scoopable forms. If you are using a litter pan liner, he may not like that. Personally, liners never worked well for me. Good luck, just don't give up. Trying to find out what the problem is can take persistence. Until you can speak "cat" you will have to play Sherlock Holmes to find out what he is trying to tell you.

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    Question: Neutered Tom Cat Spraying the Bedroom

    We have two gingers, one is a neutered tom and a spayed female. The female sleeps in the lounge and sometimes comes in the bedroom to look out of the window in the morning. The tom spends the night on the bed and wakes me in the morning either yowling in my ear or pulling my hair. Now at anytime he has started spraying my furnishings in the bedroom. He is not showing signs of sickness, he is eating the same, drinking, playing with the female, and sleeping. His coat is very glossy. So why is he doing this?

    By Jean

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    By Lizzyanny [9]03/06/2015

    You will need to have him checked for urinary tract infection at the Vet. Then check to see if he is watching any cats outside you home that may be making him feel territorial and make him feel the need to mark his "property" (your stuff). You may need to chase other cats off or block his view.

    Question: Neutered Kitty Spraying

    I have 8 cats, 5 males and 3 females, all 5 males are fixed. The females will be soon. All of a sudden one of my males (one I've had longest) is starting to spray on my microwave and my entertainment center.


    Question: Male Cat Spraying After Neutering

    How do I get my male cat to stop spraying even after he was neutered?


    Question: Neutered Cat Spraying

    My cat was neutered many years ago, but continues to spray. It has wrecked all my doors and walls. I have tried those expensive plug ins as recommended by the vet, but he still does it. Can anybody help with a solution to my problem?

    By Tracy

    Question: Female Cat Spraying Inside

    I have an 18 month old desexed male inside cat and a 10 month old desexed female who also is not allowed outside. 3 months ago she has started spraying and weeing in all different parts of the house. I can be standing in the kitchen and she will just come in and wee in front of me. I have 2 litter trays which both cats use. Someone suggested that she may not like the odour of the male's urine in the tray, hence won't use it, but the trays are cleaned daily.

    I know she is about to spray because she runs around like a maniac and then jumps up on the couch and sprays over the wall. I have bought the spray "Urine Off" and regularly spray where she has sprayed, but this is no deterrent, as it just doesn't work. I have taken her to the vet many times to eliminate a bladder infection, etc., but she is perfectly healthy. Unfortunately my next step is to give her "Valium" or a similar drug which I don't want to do. Any suggestions would be really appreciated as I just don't know what to do next.

    By Sandra

    Question: Plant Remedy for Cat Spraying

    I have heard that the plant star of Bethlehem will reduce stress in a female cat that is spraying. Is there any truth in that? I have tried the Comfort Zone thing in the store, but it is very expensive. And doesn't last very long.

    By MG

    Question: Getting a Cat to Stop Spraying

    I have 4 cats. They got along famously until I bought a kitten 4 months ago. All of them are used to her now accept one who is really annoyed, as she is constantly chasing him, so he spits and loudly hisses. He has been fixed, as are all the others and my new kitten was fixed two weeks ago.

    Today I noticed he sprayed urine, so I am assuming he is really stressed. I had a spare bottle of Feliway and have it plugged in. It has worked within 24 hours in the past, but will it work for this?


    By Joan from Toronto, Ontario

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